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Tom Brady: It was just a rough night

Jan 21, 2013|

Tom Brady joined D&C to break down the loss to the Ravens in the AFC Championship game. He says it would have been a tough game even if the Pats were playing their best football, and that certainly wasn't the case. Looking at the offseason, Brady says he loves playing with Wes Welker, but has no say in whether he remains a Patriot.

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Fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan out on a patriot Monday joining us on the AT&T hotline quarterback in the New England Patriots Tom Brady our conversation with Tom. Is brought to you by north east electrical distributors and gallery BMW down the by staples good morning Tom and asked how you are pathetic and all your not well this morning. Yeah yeah yeah -- you have you do the sleep. And much. You can turn yesterday at the podium screeching halt is it a shot to the system to wake up today and for the first time in what seven and a half months have nothing to do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just. Of course and sort of speaks so. -- just. Just so bad for us and certainly didn't play. And you -- that you know we can play and you can observe. Like incidentally do it -- just. You know we let them get away from -- in the second half. I made the point to Boomer Esiason this morning at 8 o'clock minutes seems to me from where I sit. Offensive rhythm can either be your best friend or your worst enemy and it's going well and you are in that rhythm -- sort of feeds upon itself like a snowball rolling down on the heel and top of the hill. But if there is no -- -- rhythm which was the case last night it's like push a -- not get very far very fast is that fair site. Where do you have a particular you know -- as we move the ball pretty well. You know we've -- troop positions in the early part of my game. You know just we used to make many critical plays the ones that are you know they're the ones that really kind of got us over the well so. It was just you know poor execution. Burton. It was just just arrest related -- You know we need you know those villages -- we have an excuse. As well but you know nobody would rather it was different when you're playing and you know the best I mean. You know what Baltimore's always through a tough game for -- and you're weak at best it's a tough game but you know they played very well. We just. You know we just couldn't give -- golden. And string together enough good played. Score touchdowns were wooden -- You know specifically. What went wrong when you say the next accuse I mean you know like I got run pass pattern just. Cuts -- up at the wrong time I mean do you know exactly what went wrong when you look back on this game. Would probably give us some games where you know you wait till quarter -- employees but it was just -- around. -- a third down conversions revenues. You know turnovers always play a factor. You know all those things were really in our favor so with a bat. You know the UK airport there rather it's just that one day you have a little at a place. So you know that's why if you lose by fifty cabinet. But I think about a real Barack Obama spent fifteen point he's been awhile. So. -- last time yeah it got shut out in the second half which was stunning and then to watch but you know it was really. Strange for us watching. Who watched you know so over the is every play you've run this. The end of the first half can you take us through that Tom if you had to do it over again would you take the timeout right away. Well then -- out that I think that's definitely noted that a. And you think that would give it two shots the end zone or who. -- -- -- you don't talk to have some turbulence save and a lot of -- about further. For the fluke goal and you know with one timeout left I think that was so far the -- so that's attributable to you don't realize how much Caracas. Picked off. As you -- that previous play by the time I looked up. You know -- wishes there was you know not as many seconds left as you thought that -- reminds folks on the play but yes of course you don't look back that I -- As soon that is political the -- -- then maybe we have another opportunity to get the ball on the and so. You're processing so much information when you're out on the field does it ever occur to you as an example. When Welker got lit up by Pollard in the personal filed in the third quarter not to go back to him on the very next pass which he dropped by the way because maybe he's a little Fuzzy after the hit. Where's that is that beyond your your pay grade so to speak. Well but I mean I. It would happen -- it's a part of it in the physical pain in the you know that they put -- of complete its plus right. So I would assume you know this is that the purpose I have ever played with -- -- around him. You know I don't it's just you don't think about those things sometimes you know your. They've read the defense from bacon protection cause her on the cigarettes so pretty terrible to. Right is it too tough for his own good sometimes 'cause I mean most mortals would have to leave the game pro player or two after taking it like that I'm sure he just says. I'm fine even if he's not. Yeah agreed as these. That's the way he's always been in the US those only -- -- -- -- what way to put it gave it to -- particular he's gotten. -- -- -- There was more -- this about a 185. You know and most teams in the NFL also. You know you just you -- group -- -- protection. You know he's just you know he's a very good player. Tom you've -- a number of occasions that personnel decisions is not in your romo's not something you do but a weapon as valuable to you personally and the team in general Wes Welker. -- that compel you with the offseason a drop a dime on mister Kraft -- or coach dollar -- -- -- you know what if you can find a way I'd really like the people round here. You know I take those particular sports that we deliver. You know that's those usually take care of themselves and certainly am not involve the -- that there were those I feel about where you need -- hope you feel that way about web. You know people. And you don't you know one of the best -- -- -- -- and played against the president he's he's. He's just a phenomenal person. Put the hard slew of you know what I teams -- both coasts because so let's listen. And you know the way he carries himself could commit themselves to help our team -- -- -- second in the and so. You know but like I said those. The law abiding citizens. Would you like a big range -- whopping get a wide receiver like a mega -- honored Andre Johnson would that be helpful because. Well -- I think we grew at a group proved this year offensively. And you know it's certainly as a team we did as well. You know we fought through some sort of difficult situations over the course of the year with different guys pitted without that. That's football a lot of teams do that in the you know to be in the C championship game. And they have an opportunity to play the tools are you -- force. You know we -- bloody good players this year and we have a lot of -- at a lot of positions. You know and I love to be in play with the go -- this year so. You know there's always changes every -- that there -- -- used to achieve this year. You know it's all the hopes of improving them. And do a better that you did the previous seasons so every -- -- tried to do baton. That's a goal of you know everyone associated with an off season as a player and a coach him. You know I hope we. You know it's going to be -- -- truly regret passing -- that's the -- impressed regular referred you know quite a while. You look around I mean I know it's tough to get there -- tough to win 1213 -- when you look around the room after the game last night do you feel like. You know you're gonna get another chance you gonna get another -- run at this may be another Super Bowl or to. I'm sure so that's why that's OK and so. You know took tournament would do to win the biggest group here and I'm so disappointed actually it's. And David. Every player but also the discipline that has led to Denver that good in particular also 600 pictures that show particular impossible go to seven. Well I hope they can you know and add them you know we just you know that you have a good team that -- and there was -- -- jets. You know unless they can do. Police it's -- And it just listen it's just that's. There's -- little people that window duo went to an opponent and let it happen -- under the -- Companions -- slow progressive whatever it was going to be equally. Promoted here a couple of weeks a little bit of that improved their. Road. I wouldn't -- to go to Wimbledon and do what you gotta PH are best when it matters most. The other two teams that don't have absolute best teams would have mattered most. When will didn't take weeks Budapest paint them and there's only one team that can participate couldn't. Particularly with a it's. You know because it's excessive should not immediately but let. You know you win the -- so. That's just how we all militants. As they you know disappointing -- Target -- I know your first ten playoff game seven and seven cents any theories. Well I wish them -- check -- Bolivia and competitive tour event. Go to the hotel -- you know that they support groups. It's. That's bad mood and so. You know I've been fortunate to have great teams -- Won a lot of games. You know I wish. I -- that whatever the twelfth game than ever played that. You don't have a. There were no deflection in the previous game by the defensive line of the Houston Texans JJ watt in the Texas swat team but there were a number of elections yesterday. Did the racquets not make an appearance in practice this week or or or wide deflection this week about the week before. You know Big -- and two interceptions -- you know which is. You know. It just happens but I just it's. You know what you -- it's still stings comeuppance. They made good plays defensively. You know we should have happened that they can just they Amerigroup -- to those things -- bad they didn't. Nobody ever wants and you give them credit and that was a big play of the game good you have it came up until it. So just. Just a bad you know I think that's just a bad break. When when you say it'll take awhile to get over I'm sure well and keeps you up a nice moment to. Is it specific plays specific moments of the game the does that come in just the general feeling of a disappointment. I think it's probably you know it's it's put to bed that -- -- -- our new. As a player I think about all the things that you wish you could have been better and you know there -- plenty of those so. You just read through all the you know that's so important that ruined their. -- -- -- particular about the next season you know it will be approved. I don't happen to know why -- -- distance. You know there's disappointment -- I think that you don't want to put added two of them the expectation. That. You know were capable of popular players so well. -- just you know we just weren't able to do it you know yesterday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For a fourth and four Monique and half minutes left. He's throwing completion if you had to do over again would you talk at Enron who would you throw it somewhere else. I would dead blue and it comes to benefit -- it is Japan first and so. That I slid into the but -- looked very didn't end you know they've. You know did pretty good job you know defend the bat that I kind of like -- -- to the left and we look at pro western used table -- puts the guys -- -- So I wish but I -- you know. Try to run. At a tablet. -- second quarter of the vicious hit on you by the official does that raise the rise to the occasion of unnecessary roughness. -- As candidate. And government. The with let. You know just with social kinda. Got an approach would you really condemn them. Just one of the things that come -- You think gras is just unlucky injury wise is this up you got to worry about going for because lord knows it's it's a more effective offense when he's involved. Then. -- birdies. He and another group seemed to erode -- proper approach opinion children Verizon's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nobody regularly and he works so hard that you want to -- there are so bad so. Cannot open a new engine we -- -- he's gonna -- -- just -- to -- next season and so that's that's growing -- what was. NFL network and you love Mike up for the Texans game I told Jerry earlier this morning to -- -- prior to the game yesterday but they have you Mike up new one point said all you run wide receivers. We're going fast today and with a throat -- gonna throw it fast. Is it your call to get into the that her bowl. -- up tempo game or is that a coaching decision along with you. It's been that we can deploy the troops into the level of comfort of what's going into the field at a field whereas if you think those things are gonna work it. We'll ultimately what can do the best thing that we can do. You know sometimes and you look bad you have to look at you know but I -- -- don't tell -- difference. To prepare especially when you lose it wouldn't -- them. Will you do if you're kind of like well. Everything that's ever played in -- -- -- that goes through remote over the course of the game but did you. When she could get a better job -- We wish. Okay and prudent -- you can go through the same way -- -- -- discipline would lose some. It's you know there have been some there's a -- to listen there's. It's. It's it's part of you know do what do you -- -- -- -- veteran who has been sensitive to diluted. Don't know what I would do that. You know you don't normally play it -- -- would -- suitable living room that's so that's what you know. I was what happened that you know obviously week period from competition and the competition forcing him to boot camp. You know yeah -- have a testament. That I attended the. Was there a specific reason last night why we didn't see more of a hurry up whether -- specific football -- as a personnel grouping thing a schematic thing. That we didn't see more than hurry up. I'm not sure would want to promote -- will play them simply there to prove that the group tempo and I'm simply have to play better than ever. That. We just. And it looked pretty upon the fact that we just the -- yeah. Whether it's in an attempt to look prudent it's mostly it would be excuses. It was good that's -- added tension Procter and you know little things are going to -- -- -- of that's. You know that's -- and I think that's you know a lot of guys that takes. The better the Mexican. Open to -- -- potent -- so. It's sad about I know it's going to be as -- over the -- -- be concerned about. It was potatoes. Go through much of a particular place doing really well -- the proposal -- -- that nobody told them we did last night. Did you guys feel good at halftime. No -- -- that question we have to do -- can you know. Blue moon have taken up that. You don't know converted but you know what evolution -- that -- don't deploy its community. We got a string together a lot of good that I wouldn't open word. -- -- -- who have you know very good -- defense that didn't. Move to return our -- food go bad there we didn't. You know we didn't put -- -- You know get the ball -- the -- -- Are you are you sick we were you sick last night. The sound that. There are no -- in particular but it just. It's important we mention. Along the road -- -- into the blue and red handed at this group. I -- a bit of the world but you don't you don't and can provide adequate and it. I'm I'm given a chance it come to work with me on this. Yeah I feel a flu coming on I don't think I can make a trip to Hawaii to dock if the doctors are are recommending a stay away out of Hawaii this weekend. It's never an intention to grow the food and no -- -- little. Where he's so you're excited about the Pro -- I would I do you know it would -- play bad Russia. You know with a few of the things that kind of come up but the problem in the field are people who have been able to protect other bad presumably takes. Our Tom good talk and give thanks for another informative Ben an exciting your football and put it ended with the a whimper not a bang as you like to go into the Super Bowl but we appreciate the time and talk and every single patriot money during the season. You have taken guys that I'm sure I want to read it takes -- and the progressive movement -- support our team really great support in their. Will improve -- news program that invitation -- Enjoy your time off on turn the pages and again. Operating with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE a conversation with Thomas brought to -- northeast elect -- distributors. Gallery BMW and by state and asked tough questions to. UB I know flew one. And now while how many text that we gets -- and he said he's a flow yeah. I think he was. Output -- -- -- was an act again and the pro ball when he's like yeah it's it is I know we can't admitted it seems it seems more legitimate the mets' sudden elbow tendinitis -- Iran obviously hasn't decided yet what what is gonna crop up but I think you more likely to see the the Pro Bowl and -- more like -- And since then New Zealand then -- avoid this weekend and Tom Brady he doesn't do pro bulls. But. The last you know seven and seven the last fourteen. It's it's a slump it's the pattern it's a pattern and you know -- -- supposes. Surprised as anyone I mean it is surprising still says that earlier. I guess it's a tribute to them the patriots and what we the expertise is so high right where you -- not stunned. That they did not score in the second half right I was -- they didn't score in the second half -- was -- they score one touched on I was stunned the other team run off 21 un answered points. I mean thirteen point Matt Ryan didn't score either and he's a terrific QB can -- In own right it's stuns me when the patriots don't get in the end -- when the score one touchdown. In the whole game and the playing at home with a chance ago of those who will win. Averaged 35 points a game during the course -- the first whatever was on against the they play thirteen in. Whatever play sixteen regular season Arnold and it's their. Seventy something games yet thirty I put together for seventeen games thirteen doesn't compute and and. Lots of people thought to be a tough game some people even thought Baltimore Gwynn who thought the patriots would not school right. It is shocking and I I don't know that you have and it we don't certainly. Have an explanation for I don't think they do I think that you look at the film trying to figure what the hell went wrong here. And there are plays like the fourth down play has drilled clerk. Where he says he looks back that that to me from Tom Brady and I can't sleep and I'm. And I can't even make -- there are plays that I just can't. Get out of my mind and that would be one clearly the play at the end of the half. Scrambled the end of the half when they didn't use the time -- -- be another but the play fourth down. And and you don't throw it to anyone. And you don't run for his slight mistake you don't see a veteran like Brady make. And if they keep that drive going and score there -- -- up minutes left and right as a lot that I could have been a momentum changer right there is still not a touchdown I think it was twenty to twenty expertise in a touchdown two point and intimate this when he twenty. I mean if you convert there. It's 2820. Game on right. And in a whole different -- on on the patriots sideline like you know with Monica so -- and you know what we would feel that way one thing we knew watching would you say half the of the -- touchdown then with a lot of time left and you know and Brady I assume in a hurry up in the shotgun and thrown on the field. Lots can happen that was killer you just sat there and said. He just do that it is hard to grasp and I think it's even approved for these guys from Belichick for brain for all of them. To figure out what the hell went wrong well as as he put -- -- Sri struggling for answers a bad might have a bad night. That was a way -- -- we'll get your phone calls next -- Callahan 61777. On 797 your phone calls next on the patriot Monday.

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