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CBS analyst Boomer Esiason says Talib's injury took the air out of the Pats

Jan 21, 2013|

Boomer Esiason cites Aqib Talib's injury as a big turning point in the AFC Championship game. He also points to the Wed Welker drop in the second half as a pivotal moment. Looking ahead, Boomer thinks the 49ers are the superior Super Bowl team.

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Welcome back to a patriot Monday our conversation -- Boomer Esiason is a sponsored by. DCU digital federal credit unit and a little bit -- joins us as always and the last time. On the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good Barbara got good morning Boomer Esiason now aria. Good morning guys out and go out and it is one yeah I'm not sure what's to be more shocked about thirteen total points shut out in the second half Tom Brady two interceptions Joseph Flacco non. Joseph Flacco 106 quarterback rating Tom Brady 620. Ball. Is there something. Bigger. More undefined more inexplicable going on here with the Baltimore Ravens team and just x.s and -- football. And maybe it is certainly it could be the Canada and everything that's on there. In and beyond their years the other members of Portsmouth Austin's brother comes back as you can get interest on the regular season. It's one of the reasons why the patriots went -- got a -- -- in the course he gets hurt yesterday. -- pending retirement for realist which we're gonna hear about now for the next two weeks. And then of course -- OJ Bergkamp situation which in the you know former teammate of theirs who now works with the media and the administration -- the ravens is doing with Ella and anybody saw the post game. Trophy presentation in which Jim -- to ask OJ Abraham's. The message that the it to the ravens players in the locker room after the game in the war touched by that that you certainly don't have order -- also. I would tell you that you know there's something else going on here on I still believe that the -- or better team but. And those were probably -- polyps a lot of people this morning simply because the ravens in the second half especially really played well football game. How from your perspective bloom how did they keep Brady and the patriots out of the ends on the mean to me out I'll answer John's question the most shocking thing is. One touchdown and none in the second half I can't believe what I saw. Welcome and it's been at the fact that after the game was over thirteen points and no points in the second half. I was shocked and you know for me it. 11 probably lose the home game it was a playoff game I always feel that brought the piece off just a little bit where the balls are. -- on the back shoulder they're not out front of did the wide receivers are intending -- Armed you know receiver what appears tired and are running back as well and and I saw a little bit of that yesterday also. Yeah our club mismanagement of the clock at the end of the first half I -- you scratching your head on what you know that since. In my estimation I said yesterday I don't changed electoral today after one game. It's not about beat greatest quarterback in NFL and the NFL history and went all the sitting on the web and you look back at legacies. Are you realize that his numbers will stand the test of time. And you know might my words will ring true it's remote and that he probably hate Bill Belichick and his pitchers with a tired of them winning but. The consistency is there that's why would you make a mistake like that into the person that structure that. But that they would of scored a touchdown there but only got another shot the end zone and it just did it looks bad and it gives me the they -- the idea that you other's company met there's something not right there is not just. The fact that -- lead got hurt or Patrick Chung got hurt or blocking out he wasn't on the field. This is a team that's always been able to absorb injuries and yesterday that particular play right there at home on it it's now. Do you look at it as a real deep seated problem I mean it's easy to say -- we'll get him next year. But next year when they get to the playoffs when they get -- that it -- championships game I got a table is going to be a lot of doubt -- hear that they just don't have what it takes to get over the hump I mean it's it's going on -- be going on what nine years since. I understand that you guys are you guys your afternoon spoiled out there I mean that's and so that are very good team for a long time and I said yesterday. -- are starting off that in our sport Specter it's concerned they're -- be right back in the middle of it again next year and for reasons that I can give you number one they'd been -- -- -- -- -- -- amateur level and coach -- deny him a natural -- to -- complete results -- When they lose you also have. They view of just a bunch of great young -- Obama football team will get better each and every year. And then on top of that -- they're in the Agassi each with some of which is nothing but filled with turmoil all three you know franchises going through. Major changeover in the last two years and and that's why they're not -- sold on the ANC's. I understand there's a frustration the it was a home game especially when you're 67 and I'll have doctor Tom Brady. And somehow you inexplicably lose this football game to a beat up all the ravens team that really in my estimation while I look at it. I'm stole a little bit surprised said this took place yesterday. -- -- it seems to me in the so the take away but I governments from this game yesterday offensive rhythm it is either your best friend or your worst enemy. It's working well for you it is your best friend because it just sort of holes it's no balls. One down the -- if it's not working for you as it was not yesterday but the patriots it's seems to be your worst enemy as what they're just spotter and stammer and start don't get anything done. Well you know and also current shows you. Just how important an offensive rhythm is at that particular -- at thirty parents got better as the year went on. Which are nervous about reported on her defense of Seattle seahawk defense the defense is a band. And Walt give up plays and -- -- -- -- -- to -- left the field yesterday there was certainly. You know a lot of pressure now placed on the article other quarterbacks. You know Torrey Smith and -- -- -- and couldn't be covered passed that -- A well over a third quarter -- when you look at Joseph Flacco well here's the thing I'll tell you the first -- he was just below average or below average. The second half in the third quarter that was -- Joseph Flacco that we had seen in the previous two weeks where. Jim Caldwell there and walked -- coordinated bombing this the son's -- We have the well on these guys that beat company which then leads you back in the the other problem that the patriots there was not a great consistent pass rush. All year long and when you like I sit back there and you're not gonna knock a -- they're they're spot now all of a sudden you're gonna have big play after big play potential candidates -- the other aspects we -- yes. In the big picture do we need to reassess who Joseph Flacco is where he is on this you know quarterback I hate to use the word -- the word Joseph Flacco is in the in the in the pantheon of of NFL quarterbacks currently playing. Well you know kind of -- -- we sit here and we criticized the patriots from losing and he AFC championship game the first time. That that Belichick Brady had I've had that happen to them home and what if and then in the same breath were also sitting here at saint what are worry about what a great. Testament as to the Baltimore Ravens Joseph Flacco that they never missed the playoff system as a quarterback. Yet you know they have in the Super Bowl also. If you go to city or even back slapped by of the out of the Baltimore Ravens Joseph Flacco right accomplishments that you got to do I think that's. When -- -- I guess just because. Your expectations are different for both teams have both quarterbacks but in the case of Joseph Flacco winning against Peyton Manning in his building and yeah Tom Brady and has building I think more than solidifies this sort of status right now we as we talk here. As an -- coming in -- -- quarterback in the at a time you'll get paid for. And right -- you know speaking of pending free agency here appear. Emotions are raw and Wes Welker is taken some heat. For the drop earlier in the third quarter you heard him I mean not as bad as the -- last year. Against the giants but he's a free agent mentality if he makes that -- if they win that game. I think most people on board would pay him pay and the money whether it's a long term deal of the franchise tag. There's going to be a lot of people -- time to move on they need to do something need to change something. IIN and Welker obviously has taken a beating. I'm -- this guy's a great football play as the -- Obama got something special going on -- And I would -- the break that I personally. And I know when you look at one play here or one play here maybe a drop in the Super Bowl last year that. In my estimation -- and thrown better. Although most people tell me he's got to make -- -- -- -- receiver. And then the 37 yesterday you know you are when you want to burden that the -- -- -- a -- spot in the hit him in the chest and I'll -- We have that problem problem may -- told that or maybe you can catch the ball. Are you on the first series it was the first series -- upside you know 11 on -- -- -- out there a little bit too far for him but. I you know I don't know that what I wanna break -- may be the greatest. Duo wouldn't in pass receiving. In the history -- I would look at their knowledge back to back up and it's it's really amazing what those who have accomplished together. So you would vote -- west. What most people I guess I don't keep them depending on how much money you'll have to pay him and the impact. And the collateral are impacted that would have on the rest of the rosters all of that to -- and bill Belichick's office he'd never let me do this spotlight. Especially after losing has the national mainland -- right now but. The fact that you look at all the numbers on the board you got a look at his production. You don't look at you know one unity can walk I don't know -- don't know that I considered franchise again and that kind of money and have that kind of been back. On the salary cap and then I have a look at. You know we don't want to do -- in the draft what's -- on how my eight. Know how -- going to be fortified a lot receive another run -- -- situations going to be great next year there have been situations going to be great their allotment of one it's gonna be really good. On the question is can you afford to pay Wes Welker that kind of money and are you gonna get that -- production from him and if you do more long term contract. Can you expect that production to come over the next to between four years. But you're gonna be paying him so there's a lot of optical in this. Boomer back to the football game itself PX as a -- do you share my assessment that it was like we were watching a backwards world in the second half. It was the Baltimore Ravens not a New England Patriots who were in the hurry up -- in the -- the up -- game that they were putting the pressure on the defense by the speed with which they were -- and -- place. You know listen yes group here and there are successful it you know they've been made. Those place you know and -- all the panic couple really -- sketches but. It again commute -- topple unflappable nature of of Joseph Flacco the last couple second perhaps. And you sit back in there and after a very rough first half Tolbert who's a little jittery in the beginning of it and he -- them really nicely and if you're also taking advantage of what I would believe are your best match -- the moment that he Aqib Talib goes out now the sudden. Instead of running the ball and trying to play defense with our offense keeping Tom -- off the field on not allowing them to get -- -- Their rhythm now all of a sudden I'm gonna change to where I think and I am going to be aggressive America got their work with both the record they work Russia. They threw the ball all week. And he was off and yet one of those magical days that you know anybody quarterback -- up for the game. Understand gonna say you wanna wake up and feel that you were in rhythm but as you get out of bed today the game and I think that's exactly what happened. I think there were lucky the patriots are lucky they waited till the second have to go to that -- -- or in baton in the first half that they -- -- they -- in the end -- once -- twice -- The more than short house significant the window laws and -- gusting and you know this world that are -- -- stadium. You know on the second quarter -- little put off by you know there were they're going into the winnable people would have been -- Beginning of the second you know the second quarter would have been falling into the wind and the third quarter strong with whatever when there was behind you and they know what your back and I think that's. The old saw but you also played well in the fourth quarter till when that's -- thing in and yardage I -- you guys had to -- had his third and seven. Where Wes Welker dropped the ball to me was a very Signet. Implied in the second half here for the -- to the patriots. -- -- quick thumbnail assessment of San Francisco vs Baltimore media in this 2.0 get two weeks to it to hashed this whole thing out but just off the top here. What about my head I think separatist though. You know it the best team up -- between the two and I and I wrote like separatist that was one of the top four teams throughout the the NFL season this year. And many people probably had them going to the Super Bowl assured based on last year's performance that was with Alex Smith -- quarterback. And now what -- serious written -- cabinet if if the week before was breathtaking at home against -- Green Bay defense that was suspect in which you -- programmatic when Jordan. Yesterday. With a laser light pinpoint throws was even more impressive to me because now all of a sudden he -- like you know you're supposed to do it if you will. And he didn't run as much as he did the week before so. I still think that -- just goes to team to beat in this in the super ball I'll probably get a lot of heat from the ravens fans because -- They -- I hate them for some reason which I don't I'd just. Try to objectively look at these football teams and and I -- is really really solid top notched. Our top to bottom explosive quarterback good solid coaching a football team's efforts this go -- and parents what their favorite elements of the game. Boomer do you have a problem like you like your how Shannon. Does with Belichick blown off Steve tasker. Well I've been down this horrible told you guys don't you remember that Arabia lost in Indianapolis and -- -- championship game and and that's up while often and unfortunately. First idiotic and on the parents say well a little more jeopardy interview he would give it to -- and that's what I went crazy. Saying that you know bills and afford a four time Super Bowl participant self conceit -- You know the sportsman like. You know. Person that you would expect to be like John Harbaugh had to do last year after the ravens lost out there and show up and have an answer just two questions sort of trickled down to. And unfortunately it's not a -- nature and that all those people who you know what I have originate Bobo checked quality digital. Amen and I can understand what -- that would accept because like that I've been down this road before I've come to expect it. And while it's big news in the total world. Did this before Twitter certainly we're not shocked by yesterday. -- wolf the two week assessment going forward be divided along these two lines if you're looking at x.s and o's football 101. Matchups vs matchups edge vs -- then obviously it's San Francisco if you're looking for something and -- -- -- intangible something you know some bigger force at work here that would Baltimore's out. That's about it and that's why they play it again. Because. Those -- -- in the the predicting business you know mom always dim light and I and I thought for sure yesterday. That New England was was gonna win this football game. But there's maybe there's bigger powers work -- much synagogue has to keep one that's -- I would I would -- much -- park where it was the plus side. I think we'll bring that emotion plays a very big part. In this game and -- on the last Monday we talked about this game going into it and I told you the one aspect. That Baltimore as playing against doing one is that they have the confidence that they can not only hang with them that they can beat them. As evidenced by a couple years ago in the playoffs and also earlier this year. And you know it sounds so don't try it sounds like a cliche the more physical team wins. I'm gonna amend that -- because in these two games the more vicious -- and physical doesn't do justice the more vicious team. Wins the -- the team that has someone like Bernard Pollard who just takes out you know you're running back as someone who who can do that. That generally. Makes the difference I think and -- to ball games. That was a scary yesterday -- and -- -- -- fans know Bernard Pollard is any different reasons. This is neither an ankle in and then last night there was had shot which was a little bit out of where you -- to running back on the football. And those elements collide like that it -- to blocking -- On the -- doubt -- Colorado. Knock him in the each other and give it to me it's just stay out. It is just that -- that who the ravens are as good defense and as much as people can be turned off by ray Lewis and some of its history and his histrionics and the way he leads his team. Pressure on short and third tells me each and every week that you know if you have not been a part of it and you have not been in that locker room with him. It's hard to explain the impact that he has on the entire roster and especially. The players that play with him on the field on the defense and I think that's one of the things that we saw yesterday. Just off the top you have what would you say the patriots have to do in the off season. We talked about Welker but is there some glaring. Void there as you watch his teams have they have to address that. Well. I picked -- secondary certainly in the they have to -- -- pass -- not about Chandler Jones will grow to that are. They -- pitcher's role continue to grow you know he's he's a hard try guy you'd like -- Mike Vrabel reincarnated but yet you know fifteen years younger. If you remember gronkowski -- got hurt again this year and it's that's that's for the frustrating aspect you're too because you know he's on comparable. And when you have him out there -- you have Hernandez there Welker out there Lloyd out there whether Pete. Read or Bolden or war dead or gentlemen entitlement was heard again. I -- made -- just one of these years the patriots can be 100% healthy going into the playoffs and that you probably two different outcome so I would not overreact too much to it I. I know that's that's that we do best I know that I know which. Thought they -- they have made very good football -- they will be right back in the middle of this again will be back talking about it again. And you know yesterday. I was thinking about this you know since 2001 I've been doing this radio program -- you guys to -- systems today that Tom Brady took over we've been talking about how -- it literally for 1214 years that about that I'd say it's amazing to me. And very few times about come on here they did after game. Had a question they Tom Brady's decision or Tom Brady performance. And you know thing about the consistency of greatness that you got going on there now continue to guarantee that. Well don't I don't think we have enough time to get into the Bruins Rangers game set and -- Lackey for you have to. The Bruins -- that I believe you -- -- watching again against the penguins are pretty good man. Rate the raiders opened with the penguins in the brought back to back. Unbelievable and I got to play the penguins the Bruins and flyers six evidence first seven games and -- up structure for the Rangers. Well Boomer Esiason suffice to say we are sorry we will not be drinking hurricane drinks with you on urban street and a weaker too but -- two more visits next money in the money after the Super Bowl. Enjoyed your time down there will catch up again next week America I'd have a great way excited make it Boomer Esiason that's Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE -- sponsored by. DCU digital federal credit union and but little birdies.

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