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Patriots lose AFC Championship - The Real Postgame Show

Jan 21, 2013|

We end the season with a tough loss. Butch Stearns and Steve Deossie break down a tough loss with you.

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These -- -- we'll post game show on the W me guys -- radio network. But we will change. Between -- you're. Wearing peninsula. Shotguns and the design -- Just like -- W. One NFL all pro nose tackle -- murderous and Super Bowl champion Steve DeOssie. The beginning of the the -- post game show on the W. -- Sports Radio that. And welcome into the real post game show we are alive until he -- a packed house. Mostly disappointed patriots fans Toby Keith's I love this bar and grill. Real close if you thought you might have natural case breaks. The official ranked -- sausage of England patriots. Looked for the -- blue box and your favorite grocer. Can't celebrate something well Steve DeOssie FitzGerald will be alongside a little while. I'm -- Stearns. We are not so. -- much tonight as patriots fans for the ninth time they were in the AFC championship but for only the second time we know what it feels like. To lose the game before the Super Bowl 2813. Baltimore Ravens certainly deserve to be -- if you -- because the patriots don't. Deserve to be heading there with their performances. Ravens took it to a they care about the sector have. More than prepared to wait. Took your right to the patriots. The patriots had. The way it's. Combined that with some curious and uncharacteristic. He -- clock mismanagement at the end of the first half. And you've got what you got it that close. Baltimore coming here. Hopefully after that second half the patriots -- we will do what they want to with the with the football offense open downfield the first half they only had thirteen points that. It was a win for the rate that was absolutely point before we go to the calls by the. -- 6177797937. If you'd like to join us on the real post game shows excellent seven. 7797. 937. We're gonna be here till 1 o'clock. Let me point to four -- -- get your opinion your thoughts about these -- -- First quarter Aqib Talib goes out with the well they called today. Thigh injury but it looked like hamstring injury you have well we went down Baltimore did not take advantage until the second half what were your thoughts when he went down what your thoughts looking back of. -- -- two or Freddie. That is going to be a factory in this game especially. When you look at the hamstrings okay interview you grab your history like that we ought to look defensive back quarterback in particular coming back it would would be split. That changed a lot of the dynamic -- of that game because they were counting on to -- -- Basically. Work over Smith that embolden. What they give -- to -- that a cumulative fairly good job. For the most part all the sudden get married to back there are some other moves you have to make that was a. Big loss of very good -- well you and I did the numbers before we went on here. First quarter the patriots time of possession 1030 Baltimore fourth -- first quarter patriots 26 snaps. Baltimore twelve only three points for the patriots you have go to the third. Third quarter 27 snaps for Baltimore eleven. For the patriots around the time of possession was like you know the Baltimore scored two touchdowns tactically what those custom start the fourth quarter. But fourteen points for the ravens and the dominant third quarter basically three point for a -- -- -- -- the first quarter a pretty much tells a story that gives scores. -- the efficiency and retired military talk about that it would now with the reds over the cowboys would -- or throws or consistent with the way with three point. For the picked withdrew one of the best -- -- -- offices in the league for. Well like I remember. They were removed what would if -- let's go to one other play -- it's only three plays but the Pollard hit on Steven Ridley. And it was the start of the fourth quarter. That was really significant moment in the game not only for the turnover but -- patriots at three turnovers the ravens on the lost the turnover battle but the fumble. The call but to hit by Bernard Pollard vibrant art all. Bernard Pollard had the big four four -- well vote on the patriots whether it was a Brady. Or in this case -- -- That was -- tremendously and he was out cold for you were hit the ground. It was close. But there wasn't enough to overturn. The ball -- would be. It looked like you lead was down but with the ball actually -- moved through the wasn't enough. To overturn that -- he had the patriots recovered it it might have been inconclusive but they actually said the ref -- that. -- -- -- The opposite calls they have would've called for so that we put -- as part of what was going on. With the the patriots the ravens defense was out hitting. Of the patriots what would talk about playing physical football when you talk about. Take you to mood of the team the ravens defense that we talked about it before we gave. That -- defense statistically wasn't good but they always had. That would -- called book the book departures chips you don't in a big fight if food you can live a couple -- wolf. They've worked grapes -- to lose your -- You bloom that would guys like it read guys like -- guys like Ray Lewis. You -- -- Nevada they had enough of -- -- -- those guys came up with those energy and effort please that they could be good. You played this game and big play every big hits are one thing on defense but in big games big plays or another sequel to talk about -- -- Steve. The tip ball on the interception a about the hit by Pollard. Pop up the hits on Wes Welker a couple of times up -- -- this is second look like he wants to kill Suffolk counties on the field well so this defense did. They -- the story of this game that -- Joseph Flacco on the ready to put all of same yet but let's give a little credit he played big the big game again. On the road played very big game. That's -- the -- gone all of black go. The people we played fairly well last year or last week he -- -- Deborah. Not great for a pretty good. The operative was that. If you will show up. In a big way in the next week you wouldn't know that he's playing quarterback so he put the boo -- that to rest because yeah a couple Byrd who gave back to back. Pilots go to the phones. Here's what we're dealing with the patriots in stories like let's Walker's future. Rob Gronkowski and all kinds of stuff while Behar brought Brothers will now start in the -- couple things I've seen on Twitter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The super -- get ready for it it's all coming mark you. It's our clients -- this you know what it is a great story there's a few great story -- through with the suitable. Of course Ray Lewis thing. Very big. The the Harbaugh Brothers of course you tremendous our -- bill passing away all these things. Come together they have some interest in story lines because these two teams of the national interest that a possible -- have. You know but the fact is that both these teams -- into the playoffs and outplayed out hit. And -- outperformed every other people unless Scotland before we go to the phones to road teams. That won the conference championship games you brought a giants team that would -- Francisco. And beat the niners will. What are your thoughts about that happening with two teams that would like to commit it would of the road globally this -- we went on the road home Ravi. Going into this game was 67. And always a hole. -- believed -- have -- edit their -- that right there conservatively than 67 and old but -- you know that. That's news. Not acquitted that's affected these guys. They know how to we've got outscored 21 that it is good to this this is the Super Bowl will have plenty of story lines but. -- tartar and a little tired of the whole removes the little tired of the harbor rule or you know. That thing it's it's good reply but from target now in week W. Hope you buy your vote by you covered by if I let's go to the phones were alive Toby Keith's I love this -- grow it at 1 o'clock -- it's -- -- -- -- -- He fed went to sleep several times during that game. Welker dropped too many passes. And telecheck basically did not clock managed towards the end of the first half. So as far as the defense falling asleep we'll start with that Steve I put this game one of the office when you always scored thirteen points. And the other team scores 28 and nobody expected the patriots who are 25 to 35 points at least it's. You're you're the highest scoring second highest scoring team in the history the other fell. You've got -- greatest quarterback possibly -- NFL history you've got. -- Welker involved with golfing BP's feet from the patriots. You've got one of the great young dragons the great that you were missing. Gronkowski but defected to -- with the weapons to score points -- school boards without glucose book. The effective through the through the office. For two points. Nobody expected that. Here we Baltimore will be five Beers but -- experts and other two point welcomes drops there's two significant ones I think the third and eight billion. The third quarter. Was to drop that -- kept the drive alive that was huge but the one of the first series. We're Brady rolled out to his rights on -- was left she -- to overthrow it what -- that are really did catch that's another one of those Super Bowl. Type drops like doubly because you got to save yourself. He got his hands on it you gotta catch here in the NF maybe you -- -- this year does that board. Draw very that I have seen it in the previous five years with this. Well one Obama team absolutely you can read it would top Britons together or. Football little. Do what but the fact is. You do have the opportunity to make some plays and wasn't able pull it off the -- You know what is clear that we would you decline in. Welker I don't know but I think maybe -- off your -- to live up with a plus hundreds of both exceptions. And he still lives. I think one of the better receivers league. But over the last -- this with nineteen games though -- -- nineteen games so important where. He's had to. So. Very. Very high profile drops eight catches a 13070. Yards and a touchdown. For Welker led the patriots but those drops key to go to jail and out of warrior on the real post it showed today. Hello -- 123. By. 661777979837. Let's go to pat. -- develop Iran expert Steve DeOssie. A guy -- -- object you know I. I don't think we must admit that here in this game I you know other than Brady Brady had a bad game -- you know coach that what the coach and saying. Of the ravens beat him up -- -- better today and it feels. This is quite the you have to do you think. None of the guys in the press conferences that I don't know scared of the man or whatever format that I have no question and -- -- you know you have to ask him moral. Bill why not call a timeout. And we'll put in the end -- at least one -- check is in the press. -- let me jump in because I've been for ten years I've been in those press conference. And I could just tell you. That you can ask the questions over and over and over against the knows this on -- you have bills only gonna give you what he's gonna give you who could tell you why are idiots that question right. Right foot played no we have some you know it and then we won't say -- time -- for the next. But then there were immediate response should be built you don't need -- timeout for the kick because if you throw it in the hands on the clock. -- yeah he's going to I think second on our. You don't. -- -- give that up and that's why that would have won what happens to the gulf war the vehicle that he would tackle they'll tell you that I can tell you it's. I understand them doctor. You've -- to sit there and facility that -- one where -- the others it's. But that was that turned out to be a mistake -- -- -- what seventy seconds left. Try to get the offer of excellence landed upon with four seconds left right as it at -- like eleven seconds after it was through it was it was a mistake the two ways about it. It was a mistake but in terms of you know what we want. These reporters like which says these guys all we hear for a long time you -- what you get out of Belichick. You start -- -- -- -- -- room left and right you just can get Theriot to that are viewed through that the room thinks want our goal. As a fair I wanted to -- what was going on wanna go bottom wonder why they were. All the time which you market we get that about what you do. -- here for two more hours to talk about it while Harbaugh Brothers. And the city whose differences go in Baltimore heading to the Super Bowl heading to New Orleans we're left to talk. About what's left for an off season for the patriots this is the real post game show. Brought to you -- can't natural casing franks the official frank in sausage of the New England Patriots look for that -- blue box at your favorite grocer. -- -- -- These -- don't we. You show on the WV guys we talk radio network but we'll -- Between books your spill raising a global. -- with a shotgun snap the -- -- -- Just like -- -- -- One NFL all pro nose tackle bricks murderous and Super Bowl champion Steve DeOssie. -- beginning of the the -- post game show on the WUPI Sports Radio that. Live at Toby Keith loved the heart grow on -- Stearns in the real close game showed joined by Steve DeOssie. French -- will be joining us just a bit. Some of the. Fallout after the game started to commit announced the Bill Belichick refused to post game interview on the field with CBS. -- and as the losing coach one Shannon Sharpe. For CBS did. Like that at all so -- -- -- the sharpest comments. After the game. There's something to be said about being reflected the recent New England Patriots well I in the last twelve years big importance and we. Opposing coach law come on talk about Steve -- -- coach Todd -- middle -- we thought last week. Bill Belichick makes it real here. Google book all the time do. Oceanic sharply CBS calling Bill Belichick or sport. I would say the flip side to that was -- long talk that he had. John Harbaugh. After the game of the long -- ability Belichick talked to coach effort. You know to Belichick it's less important. While the media aspect that is well -- football people aspect. You're sure you know. Do you also boosted the Islam overrated by the way of truth in the lower bronco that famous sound -- called a National Guard because the patriots you know. It gives them a lot of people around the we don't like the ravens either the way they play you. Even read Lewis who's changed his. Reputation since that it's of the the Super Bowl. There's I get it you know would you like to have soldier -- I get it should be maybe you should put. But to make blanket statement about the -- -- the pictures that. Bill both should be your source port it's a little. I here's more Terrel Suggs in the locker room after the game quote. Tell them to have the patriot to have fun at the Pro Bowl. He said according to Dan Wetzel to read this out. We shut about the second half arrogant blank. And then here's the -- from sucks these the patriots are the most -- get blank. Starts with the word letter. These are the most -- get blanked in the world starting -- Belichick on down. -- that added that's funny ever since spiky they haven't been able to win. He later tempered his comments a bit -- at all BS aside their help the ballclub they have the right to be arrogant. I'd shut them to be -- -- so he always use them. Through. You lie about going there if that's Barton. I get it. You're doing Bruschi because we've been from drug you see things that. That you might read a little bit in the heat of the moment that's exactly what -- did. But he lives to doing so again to really care about what's that thinks it's not that big deal would be put for him. To promote real your publicist about what like that simple. PR one of one. You know what. A great team we was just played there we shall we are better team today -- reported some more about all of sudden. Now there's so we complain about that at all the evaluation before that he would that I've -- -- quote -- tweets last. Last week about pictures pubic office all with the our news shares shall talk about the Greeks see what we gracious Victor too well look it I'm fumble that this week. He flat out came out made it very simple so wouldn't win and he backed it up good you know what. But the role that I mean both coaches would advise against things like that would vigorously fought. A lesson. With you backing up -- not if you truly your loss if you wouldn't want to say go ahead and say you back it up you better. -- I'll give you one more this is said to me by our artwork producer that he earlier on site. I mean. The the patriots nemesis for this year Richard Sherman you know all people tweeting out. I am enjoying this ha ha -- about to go have a great night while pats fans are sad. What you do what you do from last week. With his -- what ever Richard -- an average 2813. Are favored to go to the Super Bowl. The patriots are making -- times let's go to Viennese Boston night beating. I -- adorned. You're on the real posted on the -- looks like what is going to be a little bit longer. I think the big deal in the game -- the big difference was the two field goals. They had a game like this to indicate the first field goal -- and we picked the first two field goals if -- got in -- consummated fumbled the ball on the one yard line. Let's that's when -- to 28 points that decide well ahead. The patriots we always look at red -- stats but CBS and Jim Nancy after the game. Page feature inside the ravens 25 yard line five times McCain went with only one touched. So I think that was a big problem right it was really a -- the only big -- -- appellate Judge Judy village. Vinny Ellis -- one touchdown of the game as Steve said is -- -- its second highest going up it's in the history of football is what one. Touched down today. Like I blame the memo seen them we have seen them come out over time. And be very complacent because they're the patriots and they supposedly get the -- coach not saying millions and we have buffalo hunt up the score on us. On several. Played very very gains but probably the bears about nine years ago and -- this split up their whole team all over the field exercising calisthenics. Want to make a picnic at the same thing that's the only game how -- the patriots and that is is it. Hey -- nonchalant thing for the game they were the big favorite. And they were all obviously he's seen most of the time we only lost once by the field goals this year -- -- I wouldn't have. A lot of us not players but they let -- command want war room. I can promise you you have a football art and auction market promise one thing but will -- tell exactly this right now. And pictures did not -- -- -- game. It's respecting. The RAZR there's absolutely no chance you'll Belichick let that happen. They came amid. It was because they thought there were just devote. He walked over this defense they -- of understanding that that team very good. They just didn't have it totally got its are the 45 that they -- that it is defensively in the third quarter but it would had nothing to do with. Overlooking this team had nothing to do with not respecting this team had nothing to do with the arrogance of their office or their coach that everything to do. And the fact the Baltimore took to the patriots at the pictures that never. Well I mean he Stevens said a little differently. They've let them hang around -- What's the big lead on the board yeah absolutely remedy to field goals there's eight points if you count touchdown -- -- scored touchdowns. You dated several other times I mean did -- but probably plus like -- put points on the on the had nothing that you write you had nothing to do with any perceived arrogance in order. Complacency. By the patriots this team. No coach -- card -- for vote -- they have what they do they prior to prepare for that there's just some times where another team was better that you. They played better than you'll robot. -- better team but they played better they played harder they hit harder at least two more with the pictures due to with the -- again nothing about. Had nothing to do with it the targets on the part of a -- to -- -- so we have the -- comments after the game again this is Terrel Suggs. After the ravens win in the locker room just across the street. Don't know there's Starker you know what as I've stuff surprised I got to listen you're -- your. You're feeling it right now we're supposed to be where they are. A -- called them -- gets Denver. And against the pictures that we're supposed to do. And he's feeling it right now let's go to Barry California's next on the bill postage -- -- -- Hey guys I -- on was -- Terrible defeat you know what I got to play out yes he was so a lot of things that night. Offensive line done. Brady was not -- think. I mean how many times did I see when it was third to third three and Brady is trying to go down -- one media. I mean I just don't get it I feel it during the regular season when they get that but all night long today we were doing the same damn thing third. I think they did say war. I think it's I agree with you on the out of sync point Mary Steve I think they were out of sync I think that's a good way to put it but I I don't agree. The kid taking shots down field as a matter of fact that's one of the reasons you guys one offense in the league as if it -- certain -- And you have Diddy would get open for the two yards most teams would throw that review that was welcome wide open down -- you take the shot. -- go for the kill at that point I mean. That there are times you need to be conservative but this offense but do you agree. But they've with the out of sync Bluetooth getting punched in the face but it'll. You could say -- were out sick or you could say that if out of Baltimore the potential right now saying. Of the ravens put them out of sick right so it's. Because the team doesn't perform. Doesn't always mean that it's. Because they were inadequate to -- because the team that they were facing sleep better that's what. We've talked about six on 77797937. Jonas on the real post game show. Let's go to David -- -- only. Hi. I -- after that game right now and it's one that make you really could comfort them in and out. That there is so what we're really stood out for me today is the I mean I think -- got wacko maybe once or why. No sacks no sex and no turnovers for the statements today. I mean -- barely. This guy is -- -- chemical Ali Ansari -- did you tell him exactly did get credited for -- onset of the stature and. So helpful and I don't know when you go -- -- -- why -- -- -- unacceptable wanted to putt the -- and the second -- earlier. I don't think let's walker and I like -- whole lot. Why I sit there and is wrong and -- -- -- -- a lot oil lately and I'm not -- a little bit irregular or not -- -- anything along those lines. But I don't care what order because all of a sudden it -- -- can argue either that you believe this is both -- and. Could be could be that he's had very good terms of the drops that you took them off -- -- only did that go with quite a few exceptions that your plus. Receptions so we caught his fair share of what you -- I think also. Those drops have been some high profile drops so they took to stick your mind a little bit more. I grew -- he's that board dropped this year that I would call. You've ever -- -- -- season. What we get these guys that are wont work with -- -- about what my correction that. Yanukovich had two sacks in the game Baltimore did not and still -- for about what -- -- what you are but one that was Romans with the ball might separate. I'm going to take a break your phone calls -- next -- all lit up here on the real post game show we're live at Toby Keith's. I love this bar and grill -- Stearns Steve DeOssie soon to be joined by Fred the real posted show is brought to you -- KM natural casing francs. They are the official frank and sausage of the patriots. Look for that came blue box at your favorite grocer can't celebrate something. -- comes to a screeching halt minutes. That's just the way it is it's. Two teams advance in. Those two teams deserve so. You know we lost before. -- wanna get over. You're you know we'll come and we meet tomorrow. Everybody bomber. And it. The one of these on his team in the locker -- on this uniform you guys and talk to you fourteen. Lot of guys might not wanna talk black -- it's all about being professional you know it's when you win some you lose. I know we have a bunch of guys this occurred -- -- right now and I'm comfortable right now. -- -- -- seemed like -- but you know I am hitters because. I thought we. But we have been that it was a little too that. And just to children but. Tomorrow we'll talk. In the would you -- the coaches we don't talk about what we gotta do moved forward in all season you know. Amounts it wouldn't work -- a massive need to be moving forward -- Hopefully get it done. Tom Brady and Vince Wilfork are making off season plans while Joseph Flacco on Nickelodeon nick got a make your plans to head to New Orleans we are alive -- Toby -- that love this bar and grill. You're listening to the real post game show brought to you by KM natural -- -- they are the official -- -- -- of them patriots look for the cable box at your favorite grocer. Can't celebrate something Steve we look at the second half. Flacco while playing Brady. Curious about your thoughts the numbers tell us this at halftime. Flacco was six of twelve for 81 yards no touchdowns no picks Brady was fourteen of 24 from 139 yards a touchdown and no picks second half. Brady was fifteen to thirty. For a 181 yards no touchdowns and two X Flacco was fifteen to 2459. Yards three touchdowns. And no picks. Clearly outperformed the second -- well. I would also say that the pictures defense. Underperform verses the compared to do ravens' defense. Ravens defense and hit they were bringing it you know -- -- the exact. Brady but. They were playing very hard football with secondary receivers get popped everywhere. It. You can't just see. Flacco all form Brady gonna say that that that ravens' defense. Basically took over the -- while. How about I agree with you but how about the fact that we -- -- little credit to John hop on and -- -- absolutely for all the -- that Caldwell. Was taken Troy Brown treated out during the game patriots secret weapon Jim Caldwell. In the second quarter. But they may be just to have time without a -- to lead. And they found. On Guam pulled it open against Cole and certain guys they they. Put themselves in situations. To get them so Flacco could throw three touch. I would I have no doubt that. Our ball basically shut down whose -- -- that happened before they talk to players that sort of it was -- get open up. Probably should threaten to -- you can't keep doing the first down rub off tackle for federal tackles are about you -- expect anything. -- really happened so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Might have been cowardice that that's it's going to be the team that makes the best just to have because that game was unnecessarily close of. Let's go to Jimmy Peabody next on the real post game -- like Jimmy. Hey guys what they see the idea was it to me that I don't that the game tonight you'll like -- that we I had this squad in the patriot that we know. It -- -- that it happened that night. Clement a lot by you know going into halftime -- -- I'm not Brady not merely the clock wow. We -- nobody nobody taking yet yeah I don't know thirty point eight seconds left. About thirty or forty years -- -- easily it's -- two thirds of them but credit to your -- unfortunately that's for the time. To call a timeout -- -- Wrote -- he definitely the end of. Now the flip back into many -- -- local people call up you know. And that -- -- -- down adopt point that was a big -- that was a big big deployed -- game might be a. Greed absolute greed that's not just Brady that's the sidelines to coach is that a good coach called timeout too much of the players on the field Bill Belichick call for a moment itself. Let's go to David reveres next in the real post game show I did. And the clock event and Obama birthday part of -- points. I. Don't. Get -- noted that the quality because he wouldn't. -- -- and I don't -- CE. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Slowdown the retirees -- the it's not I said it's not just radio support Brady has called a timeout as it could also programs aren't words to the coach called about it. I said -- -- -- no charge all of -- with five Super Bowl. And these children -- right there. Let's go do have been argue Berkeley over let's go to my -- Eric 1122. Let's go to market all right the next fellow mark. Hey guys don't they -- That was. That there aren't enough that we live right here this month it wants partners -- What started them about the lead and everything and -- not believed to be. Who would vote -- to -- whose -- -- the -- CK yes that was it's the end of reasoning for my point is -- He -- and walked Everett and -- -- Didn't. I don't mind -- people like that -- the -- me bothers me. This 1 eastern people. People more than half when they win you know -- an -- they -- they -- for the time and they love so -- software out in advance ourselves from what brought -- here. It's all -- You know professional I mean you -- here and yet it's cute that there are we applaud. Would mean that they -- so they. You. Well the only don't they don't you don't hear it. It public. As a matter of fact. When it does happen within the locker room I'm sure it does the I'm sure they have their emotional moment just like we've heard Terrel Suggs in the locker room but it doesn't make it to the public and that has to be. Because of the way the organization conducts its just not accepted the different organizations different. Personnel different. It's it's basically understood wouldn't get here that this is how you handle things now. Would you like your -- with the model maybe more personality or maybe more. Off the cuff remarks. If you would. -- -- -- Red Sox in the house Bill Belichick style box robberies about the patriots. The again you know what. This style works for the -- and they are a roughly two mobile trash talk -- -- Especially when they -- the big game like this. Your. You're recording personalities accurate about what if I gather it works with them it doesn't work for the -- Let's go to -- can ball tomorrow as a reason to smile tonight's -- the real post game show -- -- -- I worked all my friends like we feel we -- patriots fan of Baltimore. What are you patriots -- of Baltimore Ravens it. Up here are are leaving the game now. We've been through this wave it was absolutely amazing. It would really was not I don't think they've made it worth the trip I think there were plenty of people who thought the ravens could win. But I do think the group that everybody thought the ravens would win this convincingly. I said that record your station early today pregame. It's simple when you -- or if you are built off of him about that and it up but maybe we receive up on the job. Because of what to Flickr but also Pacifica those bases and he had achieved sleep great -- -- you question. When it was when it was 57 at half what we think how we got word I would predict that if you're you're coat and last year was very worried we came out and we have that god without the support -- sort you know like all right we're back to the driver's seat in this game because. So -- double -- predicted. A more book fair based prediction or or analytical prediction. I know I'm public you're perfect stroke perfect obviously but that's okay Fiat product as I was in thirty or 41. Old body but. I'll take a fifteen point game while -- the public -- in the regular what they do it wasn't. There was nothing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't or -- agreement that both tickets just they were going down there are joined by Fred -- have great trip. But I I don't know if they -- big. While both book and it would look -- and recruit good sport but pyramid I gotta say that we -- all of the typical though for the growth or -- opposite force. -- exact dates for the call we do appreciate it speaks in a New England fans. Tell you that I mean it's it's always a knock but this crowd was quieter than usual. Today in this game really well I know that they have a lot to cheer about but there were times. But -- give you one example Steve. We are all talk about how quiet they weren't that drive he's talking about ten minutes 1003. To go in the third quarter okay Baltimore's second drive of the half. Flacco starts throwing passes eagles' twenty yards of the middle to get it on spikes. If you remember -- -- fifteen yard catch and run by Ray Rice a bull didn't catch next thing you know we throws it touchdown but it up. He goes ten plays 87 yards in less than four minutes the patriots get the ball back. Angle four plays -- out that that Neitzel holding call. There's your counterpunch example right here so that the crowd needed to be added yeah they were looking for a place to be in it. And -- really had nothing to cheer up because the patriots gave up. Well first off you or your office sectoral. This team. You. I hesitate. To worry about crowd or because as you said it correctly said. This the stadium in this sort of group of -- at the gold to be a quiet group. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With or without the -- they've been the best. Sold one -- two best to do well -- last week I thought the crowd was a factor. Of one of the top and that is good -- was -- -- -- that okay but that's still the -- of fact effective through with this crowd that as well as you said you didn't tours week. Low -- they're still with the best rhetorical -- over the years. I don't -- the break we're back right after it -- more -- phone calls its excellent 7779. 7937. On the real post game show brought to you by -- natural casing franks the official. Frank in sausage of the patriots look for the cable box at your favorite grocer can't celebrate something. Thought we could get up there and where we want to try to get up there him and clarkin at two under employed at the time out for this picture oval. Makers of we've known it would take as long as it did to get the ball finally clocked. But then you know leading get a great look on the play top election called timeout sent did so it's -- you know we use Houston. There's something to be said about being reflected the recent New England Patriots will bypass in the last twelve years big importance and we've. -- pulled Nicole to the law come -- talk about Steve tasker note called target when it law school we thought the last week. Bill Belichick makes it real here. Good sports book all the time. -- -- -- I was Bill Belichick talking about the play before the half for the patriots settled for a field goal that was Shannon Sharpe. On CBS post game show. Talking about the patriots being sore losers. Because Bill Belichick would not -- beat Steve tasker. CBS sideline reporter on the field after the game you're listening to the real post game show -- at WB I brought you back him natural case francs. They are the official frank it's sausage at the patriots looked for that it will -- -- -- -- grocer. Can't celebrate something we are not celebrating because the Baltimore Ravens ought. When he thirteen they were in the AFC championship game on the road following up the San Francisco 49ers winning the NFC championship game on the road. In Atlanta early lying three and a half. For the niners favored in the super ball there have been lines between two and four and a half but that's the early line -- him as the 49ers are favored. Surprised by that at all Steve. Don't know at all -- the way. Simpson school. Played over last couple weeks. The to come back with the -- Down what -- two -- -- -- live seventeen nothing today you know that. -- therefore. That's comebacks in. Helped him to. Provoked but. I still think. You've got the you've got a better defense of the pictures that have consumed the scope of offense that can't be explosive. It has been explosive over the last few weeks. You know -- -- of going home with Baltimore team big big unprofitable want to go on the road of them to seat on the road. They believe in themselves. Even the biggest of. Six -- 777979372. In the real posted -- now let's go to. And Attleboro hello -- They -- gone guys we've figured. Was behind. Fable with twelve new. -- -- -- How -- up with -- -- -- politically it I mean I was a helmet to helmet collisions are running out he's running back and always the running back is great is running on a play home and get it. He's running back all. So some things yet but it Brady's coming out of the year. You know a lot of the you know whatever proceeds don't know because I was not the not -- not. I don't first of all is all different kind of rules for quarterback but when the court you write about this chair when the quarterback does come out of the pocket he's on the ball from. He is treated somewhat not identical to running back as he slides a running back yet slide right exactly you like that. Quarterbacks are protected. -- though. That was that was bought a penalty you have to read it. By the way. Mary Poletti -- Comcast sports net weeded out that Steven Ridley was off limits to reporters. After the game so we don't know yet -- -- We do know that it was Bernard Pollard once again delivering a physical blow. Make gaming it is the pitchers did have a concussion. I don't know what would you cut and now you will go cold for the round. His legs they need more. I you know what -- -- Good arms to get the votes. That the old. That the -- though. You know so what the picture to the of this season at least hopefully the secretive. That would do let's go to Johnny in Fall River next on the real post game show I -- All right guys who have would certainly not what -- I -- this is going to be the most perplexing thing. Pool outside service CNET piece it's pretty -- it's a great year really was because. One thing I don't disagree we wants even though there you are usually we were you on almost any points are usually it's perfect side of the -- -- What this -- movies that they were completely. Thoroughly dominate a group. Two quarters for us they just -- we. What it would the rapists I really don't think it's that Obama what's the similar to what's the eastward towards that that would do that -- where you get there because well since. And I'm like what's wrong with the scored fifteen at seven I feel like it's three -- apparently did. That economy it's gave green I said that this problem. Is wrong here and that's what made you a little while. What was gonna go round and then sure enough. Readers and I thought security point McCain would say it's worked -- -- Marc Mormeck you have to have waited late in the rial. Then they came -- really -- -- writing is illegal welcome again with food that is most that's offered me. Missteps. Immediately -- that. I think we've been -- likely to -- -- in the but it. -- I mean he drove it regularly but I can drop it right it we let fountain. That's one in the ravens took the ball. And they get slowly -- You're absolutely right you just nailed it John -- us when we disagree about the well. You can't say that the read news compare with a convincing win state because they just controlled that game but we're we're we're we we've we've. This one of the what -- polygamy advocates what you say it's more than thirteen. This -- what you -- -- points in the second half what what what what's archive it's you have your right at the last sort of quarter and perhaps yes absolutely but if you wanna see the old days not Johnny -- I think a better way to say what you say third I think a better way to say we are saying is the patriots statistically. Dominated the first quarter -- -- put up two touchdowns spirits are instead of I don't know about the first half. Because they didn't score on that said all right okay will be -- big play your game they dominated the first now. They kicked two field goals where they'd probably should have scored touchdowns and also -- the other places they had field position. In the first half the 33. The 47. In Baltimore's 43 that would start. Field position. I don't it may well get out. Absolutely. It drives -- make my point but we're not make your point because the patriot because that's something -- -- yeah I mean what they don't think it's more -- on the 42% or more. Right but -- -- monologue it wouldn't do it. We say that is because they should vote. That that the that the obviously didn't comedy it was scored thirteen point 22. Boxes and went out there yet -- And he completely eaten at how brilliant guy but did not put them away all -- When he -- if you wanna use the boxing analogy it's like a guy thrown three punches to one but that the other guy comes back and throw the knockout punch. I mean it's the patriots out of there are okay but they do that dominated yardage in the first that's all they do. We dominated we guarded the points why they roll up -- six. I don't think you can have all the garbage you want and we care about your post is the argument against the patriots he -- -- ultimately it. They finished ninth in the points allowed. This year right when they're still wanted to team to get them to not only do -- -- don't EJ in Baltimore -- the next day obliterate off. Or Vijay or other real boost it all right man sorry. Let's go to. Patrick and cars next -- that your Edgar Prado was -- better. I did -- we gave obviously not the best result reports make two quick forwards are number one is. Tom Brady you know I guess you know gronkowski and the -- -- better off a bridge MVP and the guys that it's -- when you game he can't. You know between out of 54 with a -- There was thought that a -- completed. Which were great catches by a war later Hernandez referring. And even if there was one play that's what actors in the locker which is -- republic reported gospel -- -- -- -- it was very poorly in the third quarter wanna make it. We'll go to -- always told you -- -- -- -- our first I don't I don't remember the spectacular. Catches -- -- members of the catches but nothing. That may say well knowledge one of those guys who takes an ordinary kitchen makes it looks through and go -- some of. What diving catches both variables that the sideline that was poorly thrown ball and never let up out review's going right we're back -- -- -- -- I opened down there in the game to certain member of the bunch I think our. Too good to -- the grounds of the league agree that. Lloyd goes ground level with the return because -- how are you Patrick it'll come talk and argue that radio to brigade I agree -- -- who are right about that. But I will argue that. A lot of times we think it's a poorly thrown ball in the as a reason it was thrown. In the spot that it was thrown -- for example Brady throws a lot of wool balls that other quarterbacks throw high that end up being tipped. It picked off not he did have two interceptions. One late in the game one that was tipped. But a lot of times -- -- it was spot. Outside when it got so the ball -- he -- it's part of the reason he has single digit interceptions. Every year I'm like I said I don't think you're the greatest game. But I don't think. I don't think he's -- that off today. Well I'll give you that and another thing about Brady is that you know he does have a low. Single -- interception numbers but what to come down to the playoffs in the seventh seventh he is to a receptive. Well work if you exited last year that was evidently went on the -- Evidence at -- that we're fortunate to have them okay. It deliberately he is -- -- profits is not played well. In the hole -- it since they won the last comparable in big games it is not played consistently well. At the level that it played before but they don't. I don't know. It's it's. It's hard it's hard to digest. Because of the level of play if Brady's laid out for so long well. But that's what's let's give credit to the Baltimore -- For doing that for making your. On its view that the other day and that's not to say well because we're deeply poorly about the fact that Baltimore with a group. Crap out of book the ball carriers and receivers. About the fact they were covered them farewell speech to your point how many times do we get the Patriots defense -- it. For quote. Well they give up a lot of yards but the stiffened in the red zone right so what we're here talking it lamenting about the white it's red zone point about the fact that the ravens stopped them. In the red zone 25. Times the ravens beef it's what's inside their own twenty but got finally gave up one touch you'll probably people. Running the score despite what -- you know beaten me. Yards or. Are nice because we believe two points what effective. Yards the points are meaningless absolutely meaningless a cure you of Harvard Yard score. Thirteen points. And it doesn't matter right. -- this is the real post game showtime for us take another break -- by the Toby Keith I love this -- -- going to be don't want AM. Take your phone calls it 61777979837. You wanna talk about Wes Welker at his future you wanna talk about this team you wanna talk about Terrel -- comment after the game you wanna talk about Richard -- tournament. Or she and it sharp. Or Steven Ridley all that went on this we're here for you it is the real close -- show. -- by -- natural casing franks the official frank it's positive patriots look for the cable box and you're favorite grocery. Camp celebrates. Yeah. They won the game on Monday that there I think. You know champions carry themselves look different. I think if you go talk -- manipulative. You know you know from some of the guys -- mean embarrassment champion. That's not always -- -- -- -- -- revenue because if you would have moves. It's its own market where. But to no prisoners to -- As Terrel Suggs of the ravens and Deion Branch of the patriots -- the locker room after the game trash talk and call on the patriots arrogant. Blanks. Also went on to say that these are the most arrogant blanks. Word begin is -- in -- chicks. From Belichick on down -- on Rangers money buys him real champions conduct themselves certain way. This is the real post game show brought to you by -- natural case. They are the official frank in sausage in the patriots. The -- -- -- -- your favorite grocery can't celebrate something rely on it Toby Keith's I love this bar -- they've been gracious -- all yearlong here. -- post game show WV EI. You get any reaction. Thugs yeah. It would it would you listen -- that you realized that. He's -- that as much for his teammates as the youth with a beat you -- was there. That was more of a a bit of a rallying cry for his his teammates and was. That's why he probably unlike you said early on it works for the -- this works one that's way back a little bit afterwards you know because -- what he realized that. You know we'll just whose teammates who also beat you knew what to realize the impact of the media. Pay attention to two. That that you used to have backed coup that put who have. You went to whom to Victor goes the spoils that this is the way they celebrate that celebrate by talking more protective. Go to David New Hampshire on the real post game chided. Hello days. -- -- Well hello Dave you're not -- I would. Off speakerphone. So -- have to move on let's go to Stephen Cox Steve the other real post game show. I think it will call off night. There's these birds of yes I didn't like as you'll probably love this right now. Lament what the pictures -- -- the season to hold for forty years because through career I immediately went like this -- it is absolutely not -- -- right to me. Yeah you're right what they go to -- and you know. It over quite as he could more recruiting Bloomberg. All of the first guard where you network classes are unconcerned. About double a will be liberated. Yeah I hope it's as well I'll stop that that's ridiculous as to redeem. The street's bullish on in Boston next I want your other post game show. They ignore it -- good column. Like diagnosis salute during which was pretty good we're increasing throughout the problem is that this. American pizza. A lot of I think you have to troops actually -- look on the really noticed New England would look at the fact if you try to pick the little little fluid. Hold out -- ready to -- and we beat them on the past -- and just overall it was a totally. Within the game I mean -- was losing its wings couldn't guys. And I think when you couple that with the fact it appears that Ray Rice establish the run a little food. You're Flacco -- brutal brawl broke down the field than it would basic things in the game. That that won't get through them as flashy but I have to since its policies. Who will give up -- the football coach. Sean I think I think you're right I think that's a big factor in the game of tennis in this but the stats back it up and they will no longer although Paula. What they acted up was what would the would go back up with the fact that they didn't start. We've Apple's board of that would put -- -- -- constructive sort of rolled back on the so yes establish -- -- far. With the ravens -- rubber ball that well -- The second half almost that would that would reform the ball well it opened up to the -- with -- so. Can you say old school football to him and steps says that while robbing our. -- would you say is that they -- with the big. Through a lot at the patriots. Through the year allowing you told a little bit of the pages react and that's with. It was a small school football they're running the ball yet but it only happened because -- it will -- On the other side of the ball is original point about being in the tip there were several when he nine left in the game. That was a big tip do you give credit related -- -- forget that that's -- especially big day. -- and and making note that was huge it looked like he was good for couples aren't into Brady and it scores here and by the way that was right after that Welker wrote down the scene. It went like seem like forty yards. I'm whatever but. He scores -- -- -- seven minutes to go. And against when he money right that's that's a whole different thing yet now the pages -- -- as a chance to make way come up something -- often. In the Denver game they can -- with a fumble. Forced fumble after Ridley film acting so. I mean that was that sort of sensed it right here are we to take -- break when we come back yet another hour ago Freddie -- should be joining us momentarily. We're live at Toby -- I love this bar and grill. This is the real post game show brought to you -- can't natural -- francs. They are the official Franken sausage of the patriots look for that came blue box at your favorite grocer. Can't celebrate some.

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