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Calling a close win in a sea of blowout predictions

Jan 20, 2013|

Kirk opens it up solo on AFC Championship Sunday by predicting a close Pats win while the rest of the predictions around these parts are calling for a laugher. He goes into the details of the matchup and how the Pats and Ravens usually take games down to the wire in their rivalry.

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This championship Sunday. We are finally here. The hype is done well -- half more hours of it I guess and then. Kirk made in here until noon and be shepherd and the boys down at Toby -- -- page replaced dale in Chatham in and Kevin Falcon -- price. Well region kick off which you can't listen to era 937 WEEI will be at 630 patriots ravens in a year ago. I was on yesterday. And made the case that. I think this is gonna be really good game. One of those games just like last year with 23 minutes ago you don't know who's going to win this game. And generally that is not and the consensus. Around here this week I guess I'm surprised. To an extent and not surprised. To an extent. I understand that people want the patriots to win the Super Bowl obviously. Totally understandable. People love -- -- beloved Brady though Belichick they love legacy. They love the idea of another win wipes out spy gate for those people who still believe it's by gates a factor I'm not one of them will get into that at some point here that. People who pick another Super Bowl -- Brady is equal with Montana's -- greatest quarterback of all time notch from agree I agree with that. That today telecheck where that would rank him historically. With -- now for championships. All that stuff. But let's be fair here both the Baltimore rates. This is not the Houston Texans. This is not the Indianapolis Colts -- this year this is a team that this year beat your team. Last year in the same game on the same field. Wager team down to the wire you need two things that happen to win that game. You a great play by sterling -- not a drop by Lee Evans that has been altered historically that was a great play by sterling Moore go back and watch. And then you needed he missed. A field goal to avoid overtime Boston public makes that tickets to patriots lose that game they still might win that game. But the ravens are I think easily. The second best team in the AFC right now I put them one -- This -- -- Baltimore today epic epic the rates. This was nine into one point issue with the wind over the patriots. Medic he -- people about point is that the -- the best team in the AFC worst the co favorite in the AFC and any injuries. Now they have some of these guys back. And they're older yes in their banged up yes. But you have Suggs you ever read you have Ray Lewis wouldn't employment. Not in Kruger and all these guys defensively. And for the last month they have a really good football team. Let's go over your real quick. The giants came in their a game that I think what people thought. Find a way to win these late season games are gonna get the playoffs after all that and then watch -- they go again. People were doubting the ravens at that time justifiably so they've lost Charlie Batch they just hadn't played ball for awhile. The ravens destroyed them connecting. The next week they lost the Bengals in the game look at the inactives for the for the ravens in that game. No -- no Lewis had a price so fine dignity in this meaning they play the colts in the playoffs again not a great team. They handled them and they going to Denver. In brutal conditions. Sub zero weather. Against Peyton Manning against a team that lost forever they were thirteen and three the number one team in the AFC. They go in there. In over 77 minutes give up 21 points. Tremendous defensive effort by the team and the teams -- -- we got -- a prime example. The ravens are not gonna be afraid of what the patriots that is not a factor in this game. The ravens I'm -- think they're gonna win this game. And that's a perfectly I think justifiable. Piece of reasoning on that team sport. I think this is a coin flip game. I really do. On the get the -- it's a small damage to their home. Because they have a better quarterback. But Joseph Flacco played great last year in the AFC title game I mean he was great. Borders and make that play we look at Flacco completely different here I mean imagine how you pick him today in the spot. More than good. Skill players guard Ray Lewis you know our rate moves Ray Rice. Read for a hundred yards your earlier this year in that win now he was bad last year that's obviously going to be key for the patriots. They have Torrey Smith. They have tight ends we know these guys we know what they can do here. We know why this is going to be a tough spot but the picture I think most people. We know. I'm surprised that the -- -- camera in the conversations that this is not going to be tough game for the patriots. And I'm not sure why they feel. What is it about this ravens team that makes you think. At this is going to be an easy win here no weapon. What makes you think when you look at the ravens here's the pages are gonna win 313417. Am hearing -- picks this week consensus almost. That's not a tough game for the patriots. Now some people are on the other side Greg Bedard of the globe today -- Sunday notes is first line is the AFC championship game is going to be a classic -- goes down to the water. And he lists you know what you reasons good read as he usually is a great. He says the ravens are similar to the giants last year defensively. Solid offensive line preference to run they've run a lot more it's called -- took over for Cameron you can look at numbers 1011 more rushing attempts per game. Rushing yards per game I think has gone up by thirty or forty. Weapons and all three areas of the field for the quarterback who will at times look awkward but we'll take any Mexican dish out any big time throws in the games. And that's true -- reminds me a lot of Eli Manning that's a good compares. Defensively he writes last year's giants were slow and injured at linebacker and injury ravaged in the secondary just like these ravens. Webb obviously big injury for the rates. Now he says the one difference is that the form and Russia the giants is better man. That of the ravens I'd probably agree although I like -- a lot played great last week and -- hurt. A Brady has struggled here historically. Against this ravens team I want to show the regular season was bad last year at a couple years ago. And again people tackle this ravens team is agent and I agreed Corvette defense isn't getting any younger absolutely right. A baby pictures this year. Now the pictures defense different -- -- and tell me that today I agree. -- happened this year in a year ago they played in to the wire. I don't see -- this is an easy win for the patriots I think this is a game that you are going to be watching. Well it's 630 kicked off of the -- related mad at 9 o'clock and 915 in the schemes ending. I figured I have no idea who's gonna win this game you're gonna be on the did you see just like you were last year I anticipate the exact. Same kind of game. If the numbers here in Italy 6177797937. As the phone number 6177797. 937. Text like 37937. -- calls they talked about this game preview what's the key here when you look at it. In my wrong in saying the patriots are really gonna struggle here today this is going to be down the wire -- game Tommy why I'm wrong because I've been hearing all week. And oh by the way the best -- -- that football is applying for the patriots. Now. People seem to write this off like it's not a big deal that's the other thing. L -- -- he's not playing lights million weapons they Brandon Lloyd if anyway there Wes Welker they have -- and is. Evergreen they have Ridley you know I don't know if you look at the numbers. When Brady has -- was key in the -- gronkowski pretty significant difference now Brooke. Pretty still pretty obvious you don't gronkowski. But with him he's a different quarterback 23 touchdowns three picks. With gronkowski. Well eleven touchdowns five picks without 50% completion percentage of the Broncos keep. To bring is a pretty good quarterback with a rough -- not great pretty good. And that's a factor I think you know I'm maybe I'm -- Haven't heard anybody say while rubber 'cause he's not feelings and that's a big deal. It's -- gets tough nobody in the do. Yeah they always score. But I think our coast is a blocker. Is another underrated factor is well. People talk about that three different running team and -- Rob Gronkowski on the field. As a blocker he's completely forgot forget about the game changing pass catcher. It was a sub patriots against a defense similar to the ravens last year with the Krakow ski in the Super Bowl they struggled. 2724. Patriots as my -- What -- seven point four. If -- games of Baltimore a pick in the rape it's not that joint you know stadiums itself. A great home field with the crowd but the patriots always when they're generally I mean almost always when Los I think to. Two home playoff games in the dollar check error there jets ravens. Negative won what ten or eleven. So yeah not so I I I fully expect. This to BA game we're either team can win. This is not the Texans. I got the feeling when Texans came in the last year last week rather they did not think they were gonna win this football. In that game was over the minute they get the feel Goldman's first for a they had to have a touchdown in that spot after the kick return drop by the tight end shop there was a ball to the stands in the games. The ravens are a different team. The ravens think they can win a Super Bowl it's got nothing to do stupid test in the rain goes. They think very good football team and they are. Without these injuries in India every team is an eleven or 122012. Point. I look at it and I saw Tom -- right this week again another really Smart football. If this is gonna be a really competitive football game that he sees mismatches all over the field. I don't see the same thing I look at this. I see a team. In the ravens have it on obscure players on offense a good -- -- quarterback good good enough. Ray Rice. -- the tight ends Smith in on defense we talked about those guys a million the million guys who can do that -- a team its one point hero playoff games. This is a team that is not going to be scared of the patriots -- This is the team has had success. Against Tom Brady the patriots not a lot of franchises -- -- And yes this is the best rivalry football. It's not ravens Steelers. -- -- -- -- But giants Eagles or giants cowboys these are the two of the three or four teams have always been in the mix over the last six or seven years. There's nobody else anymore that can say that for the second straight year. They are playing for the right to go to the super. Think about that. As capital back to back AFC championship games in the same building with the same two teams with the same quarter. That's -- flying in. Margaret -- fraud again a pick and patriots to win the game but this is sort of the feedback I got yesterday that the Beckham and it's ridiculous to suggest that the ravens. Like competitive in this game at a certain element of crop that it is insulted by this what I -- It just sixteen and -- share. -- go to fourteen. -- guess it's attached to says the calls after the break. The pats lost by one earlier this year they should've won their defense is totally different better than earlier in the season. -- very comfortably says Brady wants to make a statement what's the biggest. And that's. About forty. What it loss last year in the Super Bowl rating did not want to make a statement if -- -- -- Why does make a statement before every game they lost the game. At a raising you deal with right now instead just looking at the two teams in saint edgy it's possible. The pictures might be in for a fight and that's gonna -- But the six close people get all worked up. I'm frustrated. I don't get. It's zero dark thirty parent that it was terrific terrific. My favorite movie. Six what 77797937617779793. Cents Steve Larry Josh. As young guys lined up where we get to the calls your patriots ravens AFC championship Sunday. WB.

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