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Everyone Knows the Storylines for Patriots-Ravens on the Eve of the AFC Championship Game

Jan 19, 2013|

John Ryder and Lenny Megliola look to Championship Sunday as both conferences are on the line after a week of predictions and anticipation. Also with the news of an investigation involving 49ERS wide receiver Michael Crabtree, Ryder and Lenny examine possible distractions heading into tomorrow’s action.

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John -- of -- a -- now in the studio is Lenny meg -- The famed. -- -- little of the metro west daily news in the baseball journal Boston Globe buzz Golan and your -- -- well good to see and I'm sure your thoughts haven't changed on the respective games coming up to mark these eleven the 49ers made up with the patriot yes. And I can't wait to get -- that the shrink my confidence and in the pats winning on May be on increasing increasing my thoughts that. It'll be ready and save it. Does that happens when there's so much in -- so much your goal over and he read so much and you watch so much preview stuff and Elvis had never. Does have that feeling will people are taken this ravens team kind of reminds me of a team that ended up when in the Super Bowl last year in the New York Giants yeah yeah. At a it granted. And have to do it all on the road did on the road last week against Denver yeah I think the other part of the thinking is. Well some folks are thinking that. You know that everyone had the Broncos when they gave last week -- the ravens and a pulling that out should double overtime so. I think that you have people are. You know maybe sway that way and then some are thinking well you know what the Broncos -- paper champions that eleven game winning streak wasn't that impressive they did win at Baltimore they've. The one of the woods at Cincinnati but -- that was a much great shakes on that schedule. Well all I know it's teams have been winning games in the playoffs on the road so just I mean to me that home I wrote during his serve. Around I don't yeah I'd -- do it at least. Certainly with the ravens. -- anywhere else say that. And I expect the road team to win you know the NFC games so. It's. I think that added -- home field is much more board to a team like Atlanta. Yeah it would be it would be and I can't see them I actually. More pressure at home Paula more pressure planet homes no question about it I mean you -- talk about the fans that means. You gotta keep that crowd in the game from the beginning right. Now you've heard games went home teams falter and released conducted joint and it's it's like -- -- OK you've lost to France -- I don't know for Atlantic and jump out in that -- top pro game in where the fans. Are fascinating game and I think that should be a close game and I have Atlanta winning that game. There. Tomorrow I know not too many people are going -- that. Well Julio Jones Roddy White Tony Gonzalez of one thing Atlanta has been success susceptible to is so those running quarterbacks and -- a running quarterback and call it cap critic yeah I regulators deepen its better to green -- originally. My prediction at the beginning of the season and of course it didn't change heading into the playoffs -- green bay of the patriots that's not gonna happen now. And most wanna see the patriots and 49ers and so many story lines to a game like patent. That'll probably the best matchup. And that's what I wrote about. In respondents meant to us daily news is that. I'm the story -- the story lines on the story lines that we get it now ray lewis' last game blah blah blah right went more for the gipper we get that. You know Joseph Flacco you know is great you know downfield. Brady's he's no Brady Brady's vertical guy. And you know. We get that Belichick as is the genius right drug but these have -- Brothers I think scare people don't you think John I mean that in these guys are pretty bright coaches. I'm they have no fear of the pats. Or are the -- -- amnesty you know so we get veggies genius who wants hybrid guys that don't kid distort kickass and the other side in -- That is story. For the global last week on a a guy -- might be an NFL official played admission from both plummeted 49 usual. Arm so he is at Michigan who went home I was there. And I asked him about Jim Harbaugh whose -- a good quarterback play -- -- twelve -- and I -- -- -- smiled -- -- he said he was the most intense guy. I've ever met in my life and you know now we see him. You know now we know -- -- like gambling is quarterbacking -- wolverines. And down. -- a very -- -- very good coach. Yeah they you know so. And a quick rise as well for joining us law Wendy was what it does San Diego stadium with -- -- -- -- or both demonstrated an -- -- and stand trailers entryway -- bones you know. And because it was good good quarterbacks they. My arm yes so you know -- -- just this fascinating trial for presidency and I can see Andy's fourteenth when you -- you know week we always -- and I see each other and a goat -- and I suspect. Would surprise me at all in the and you. Anything that goes on in and pro sports armies -- day. The Bob cast will be -- lakers and they heat back to backs on day. But not this year. -- -- -- -- As slight distraction for -- Cisco more of a distraction for one individual course Michael Crabtree there was met with police in their investigation into alleged sexual assault. In a hotel. After the hours after the win over the Packers how much does this factor added -- if anything -- plant. He has a lot of -- -- it's no factor at all absolutely I'm do you think everybody in the stands or anybody gravesite -- is about he's going to accord next month and by the way. Isn't it ironic that he gets to play because the primary and analysis you and I primary in court Monday morning and nine -- I'll but that well yeah but he's got -- a game to play a so -- -- no -- -- -- -- -- news. It's a distraction Crabtree. Now the players around the team. You know. Slight I don't -- it is sad because there's so many of these guys that always have court dates are always have some -- -- makes it normal land has -- of involvement through their job at that stuff doesn't it doesn't matter on matters of the planets in that vault and it won't affect display any if he's got dropped -- pass because they thinking about Airways from -- and if there's always the right guy that might not be as focused on the game plan. -- a big big disaster and it's a quick read the cultural knowledge he's got to get. This stuff doesn't -- of those guys while I think that Lanny I'm -- probably the players bigger -- don't care about a but the individual himself I'm sure is concerned about it not to the point where it's gonna affect what he does -- -- -- work one way or another I don't think it's going to be a man attacked -- why is he is an important player on that democracy is and you say might not affect our -- affect him either -- well it could be you know -- I'm pissed off about this it's on the media like that I'm -- -- catch I wanna be tied to twenty times -- and -- -- eighteen council. That's how wars that that's small but it is. Mean most of those guys have already had a court hearings on two pages radler did in the -- -- I'd I don't know I mean maybe largest taking a leap year but I think you've you have sexual assault charges against you would concern you. Not when you play this is being diversion from thinking about that. Plane to Dallas details of football I I think so it can work that way in many times it has worked that way and sometimes it can be. The distraction but typically when they go out on the field they're not thinking about what do the extracurricular or whatever else is going on in their external. Like I again I don't agree with that trophy -- on saying that sometimes the many times guys. You know they they do focus on the game in the united. While -- desktop manager that's all I'm saying that that's what it is and it's going to be on his lineups and it's not going to be on his mind -- -- diversion and he's tiger and when they call is I mean he's going down Felix and -- wedeman and same court you know did that. That young lady really nabbed Mir awards -- am I gonna get us. So of this game in around around catch the ball lift football plays that's what they do Monday morning to different stories got a doctor's lawyer. -- Today is meet with people about it 6177797. -- 372 -- this is well at 37937. Breaking down this patriots ravens game which have done so much and Joseph Flacco. On the road. Heck of activity game on the road yet over debt against Denver and I guess the the three question marks. For mere few question marks. In terms of the patriots is you know how solid is this secondary can -- -- to leave -- didn't look to be slow down by that hip injury. Against Houston last week but how. It whether he's not Boldin or Torrey Smith or those matchups if Flacco can go downfield. It's Torrey Smith -- had been terrific during this post season then you get. Ray Rice the patriots have been good against the run Baltimore hasn't been how much to the the patriots run the ball would Ridley. How how effective -- would head in this game. And if she'd give Vereen reverence put breed -- a hall of fame does that terrific game but -- string two together that day you're expecting him to have -- -- -- against Houston. But being effective guy vector. That's a lot of questions sir right there but I'll say this though Flacco. During. He's on the verge of what he thinks he threw himself virus in he's playing without that contract plan for big one next year you involve more somewhere else. And this really mean he's done a great job. This is really signature game. You know beat demanding in a beat Brady back to back. Debts that counts for a lot not that he's not gonna do a lot on -- -- You start off asking about the in the secondary and deep shots or Flacco. I'm a Ray Willis said. -- the man out your leader so this is his chance to and he doesn't seem right to read the story SI about Flacco this week indicted really good. And and show you were really and I do read -- They'll tell you just read Joseph Flacco franks and you can. And it's an honest account of himself I mean he doesn't get flustered he expects great things to have him. And you know bad game a bad -- doesn't it doesn't get him down pretty fascinating guys. Really sold on Flacco never believer in them during this season I don't know how much that is change but I do think he's improved and it did show me a lot very good game. Against a Denver last week Ray Rice to any wonder that the game plan here -- Baltimore. I'm Ray Rice is not only one of the best runners a lot of people forget he's a tremendous pass cash under the -- you know why. There is -- cover it he always gets himself free. And his there's always he's a safety -- He's the safety valve and you wonder how much of the intermediate game no big deal went. Well the has they do have another weapon near to kind of an unsung guy is on Torrey Smith -- they get in rice. In a lot of the headlines and then get another deep threat Jacoby Jones -- something else in the return game but. -- -- I eat up those chug CRE a result every -- you know you don't hear about him with with the other guys because there's so many great tied adds we've talked about this -- that's the NFL's point guards in the end this just as so many great it's fabulous it's. The and by that I think com. BI I think the game plan will be the game plan right let's see what's what it would get here right OK I've they're gonna throw a Flacco is gonna throw these guys just John FTSE armies well right that doesn't mean he's got to do at a time by it takes a snap. Now when you in Ireland sometimes reviews cautious -- cautiously. Certainly early in the game maybe you go deeper and now worry about a picked. If it's a close game and become more conscious of that. Amended dumping up to two rice these guys you guys got a lot of patents Bennie knows how to -- one of safety -- want to get to ball. Especially if you're not a pretty dynamic explosive beyond the line of scrimmage -- look out so -- is going to be how the game. -- should be should be uninteresting game in the end. Really. On the defensive side of the ball for the ravens we talk about the your age so much but. Howell Ray Lewis duly did he did have those seventeen tackles relies so much more on instinct more that lettuce is -- at this point in his career. Melody not on their defense of line Ed Reed who is insured too much of that Denver has always been a presence against Brady as we know that. True but I mean he'd he had lost what we don't know arm and another saint variance. And ready for the sense that ride as -- question about that. I'll put down again. You know last game. And you know it's a sea change your game -- -- -- play their asses off -- and Ray Lewis could could rise and be -- -- lawsuit and is built for one day if it's a reality on those things happen right I mean he's so -- -- -- -- -- -- guys -- their last -- -- -- -- -- sometimes it doesn't -- -- Well we can now work -- these cell phone lines here's 6177797. -- 37 you can text this is well 37937. Patriots ravens discussion NFC championship game Bruins open up tonight against the Rangers we have David touched on the Celtics lost in overtime. Agitating game last night at the garden the bulls. And Red Sox won't have too many arbitration problems the production over and signed right and Alfredo -- -- it looks like it's coming back there's not arbitration problems about problems with the guys who would've gotten arbitration now how many of them came bounced back well hating it. As Savvis Fazio Hillary trading -- yes barred if Ferrell meeting would barred midnight and Lackey to important figures possibly it's. Brown go to Texas to see lack yes I think he did not mean I they had a lot of it is make him. While obscene amount of money for not doing right now our last two years Lackey right in an image has to fly to his. Right they couldn't -- -- in Chicago sun and got ago I mean that's their pampered that's all I'm saying. Well Lackey while I'm just gonna say young Lackey. Does have to worry about as cowboys he's a season ticket all of the cowboys they're not involved -- think that through six once he has been involved anything you probably know.

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