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John Ryder and DJ Bean: Who Would The Bruins Rather Have in Net?

Jan 19, 2013|

The guys look at which goaltender the Bruins would rather have in net: Tuukka Rask or Tim Thomas. DJ believes that Rask has a chance to live up to expectations and seize the role as the Bruins number one goaltender.

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John Ryder DJB in on this Saturday. The start of the NHL season finally did check out DJ on WEEI dot com covers the Bruins in the NHL will be stick around till five. We're getting into that would be game tonight between the Rangers and the bronze. Birdies coming in today and in note on the expressway DJ you know 3 o'clock three. Fifteen on my way in here RTC a bunch of a bunch of jurors he's already people excited headed to via. -- into the game tonight so I I think this is. We know around here it's not going to be a problem other cities yes but plenty of this excitement around here. Runs he's right spoiler alert -- -- in the morning ski we saw that anyone who's going to the game they're draped in the Bruins shirts. Teachers over the seats which. I mean when I look at it from the Bruins standpoint your RD offering. Free meatballs healthy -- A free soda. I mean it was only three months of missed hockey I don't see why you also have to give these guys that if I -- answer I mean they're they're just really bending over backwards to. Really do unsure of the NHL wants them to do that I don't know of Jeremy Jacobs who go on completely would -- and I'm sure probably Gary Bettman -- league probably one it is yet in all seriousness I mean the wait a minute but by the way it was an odd -- T shirts and meatballs. Yacht that was. Got that what was that not a good not a VHS copy of the movie -- well we -- -- actual finally got everything and get something like two three vouchers they can use on. A soda meatballs. A healthy rap was the term they used. There is. There's a lot of stuff just that that just makes a lot go to disappear in the fans' eyes. In all seriousness and the Bruins like you said they're not one of the teams that need to do anything to win fans back. They were all there at the scrimmage and they were all there at all. The training camp sessions which by the way yesterday the Bruins held off -- work -- nearest future arena. In the stands were still packed. With fans. To -- Jordan -- -- -- out there and get a critical rehab skate and there. And for real -- to what did you if you or I've always died -- course grown Oprah on here that. Of the four major teams in this area. Maybe the Bruins don't have the biggest fan base but I think -- the most loyal fans definitely those guys are going anywhere and that but what possible Bruins fans that does bug me though. They're quick to tell you that they're quick to if they suspect anyone who might not have been a Bruins fan like four years ago. It is at a Bruins game. They'll try diploma. Yeah I think so but I think that's the way it is really it is a whole other topic but I think this is the way it is with some fans pre 2007 Red Sox after India. But 61777. -- 7937. He -- Texas at 37937. Let's get the calls here's Korean Peabody a court. I look what I have adequate strategic part -- I'm. -- without black and gold game the other night and it is typical of the really high scoring game -- outcome it'll never look at that Tuukka. Out of a wondering what your opinion what -- took -- number one starting goalie you can handle it. I think that he can't talent wise my question will with him will always be physically. Can he hold up -- -- and I think there were thirteen goaltenders last year. Who started sixty or more games and obviously no one's gonna start sixty games this season in -- Forty came regular season but -- other thirteen goalies who started sixty or more games. Six of them were 200 pounds or more and the rest of them were like 185 or more too because 169 he's thereof what 71. He's a relatively skinny guy at 620 so. It's just a matter of whether his body can hold up. I think that as far as talent goes. It's all there but we haven't seen him do it for a full season a lot of people are quick to say all he did it in the at the 2000. 92010 season. No he took over for an ineffective Tim Thomas. And eventually got tired in the playoffs -- We know hotel that he is and we dodi's Capel of the notes the matter of him going -- and doing it I think that. If he goes down the Bruins are out fully doomed because I don't think that it targeted opens -- number one guy but to get back to hear a question. I think it's just a matter of him staying healthy and they'll be -- remember if you're playing behind Zdeno Chara your good goal anyway. Well I had char aside earlier that's a solid defenseman there. But thanks who called Corey all things be equal I know they're not and Thomas is back home to Colorado and not hockey shape but. All things being equal. Would you rather have a net -- grass -- Thomas. Well. Quotas actually asked that both the are asked the other day if he thought to Kuby getting more playing time this season anyway even if Thomas was back -- -- kind of dodged the question but. Mean you'd have to think that if Thomas. Was if the last however many months of Tim Thomas didn't happen. That they would ride this guy out for the rest of his contract lease which would have been through this year. And -- mean until the guy I was no longer effective use of the best goalies to ever play the game would have been in the whole theme if you played a few more seasons I think that. Right now out -- what I would rather have but I could certainly say that. If Thomas was back in if he didn't play the shenanigans that you're still looking at him yet as your number one and you're looking at. A guy like took is another future question mark -- Like -- to help us to go because they didn't. -- the and in terms of picking up that contract im not opting out and going to free agency accelerant. Right and I mean and now that. Now to his back on the one year deal and his goal was a -- you would think and Kyle light the world on fire with a big season show that he can be the number one goal the answer all the questions that -- just had. And then cashed in with a huge contracts you'll still be restricted free agent even at the end of this steel. Now. It's gonna be tough for him because even if he plays well to forty game season. Claude Julien as the coach and you're talking but the goaltending tandem earlier really how many games -- eager to play in the regular season record to grouse. 3033. Something and that's sort of range from. I don't think that's enough to. We knew -- huge. 56. Seven year contract that resides Tom in New York a top. Our guys I was on top. Not so much. So omelets and crucial and I am I religious entity got you know two car at right now and I know right now are planning gala and it's just because this season. Starting today. -- you know what he talked about what skyline out to correct in you know. The critical thing yet talk about that not all either. You know it's not and -- current forty years is that much -- or that we were getting in the playoffs. Jeter even come close to play an 82 game schedule -- irregular. I think right now -- took -- -- you know demanding if you -- you talked about its physical it's out there and you know I think at this stage of his career the way that -- bought -- -- -- -- Eighties -- guy that I think can make it through this and I even. We do some damage in the I think that that -- -- talk about what you thought about the that's airing our NHL. It's slip in and they're gonna be huge step that is stepping -- to make birds were era over a specially acknowledge that while. Brad Richardson and or bash I mean note yet to going to be. I think are fired just because I mean Brad Richards is again at a -- so oh well. I'll think Alec Nash and add it never at a guy like Richard book or any -- The watching the match the second best Canadian player in each. I ask we haven't -- clump right exactly yeah and I mean even in Columbus a perennial thirty Eagles score which. You look look at Nathan Horton in. In at Florida I guess that kind of a decent comparison because couple power forwards are playing on terrible teams that we're making the playoffs. If Nash was suffering from any lack of motivation -- still pumping out thirty goals -- season who knows that you'll be able to do on the line with Richards now in New York. I think another thing too is that gulp -- the Bruins cigarettes. -- repeat it's problematic absolutely. Easily if you count and I like it being a charter and you got me good scoring. Taking back. 48 teams -- it's not a -- got annual. I'd -- it's gonna make a lot of these guys that either. Players are -- that he. I would like to share compared to the Ambien and look at look at the FB -- -- -- the -- I think it's more competitive now I think it's. You know the fact that these short schedule gonna make these could be guys that are in the Boston Bruins Regina or -- -- Libya that is easy just to let her again. If he would -- -- -- even -- 82 games. Boston Bruins are ready to copper are a -- the -- Yeah I I think it's I think I think at some respects there are there similar. Both because you typically see this especially we have to be in physical shape we saw what happened after is the only MBA finished it finally got to go in last year and at a Christmas and Paul Pierce out of shape wasn't the only one there is other players around the league -- around to shape you'll see some of -- in the NHL. An injury determined quite a bit in the NBA would -- -- is going to I could see a key player getting heard. Here at this season but would woods -- many thought the NHL and it will be again this season I'm sure DJ is. Well look. An -- knockoff wanna seventeen knocked up and see that so much we don't really see that often. In the in the NBA and and the you know you mentioned this before to me as well I mean you could take a young upstart team like an Edmonton or some team like that all of a sudden the coach gets to go and look guys and you. In if they get off to a hot start look we only have 35 games left you guys keep pushing and -- you can be there at the end. Yeah and I mean Tom made a great point that I don't want the -- go. Unnoticed. The Bruins are definitely one of the teams that are perhaps the the team that is best suited to play. In this 48 game season because I know that people -- they -- there -- the murmurs about me on the future whether or not he's in shape and I guess that's sort of a wait and see thing. But they've all been playing the rust shouldn't be there end. Maybe even the benefit from having the shorter season last year where they were burnt out and it's not like they're coming off huge long run like they had before that perhaps that. Perhaps even in better shape as a result that would probably be kings kings and -- -- about they get that they get that I was joking but that would two weeks ago. The kings just skip that huge major thing. England -- Stanley Cup play or yes the Stanley Cup hangover nowadays they've got the shortened season and they've still got most their team intact that's why they're one of the favorites -- the and a west and a lot of teams. And so tough what was the last time there was a repeat does it. It was and it was Detroit yeah I was Detroit I forget which years they you're done it was Detroit. But yet the the kings have a shot while. Lot of teams we look at it like dated -- they have a shot I guess in the shortened season like this I will continue here 6177797937. And certainly tiger Bruins and Rangers with the opener tonight if you wanna get in the AFC championship game a good TJ's thoughts on that as well or the NFC championship game for that matter. However -- on the phone lines and the text board for that will take a break we'll get a sports slash John in the core Europe next and get the rest the calls after the.

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