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John Ryder and DJ Bean Drop the Puck on the Bruins Season

Jan 19, 2013|

DJ joins Ryder to break down the Bruins from every angle including the arrival of Defenseman Dougie Hamilton to Boston. DJ also explains his expectations for the Bruins and the entire NHL in the 2013 season.

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Inside John -- and DJ being DJ -- hockey expert the NHL expert. And check out on WEEI dot com -- article article up today you have an article up they're pretty much every -- now a lot of days open an article out there. Makes sense he had just got to let it fly. Especially since the season commences tonight at the garden and now it's time to get the people might actually read those articles yeah I think so enough of this lockout stuff yeah no more legal. Terminology. Yet you don't have to Gator lawyering -- a pretend I know what that means that Morton. So that your take on the bronze we certainly can get into that and of course there is a game called the AFC championship game coming up tomorrow. DJ Burris to that subject as well John Ryder DJ being witty and DJ stick around 05 NAS to head over to the garden where there's that game tonight not Madison Square Garden but TD garden. Rangers and Bruins always have to be specific not to confuse people and the Rangers and -- right exactly gather that both garden teams they are. DJ has five predictions for the Bruins as the NHL season kicks up and and for those and I will believe me. We wanna get their traffic to WEEI dot com and rob Bradford has to see that on there but. Still. If you if you haven't checked it out. What do. What are some are your thoughts heading into this season. I think that David -- she will have the big season for the Bruins I think that he's a guy that. From year to year you know use some of that 73 point season 0809. And since then he has gone back to the seventy point mark and and he's the guy who generally during the regular season is inconsistent maybe struggles with motivation which. To be honest I don't blame someone for in an 82 game season which is too long. Maybe having those sorts holes but when the games count David courage always turns it on with the exception of the playoffs last year. But he led the team in scoring. In the and their Stanley Cup run and whenever there's big game he seems to show up so given the 48 shortened the forty game shortened schedule. Schedule I think that he'll be able to do big things because he shouldn't have any sort of problem being motivated so I think he'll lead the -- -- points. Concerns for the Bruins and they're expected to be one of the top 3 teams in the Eastern Conference. To me. Number one and I'm sure everybody it's Tuukka Rask and how he does it -- was playing over in Europe during this during the lockout. And do they have an expert is -- backup goaltender a man -- on a golden may be adding another you know experts backup goalie do you think they do that at some point here. Maybe an addict -- it's gonna be tough for the Bruins really as far as assessing what they need in the shortened. Season if duke has any sort of health issues right off the bad and he's missing games because of say groin injury or something which it's. It may seem unfair to keep bringing that up after -- that -- abdomen groin strain last year but. That's something that especially as a goalie once you have it it's always going to be a question mark so if he's missing time early on the season with sorts with that's sort of injury. And he's going out there hurting himself then obviously it probably need to look to do something but. It's gonna be tough to assess a what they have been to go which you think you know which you have you have a relatively. Wiry guy who's probably who's definitely one of the mortality goaltenders in the league but just a question of whether he can hold up whether he can do it for full season. But with an open who goes where you're getting and there it certainly played him a bit discuss -- believes and that's sort of bug goaltending tandem but. If they feel that they don't have a good number two in considered in the past two years that they didn't have a number two they had one and one day. And maybe that's something that they go to try and dressed for the period that on. The other thing is too as well as Doug Hamilton who gets peered up within whether he stakes here they send it back to juniors yeah he'll stay. Surely. Is has made that pretty clear that. Their intention at least at this point is to have him. Up forbid the whole season it's a shorter time to to assess. Whether or not they're gonna keep elements -- send and acted junior -- -- year of his contract -- six games now which. I mean really just look at the roster who. Who would you rather have in that spot would you rather have David or soft skier and Aaron Johnson who I think that Hamilton is certainly. NHL ready and if he isn't ready to be great player right now at this level which probably is he's probably a little bit away. He's definitely the very released maxed out his potential UH yeah days dominated yeah anyone else does he have to gain right exasperating and played. And he's he certainly feels that way. I was talking them in last week about that music in the you know at some points he's gotten into this thing where. You try to start played NHL game because. Any minute that Lockett could end. And he can be going to the NHL and you try to sort of play an NHL game. At the OHO level which is an easy to do because DO actually get away with so many more things though I think it'll be good for him to have the whole season up here and listen. -- has faith in this guy like you rarely see you with young players especially teenagers remember -- but the other night. Will be years ago during the bruins' Stanley Cup run. It was -- too big deal saying we say get on the power play play a more sit Michael Ryder place -- And all the stuff but -- not having enough faith in -- which wasn't really fair it's taken. Hadn't yet gotten to where he is right now while it's because a lot of people at that point -- done -- being loyal to a fault with the Michael Ryder because of write history together right and the other Bergeron thing happens -- comes in the rest is history but. Mean right here right off the bat it's it's pretty unprecedented the way that Julian. Treating -- maybe that's because he doesn't have a full training camp to sort of mix and match and figure things out. I mean from day one it's been all right kid. You're with Dennis Seidenberg -- on the power play. Lesotho will he be Woodside murdered they go Seidenberg majority stirred things up -- -- -- that especially in a shortened season I mean if I -- the Bruins are would have gone outside -- Chara but to this point it's and really. Up even up until this morning with the team's morning skate. It's bin char with boy chuck in Seidenberg. Hamilton I see what they're doing with putting Seidenberg with Hamilton. Having a big guy next him kind of like a polite version I suppose of the Chara Seidenberg pairing but if I over the Bruins. I'd go with that Chara Seidenberg parent start off with just to get some games and get off to a good start specially. I mean. The -- suburb. Relatively easy schedule for the first. Third of the season. At least for a few gay -- yet two of three against the readers to start off. When you look at it in through I think the first fifteen games. They would play two playoff teams that the Rangers three times and that that doubles once in my sit lefties having teams that made the playoffs last year obviously. So it's a relatively easy schedule but even so getting off to a big start -- good start is going to be so big. For any team we we've talked about a million times that they start up the way these are off last Jimmy did make the playoffs so yeah I can't that it be safe to that start off with char and Steinberg does look at the. Yeah any of these teams -- gonna mess they dropped four to six session shortened season in trying to bounce back I'll tell -- what respite to get off to a better start at the daily papers scholar of bright yeah does the media has to. Given up two goals early to Pittsburgh and what's with Philadelphia they're looking -- brutal Longo I keep -- and so this is not this is not a bold. Prediction at all but I don't expect big things from the flyers. And at all this year I think that. There was -- I think it. I don't know I look at the GDR trade which was DVR for the option with the flyers and India -- And I don't really love it for either side I I'd like both players enough I think that GDR is upside is higher but. I mean Africa is talking boat the other day but the flyers have just made a habit now of just shipping up shipping these. Potential face of the franchise players go to town and starting in -- with Richards and Carter and now with GDR. -- mean the blue lines better with the addition of -- But I think not getting Webber really hurt them if he had had Weber then you're talking book is -- being a serviceable goaltender but. Up blue -- still weaker with Prague are gone. Not a believer in bruised all love that's. That that's a pretty terrible contract they I believe on sound -- yeah -- got great sound bites especially over the cage -- It is that you can't talk to reporters because it is his parents will let them. But. I mean he's got to be candidate to to be one of those buyouts next year and we'll see if that happens. What is. Not that we're gonna go deep too deep into Pittsburgh and Philadelphia but -- in the key Philadelphia cloture road just keep them on the ice it right giveaway. What does he think he's such tough guy Amanda bright in our kids -- He is not. Yeah keep him on the ice the same thing with Pittsburgh it seems like seemingly cries -- -- remarkable go to -- both organize one of those tools that. Well that's why on paper you look at the you look at Pittsburgh in you think. They've got to help a roster but it's just a matter of when one of those two guys goes down. But even so I think told B a team it's great the regular season as they always are but you saw what happened to them in the playoffs last year. Allowing a million goals much like the flyers did. When you look at the Eastern Conference mean there are two really sort of as close to bulletproof teams you can get and that's the Bruins in the Rangers so it should bigger one night. Never really shouldn't. I do if you wanna get into the Brunson DJB and is here I'm John Ryder 6177797937. Bruins and Rangers. Tonight at the garden we get into the AFC championship game or the NFC championship game. For that matter but anything NHL and -- to league wide DJ can get into that would you had 6177797937. Or you can text us as well. At 379837. Lines are pretty. The reason why I am sure most are going with the Bruins and many predictions. You know pundits predicting the Bruins. To make a run is because they had so many players overseas and they also. Pretty much that they did make too many wholesale changes to this team. I look at them similar the kings are that way in the west as well -- yeah I'm I mean. In not only with the Bruins and they have a lot of guys playing overseas. They had a lot of guys playing period. You look at the third line every member of that line played Kelly and -- really played over in Europe than Chris pork played the first half of the season DHL. Same thing with the with. The defenseman for the Bruins of their six guys -- -- the only one who didn't plea but -- her and some level professional hockey. Because he was recovering from blood clot surgery. Doug Hamilton obviously didn't play in Europe actually technically he did because he played and -- world juniors but he's a guy was pulling for the first half the season as well because he went back to Niagara to start the season so. All these guys Chara Seidenberg. -- boy chuck up which was in Austria. Hamilton they all have fresh legs so. It should be interesting to seat coming into the season you're talking but the Bruins is one of the teams that a -- glee and fitness wise. Are in better shape -- their -- despite because last year the they were certainly getting there their exercise parade the cup around everywhere but the answer cause the well. Lucci check -- the one -- you look at and -- Out of shape and whether or not to he's up to snuff here for the season and you'll see some of these younger guys flying around and -- some of these guys that were playing. Overseas. They're pretty much ready to go eight. When it comes the Bruins and this is a top line guy how how he will do. Yeah I think that that the -- thing is fair and a little unfair at the same time. I know that he wasn't going to as many of those. Those self organized. Yet not this is good and you yeah he wasn't going to as many as those. As some of the other guys and when I first saw him a few weeks ago he did look like. He had a little may be extra something to them. But he's a guy who. It conditioning has never been an issue with him. Georgia's 240 yeah he's a young guy and he's always been a fast starter so. I mean I think it's a wait and see approach with him and obviously a lot on his plate. His his wife is expecting their first child which it said the other day but. I'm glad you mentioned. Lou teach and outline in those power forwards. The realization that I came to a couple days ago is that Nathan Horton right now looks like -- the Batman movies he. Is definitely. I know he hasn't been playing hockey in a year which is pretty trees that they -- vote but. He definitely has not that I had any sort of issue with staying in shape and he -- mean talking to -- a few. -- a couple weeks when he first came back in just. Or and this looks huge so. Seems like he's -- ago. We'll see how old he's doing as far as the whole. If there's any lingering effects if he's if he's may be afraid to get in their but if he's bruising and if -- -- bruising. I know the you mentioned. In some fast paced games Lotta guys would be able to get around them but I look at it. On the other side of it where. Horton and -- teach their job. As power forwards to slow guys down and grind them down so they can do that. Especially in a faster seasoned and abuse and more effective so that's kind of lying to to watch I suppose because they haven't played together. In a long time but. -- back he's he's looking huge. -- each has always been a fast starter and I think the motivations there for David -- so that's the line that I'll be watching -- of. 61777979372. Text is at 37937. After the break LS DJ this is just a short break ninety seconds in you can roam free on the phone lines of -- sport but. Who would you rather evident to start the season Tim Thomas -- with a steam or Tuukka Rask. And as well. What are the best pairings together a Bergeron and it in Sega and continue that will will talk about this and that he says.

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