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Dale and Kirk: It's a Glorious Weekend for Sports in Boston and Why They Don't Believe Te'o

Jan 19, 2013|

Celtics last night, Bruins officially back today, and the Pats in the AFC Championship tomorrow - what a great weekend for Boston sports! The guys discuss the Bruins being back on the ice and get into the strange world of Manti Te'o and why they feel he is a big, fat liar!

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Every once in awhile we cynical sports fans excluding of course thank you we cynical sports fans not named Kirk. Can lose sight of the fact that this is one of the great sports towns in America and then a weekend like this creeps up on yen. You got -- Celtics bulls on Friday night didn't and the way you wanted but you got that he got. The Bruins back in action tonight to start the season you get the AFC championship game tomorrow night -- you -- Monday afternoon holiday game at the garden with the Bruins back on the ice again it is a great sports weekend. Exactly do better than this absolutely not -- -- AFC championship game. Here tomorrow day every day Friday Saturday Sunday Monday that. Some pretty -- It's. As I said it didn't exactly start the way you wanted without with the game last night weird sort of game in and again we talked about this how many times in the past how. Forthright docking -- then got clobbered his team again we didn't play well all you got to play about it map that. -- and sugarcoat stuff and I love that yet they did not play well last night you know it's one of these regular season games you get too worked up -- with -- rate. Are really good team and that's it winnable game last night me you know windows camp which help in a position where re right -- on year but kind of god please go wind kinda shot can be -- yeah. And that's the position that put -- -- have done a great job here you know without rose to be in this position that they are. That's a really good coach. I mean he's a tremendous job that I am really really hasn't immediately go in here win that game last night you know. You look at them without -- OK you know -- it was a nice player booze is a good players -- In the minor key economic great team 24152315. That's pretty good stuff. I don't know what the numbers will ultimately show that night I have an idea what they'll ultimately show but it's kind of too bad they have to play tomorrow night. Head to head with the AFC championship and on television thank goodness it's not year I'm sure they were here they would have at least tried to move it up -- today. But the out of the first Super Bowl at least that first Super Bowl against the rams. They had that they deem. Against the clippers I think it was originally supposed to be nice memory serves legally -- couldn't play so Fiat right at their home. Tomorrow I'm sure there -- -- -- Bruins didn't have to worry about it because they have a Saturday Monday bookend of the AFC championship and of course. The -- long awaited NHL regular season begins tonight around the National Hockey League but tonight here at the TD garden I was over the building earlier today. And I think there -- legitimate questions asked by people across the continent not just America and Canada as well. About what the reaction was going to be a hockey fans where they can come back where they gonna where they gonna make their feelings on how mad were they in this town. It's not a concern in this town you're going to be fine and in a lot of cities it's like -- their pretty obvious ones that we could point to. In some cities it's gonna be real tough to come back from. Yeah you know the teams its stake in the cities that don't care it's gonna be rough going to be legitimate hockey city we've talked about it we know the half dozen operator ten whenever they are. When the team's good in people think this team is going to be good economy into. Become offer really bad year last year in the Stanley Cup two years ago at this for us. 56 years ago maybe might have you might have issues completely different situation of people are fired up on the weird way having no hockey for so long as -- he built up the appetite so now they're ready to go and -- bigamy tells the city's crazy today. It'll be interesting to see what the reaction is in the building I know that the the ownership of the Bruins. I'm Jeremy Jacobs and Charlie Jacobs will hold a press conference in about 530. Where they will address. Not only the lockout but more importantly going forward from here I know that the Bruins like every team in the NHL is doing a lot of things to try to. Make up to fans the 109 day lockout make up the delay I'll be curious to but the reaction. Mean during the game could. Not -- -- toward the toward the ownership. Daddy and I mean I think that you know and people are kind of doubt on if they're good it'll go away I think it's just you know. Jeremy Jacobs no matter what it's just never going to be a popular figure. In. It's as close as it could be a year ago right in the aftermath of the Stanley Cup championship and suddenly people have well he has been spending here now the last few years and well leak he put him -- place rattle let him run that part of it put to rally in place and what do Malone. I think a lot of the goodwill that he built up a year ago disappear over the rights of. -- thing that's sure and I think people are just always gonna look that -- mountain bridge can be good you know melodic Google will go toward -- it's not gonna go toward. By Jacobs the way people give a lot of credit to craft or even grossed out or you know. Sox ownership little different obviously there's stuff going on them we didn't hear some points well. You know I only read excerpts in my ears started I have them -- -- hundred pages. Awesome book yes good it at Shaughnessy up my beta male and -- cash grab but it's actually really good I thought I was gonna do I think right to skip to the good stuff. I'm actually sort of absorbed by the story by the Francona story did a good job so far. Shaughnessy I don't credits available Tuesday is when -- -- downloaded on my Kindle -- aliens there's a bookstore in Brookline -- that -- that I got physical copy of Thursday. I'm not gonna say word is that stuff going on Coolidge corner don't go there. Don't look around but they were copies of the book in there and I know I didn't -- action bought apple. Shaughnessy tapping that can -- -- does that tax they write off for that. Give it a try we'll talk about it now about the Alou give an oral so yes so it's good it's really good -- 200 page stand up to fifty pages it's pretty. I'm looking forward to reading -- I've read the excerpts the Sports Illustrated excerpts and those were. Those -- searing enough that it will likely make things uncomfortable for members of the Red Sox ownership I think so. I think so and I think also think there's another side I'm just reading from you read the excerpts from the comments all the stories that have. There's definitely a group of people who kind of want Francona can move on. You know it's been a year and a half now minds. It's giggle here you know you've you've had your griping we understand you know the stuff before. You know he does not like ownership players seem to get a pass and seems like field and that's kind of have so far from. I think that's probably just based on my experiences being around there falls in line of -- was the case anyway yes so you know I eighties I think it's worth -- So we we touched on that briefly with at least briefly touch on. One of the strangest weeks in the history of sports then. You know between Oprah and lands. And and man tie and Jeremy should happen. And in the entire and and look at the risk that I saw one of the texts that was actually sent him to regular but it applies to me -- Because the -- says it meant -- tea out does something to hurt himself it's going to be on your heads as your bowling ball will be on my head too because I don't believe. Needed to I'm sorry I don't believe I I I I actually doable. But a bunch of college age. You know late teen early twenties kids could come up with some sort of scheme debt now fool man -- -- I do believe that that could happen. Sorry I don't believe went on for three years yet solicit any write any anybody that age can keep their attention span going for that -- credit. Possibly got hooked in from the start the very beginning yet I think that that well may have happened. But you know you just look at it and you break it down about forty things who have had to happen and you know. -- to be as stupid as personal. That is to be dramatic thomas' defense right -- -- at one point this week. The best case scenario from anti tea now. Is that you know he was sucked in like a -- twelve year old right that's the best case scenario and it's just you know again you know this stuff for talks about. Yeah I could Skype it was a black box every time just buy something for twenty bucks he -- tour I mean it just did things that don't this girl. Again whoever it is. Eight hours a night for that many times in the phone with him three year yet I mean I know wasn't their these things on every single night but. I mean she is that devoted to this like. She's gonna do that -- that were part that's where it all falls apart from it's not that he couldn't feel strongly about someone that he's never met I think that could actually erratically aperture. -- there is no way in the world I believe that. That that Tuiasosopo ball and this girl that he used and and others. Had the energy to keep this thing going for three year period at some point or another this girl's gonna say what am I -- right the bigger picture for me is you know. It's a college kid he screwed up time -- efforts of extra. The failure of the media in large this entire thing is amazing when you look at I mean for them not to pick up on this story for dad's been have to get somebody to send something to them. Some mole for them to break it the media writing these breathless stories -- profiles about about the scout -- ever digging even in ancient. To see what happens I'm sure you repeat camels I did yeah I mean if you're him and I know he's he's a really good writer. I mean don't -- after after that conversation have to CD yourself what ethnic couple phone calls. Him more than that others I understand that. But -- this self flagellation it's going on on the part of members of the -- off you know like like you know I I can't believe I didn't question. I can't I mean I'm just sitting here is take consumer -- I'm listening to the story what reason what I have to take it win him. Adams the better I think -- -- -- person really exists but he -- larger picture of dale if you work at the Stanford newspaper. Something -- college newspaper. Wouldn't somebody in that department sports department some -- kind of weird. Is that a girl here who's dating an anti -- And look what's happened her here in the west where Pete. I -- the -- actually right he's got issues here. And he understands he's got issues because he called stand right and well you know we can't find -- -- okay we'll let's leave the part out about when she graduated. Are we can't find a story about the drunk driving at all cable at least that part out he -- ball -- yeah there was duped more than any -- But the idea that just me it's a consumer I'm sitting there watching the football league you're better action the -- and I football game on Saturday afternoon and they're telling the story of his grandmother dies and his girlfriend dies. I'm supposed to sit here and I don't know all that's different. That's different but I just -- from from the journalist's perspective boy. They dropped the ball left to right include people at Notre Dame I mean it is amazing if you're doing a story of this thing huge and you say I get this number. No they don't talk well where it where police and the stuff well we don't know I don't know I don't I don't eventually go to Tennessee boy. This is just strange and something here is not adding I'm not talking about you watching Heisman Trophy presentation you know -- that's different answers to watch. It's just straight how many people drop the ball how long it took in your right I'm now watch if they wish -- obviously last night. By the way if Miami SP and I say thanks but no thanks. I'm dead serious here our child when I went and and I am looking at the M I'm watching the whole thing with Japanese standing. Outside late at night these kind of voicing over these tidbits they got to drop in UR camera. It it is idiotic. Two at at SC to those desires and I just -- and simply meant tight. We're TV we're not radio this is not a radio interview this the TV interview. All well you know I don't think that -- now I don't know Bobby comfortable it will shoot a bunch of iPhone photos and use those -- one -- rock out. Very strange all things streak at the lawyer there in I'm sure there's a reason the lawyer was there shortstop is going on. But you know when he says stuff like it never crossed his mind to attend her funeral that's the stuff like that he could always just. Man stuff just does not -- -- not that adds not that I I'm sorry. To the texture and says it's going to be my fault -- if he does something to himself. Yes I'm cynical enough to say the story doesn't add up writing doesn't pass the smell and a lot of textures you know I've heard this a lot to lose kind of who cares I understand that perspective -- I mean -- I did all I thought due to an extent I'd. I've got to tell me just an average crises that come on -- apple. -- what we do I mean you know the AFC champs games tomorrow and you know the last two or three days has been all this story. You know I mean what's left to say it's hit a bizarre -- weird right but what does it mean in posting titled there's only I guess is -- what is it what to what it -- OK he's a kid he screwed up fine it's crazy. -- just affects him doesn't mean who else is a real effect. -- Because it involves the media is why it it becomes a bigger deal. As I said this self flagellation on the part of the media and you duke doesn't. Now dammit we're gonna get to the bottom of this and I don't say it but -- other Russians -- all -- yet this is different. Man Lance Armstrong went for -- cultural loss could mean Lance Armstrong's a different animal. This is a kid who really screwed up at worst he did something really bad Lance Armstrong I mean it's not like I'll tell it whether similar to make yeah. -- -- I mean Lance Armstrong -- Is telling me a lot of crap -- do if I think he was in on it might do at least to some degree but he's an idiot for thinking he was ever get away with this. Lance Armstrong's an -- if he thought this was this was gonna work he was gonna gain something out of this or the other differences -- -- -- -- is is news. He admits he's done something wrong. But it's not like he's giving blue in the face in his veins are popping -- his neck and scream at the media and saying you know what how dare you say now on. And -- -- only similarity like me is is that the stupidity of thinking that this was a good idea yeah. It's just it's it's the it's not -- But I just can't you know. -- -- visual Hamas and I'm not interested in this story. It's just such a strange story and then I don't know what it means I just can't wrap my head around. You know Weyrich talked about -- just hit by right I mean that's an artist and -- it's got nothing to do with you know. -- you -- duped us he did this he did that it's more you sort of you know hole. Part speculate why does he do it -- -- can and and don't think this thinks -- its infancy -- Other stuff as a -- on -- -- have a problem -- So you know and I would encourage people. Three dead spin again today any sort of had a reaction to name made some good points in there that. I read dad's been today but yet it was at Buick just doesn't know -- yet and that and that now you know her German show up last -- that believes them. This morning he believes and so I think that's kind of what he was trying to do now was his term for spent. But I just don't produce stores close to over -- You're probably right and yes obviously we do know that there is an AFC championship game tomorrow which -- stadium and I will say this again okay. Short of you calling me and telling me what the score is going to be. And when the game winning field goal is going to be kicked and how far away it is which we seem to think is an important thing to do one rate deal. I'm all -- for -- -- -- and tell me take give me your fresh take on this game. Because you wanna talk about get stale after awhile. Tell me something new about this game the two haven't talked about the last five days. Yet stuff I think it's great game I do I'm still not sure is gonna win. I have no idea that it's minimal once your team got bounced you were sort that out. That was ridiculous. Comeback. Shots. Up property of the Seahawks up -- on great particular -- -- was Kettering anyways no it don't. You make bright purple people at the L it was strangers weird at the end of that after the the CX tied the game. The falcons got the ball with all the time on the clock a couple of timeouts and they decided not taken me. North on the field ticket durable wanted to -- a couple of really questionable -- yeah it was not his best moment by that I watched you know stick in the Denver game that monopoly. In that situation to maybe they should have considered -- are aggressive with -- I don't know who thought -- are right I I love the match -- this weekend although I will tell you this. I think both of the winners will win by more than seven points. I I and I think and makes him from Cisco beat Atlanta by more than seven. I think the patriots beat Baltimore by more than -- now I'm not figured you'd do one of these dot Kennedy according -- -- -- ten. I don't think that's the case. And I as the week has gone on and we knew this was going to be the case the point spreads in both games have gone down share a little bit yeah I mean it was nine and a half I think open week and I think last I saw was down eight what it is today but it's gone down as the betting money. You know tries to jump on that big number and yet they're trying to even up the funds and I understand all right I think that the patriots are a prohibitive favorite. Prohibit us -- he decided that they're pretty they're pretty good favorite their favorite for a reason. And I think the San Francisco 49ers are favorite on the road by. -- reason yes. They are both clearly the better teams in these match. So -- -- I don't think the patriots are clearly my team the Baltimore Ravens I don't attic 49ers are better than the falcons I think they're gonna win tomorrow. I have a tough time the -- dale I respect Baltimore law you know since these guys have been back. They beat the giants they destroyed the giants in the game the giants had to have but the giants habits don't. That was a really went escalator team they beat Indianapolis. -- nine points again I understand -- 99 grams yup. And it went to the Denver -- was 77 minutes long against Peyton Manning. He gave up 21 points. I'm impressed this team is not going to be afraid of the -- two -- -- there -- -- different than the Texas the Texans were just that was never gonna win. Baltimore beat them last year I'd rather beat them this year. Had a really good chance to beat him last are showing -- agree play in the ticker -- There Flacco is playing well. If skill players the defense is is healthy he's it's going to be I think you can make you really dictates that the ravens ago when this game I I I don't. I just I just I and I and I reject all of your arguments would. Reject the mall. You're the guy told me Seattle's going to the Super Bowl tells -- why should listen to think this girl's real computer competent enough to see Israel. -- -- -- But bite out of my check information always tell our viewers -- generated and their spectacular up. Take a quick break we'll dive right -- the ball calls -- next Sports Radio WE yeah.

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