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Bill Burt, Eagle Tribune, Joins Mustard and Johnson to Preview Pats/Ravens in the AFC Championship: "Talib talks like he is Bill Belichick's son"

Jan 19, 2013|

Bill Burt calls Larry and Craig to help preview and provide analysis for the Pats/Ravens showdown tomorrow night. He gives us a synopsis of a great conversation he had with Aquib Talib recently and why Talib has been so important and effective for the Pats. He also talks about the matchups with Flacco and Torrey Smith, the Ray Lewis factor and if the Pats defense can step up. In addition, he gives us an inside scoop on his article for the Sunday edition of the Eagle Tribune in which he sat down with Bill Parcells in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Tuna being hired by the Pats.

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The back on doesn't care what -- nights to two -- -- like every week so it's not like that's something. Brand new football offload the the 1990 and they ran a -- got off transfer. Three -- 45 years order books and nobody ran faster and -- exit polls apple 25 seconds left on clocks squeeze in you know in and out of -- for -- -- check one of the great historians. Are brought up in the greater Baltimore areas father of course an assistant coach at navy member rebuke -- him. Revitalizing. Johnny you what you made of -- go to a dinner like a charity dinner -- ballots checked just it may be if you can get Parcells would be not just sit and listen in just talk football with them but all the years in the play is they've they've seen over the years wouldn't -- incredible yup and of course. Belichick as the defensive coordinator of the giants is able to stop that he got very famously in the first of for buffalo Super Bowls one that they were the overwhelming favorite -- I just trying to get the secretly talked about number of years. I don't know whether or not this will be his last broadcast. I'm not by plea that was in 1966. Of their votes that kills sandals. -- the microphones and and with capital ID and brought -- of many years of incredible broadcasting and just the nicest person you ever want to meet I'm adamant that on mall on time -- -- five years ago and just thrilled to see each other gave me a big target and we just thought nicest guys and -- that tones and his. These are pre comes on whether output a cassette afterwards -- along what was different games that he's announced over the years just a terrific human being. I hope -- opera tomorrow maybe I'd love to see him go out broadcast in one more Super Bowl win that. Thank you Gil for for or just your class and the way the person that you are over the years and you brought me many years. Of pleasure and I just thank you. From a -- now for the Korean that you had him blessed us with. Arm meanwhile -- on the telephone an old friend of ours from back in the glory days were still enjoying the glory days here. It WEEI build bird hello well. Thanks so that commentary really appreciate. You writing about your home phone number and the had no idea. And it -- -- been too long beyond. And now we are targeting any time we ever wanna comment you had a great. Beside you got -- coming out tomorrow on the -- and I I feel that turning point. Which the where is run I've Belichick stepped topping gave up a fourth round pick for Talib and I was really. Impressed were to leave comments about ballot check out what you take it from here. It was not you know I think Adam after that the last regular season game and he didn't play much -- even been for a couple plays he dressed and you know he's he's -- -- -- -- I -- he had -- reputation and in probably when things weren't going great he wasn't really the go to guy in the locker room but I. Just I had a Malone for about ten minutes and you would think he was you know Belichick long -- on. I mean he's he's been here less than a month and a month and a half human and there -- -- but -- seven weeks but yet and I basically said this is. This is the place every player should play in everything I don't better exit several weeks and I echo will elaborate on a little and he just said that down. This is. This is the business this is everyone's professional -- but he's the owner Robert -- every day. Almost just about every day everyone comes to work. He's is that it's never been in any situation like that and that this is where he you have on the patriots. Now of course you know -- contract that we know politicking get with the patriots come. Come bonus time but. Very interesting and you know look you eating wanna get into the past which is obvious but. Might might sort of point was that this is he really stabilize this team overall it's it's. Without him I I I think they're gonna win today we cannot -- battle later but I think he's the one that. That this team is where it is don't work on because of the believes -- nobody else. Tonight and I believe one of the players he affected the most in a positive way is McCord beat because he can move according practice safety. And hey let's give a tip of the cap to that play -- he made last week. Very similar to Ben Watson chasing Champ Bailey down that was a heck of an -- Pro Bowl potential safety night maybe he has been but he he's going to be close destabilize that are. With what happened is Patrick Chung has become the third safety and nickel -- player which is probably more suited forties a lot playing all the special teams. Again -- who is going to be adjusting what they do today because I. I think everyone thinks he's gonna play plan met. But I think I'm not sure if he's going to just state stay on the right side. Which is where he played played -- in when he played its own sort of in the pages -- the first few weeks. And he just wait -- along guy's head and down the that the right rail which is as we've heard where -- like to throw. And the question of course would be how could we be any worse than what Champ Bailey and bring anymore. I did -- -- gamer anymore at the end of regulation Champ Bailey throughout the gaming is particularly the first half. And this is you know this is a hall of fame quarterback getting torched by Torrey Smith. Obviously the defensive scheme on the Baltimore side was demand a mop Champ Bailey with Torrey Smith that didn't work. How do you anticipate the patriots covering Torrey Smith on Sunday night. I think it's going to be. You know it's either going to be as -- ways ago. I I think I honestly believe they're gonna leave -- -- on the right side on the wide receiver. On the right and out maybe he'll be it's meant that the guys used to -- keep the speed guy and he's he's got he's got some good site to. Just like -- Bolton you know this is one heck of a group here these two guys thank you I'm. I'm very impressed and look that -- -- -- big difference from a couple years ago and this was up ground and pound sort of team. And that's where and in what the patriots weakness burlap. Years has been in the defensive backfield until the last six or seven weeks so I I believe I believe believe it either -- met. I wouldn't be shocked if he just stays on the right -- on took to the right where Flacco -- all the bombs. What's the book on channel Jones I think he hit the wall at at what ever during the indie -- got pink -- about three times. Any was never the same after that. And I don't we get injured laid over the book on him now. It's a rescue all and then it happened but it happened to -- you sort of disappeared for three or four weeks. These guys -- used they used a 1213 weeks in the used to going against you know. You know average to good players this is not this with a different ball game here and now I. His ear and I I think someone had mentioned it earlier and earlier this year when you channel was playing well you know look he's he's going to hit a wall and -- -- next year. When he can get -- and I think we thought what. With San Francisco and and met you didn't really develop until the end of his rookie year opens met. Find out you know this year hadn't had a great year obviously that is twin brother on the other side. But it's. It takes time -- the top league in annual we have 22 years old you're not gonna dominate in it it's it's more mental I think obviously I think we look at its physical but it's more mental. And figuring out ways is that there's a book this is what happens assistant coaches. Have twenty hours a day that don't in Oklahoma see their families they have pointed out the -- look at film and that big step. You another quick point on a different subject you are you -- certainly for years very respected reporter with the other sports reporter with the Lawrence eagle Tribune in night of the sports editor. The media is being questioned as well as. Met monetize that the kid from Notre Dame beat with this hoax story in a -- US a sports. -- How do you handle situations where you only have so much time for a deadline like do you have time to trying to hunt down his girlfriend's death certificate. Now yet you -- to -- -- -- -- -- you wanna look at her family -- What would have since it would be like I -- but this girl existed -- you know again I'm I'm here you know couple about the miles away. I just assumed yet his girlfriend and she sold you that it was this it's. An important part where you know Craig mean you've cracked understand these kids. They have relationships on that on the Internet and they think they're real and they're not so. I've not totally shocked that this this could be hoax thing you know it seems -- and at some point. He probably was embarrassment and probably told a few hits but. I'm not I am I an idea. I sort of I don't understand. That the younger generation and how. You know again I got a -- that you know they detected over three -- three months to -- -- girlfriend. Actually never met and I -- so I think it's a whole different animal and if you ask me what I if I was in Chicago and doing a story I would try to get a family. And it in and I probably things would probably in my mind that would put the put everything in order to ace up its not right here. And that's something I've worked on would have done September I'm not wait until December to. OK but the question is as a sports editor of this -- artifice of the -- Tribune. Does this story change in any way your approach or or reporters who submit stories to you does it change your approach at all. Now now -- -- you know we you know what we we we do like diet story coming tomorrow we'll talk about it not I'm. I'm not a column Parcells I didn't have a story on a personal rockaholic -- And on Andre Tippett who played form with the hall of Famer. You know there's there's you do your homework it's not a one source story when we -- stories so. What anyone to the story -- and now look at at a at a time but I usually talk to a reporter before they do this story and also are right. Here's who you wanna talk to you wanna talk to two or three people angle finder relatives so -- you know those things you do before you sort of plant the seed. And then as historic and then you look at stories it's not source -- you send it back to the reports say hey I need something healthy you don't have enough so. Rather unfortunately weren't we learn from that -- Connecticut tragedy that some network people were choosing. Deadlines over accuracy. Yet at that and it does happen look I will be honest and our business with lots you know half the amount of people in our newsrooms and them not not -- miners from every news from and America. And a lot of those. -- were editors people like minded offense yeah sort of the -- things are good point in. And that's what's sometimes goes because now the with the web we're getting stepped up quickly. And -- -- no real account is no real accountability. It's it's harder to get to be accountable you have to really work at a have to make sure people read stories you -- for me that the biggest problem with this industry right now. And the web everything everything people just broke -- up on the -- and you know when I grew up I wrote you know 101000 stories or whatever I got the number and looked up but. I've had you know 8000 of them will were edited by one of the great editors have ever dealt with these still around in our newspaper so I had was his name always questioning me. And that doesn't happen anymore what was his name. -- like he's still the paper OK these are editor right now I just for but I I I worked under Allen at all my big stories that they'll send I got on the market you he's. Take a lot of trade what is the story on just the relationship before your relationship -- -- -- Parcells and the patriots and well -- the departure and everything else. Well -- stuck in a Mercury with -- Gil -- so it's the twentieth anniversary on Monday. Two days from now -- Parcells -- while I. -- and this is the pull my point for the might imprint in the story is. That really was the seed for what happened now absolutely it started there. Then craft community of people think they came in together document a year later why aren't yet. It's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- talk -- Parcells for about an hour and he was not kind to your lines. Really and you would think he would be. But and then you were Patrick Forte yes who's been hasn't passed away a complete disaster and an up front -- as a mass. He thought that they were just trying to sell the team they wouldn't put you know you. It will people remembers -- Irving Fryer last. Now -- after the 92 season he didn't play for Parcells and if people thought he didn't want and Irving Fryer that's wrong. They couldn't pay urban -- and act now or plan would let -- So he said you know I put my hands were tied they just wanted to sell the team and and so I basically had to keep this together with tape and glue and whatnot. -- I agri radio I think that -- 93 season. They won their last four games to finish it out beat Miami in overtime. I'm the last game of the 93 season. And these were from they went to the playoffs the next year and a really did change everything you wonder if Parcells had not been hired by -- -- -- craft of actually bought the team be on the stadium at the time what he bought the team sell off I'm very much looking reported that story yet. But I -- Robert Robert called me and we spoke in detail about it in -- and Parcells there. There you know I'm not that they their best -- but does in the respect that wasn't there at ten years ago and it's look I -- up ourselves guys in and in that I -- I love. Covering him I loved being around him he was on and I know there's detractors. He talked about the interview that he got with the patriots I mean I didn't. Hope this is a long he's real I don't think everyone were reported but will not as a wanted to set the interview on with which -- one. And you -- I'd never heard -- Or -- or -- Parcells and roller same regionals close friends but I -- They'll Huckabee get the story -- obviously here for her for not on the outside of the tracks just aren't eagle to. PW eagle Tribune dot com and -- look at the course of my my point -- -- -- debate debate marked Sunday -- and tomorrow is the big day because it's you know the seventh. It C championship in twelve years could beat -- six Super Bowl and twelve is unprecedented. But you know what and it's a great football game but this wouldn't -- happened that it happened twenty years ago I really believe it in -- I got another anniversary for his eleventh anniversary of the tuck -- game last game ever played at the old stadium and by the way the tuck -- -- not -- -- Peyton Manning last week apparently only Brady -- the odds -- you'll give me a break and should and should not have the edge of the -- what -- body know what you think about -- a motion to about asking you turn off your microphone -- would you would you about it. I think it was a fumble I don't know. All right now that yeah. But I would order the article bill -- bella happy and relaxed and I'm determined to -- I missed the good old days and I really do I go to college hosts the show would take some always at all of -- true glory days. I like hey I love the pages marked out they why I think I I I think it's going to be a war tough team. I think people are underestimating. How how mediocre the ravens defense -- and how great does substances so I'm I'm I'm not saying I would be shocked if the ravens won -- a close game. I think if it is done by a couple of touchdowns. Well you know as -- -- somebody can get a -- Coca the ravens have a terrific. Offensive line that it was -- her great great -- his son is quite an athlete his son is a great. -- Butler and eagle Tribune dot com tomorrow morning. Eagle Tribune dot com no warrants no lines just eagle Tribune dot com -- tree again. I'd -- pot sells lovely guys whether Larry laws Parcells so please read the article.

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