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Who is More to Blame for the Broncos Late-Game Blunders Last Week - Peyton Manning or Rahim Moore? Mustard and Johnson Debate ...

Jan 19, 2013|

The guys discuss how the Ravens were able to get by the Broncos last week. While they both give Baltimore credit for getting by the #1 seed, they both think Denver had a great chance to win and blew it. An argument ensues - in classic Craig and Larry fashion - about who the true goat for Denver really is ... is it Peyton Manning for his turnovers, sitting on the ball and collapsing under pressure as Larry believes or is it Rahim Moore for not keeping the play in front of him in the final seconds of the game?

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When you're edit it feels like quite. It was east. But the -- well just it would be just flowed it was just it was sent. I was in the zone like ethnic -- Wasn't exactly a perfect world that wasn't the happy it's time in my life complete -- -- -- tell you -- all honesty I'm happier today. That I wasn't for a whole host priests even with all of this has happened. I said I'm happier today. You listen to me Oprah I said I'm happier today. Dexter in the 617 says after listening to Lance Armstrong in the interviewed you know what I learned he really is the biggest and I'll clean this up. Jerk I've ever seen. I think we can all say that while others. Who have confessed to misdeeds on the athletic fields and in other. Situations. Usually. Ever redeem themselves somewhat I I think the consensus is that I don't think Armstrong redeem himself and anyway. I think glass or not apparently last night's show he. She showed she just slight. Little remorse you Rihanna wants -- had Telus on something but outside of that he's like the iceman. Hey I appreciate the way people calling in today. That listening in terms of we're covering all subjects I don't like people to think just because -- target one or two things that you can't park. More than that so. I welcome McCall's on on Lance Armstrong I think they're interesting and we're trying to. Sort through this whole thing in detail was the same thing and in -- play any -- You can also add to your call our current or two about the patriots tomorrow what you think is gonna happen. 617779719837. As the telephone number -- -- 37937. Any from Framingham is next on Sports Radio WE yeah. So anyway you break it they have. That relationship you have with -- Debbie Thomas over the last several years. We we were behind and I have to admit I perpetrated the entire all. Yeah I yeah I sent the flowers -- he looked not a. Well that's okay mr. Obama has Internet in my core yeah it's. Peaking at that you know this is one name that Brett -- -- didn't mention that championship game. On midnight dale if you make no tackles and went up right up but he did mention is that Carol whatever -- I stay in the now talking about the outcome I'm. -- -- -- Retail outlets or throwing a finger on me about it more than anything else in the obviously the arrogant but he -- a lot of people. On the -- -- Russian world tournament. -- include street but he took it to the end is Clinton. And he stepped on. People. Why my my my question though is why now when you -- you almost get away with it accurately you want to compete. What did that chills through me that he hasn't learned anything moral. Amnesia happily it would keep going -- duplicate rock. -- it's you know we think in inner and our everyday harmed from routine lives we can't wait for retirement that moment we don't throughout your life usually tells you when it's time to get off the -- these guys cannot get off the stage because that's part of who they are it's his identity -- so deeply -- Betty just wants to get back and compete. It may not be for the money the -- or like it was yesterday -- can't you say Indian Craig that the thing that he treasured the most. Now is taken away from him. Of course that's -- -- just like I'd like Roger and you can look at Roger and Barry Bonds like things that they wanted the most that prestige that. Power that on. Its last now. As a tournament -- -- -- -- okay quote we have an advocate crime is not leave it to me through this in a that they have a mixture at Notre Dame. We're so much what we're looking in the mirror every -- nobody. -- Well that is you know and that's a good point is that something that probably hasn't been examine enough remember that in the Mormon faith and in many conservative religions. He can do the -- if if you're involved one of those religions against you have to have. Let me just sent somebody a photo I think Teddy Teddy is that it did you ever followed -- every -- -- currently require -- -- -- Well it'll -- things. About the positive police -- the Matty -- get uncomfortable. Pop up how to make you feel when you find out -- and really didn't. Now you give me your analysis on the game and. Quickly operated art politics obviously whatever -- says I imagine -- I think you saw that about last week that you have. Too many -- -- you're leading the patriots and I think the way -- dictate tempo. It's impossible RP Eddy -- compete but I think people politically the third quarter -- on Felix. Aren't there some concern about the secondary but they're good enough nobody had a great defense over the those guys that -- I tea when I'm more concerned about the in the secondary I'm concerned about the patriots draft I mean -- that they are sacking ability. The ravens have six acts and -- season the patriots have won. If you can't get them -- or what's who wins the problem if you have a quarterback who can throw deep but against the team they can't get to -- If you dictate temple I think all of that will be. -- -- I mean I thought we probably are better keen to get out -- them. My hot says yes. I think the patriots are the better and better balance through. Think 638. And I wasn't happening do not take for granted in my opinion the tour player for their legacy in particular bridge. And I think that goes a long way. I don't know I think every every game they play in the post season is for the legacy I I I think both teams have. Reasons to be motivated thank you critical eye candy. You know even though Vegas as the nine and a half game I think most of the people who. I understand the ravens in the patriots in the National Football League in general know this is going to be hard. -- battled one matchup in the post season we talked about it before the weekend began a couple weekends ago in the playoffs started. The one match up that would be the most difficult for the patriots particularly. -- -- Would be the Baltimore Ravens the ravens beat him this year. Should have beaten him last year in the AFC championship bowl now three years ago in the divisional round. This can happen to the patriots I don't think it's going to happen but the one team that could come in here. And beat the patriots as we will -- we have evidence to prove it is I always still satisfied they're playing Baltimore here and not out in Denver all I think it's a big break I think that the Rahim Moore. AFC championship game. Is. Much more convenient for the patriots and I called the -- orcas you can you can blame Peyton Manning for a very poor pass and in overtime or double overtime whenever it happened in Denver brought that was the single worst defensive play in the history of the national football. People compared to Bill Buckner I would agree. That is good that would that would -- more play with past the B what is the feeling you have ads at the front of Akron figures are orange Jersey right by -- right I did that in the soccer game in double overtime back in my -- gonna follow that was and yes very mediocre. Athletic career I was playing gold standard ball went right through my legs. In double overtime different as you weren't a professional it was just a regular season game the picture was captured in my local daily paper. With the caption is a good -- fell as the ball -- them. But that was -- for a chance to go to the AFC championship game and a that was -- -- -- to seriously besides Buckner and you think of a defensive play worse than that. Mask and PepsiCo common public concerts -- -- I am I mean I have about bad interceptions and fumbles and everything else we've seen votes are goalie knocking on the it is the park. Right a gold number of years and years and years ago there's an Edmonton defense superbly whose name was Steve Smith put the puck in the net against Calgary. In a a key play -- game. But. To my being that figure out of position -- even figure out of -- calls like a member and active update the home run right he bounced back -- -- and -- you know -- -- and there are other. Right things involved but when you back there as a DB and the only thing you have to do which is not let's try to get behind you right. I mean -- it's it's sitting on the goal line is slightly less than thirty seconds left. He bit on an underneath raw -- he is he's the last line of defense they call on safeties as a reason why they're all that's. Rahim Moore is -- you know the patriots certainly benefited from that place so but we do agree that Peyton has now. Moved himself. Down I don't agree that at all you don't know I I think what why how Ross do you measure when it -- there are many Arab youth championships of rural games as he -- and right. I think his brother resentments about someone let me ask -- that he had me ask you this this is the same defense people put up for Brady and through Super Bowls particularly the first one against -- paid little brother -- if you remember Brady marched the patriots down the field with the go ahead touchdown. Patriots defense allowed the giants and some miraculous plays and talk about the first giants Super Bowl. -- win the game the Patriots defense allowed the giants who score. When they should have stopped them out -- correct all right itself Peyton Manning tie game it's the go ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter. They have the ball. Okay. They have the ball in control of the game. There's no reason why Rahim -- Should have made one of the worst place in history -- said he makes a routine but it's -- but Brady was responsible for having the ball and throwing across his body for the interception. It's never -- -- But did okay and you have to you have to admit that that's right you can say what you want about -- IDs. But one EU has imperfect at UN intimate he who has the ball -- He made the -- right that was an incredible two passes. -- last Obama taking so why take weighs on you you you know what you can -- -- it's -- mentality exactly opera on the road -- exactly did I did I do well around you can't have it both ways I see it is the difference between you and me you clean your Christian. -- being claimed my immigration story hi I am really the true sports embodiment. A Euro lord and savior Jesus Christ is I'd protect the oppressed I've protected downtrodden. People have no support might get here with the -- eleven -- my favorite quarterbacks of all time I'd like you're flying all your job that you have to make art direction because what they're doing great and is commercials. I made a blunder across his body that have been Brady -- Eli -- anybody yells. You I listened I still I love the guy had to use it to -- -- -- -- that you can't. As Matty ice it living up to up to this point -- I can't get the job done. And get them to the next round of the playoffs -- you may or -- right therefore he's playing tomorrow wrong. Payton didn't make a play here we go zero upgrade what you want equality make up a -- -- -- you're just now. To celebrate it's it's actually a positive. Syndicate and -- -- During your showered Mother Teresa this morning -- right on drugs that you play the zero sum. -- -- -- we ask you I judged by how you perform when the game is on the line but you'll like it about right that's right -- Russell still has one of the greatest players have not be in all time in the NBA Rahim Moore makes the routine play. All -- does is out and I don't now it and it's just regime are not the same status as -- -- remaining. I don't I packed garden a break.

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