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Jared Sullinger Postgame Press Conference

Jan 19, 2013|

Jared Sullinger spoke to the media after the Celtics lose a heart-breaker to the Bulls in overtime, 100-99.

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Just how you guys must think. On the millions of hard fought game didn't play particularly well but. The firefight and so on in the Arctic this plan will lack injured foot we failed them. -- -- Those guys are one of the best. Officer rebounding teams and and in BA. And so no I feel like if we stop them and they only Muslim it's more show we've had a great chance to run on them and everybody crashed the glass. I think that's -- Rondo exhaled in transition we should start kicking out and he just he -- like engine is 2 o'clock. After this. -- Yeah out a golf shoes luggage and -- -- what it was playing defense -- this and he's very feisty. He's up and I shirts denying. -- no one else.

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