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Paul Pierce Postgame Press Conference

Jan 19, 2013|

Paul Pierce spoke to the media after the Celtics lose a heart-breaker to the Bulls in overtime, 100-99.

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-- Look that it could Wear the whale tunnels found on came home plus -- must not read this -- their way. Definitely whose players are carrying. We've gotten we've got believe all we have to go -- to do was us. We'll get the ball Lou maybe. And about a position where we can you found him. We wouldn't be talking about the most. It is. It's definitely a may have been. You know we again is -- a couple tours. Just slip through our fingers both tours it's a slope and it just goes so -- -- who wants to prove costly. In this league you know -- going. Well the whole -- The fittest -- that we just play more aggressive. We attacked the basket a -- -- a good job pushing the -- most -- especially the fourth quarter. It was a it was a get some easy opportunities. Kevin. That it was two days ago and we go to ball a lot better we. Against them so we're that a lot of us in the game. You know we just think at the time we -- we go to we made it. You know we -- there. Where they scored or or or who works at a pretty aligned so to give -- chance to go through four points we just think it. What's left. Those good lawyers aggressively transition here on -- or. There they're those a week -- so there's. We got the ball close as you can push it. Because they are -- synagogue go to offensive rebound so. It's it's the most that he uses speed and then upload to the goods big. The dorm -- when he got the ball is gonna break. He got to the basket and I think it's sort of open things up force the -- Morgan little horse point one overs. -- -- Only got -- to a better Jarvis transition. And I don't know -- -- the ball and make him right passes. It doesn't make any sense when you whom we've talked about turn him over whether it be steel. Or who knows maybe some of those turnovers where were forced to them travel warm water barrels that are told is what -- -- -- members of transition do about it Jeremy -- -- Talk about. -- his toughness and rebounding but tonight again. The job he did coming off the bench how huge was that in terms of stabilizing. Download. Yeah he's he's very you know a lot of little things he's good enough. Throughout the year. You know you still get better. So. You know so Israel continue to work or hopefully we can do a better job of trying to keep -- foul trouble confesses more. -- -- -- right now. You know as far as everything else goes he's -- force. He's a rookie -- -- right here anything.

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