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Kevin Garnett postgame press conference

Jan 19, 2013|

KG spoke to the media after the Celtics lose a heart-breaker to the Bulls in overtime, 100-99.

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For her. Until this -- -- to. The guys come. To -- and some commotion. Very difficult. Very difficult especially no. Problems came through. You're doing. You know the -- you've been watching the game oh. A world there -- -- to kind of tough start shooting tonight how he -- it how you personally able to rally. Just causes such as quickly if not thought I was more like him defensively the first two quarters though you know. Long time ago -- No trauma to your mom is really opportunity you know -- -- goes under an -- pretty big game so slow it down. So when. It's -- Jim Awad. And around. Pitiful -- got aggressive you know -- acceptable to the basket to get to the free throw line. -- got in the room. -- pushed the issue home towns where you're just one of basketball he's trying to you know some momentum. Homes sold one of assessed to be aggressive and hopefully do religious balance and should the rest of all was rust and shared the basketball was aggressive. On the thing now is when the best -- -- or -- Chrome and you know grew up for the rest it was a photos and we just show us solely. Is it to his -- us all. And you know we just were remembered in two short years. -- -- -- -- -- reason before we'll take -- defensively brings a lot to us. You know we've you know we've we've had to they were column. And -- responsibility everybody just take on themselves. Not just of course there's also this team effort. On the part of -- just you know. Let's dig down to do with bad. You know -- your best -- is this collective. Smallest moon everybody's sort of kept it close. -- I was aware -- post been through like the world to a machine. Almost a second that was slow them down from about his it was during the first. -- going to Max it. It is. It was gutsy so -- vote due to Jonathan Foster knows hinder him from playing field you know about it minutes. But he's in a room just this is beautiful to be on the stories on the smacked the ball. There's just too often it's got to got to coaches Washington -- him. We'll talk to move -- -- two different things you can those programs. It -- him here. We're -- we're done. And when there's -- talking. You don't call -- -- difference but sort you know to professing their premise McCormick -- just -- new images of each other. -- -- -- Humble hard nosed tough coaches we got respect. Toughness I think the physicality of Chicago's one occasion got to give me. -- -- -- hardly do everything hard pressed bourse or they play hard so you'll meet that you could -- he's. -- --

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