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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Jan 19, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics lose a heart-breaker to the Bulls in overtime, 100-99.

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I couldn't you know I told our guys in time out. We only have done the same thing they're going to track. Even on the play before just guys -- gonna -- and never. Foul right where they're gonna trap and then file. I thought they did do a little bit of both. In a -- -- -- to call time out before the file was called as well if you watched the replay Randall was right in front -- -- and and it timeout signal and in the files call. So. But we don't expect that and then. Not from the rest and among ourselves. You know we talked about that you knew they're gonna trap. And yet it's just an average and that's tied up now on the probe is an incident and it never solved. Yeah actual -- yeah I thought it was more swing and so you guys probably saw the replay I haven't. A chance to question. Well listen a lot of partly -- You are additives and went the way we play so you know you can take what you wanna -- that. I didn't think we play poker world and it would -- mark. But we hung in there which the good side. You know down the stretch gotta when that day before you have to win those games and we made a lot of the little mistakes. And that one day but it did make some rumblings. Yeah yeah. Or just stayed in the -- you put your team. Like Chicago you know the rebounding is going to be on the line. They're great golf. -- rebounding team and we held them down that's really what you present because they didn't have a great office rebound. -- -- -- We played good benefits we -- play great. The numbers look good because that the priest was so slow you know. Oh Chicago to what I like in the first I think -- scored three of our analysts note we pursue our. Threes with us in two seconds and and when you play Chicago and note that you missed one -- -- to the pin. -- Seven -- there. That's a rare -- the least score one point for turner of and on a good night to be nice to have more. Run it was dirt and then authorities are slow but I thought his energy you know the great example I thought -- -- -- You know server in the game and then thought I have to go to this for us. And I started to that -- it's been. No you don't see it depends on again tonight. -- tonight -- shortly. You concede governor early -- missed shots but where are. Paul and he saw and he went and got points I think tonight was exactly what should go. Well you know Boozer -- you know a ton of rebounds and -- And help Brendan have agreed rebound and I put yourself and a fifteen so. -- -- -- rebel arms of one rebounder and more options so I don't think about it with stories. At all. Yeah yeah managed -- a couple of shots but. Just got to that point that's gonna happen and dance and music begins where to place went five minutes ago so hopefully -- -- -- though. Well I think that recognizes that -- Know a really good argument that ended the day there that's not gonna change percent change this -- -- -- -- 300. And that's not going to change in this gonna -- -- all over -- in the playoffs. You know -- just hardly works that you have to make believe for about a year. Reported -- Well we have been you know until tonight like we've been winning close games and we felt we had this game one and ended about two give them credit -- -- Two really tough shots -- in the borrowed about Rondo did a great job. On the jump. And on the second part of the jump ball region from behind inflicted it's a loose ball. The problem is. And we broke to greet screw -- when Greece to everybody runs to the ball you know -- -- as -- -- -- -- that. When you watch that our entire defense and the ball. Instead of standing up which are what -- I think and he makes shot but it was a great bounce. That last play Belinelli. That was another loose ball ball against whom -- he makes shots so. You know the ball bounced their way and they had to make this it took him a lot of great. Well it's always a learning -- a couple things that we discovered that about you know the back cuts you know. We know -- had to explicitly. On the personal. In the -- one you know so well. You know those employees that. You know you can tell them over and over and watched him justice to our. -- -- -- -- A couple -- Butler and that was Rondo locked in the played it it's. One thing I love about Chicago is they just give the ball. Didn't hear that Butler and I think that's -- My life. No I like him off the bench now I think he's doing a terrific job. You know he's planned I mean ministers like you know -- again and -- -- -- since -- been the starting thing is. Who carriers now if if I started and played ten minutes or chemical that's in Detroit 38. Which when you think you take. Yeah absolutely. Yeah and it was better force would come off the bench because usually Germans off the floor and now you have solely on the floor it's another -- -- -- you started -- problem. The newcomer off which really garbage are good but -- not all -- Brendon and JC. Or Chris Wilcox is just not the rotation. Yeah yeah and I thought it can give something we didn't -- You know all that little bit that it gives score punch and a group. And you know. Honestly got your files so we'll never know how that would have in fact today I do like him in that line -- we'll tell you there when. Papers out and you know it was going to be a guy's gonna miscarriages and there. -- police or. You know and you want him to play or but you have to know. Going into every season that that means you'll miss some games because heartless. I don't. -- religion today. I know we thome is still a much better today than was yesterday. So. He's gonna go to triple -- does that that mean he's gonna play we don't know. -- -- -- He looks at halftime so I don't know what I see in his eyes. No coach it's change and now with a lot of rookies I think in all sports you know use our football quarterback. The guys played big and reported it to the probes. And -- our years ago we did you know -- get a lot of TV exposure even colleges and if you're one of the big -- But now on the executed in high school jerk for in national TV games. And I ask you know that -- PW citizen year so. I don't think that this -- And a lot of hours thanks sharks.

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