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Overtime With Grande and Max: Chris Broussard, Rajon Rondo, David Wesley and your Twitter questions… answered!!!

Jan 18, 2013|

Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell's weekly podcast...this week we take a look back at some great interviews by the guys which include Rajon Rondo after the last game of the Celtics 6-game winning streak, ESPN's Chris Broussard and former Celtic and now Hornets TV analyst David Wesley. The guys also look ahead to some key match-ups coming up for the Celtics with the Detroit Pistons and Miami Heat.

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Time would show. He's going to be MO sync. We thank you for taking the trouble and it's actually. Your -- with -- click on the icon and five play -- back overtime podcasts Celtics. Are on the road along the whole stand is completed and so the -- -- Detroit and Cleveland for 2 team Eastern Conference. Wrote that we talked about six game winning streak that the Celtics -- which came to an end last Wednesday. At the garden of the hands of the world for the fortress is important sixty run beginning doubts that straight game. Against Eastern Conference opponents an -- so let's get off on the wrong foot and go back to the game on Friday that it moves that overtime game. To the Chicago Bulls intimate. The homestand whether or not it was a success really changed on that Friday game to play without Avery Bradley still the drop against it to begin with. And it was one of those games that even days later you sort of agonizing. How that could have bounced the other. All they're all all cannot -- did you have repeal the Celtics in the game you can second guess as though. Who plays that weren't made Chicago mister bucket turnovers they have the budget -- -- with so. If the the opportunity to -- where -- Paul Pierce really had its tough games struggle. Carolina struggled early but did knock down shots Rondo with -- in this game before he found out at solitaire. Picked up six files and I think that either her to -- -- talking about the Friday night game to the final game of the homestand for the so which which went for nearly two weeks they won the first three games of the and after user expression during the quarter turned the corner. It really looked as if the Celtics had to get into the game they lost to the war and all the defense the numbers and the metrics and all the things Doc Rivers has been looking for. -- there. But what you say aptly -- -- quarter I'm -- to go back to the Friday game it's hard to feel -- -- going on the road obviously there's more than half the season remains Celtics Thursday night are gonna hit the second half of the season when the -- community of very big weekend ahead. But I think it's. The home stand itself was that like the season for the Celtics as her little last month. It's been good in sports. There's been an apple went -- I don't think we can say at this point itself for the -- have a further round means you have some opportunities but. Let's look at this way a lot the other that it -- it started out. You think about how tough their road was that. They have already created for themselves and they've won both games when the game at home -- one on the road a couple of games. So it's not in that they are not in bad position. But I think more so what it is one that -- -- bowl games that you have come up with Detroit in the won the book game you have with Cleveland you can't. You can't lay it either one of those places. During the six game winning streak for the Celtics it began with a blowout win over Indiana. And in the game that we may be reference to back at the end of the season with the team in Atlanta the big culprit behind win. And the halftime either speech or dressing down with Doc Rivers gave the team. After the last win of that winning streak the six consecutive win. On Monday night over the Charlotte Bobcats with Roger Rondo and his latest triple double he joined -- after the game the talk about it is that night. But about the importance. Team in Atlanta and having to sit out and watch the New York game sitting out that one game suspense. It's things like you know you guys when your -- -- -- like that everything is running. Today you've got skeletons that off the gas the book if we if Ehrlich out back in the game that's not what those things -- do. That but you seem like you were you confident. On the guest in south going in the -- -- -- punishes a little bit -- and you know they made shots and made room. Government -- made itself offensively and would that -- the back -- -- -- -- but it is one again. It's not -- funny -- John and I talked about it for you actually know there at the basketball we you don't play or. Bad things happen. You know -- had a couple thanks I mean it is to. -- I noticed play like that you know when you when you mess around with the game -- in the Baigent book though. We gotta have that respect the game you know one thing like you know in we know -- the best thing but the thing is that they get paid like -- with a rampant despite definitely respect the game. Heavenly we've been talking a lot about Avery Bradley numbers with him and analyze what changes for you specifically. What changes when he -- there next to. So a lot but I'm glad it Rebecca so in the first you know when -- -- down from the first person to welcome back. He -- enough for me you know person about my if it was me because rove. Garnered best going out there he does that he did that government agreed that a shot must have been from my teammates -- start to break could someone with that defense. -- the rebounding get out in the break room. Well at that you laugh about it when you talk about it recovered -- that -- used it but golf is coming back way back but doll that. I mean you're you're just that the feeling you have about Avery. It definitely you know eight properties on the value as a player. Combo but socially when no I got there and get her in the playoffs and I think you'd be -- in you know be man because. Think he's one of guys that only a trap over on the -- row he can get to pick road taking event in league regardless of world war. -- around and joining us last week after his triple double can't comets is always autopsy usually comes back. -- focused after the one of these suspensions and the Celtics at one of the biggest performances of the year going into Madison Square Garden over a week ago. Getting out -- now as they head out on the road. As you see if we Celtics if we agree and they have not turned the corner. What has dissipated obviously is trade conversation and what has happened two distinct. And as we said you love it when I said it about two weeks ago winning is the best deodorant. And the question is when losing a couple of games for the Celtics -- out on this road trip is that. Changed his view that this team is still in itself I think regardless this team with. In the -- of something. And but that's something. What they need is they'd be rebounding. Additional rebounding from their front court and they need to. Probably if you really think about another big out there who's capable maybe he'll put up numbers -- killed -- that comes out again. So the question is about Celtics making moves and for that we talked to one of the experts in the NBA last Friday night in Boston Chris Broussard. For ESPN it was in the building as silent reporter on the national telecast. He joined us before that game last Friday night and we talked about riding atop its ridiculous to this conversation but. We began by asking about the Celtics it is there a move to debate. I knew -- was the magnitude of his eleven and realize Tilly at some but he escort him over to the fact that. See what you in the national instrument all ESPN people -- people to take care to know portico -- -- the ruling that out the way I've been. Flattery will -- you know where there. People -- -- on TV every day talking about Phil Jackson talking about LeBron and they get jealous they wanna wait what about my team what about the Celtics what -- -- -- in the state as constitutes ignore minding your best guess what you're here. As we move forward here in this here. I don't see the major moves. I think it -- out here looking you know to see if you can improve -- I think you know. With that they've got Avery Bradley back and they've had the improvement. I think did that kind of slowed down the moment of portrayed Damon right now it it doesn't feel like you have to make it deal. So I think that that. You know there may be a -- move. I'm might reassure us if I feel minor move we have made no I think. I don't think you've seen the type of major shake up -- going to severely impact itself. You came in this via the report there that you everything that you would be. National people would know you win you'll walk around you because it's -- of them at some of the players did not at all I mean I started out covering high school sports you know. And actually covered a lot of guys more so football players who -- approach Mike Vrabel. And our -- view you know got -- -- faith in the pros. When they were playing a full on accurate but now I've ever but you know because what started the business. It was either you either go for media and right or you traffic goes easy group you know they were put any sports writers on television. And then it just so happens that they start would -- important on television. And David Dupree from USA today David alters you know was -- out of some of the first and just kind of blossomed into it. A new part of the business and I've been fortunate. You know you know. Well you open it up -- -- -- went -- without my accurate filming it it isn't it it didn't remotely. Profitable. That the Rodney could go back to pack -- Why viewers OK you know so -- for you this I don't wanna start trouble I don't I'm not exactly reality is there. Well that I -- After he went to Miami that the next day I -- or and so on television. Spain don't be surprised that he won it would go back if he left Cleveland wins. He knew where his legacy obviously just want to win but the operative -- let it be. He's out with the title. And here it is that they had the best record definitely two years running. He could -- others by the US tried to -- botched it publicly and play with you know bosh didn't want to. Largely because of their -- -- like that so you know he needed to go to Miami -- remembered it when he fourteen you can now. Am Miami. In two -- was the only -- -- -- -- you know I mean it's debatable whether he'd lose them the when he got lot of winners here have you got a poster. You know they outlawed you got that you bedroom but but I regret that I did that -- put away our it will work is the poster at. I don't know where -- -- that I -- you -- my parents living Cleveland. And they were these ticket holders when LeBron was there they got they -- bought their tickets that they after the one draft lottery here. And they have a big fat and the LeBron on one and a walk and -- out date that it the day at -- that it is now. There. You think -- is returned to be in a -- -- man. But my mother never left the privacy of the picture with LeBron and you know under his arm around here. And my dad -- you don't demand that you got to take that picture there. Do you buy it say if it did it go anywhere else boarded a bare room why aren't we believe there. You know the city intimately -- so many years there absent government Ron for a while it's Bentley. To me -- the L but the reason I think the smoke too this -- my observation of watching him as intimately as we have seen him so often so many years. Is that what really sticks with him is that. I don't think he wants after Cleveland that that really has affected him the way you know nationally he's LeBron looks so. You know so unstoppable so many ways -- a human being. It really seem to have an effect in the after a well. That he still lives in his moment he's in the thumb he's there in every night out quickly explained it. Summer league game perfectly. They searched properly here. He would like to make it right with the people of northeast Ohio now. He's not gonna do it he meant that if a reader but if he can win another -- or maybe do it in me. If you win the next championship that he. -- with me. Jordan like you know not that he is good -- but it -- that to be there. And actually believe the best PR move for -- would need to go back. The Cleveland because I think a lot of people. Don't. Huddle I don't know if I have to get through imaginative corporate. If he went back there now about. Of them -- of these things and it bears out what goes but he goes to -- -- you didn't have a team made his carrier. And I -- I mean you know. He played pretty well were rookie. You always say an average adult that you frequently to actually they. What he would have now include it. -- battered it would have before. Guys will go if you if you come back there with that poor and the other -- with that -- -- A look at the public and I -- -- is that the best -- And if not the most active -- we've -- -- start lightly and it bears out with critical to edit them out if you know. Maybe that the angels would really. Pretty -- you know so. I think it's possible I think it's going to come out and I haven't thought about it I'll think about it right now I think you've got to come out. Cleveland. Way leaderboard that Lleyton pat that's right thank you and I think that -- that -- if that lakers let's get it together this year. -- -- -- but I think they're close but they play well maybe it is. Aimed at next year they play well. -- LA. If this would mean that their -- to -- because. People might the US the front runner you would -- Miami to play with the way it is but are you going to LA to play with presumably the -- you know it. And I do think he'd like Hollywood the Hollywood type guy but I think. I don't hit it great move now if that lakers go in the -- if they continue to struggle you maybe don't make out that -- the first round next year -- You if you go if you go to -- at the -- here. The guys debris you know. The new magic did you gotta bring them back you know brown bear arms. Maybe. That might notes on -- I really the its arch street would be partly. But the New Year's that the father of the city of Miami. No you know obviously that means we'll be in -- way. Is that made -- -- stay here. Two quick things for months ago we -- as a reduce all night. -- -- -- -- we've had in this spot over last year so I want wanted to talk about Twitter because -- teams all of our lives and not necessarily in the good way. You have probably been at the forefront of this more than anybody else in a business with suddenly being first has become way overvalued to being right. Is there any way that this process can reverse or are we stuck in this environment where people like you are trying to are on the phone reporting stories -- What other people are just waiting and you have to. You know of the latest report which you know suddenly injured to witness later somebody else suddenly that's a. A lot of times with a waiter whose cars these are some of the matter of who had -- the fastest. You know or. A lot of it is your company's policy ESP in the way our policies it's going to be very difficult for us to be part because. We have to actually write a story. Than it is the death may have to edit it and be ready -- Put it out on the web in the UK -- So a lot of other places you could just sweet birds and -- write the story later. Our policies because they feel like that. We don't wanna make a mistake -- -- it would open up there have to you know make it back though. You know. I used to -- if we -- leopard came in the business. It was it was really used because. If you have them that he would newspaper that nobody of everybody had to buy your paper in the city you know you're -- -- If your purse with the moment it's all over again today and if people forget who even had those. I don't think it's that big of the deal. Particularly like if it is different rules for different companies though. I don't know if it'll ever go back but hopefully because it's kind of like the wild wild west -- -- -- out there. There's so much reported now that never would have made it through newspapers. Years ago you know and a lot of off and as we've seen it go recently by. This is the different where I think -- Christmas Day 24 hours ago ruins them worked on this and increasingly. We all of our hobbies on the side things are extracurricular -- it would never want to get involved -- it is extraordinarily secular world that the NBA's. You instantly released Tuesday and -- -- you know what he. Or after about it yeah it is occurs demand movement. If they can -- different colleges separation and nurtured through guy and basically. -- the movie it's geared toward helping me. Become all they can be through faith in Jesus Christ you know because. My belief and other members are beliefs. Is that. -- -- -- -- Life to Jesus Christ of follow him your values and your morals change you know as lap with me in my life. 23 years ago. And it's maybe a better husband it's maybe you know -- to my wife has made the you know a better father you know really value in enjoyed the it was much. And now when we look at the problem that the body with the populous. 40%. -- an American now more without a father is African American humans that -- proper. This is even a lot of the violence that we see taking place. We are feeling is that if we can do it as a rule in change a person's values. Through faith in the -- We can improve society. So that's really will return to. And we feel like -- strip the numbers you know if so which they get a lot of -- -- like. To come together. You know try to release of practice -- -- -- -- -- maybe if that's an aspect you go to war one matches that -- and be inspired -- I give maxed out to -- if you -- that I bring my ex wife who. -- offers a -- Well aboard global conversation to me that she was Chris Broussard from ESP you know you -- didn't hear it again. You know his thought is that there isn't a major moves we've made the Celtics know that people aren't really gonna wanna hear this I believe. Atheist right and I think that the only major deal the Celtics can make involves Raza run though that's certainly something nobody -- -- -- I think that's the big thing what. He usually give that. A lot of detail I hear people all of them will make a trade him in god get this guy get this -- well. In the NBA it's not that these if you he if you give somebody. You gathered the army you have something in return. Your best asset in return right now is Rondo. Are you willing to give you four big and now you back to who's going to be your point guard the six game winning. Streak for the Celtics and did last week in Boston at the hands of the New Orleans Hornets in an upset the world's played very well in what in Philadelphia the -- before. And obviously all eyes that all the attention was on Austin rivers as the world's came to town and he was he had been playing very much. For -- Williams in the previous couple weeks but because Eric Gordon was a second -- -- the -- there was an opening Austin rivers played very well. And out before the game we talked about Austin rivers development. Last week with a former Celtic David Wesley now to a television broadcast for the world lawsuit trying to shed some light. Not only on Austin rivers but what the world's hornet's. And the younger teams in the NBA are trying to do the sort of swing the spot that the Celtics and heat. And the Oklahoma City Thunder and the lakers and the clippers and San Antonio. And held on to the last year. Familiar faces all over the building. Tonight at David Wesley joins us here at new analyst on TV for the world's -- at first at all. A lot of us you've you've got a great broadcasting sort of -- forced -- most of us -- we get your Jo Myers. We August very intimidated by the great. There are two real sound like Mickey Mouse -- -- of -- like a girl. -- next to him it's but it's you know I guess it's a good contrast is. He is still deepen. And having he likes the -- you know self talks though. He you know he he really has shown me a lot and how to how to do what I'm doing. Before we get to Austin which is obviously the big story here tonight so many levels and this holistic -- some bread and a lot of people thought. Could you ever imagine -- that the -- first. Took the microphone and they need you -- your real almost twenty years later he's become as iconic figure on this side. All of the microphone it's out of court. I had no idea and and not to mention I went on record as saying he still owes me money. When he years ago the Pentagon and -- Obama showed -- -- -- you know every -- -- -- he put some money on -- and I've never seen at nine so. I don't know that was I don't know we'll -- -- all -- by the amount money that they have a duel with the the -- -- Players commit to Italy in many different ways and your perspective is actually not only if you've been around Austin rivers where every minute here. Your perspective we'll see a lot of players that on the different ways that don't get drafted and we have to sort of work the way Italy vs players now it may be earlier than they should she get a lot of attention when they commit. What is been his biggest obstacle walking into a situation that he in his mind as prepared himself for the time is about eight years old. Why I think is his biggest obstacle is. Not not being successful. And when you're not successful early forget it in his in his case he's -- That matter how old I am I would be success -- been successful on ought to play the game but there's a different animal and when you don't have that's success your confidence drops you're not sure of what you should do not sure which you should work on and I think he's just struggling on what is his game what is his identity on this team and it's hard to do -- If I came out. At nineteen. I would have played ever. I don't mean security -- would have played ever because those three years of sitting out doing nothing you know your game may deteriorate or whatever but. I needed the progression. -- four years the college a year and a CPA. You know a year sit around a bit watching. That's how most guys twenty years ago did it the they've had to watch a couple of years he's right in the far now -- either help -- -- heard him. We'll see you know years from now one thing in the putrid team I've received via the young team. All the pieces right now are are going -- her early draft choices and how they were picked at how they've projected to build around young players. How is that it. I think it I think in theory it could be a good thing because you have young players with talent you bring in a couple more guys there under the cap. This summer by forty million. They can -- two guys are one big guy so in theory it could all work out but you know like the lakers just as you. Half the money just as you can spend the money for the meaning you don't have chemistry and then I mean it's gonna work right now the team is working on just that chemistry. With Gordon coming back Smith been out for a while Davis missed thirteen games. They're trying to figure out what their roles are even I think Ryan. Brian Anderson has struggled a little bit in this. Last few days since since Gordon has been back simply because. Where does he fit in now he's coming off the bed so. Finding their rotation and trying to get this team owners is a struggle right now it really seems watching Anthony Davis that there is. It's bizarre to talk about nineteen year old players being so. There there are subtleties to his game it really makes it way out if a great appreciation for the MBD seems to an end he's going to be special I believe that he. He's trying to figure again as a young player trying to figure out what it is I was -- do in this league and I think he does better when he's active he goes a rebound the basketball forget place coats and ran any plays -- Located off the glass -- put the ball back he and run the more if he runs the floor he's usually out front of everybody runs like it here. And he's got a pretty good jump shot so. What to think that it when I watched him play it and he's really gonna have to work on its. Just get down to the folks at development of both both because I guess because that that growth spurt where he was a guard -- that we gave the giants -- there. It does seem like I have not seen that you would use the techie kind of struggle with some of those who the audience that the -- He doesn't happen. I think right now strategy size the oil yeah I'm happy that they had an -- that's not yet and all of these heavy enough to be in right now you know it. -- telling you definitely need is but he plays more over perimeter game he wants to pop out and shoot the little quarters. Quarter fifteen footer at the topic he shot. And that's why. When he runs out. In front guys and then. -- in the post up that's what it is -- this post because. The defense is kind of try to figure out how to get around him and that's when I see him be really successful and get those deeply. They -- -- otherwise he doesn't look well that -- the they that you talk about the guy like about archer a pitcher hopefully. Dual listed that you quit like that that. A policy like Ralph Sampson. Who won the play out he was really tall but never really developed that yet -- killer is the in the way and I know I. Assume you can do about never got to pay you know -- guy so. I assume he can teach that or develop that -- The waiting game is now all big its front stretch sports stretch five in -- shoot threes in their borders and not really an inside game anymore they'll give him star on the way you see in the good old days of the walk to go away it was. Lay it right now ladies yet I thought our. It was the banks take a few minutes Max if we please Diego and I just need my money -- I'll take this update this -- -- -- got to I guess I got a soda pop. I don't drink Coke. How much money using did you actually -- if you think he was being accurate and I don't think only -- may be used as the other way around he owed me some months. So he went on the human offensive to -- that's what she does come out that's what he did it. He went on the -- is trying to distract him from -- -- them out the actual money money -- maybe -- obstruction. It also try to maybe its fiscal cliff may be thinking that way out there what it is endorsements he he -- he's the one over the fiscal cliff last week aren't as always on pot -- your question as you can tweet us your questions whenever you want. And over to Obama's podcast that's the point in time together that long form here. As you move through the season approaching the midway stage now. Of the season the Celtics on Tuesday -- we've closed up first half of the year -- on later in the week the New York Knicks will be here and the Celtics will open. If the weekend the start January with a critical when the -- of the season around for the Celtics played Indiana at home. Late game. But the go to Atlanta the second of back to back. And they had a game on the fourth day now it's tough road game against the next the Celtics this weekend will be doing the same thing. Thursday night the -- TNT game against the next Friday night talk back to back it they won't get to a land until formal warning played 7 o'clock game and at the turn around this time -- the -- day. It's not a Nike it's an early game 1 o'clock game at home. By the way the one story that dominated the Celtics over the summer than ever once forgotten about. Oh yeah Ray Allen going back to -- Atlanta. In Miami following that New York TNT game and obviously the Celtics will have to hold their ground they want you back that we give me an early. Absolutely I mean that this is what we talked about some of the games which were coming up hold your ground podium ground against teams like Cleveland. Hold your ground against a team like Detroit. Winnable basketball -- team to a lottery -- But you have to win those games. Now you might well lose one or two of those -- may because the schedule. But. Did that the game and you have to win. Or the games to teams are aren't that far of the -- all right people have been listening to this he -- listen to us on the week heading towards that Miami game so -- opportunity to a lot of things go on but. Our next podcast will be -- -- after that game is over on Sunday afternoon. So here it is -- later and we knew everybody would get distracted and start facing openings as it was going to be forty games of the season into the second. Before the Ray -- with -- You've said all along we've disagreed on this issue you felt that nobody is -- who Ray Allen when he comes back. On Sunday afternoon I -- I don't think that the case I think the -- is going to be soft that it was at that game did. Opening night and they keep in the first couple weeks of the season make the move will be stopped but as we're talking now. The bill it's going to be all the videos going to be running they'll be solemn ramp well ray Allen's return while I mean what do you do with his sympathy you. Everybody else says that you put the rail on the Jumbotron great question do you do you do that I mean did did that with the bar over the when they traded him away and he went to. I mean he went to I think with Dallas that the tab treason boy he comes back and put them up on the Jumbotron elected they put LeBron up on the Jumbotron in Cleveland when he came -- what they will when he comes back bogeys yet again. People -- I feel -- in this way Ray Allen from the comment here you go through a lottery islanders. People want the revenue of about how great ray was through this team when he did. And at the end of the day because. There it's eight time lapse between. The first game of the season when you played Miami canal. Is completely different story so. What might have been with might have been people who spam and boost to me. I don't think happened I think Ray Allen comes in the game thank you get the stand ovation he will hold our our Twitter question -- podcast this week of Kevin. Gibson ES what do justices Jeff Green need to make. To get on track in the two reports this the first day. Whatever just they are they need to be made because again Jeff Green. Might be the most emblematic player of this particular team this year because just when it seems. Things are gonna start going well. -- -- while he symbolizes what exactly what this team. The fact is you said. When when they're when they're rolling in their point well give credence to the mix he's terrible athletic -- When they are just column published around and not really playing well. You can look at night tonight Jeff Green. This wasn't really there offensively or defense so. He has to be that -- What can meet you at this point to make -- better be linked with the things that suggested over the over union. He likes to look a little bit too much. What he -- do with that one more trouble in the -- in the end it's a power move up towards -- round instead of eight -- where he takes off too far away in the -- Slovenia at the EU is the left. That will be less likely. To cause a file in this situation I itself the -- -- this week we hope you'll check in with us in Detroit or Cleveland in the beginning of the rematch with the next. And Ray Allen company it's now a lot -- not for the Celtics this week. -- our guest rush on Rondo David Wesley Chris restart from ESPN mostly thank you guys in -- leave the green in oh.

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