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ESPN's Chris Broussard with Grande & Max

Jan 18, 2013|

Chris Broussard joined Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell during halftime of tonight's big Eastern Conference match-up, Bulls vs Celtics in Boston.

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I just big national game big national yes Chris Broussard for me espionage joining us here tonight. I knew -- was the magnitude of his celebrity -- realize Tilly at some pretty escort him over to the fact that. We knew in the national instrument holiest -- people if people to take care to know where to go to grant the ruling that out the way I've been. Flattery will -- you know where the people CU on TV every day talking about Phil Jackson talking about LeBron and they get jealous they wanna wait what about my team what about the Celtics what -- -- -- particular state as constitutes -- minding your. Best guess what you're here. As we move forward here in this here. I don't see the major moves. I think it -- out here looking you know to see if you can improve and I think you know. With that they've got Avery Bradley back and Nate had the improvement. I think it that kind of slowed down the moment of portrayed Damon right now it it doesn't feel like you have to make -- deal. So I think -- that. You know there may be a -- move. I was sure that if I feel minor move -- made no I think. I don't think you've seen the type of major shake up -- going to severely impact itself. You came in this via the report there that you everything that you would be. National people would know you -- you'll walk around. And you -- -- -- of them at some of the players did nodded off me I started out covering high school sports you know and actually covered a lot of guys more so football players who -- approach Mike Vrabel. And our -- view you know got it now faith in the pros. When they were playing a full on accurate but now I've ever but you know because what started the business. It was either you either go for media and right or you traffic goes easy group you know they were putting sports writers don't -- -- -- And then it just so happens that they start would be important on television. And David Dupree from USA today David Dodgers you know was -- out of some of the first and just kind of blossomed into it. A new part of the business and I've been fortunate. You know it is you don't. Well you open it up to me immediately when it's just not my accurate filming it it it it it didn't remotely. Profitable. That the Rodney could go back to -- contact. Why viewers OK let us know here for you this I don't wanna start trouble I don't know I'm not exactly reality is there. Well that I fade. After he went to Miami that the next day I was or and so on television. I mean don't be surprised that he won it would go back if he left Cleveland Wednesday. He knew where his legacy obviously just want to win but the operative -- let it be. He's out -- with the title. And his it is that they had the best record to believe two years running. He could yet others by the US trying to -- botched it publicly and play with you know bosh didn't want to. Largely because of their life -- like that so you know he needed to go to Miami are remembered it when he fourteen -- now. Am Miami. In two years' worth the wait wait and let you know I mean it's debatable whether he'd lose them the when he got lot of winners here have you got a poster. You know they outlawed you got that you bedroom -- -- -- -- a bit -- after that it had put the way our it will work is the poster at. Out of -- deposed about I think you are my -- living Cleveland. And they were these ticket holders when LeBron was there they got it -- but if these tickets that they after the cap one draft lottery here. And they have a big fat and the LeBron on one and a walk in -- -- -- that it the day at my dad tickets now. There -- -- -- with its return to be in a row a man. But my mother never left the privacy of the picture with LeBron and you know under his arm around here. In my dad's name is on the map that you got to take a picture. You buy it say if it did it go anywhere else pointed to bare room why aren't we believe there. You know the city -- at least it's over the years there absent government Ron for a while he's -- To me -- the L but the reason I think the smoke -- it's just my observation of watching him as intimately as we have seen him so often so years. Is that what really sticks with him is that. I don't think he wants -- there in Cleveland that that really has affected him the way you know nationally he's LeBron looks so. You know -- felt unstoppable so many ways as a human being. It really seem to have an effect on -- -- Well that. He still lives in his moment he's in the -- he's there in every night out quickly explain it. Summer league game perfectly. They searched properly here. He would like to make it right with the people of northeast Ohio now. He's not gonna do it he meant that if a reader but if he can win another race or maybe -- in me. If you win that next championship that he. Answer would be. Jordan like you know not that he -- Stewart but it is that you would be there. And actually believe the best PR move for it would be to go back. The Cleveland because I think a lot of people. Don't want total I don't know if -- have to get through imaginative corporate. If he went back there now about. Of them bit of these things and it bears out what goes but he goes to ivory army he -- have a team made his carrier. And -- I mean you know. He's played pretty well were rookie. You always say an average adult that you frequently to actually they. What he would have only it. -- battered it would have before. Guys will go if you -- -- -- there was poor and the other -- with that call or. How -- public I mean Mobley is that the best way. And if not the most active -- we've -- -- start lightly and it bears out with critical to edit them out if you know. We think that the angels would really. Pretty -- you know so. I think it's possible I think it's going to come out and I haven't thought about it I'll think about it right now I think you've got to come out. Cleveland. I play -- -- that -- that's that's right thank you and if that thing that thing is that -- if the lakers let's get it together this year. They are winning but I think they're close you know they play well maybe it is. Aimed at next year they play well. I don't think going to LA. It would be necessarily the best because. People might the US the front runner you went to Miami to play with the way it is but are you going to LA to play with presumably -- why did you know it. Now I do think he'd like Hollywood having the Hollywood type guy but I think. I don't they get it great move now if that lakers who went -- if they continue to struggle did you make you don't make the playoffs and throughout the first round next year airbag. Then you if you go if you go to LA at the -- The guy's gonna bring you know. The new magic did you gotta bring them back that you know brown bears prominent. Maybe. That might you know -- but I really -- his arch street would be for Cleveland. But the New -- that the father love with the city of Miami who know you know I just think that means will not be as if way. We just have made -- rod stayed here. Two quick things for months ago we get -- to reduce all night. Everyone that we've had in this spot over last year so I wanna I wanna talk about Twitter because that's teams all of our lives and not necessarily in the good way. You have probably been at the forefront of this more than anybody else in a business with suddenly being first has become way overvalued to being right. Is there any way that this process can reverse or -- we stuck in this environment where people like you are trying to are on the phone reporting stories burning. What other people are just tweeting and you have to do you know possibly keep this report which you know suddenly eager to witness later somebody else suddenly that the fire. A lot of times with waiter whose cars these are some of the matter of who had -- the fastest. You know or. A lot of -- is -- your company's policy ESP in the way our policies it's going to be very difficult for us to be part because. We have to actually write a story. Than it is the death they have to edit it and be ready to. Put it out on the web in the UK -- So a lot of other places you could just Tweety birds and it and write the story later. Our policies because they feel like that we don't wanna make a mistake you know what it would open up there have to you know take it back though. You know I used to -- -- -- leopard came in the business. It was it was really -- because if you have them -- -- newspaper that nobody else. Everybody had to buy your paper in the city you know you're the only one. If your purse with it moments it's all over again today and if people forget who even had those. I don't think it's that big of the deal. Particularly like if it is different rules for different companies though. I don't know if it'll ever go back but hopefully because it's kind of like the wild wild west -- -- -- out there. There's so much reported now that never would've made it into the newspapers. Years ago you know and a lot of off. As we've seen it go recently by. This is that different whereabouts. -- Christmas Day 24 hours ago -- them worked on this increasingly. We all of our hobbies on the side things are extracurricular activities -- would never want to get involved -- in this extraordinarily secular world that the NBA's. You instantly released Tuesday -- asking you know what he has my -- about it yeah it is occurs demand movement. If days and record different colleges separation and nurtured through guy and basically. -- the movie it's geared toward helping hand. Become all they can be through faith in Jesus Christ you know because. My belief and other members are beliefs. Is that. -- -- give your life to Jesus Christ of follow him your values and your morals change you know as lap with me in my life. 23 years ago. And it's maybe a better husband it's maybe you know -- to my wife has made the you know a better job there you know really value in enjoyed the it was much -- And now when we look at the problem that the body with the populous and 40%. Of Jews and Americans now more about father is African Americans even -- that he proper. This is even a lot of the violence that we see taking place. We are feeling is that if we can do it as a -- -- change a person's values. Through faith in the -- We can improve society. So that's really will return to. And we feel like -- strip the numbers you know if so which they get a lot of Brothers like. To come together. You know try to -- impact if cut most -- -- -- -- that's an aspect to your notes of support it one match here's the way and be inspired by. I give maxed out to a meeting. Yeah. I bring my ex wife who. -- offers a -- right.

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