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Friday, January 18th Whiner Line

Jan 18, 2013|

Patriots and Celtics and Bruins... OH MY!

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My view is excusing views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't like AT&T. -- -- -- The solution discretion and I still don't know -- -- Morris yeah and now -- -- your time. And we are in a protracted labor struggles. What is your opinion something we really ever got him remove. Serious and now on this so there's egos involved one. There's there's no other reason this is going -- WEEI. -- airline takes away from line. Itself -- there are people who is really struggled. The real thing is the only real struggles that dial 6177793535. With one -- right now. With -- Cleveland's. House of some people live through some wine airline people who work -- stadiums. Fans yes -- have gladly stand now on his recent. If we don't have -- watched how much you which we called -- by Thomas crown picks. If you take away WEEI. What do you think of how this -- helps the things you wind airline. That's the take away his game which they can possibly do on Sunday -- we suddenly it was more evil yet. So with me asks please please just researched. Lately here's where it's in the reaction -- about business world dance partner with Syria. Yeah -- and a government that that's what. Open becomes a Baltimore tradition. That every every year somebody is gonna have a good player -- -- everybody has to do. You gotta do. School and these lights are thought that was that was pretty up at the Denver man who made -- -- -- it and made a bet you didn't do that. He made a bet that he would do the -- and Broncos lost any what is it like an injury to. -- could be true. IDs is due to crime more if they we in this game or they lose if they -- -- more who cried a little cry my anyway you now -- they if they lose philosophical if you remember last year he'll be philosophical last year's last game yeah he was saying it's not -- he will Michael hit -- Who wins they win -- he's on his knees. The fifty yard. It was just a practice hey go -- -- decide the AT&T want to wake right now -- -- -- -- to the -- -- -- -- -- Nicole -- in -- -- 237. 9370 years nominee. She. -- -- But I do that if you don't -- don't -- After much control of the ditch him. -- played well I think that's a solo mom. -- obviously. -- and have been -- -- camera crew and equipment and. And then -- Here's the nomination and -- Well -- look at the bright side of the -- detailed story. At least he didn't suffer. And -- The Bob Herbert -- -- -- -- the other way to 37937. To vote for at least she didn't stop part. -- -- 7937. You have until we have today's one Alan -- -- 37937. Army -- receives a 100 dollar. American Express gift card also eligible for the winery the week grand prize at that a -- that one year of AT&T services include. -- the -- is now powered by AT&T forgy LT ESP. About ten times and it's hard to bleeping go faster than three GO EU AT&T rethink boss -- -- access program in treatment. And we. It's. -- But you. But. Yeah. And don't know. And I thought. -- It got me. We -- radio. It's awful. It is not into this big -- What's the -- of -- did you did you park to fit. It's it's. The yeah. And get back. That it -- And problems. And it. Take. Topic. A great thing you know you're -- -- is that you don't know yet what you mean -- and they only can't ever does he think he's worth a crap in other news I think there should be one of the week one of the week nominee next week about. Grant good job and curator -- that have a lot of ball great ball. And the men and that was the most used to sort of restore it and that. You know what the war crimes and it -- went -- strong message. Connecticut -- what good. And that message. And. -- in the last special. Before it died seven years old but the George -- but don't bet the whole web part because. Like it here by. Good. It's. That is all -- -- -- -- -- Particularly Garrett was the dominant. Question about it statement. And all this. It's. -- Tiger Woods it's. It and the people who did you know love to -- -- George Karl always such a funny maybe what he's made -- I agree I love them. Hey guys what's beyond it. The interview that that was part of the birds that live -- can't eat -- And -- an awful awful I'll -- that the second most popular. Anti. -- -- Is that we don't they man I've now I don't look at doing a pat and -- like at this. We're not really -- people -- that whole thing we can all agree that there's one thing has got a -- -- that contribute like block by block. And -- feel -- that established a meeting is still meeting and play out on Wednesday with the other anybody on this body that admitted to a yet. Not a limit to well a friend -- friend -- she that he confessed to her rise and that it was hand. And then it was his 'cause and there's a female friend. That group needs to get together and they need to work on for -- prime time special. Or an issue on TV picture metric to keep corporate three years it's sick but it takes to hell yeah they picked out there now takes a lot of time to. Really -- you know he's -- -- this bastard too bright if he's still the truth idiot -- and our phone calls with her special woman out there who knows what state. Eight or ten hours a day talking did not -- this -- Tickets -- -- -- to orbit the no matter -- okay oh my god what is this gonna stop. And end up. Have been subject Tripoli teams -- have an imaginary -- group for an Bobble head yes. -- yeah that's good thing right. -- -- What brand of cereal and I can't go particularly. And now is like a secret though. KG and Carmelo Anthony on the scene start start team that is off you know what I mean what does it mean though Honey Nut Cheerios and I mean if you. Look at that you don't that you know what it means any. Honey Nut -- Has nothing to do with -- -- check that out and urban dictionary. -- to go earlier and urban dictionary a lot. And Harry got to carry out. Urban dictionary com -- any kind of put the difference. In on the rumor the. -- -- I didn't have a good story. About this probably the golf ball or whatever as they did -- have -- -- -- question whether -- I don't a lot of guys. Oh that girl would agree is -- forty years I guess they always have a big old big pot. They beat up. Brother leader not. But it's a lot of damage to. Great accountability. -- -- about the ball and they only bad but there are a lot of guys like that. And don't -- and I don't allow above bribes. -- Did didn't say why did they didn't feel its way but bed -- -- -- on my. But. I'd do well -- about my bad bad scenario I don't know much. About what -- And just -- you got -- who. -- And now for an assembly that I'd say they'll pick up blacks hated enemy here in the pocket. You at all and also you can't help you don't that's -- Street during and you can't forget the favorite something about -- -- what -- of up by the virus Washington won't go. And that message. It's -- fall asleep together on the phone every night. Sure yeah -- fall asleep in the media and then you know what was what trust me just that she was long gone and actually plug and they are greater ten hours to play drafts of attack -- It. Well actually. Yeah. -- -- the people who were in the twelfth aren't. Going to be -- for other titles will go back. And naturally can't tool when your team is not play all regard yourself welcome -- a minute now we've done it went yankees from the Yankees lost. In the playoffs in the front of the Yankees have now we couldn't do. I did a better and how you want to read just 169 games not quite yet the time when he was doing -- to us. Because you. Make the play. Image and not be somebody I didn't I can't it independently hated him on the team just because I love the -- you can do that put if your team doesn't get to the playoffs you can't get close on a media team to team. This one's called. The town and what's this what's this for the parents and -- -- season I'll watch it on conservative Chinese -- Teams -- in full swing. The series goes beyond that. -- -- -- It's. A sister boom -- title -- Pretty good sharpton's -- god. -- -- -- On content of the parent I think the -- -- -- as a pet and I have a I don't know that it do so we'll have a real good that'll. And just let -- -- would look good doing. He would world it. -- -- -- It. -- didn't talk. I'm cute. Bay. And that message tomorrow maybe with yeah. Finally. But I am most exciting about what the bruins' opener on Saturday night. Read I -- court. Could correct. And now it is all worth about -- Douglas little while you know so he had no reason -- idiot Nokia -- audience of just about their just do enough to -- -- think he's been singing the anthem -- -- going around and I'll -- characters have you seen some of these guys in the golden FT probably put the product -- is hears things from there. -- Patent programming note I have this weekend you'll have to Conrad made a little -- That Hollywood great. We will do it made you have to grow up with any part market. For the -- type bridges and giving rise -- chemical units and Peter Gammons has stood up. And that message content as they can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All the very -- on -- -- -- quick -- down last night riveting interview between Oprah Winfrey and Bill Belichick. We are Texas. Right -- and not always. Coming. I'm not really view pulled -- the most. And everything opens -- -- -- -- And all of you -- Read what birds is it true. That forever but it probably before that but that's a that's what you think of those guys the great. It will under a public plan a you and I both. -- -- -- -- Plaque provoke thought things village airing an open giving her the finger at theatre equipment they're okay. We OK here that it. Well how all of it including -- -- you -- boat -- for the comments have quite a government Obama go. Important to look at maybe -- might yeah. -- And that. Plus every category. Well -- -- did you don't want to wait till it this way. That would BP's total landslide 83% seventy while not -- not surprised you gradually so. Our winner receives a 100 dollar merger plans are not even close from HTT eligible for the wider the year grand prize declined to price in the email. 21 of the week it WEEI dot com visual unlike brought to you by AT&T. Four GL TE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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