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CSNNE's Tom E. Curran: This defense is much improved from what took the field in last year's AFC Championship

Jan 18, 2013|

Who remembers Julien Edelman trying to cover Anquan Bolden as a defensive back in last year's AFC Championship? Tom E Curran, that's who. Tom tells us why things will be different on the defensive side of the ball this year.

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I -- that texting is -- given away and will inform the winner we're giving away your tickets to the FC championship game on Sunday night. Still the -- we got a -- tickets to the Bruins home opener morgue nine. Against the Rangers will give them awake at five. Money I'm cheating -- give you the exact five wanna. Right now it's time for us to talk to our guy -- current. From CSN any -- camps Albright do you buy time analysts -- doctor. That would be here doctor that his doctor Robert political 1800. Get here missed an -- we today. -- -- Music snobs and hate the doors I love and -- the doors -- the doors of the -- this is -- tell -- -- It was no -- that to a man right there that would see drum music error like that not to that has any relevant to all like Sean I think the doors are. -- -- -- OK art etc. so so what -- supporting the doors. Right but you're supporting the doors and ripping the music's announcement just before we talk about football to come whether music -- that haven't come across these now fortunately. What are these snobs say about the doors was wrong with the. Too much too much too much who -- against options too much keyboards and Jim Morrison had -- lyrics and you know. But they were at the I'm not sure he was a real stable individual -- If you -- there's certain guys that you say to yourself -- you saw the movie -- -- -- certain guys you say to yourself just like -- deal with it right I don't think Jim Morrison's one of those individuals. It would have a couple. Models chat that we -- so well do it why do you view here or here and so I did so without. And yeah we're gonna talk some football. -- but thanks for the music lesson. A -- change -- -- -- also the last couple days -- you seem to have that same opinion in the times of her UN and -- annual TV that that Michael ally out. That this is a pretty good matchup for the New England Patriots. Court no no no no no I haven't changed my mind actually you'll have become very. Keep your People's Court and -- the -- one -- -- people are in the sport currently part. It's a belt on and see what they talk about first class right yeah so that worked late BA FC championship game over. And you can't remember. Well it what was he would and it -- so much peace between has bought the ball district on that kickoff and I don't know what's good and Tom Brady trying to grow. -- should not to Matt Slater but that wasn't really necessary and oil peculiar settlement and to have that job on -- portable months thankfully. All of I mean. They need and so many things to go it was sort of stable people you're -- to -- here. They were lucky to be interpreted and they were -- our operator. -- -- it's well there there were lucky to be in the position they were in last year. They let it be in the position they were adapt to a kind of winding up the game -- Google let me. -- -- Well -- luxury did well but not really I am I guess candidate. The patriots did have three turnovers in the game anyway you mention what album OK obviously trying to hit. Matthew Slater not only try to Matthew Slater put it double coverage. -- -- -- of the game. I mean it was like six minutes left side of the last. Right try to get it. But this artist or turn -- ball over three times and and they won the games so maybe the patriots didn't deserve if you wanna go go that route maybe didn't deserve to be their -- Political wrap around on the Mike Agassi if you have three turtle who in the game by for a -- That was about it -- out of Iraq and I don't believe in almost wins and you know if it hadn't been for that or freeze if I had made the forgot that he missed the field goal. And you lost the game and it -- -- only lost by three. What are characteristic. OK a -- turnover on characteristic not say that fumbled kickoff return solely on character -- that that happen. But you know the Brady pick was moronic. And I would imagine that he wouldn't do that next week but you know what this week but of course the Super Bowl last year. Made a dumb throw down field reflect protect thought it was necessary. But that's who are yet but that's the thing -- I mean certainly Brady could go out have a bad play of game he said that playoff games in the past. What are the chances that's what you're looking at what are the chances of all of these things out. So we that's exactly what I what I guess I'm saying when we talk about what is encoders and who deserve to be there what should happen if people played to their general levels. On Sunday I don't think this is going to be a very close game the patriots and I think the truck -- vs PMP it will -- aspect of football game. I think the judgment the angels. As an opportunity here to spread them out if you -- last week simply afford to try almost the entire conflict reboot of -- all the time. And the -- Penelope that the other linebacker. And Denver doesn't have the arsenal the spread. And attack the same way short of merit on the -- -- said that Britain -- really -- That they don't they're great until we put it quicker and what -- Korean War. But Welker you know momentum and nice bat. But they're not brilliant. Accomplished as. -- Brooke you know. You know children. And -- running mostly gay joke worker artist so I get that -- awful awful -- -- As you mentioned Josh McDaniels with -- start thinking about Mitch Daniels coming here last year after. Leaving Saint Louis which brings me to Brian -- Ball. What is Brian Dave Ball doing. One of the patriots in 20. Oh when did the when did the border war. To use an old school patriots jets term when at the border war end to allow a Brian devolve back in the -- The first my eyes opened a little wide was when he joined the chiefs and the appeal in Romeo you know if opulent -- sign off on that given that he was partly went. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And others will go to New York in cart record people I think if you feel quicker and saying. That offensive -- That would actually -- -- -- that. Article where you know. -- am still curious to see -- -- Mangini. And Belichick. Will be on good terms in the future but I do remember it was -- -- me on Sunday we but we're also very Chinese food -- -- What you want but like I would assume that happens what you're sitting in rocky shoes. Exploding into the -- You operate basically the -- a -- -- the practice he's giving you know instructions to receivers in and you're trying to be. The lieutenant there in the office and help whoever -- I give us your predictions. -- 3413. 76 at halftime. And the recruits third fourth circular pistol think Baltimore is going to be able to -- cherry. You can look at -- generate. Economy to -- -- ought not feel that's not his way to operate the and I think the patriots are. I'm gonna make them look very old. I've heard before we let you go on like you haven't heard the doors until you've actually heard John Ryder. -- as strong. Rioters on the is strong. Enough to agree pitch into the US house -- moon perfect. Into this world worth throws. Thank you -- without a bowl and then -- rather moon. Riders on the still I -- divorce from was relieved. And got it. The world would you say -- that. Wrapped around OO. -- Right it does that night before I I tell me enjoy the -- -- such an extra help public before that what Monday. Is quick slant is quick slant is going to the Super Bowl the show superpowers of course travel. A whole global Thursday night for a long ago is everybody's delegate those aren't. What do you guys what are you guys got going on what -- got in store for next week's show and gonna Google+ here -- world that you don't know idea. It's actually could depend typically the things up I told they'll last night that we see you next week to turn previews Super Bowl -- -- might have Mike Florio -- -- that. -- -- I don't know you never know cloture vote to -- just drive around that tiny little car -- he had this. She went to a partial first. And and we run that Tommy over at the Dunkin' Donuts and ego trip to stay -- you guys that are. Now doing that's refills and yeah that's what he felt that's what he -- him. What he's going to. I Italian -- a week embody. The bottom cover right here in the election.

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