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Patriot LB Jerod Mayo with the Big Show

Jan 18, 2013|

We check in with Jerod a couple of days before the AFC Championship.

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-- the -- here in the article thank you thank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You have your -- through -- -- -- and this guy. I know it though. Good fever blister to get a better. Are quickly get to the -- at -- Presented by SB LY the no nonsense life insurance out. Obviously in sixteen. Offering no lower rates for men and women call 88 get -- -- or visit SB -- dot com. For your frequent targeting could take care of your ready for the game all right. -- I guess you know we waste our time talking and x.s and over this guy I was redundant about blisters. You know. I don't think you know the best. Interview stuff like this on the -- -- her this week is make a promise by slight -- likes to sit there admitting to the media. But he played like god bleep but the first and they played Baltimore in -- they'll scream and Rebecca Perl. Well there's loads you know they're -- I wake me ask -- a good wake a lot of times you guys on Monday we'll tell us. And we had a bad week of practice -- it shows -- to -- or you say you had a great week of practice and it converted on the field. There are -- you do sometimes you guys do that when you know you play well on Sundays they may and we can we could field. We we have a great week of practice. I mean you know I think we came out focused and ready to go this week you know we really changed it's the page bat. You know at that Houston game. And got a refocus and powdered obviously there. They're like bear air and float -- now as compared to float and in fact there's a -- things for the most part out and tried hard and is suggests. I had to tell hi guys talk about problems that happen on the field and editors of the reason I ask that question I saw I think it was Houston's last touchdown. On Sunday are you had a discussion and animated discussion with spikes on the field maybe you thought he should of -- up and he thought he should be doing something whatever. But it was late in the game when you when you wanna correct do you go back in the meeting room and you talk about that or do you move on from it. And say are the play happened. We gotta go gotta go on to the next. What Eric and yet you talk about that you see in the pictures you happened to hit the ball quickly and again that he can't of that one play. I'm snowball into a group of that play each other change the -- of that and make sure it doesn't happen again. Let you know when you get an arm around you see exactly happy you know fictional show you. You know at the plate and obviously this still shot so you see you can kind of see who would happen next but you really don't know produces videos by. And you can it on the radio you handle that and each -- suggests. What would you say it was it just the communication error. Moderate sure. I don't remember replaces -- -- Foster so focused so focus somewhat yeah right that's good. Doubt it was I think it was foster's touchdowns. Yeah I'm sure showed up for sure my -- you know and I didn't want case. A big offensive line for Baltimore but how much have they changed now with Bryant McKinnie. At the left tackle and moving toward the right -- seen the difference is certainly their protection looks a lot better since they made that move. Yeah they're they're both very versatile -- that both played I think play inside you know sometimes you can rely on -- earlier in the season Amanda's at least advance. -- -- a lot they're thankful -- -- different options they're moving around well you know look at the bigger picture floating about 12 level first public. Figure removed people -- also going to be overall. Challenge slipped to get pressure on the quarterback. How difficult is it to find Ray Rice and that he does that little cut -- stuff stutter step -- you've got big -- trees. They can hide him a little but he's got a small. Yeah it -- is -- habit and I'm powerful. Military county. And I popped up my little bit off until I'm yet to have your knees and ready to -- -- as airliner over marriage. Think what do you think you really got it in terms of understand what the playoffs were about me your first year and it in the league that didn't make you make the playoffs you know eleven and five Goodyear no playoff 2009 it went out game two ended when a playoff game. And you've won last year was it. Last year that you figured it out or -- to figure out a long time before then that this is what this is the type of effort we need to win playoff game. -- obviously like you say my playoff career starter off the hook -- You know British prime time you know the coaches tell you we have a lot of absolutely. While not a playoff games and I hear they're kind of in the you know how the playoff atmosphere and how the speed of the game actually takes to step. In and should battalion of the game changes. It's no different issues. There's a quarterback who likes that's body gets into it feels very comfortable when he gets back there. Is it important to put pressure on -- specially. When they rely so much of the deep passing game that you just can't give them the time how important is that is that pressure on. Aren't very important note here the strong -- wanna look accurate Maualuga relax party -- a little above not to conduct them feel so. Accurate stature of that -- yacht that's very you know the government anymore because what happens -- He'll move around in the pocket as well and and me it's free he's able to throw bought eighty yards downfield receivers are so fast. They're able to run -- -- and it's also voted to -- -- to the whistle blows and try to get him out just. -- already moving guys more on your defense of wind -- you did earlier in the season. You know. I'm not sure I probably am you know outside group you know we're trying to do different things each and every week the church and at least secure you know to give up. So potent offenses problems. Try to do different things that we would -- finally getting the same group of guys out -- agent that we -- air force. Different are they in terms of what they're trying to do. In the team you faced last year. Alter that that you are two totally different thing you know we haven't. We haven't really talked about the game from potential -- -- religious. But fox and on their cameo like you look back and we you know that we -- we Portland might let you look at that game and Andy are two totally different thing now as well. So you can't -- too much from the -- -- the task that is the completely separate game and they're gonna come here ready to play football recruit quarterbacks you. -- -- so much time this week talking about the deep passing game and rightfully so based on what we saw in Denver talking about keeping the safeties back. To help. If that is the case and that's what you do how important is it. That the linebackers take care of the middle of the field were Dennis but it has been very very productive. Yet he's been very productive on all over here you know especially in the red area and you know vitriol but you know. As far as -- can -- I always say you know it takes eleven guys to -- dispute that has defense and it Casey got that Flanagan freshman quarterback occasional -- -- to being able to you know on the middle of the share our art cover your Mac -- retired career tackle older responsibilities and what he says. If size Firefox little doubt in the back and over the top of everything and -- -- sometimes you know. If separate backers so -- As they make a mistake to go -- -- -- that it would make a mistake Angela -- level on our. You know your to have another layer of god I'm so itself but at the -- -- that they love me do. Housing got a 630 game on Sunday a lot of fans who have called and said you know this is gonna drive you crazy waiting until 630 on Sunday. As far as you playing in the game when they use today. All right I've done all the preparation. I'm gonna do now is just time to play it would indeed is there a point we just stopped preparing and say okay. Down to go what time is it will win does that happen. Forward forward go out to be you know almost. -- And I hit a home and I made little -- to round. A couple of plays you know I don't see some of the -- and things like that. -- Glasgow before we go out on the fear it just give a moderate. I like that mature she's the Colbert just to direct their platform on the field so it's fresh and I'm. -- -- that we changed the night before that and -- SI think the preparation that weren't enough to let templates. Talking about the film stuff going into the season I think we all know Vince Wilfork was a great player. I think during the course of the season he gained even a big bigger appreciation. For what he does and I want you to describe -- makers in the old days in the 34 you know he was knows he was gonna stay there and Gasquet should be on Matt -- Now he'll be move it around to different spot spared depending on whether it's a running play whether it's passing play or whatever but no matter. They know where he is eventually. And get what does that do for you the linebackers. With him in front -- -- what does that open up for you. Well obviously he knows our long personal blog you know date that was very athletic. He's a rundown placed on the -- -- nutritionally there. Tail and immediately called a lot of Havoc in the action -- maybe next. Sometimes to make the running back you know or separate some particular given the linebackers that extra. Secretary diagnosed the play in the locker and play football so its seventh great year not love I love when the economy obviously. And I think it is -- -- -- mean we get to the point now where you're almost like fish. And that you know you they go in the same way that you know exactly you Google office -- appear you know exactly where he's going to be in what's gonna happen. Iron and you know Everglades is the model consistency. He's always on the right thing and I'll let you talk about. How big he is you know how how strong immediate and direct their attention this a Smart player you know sometimes -- I'm good communication not backing he'll -- Leo good to go out front right so it's always good to have not therein I think there's. I think it's well -- Smart Tuesday you know often overlooked when Mac app by the got -- -- Let's go have a great game on Sunday were talking and actually our senior editor Jerod Mayo presented by SP alive the no nonsense like insurance company. Now offering new low rates for men and women call 88 it SP -- or visit. SP allied dot -- reports on our conversation with Iran has also brought you by KM francs in sausages. Sam Adams Boston lager and Boston Lazar he's -- very the wells sponsored. Well endorsed young man that was not long ago people were talking about. Not as being any better than Vince will work over you find any video that was that right now -- a cent a share of bumps and in Bruce's during the course of the season. But it's possible that it really is amazing and I etiquette it's it's all lumped into a few years ago when the play in the 34. He's basically Seattle visit to give up guy in the middle that your job linebackers in Asia and they're gonna get most of the production I think people edit the difficulty was cents. Just the rotten numbers there you know with baseball or even in -- with. You know defense of and that's it's the masses a lot of sections that. It's at least he's disruptive. Vince is the most disruptive players they have on the defense of sensible one of the most disruptive Italy to -- this past. Everett -- people and have trouble this year as he made he was all pro not probable but comparable but all probe which is a little more exclusive. And the numbers if you just look at the numbers now like they blow you away. Everybody looked at the performance the production there's -- -- what the numbers -- one of the best guys football so he was rewarded this year. Even on the numbers that are. Modest compared to some other it was about them they got drivers. Totally irrelevant you -- what -- -- for people who lose it causes some problems vision thing about it you'll see it sometimes UB lined up right there went with Matt -- and he'll be on guns outside shoulder he'll move a round. They'll move a lofted a tackle built into the strong side where they're running it's it's amazing they'll move right to the point of attack. But he was really a stationary player here few years ago. He played what 60% of the plays 55% of the few years ago now he's virtually every single. -- we are back to your phone calls coming up next election.

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