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ESPN's Chris Mortensen: Ravens will ride momentum to win over Patriots

Jan 18, 2013|

Chris Mortensen of ESPN joins us and picks against the Patriots. Mort believes energy and momentum is on the Ravens side. We discuss that, plus the NFC Championship game and the NFL coaching changes.

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I -- it gives up texting right now for the Bruins tickets you will be notified if you -- the -- will give another pair of tickets to opening night. Bruins and Rangers tomorrow night at the guard will give more weight at twenty. And sometime between -- six will give away a -- tickets to Sunday night's AFC championship game between. The patriots and the Baltimore Ravens sparkle but more about that right now with a -- Chris -- some from ESP. Chris I don't tonight. It guess Arlen and thank you for the Springsteen has time as these non. One week's ranking as well. Just we just wanna keep it solid you can you can you can -- did you request a week at a time Chris I would play -- they -- -- Everything you want what's up next week let's. It out of the way right now you and they're obviously. Memorex also part of beg you won't go to find maybe a Republican John -- or something like yeah. Ago. I'd -- Charlotte the senate and the NFL picks -- like Baltimore this week why -- -- to show. Hillary's I -- the guy that we're connected narrative make it interesting. Because I accepted that it would but I do I -- you know what I'm gonna pick the Super Bowl that nobody wants the ravens vs the falcons should. So that's what I did. Zealous religious. So I think that the ravens match up well I think that the ravens. Have some. Energy momentum going in here and they have. Now let's just look greatly respect the service started getting healthier. You know that win over the giants you know that it was it was a big momentum builder all the students to a sudden you get stronger with that partially torn biceps. Loading -- you know getting better Paul Kruger. You know is is is getting better and an opposite I think Joseph Flacco was just the dangerous in the playoffs he's dangerous with. Any conditions -- no -- whether socially fairly -- but the others when he's going to be effective in the land because it is our power and and -- right there -- -- -- lines better I mean Brad McKinney also this planet a pro ball. How does that happen I was at that they -- Bryant McKinnie who couldn't get off the bench. Move into the left tackle spot suddenly they've shored up bowler offensive. You know that is because of an injury guard that they had to make -- nobody on my understanding that Bryant McKinnie was a guy who just. It languished -- he was doing scout -- -- would have been very impressed about helping until they got two little. Not confrontation with John Harbaugh of the Disco like me off I'll I'll play in these and we British Open scout team -- season -- I didn't wanna hurt peace there are very anybody in these two were even hurt you. You need to do whatever you can't get back up there also hadn't started been more dominated them practice and kind of got hungry in months while these guys wake up. How -- big race planet right now Lewis. OK you know lamented that didn't that this statistical numbers aren't as good as the actual play a mean you know he's he's obviously getting credit with a lot of tackles and he did show up. You know -- did show up at the point there but. The last time last year when completed test and success running the broad against the ravens have the right at great. And I think I wouldn't be surprised they they try to similar. As -- Clinton and on the other races excesses he was sideline to sideline he certainly is not that you know he's he's not he's not the very loose it's going to be -- -- fame he's still very loose. Are are they a better team. At times when he's out on the field -- would you go that far. Yeah -- for this reason I think he gets some wind up right people always wonder what that means just. He recognizes things to make sure his guys are lined up right for the most part so. I would say they probably are better team. But it self defense gonna give up points they're gonna give appoints the pages is no question about that just a matter whether they can create that turn over to. And that -- -- and hit on non Tom Brady. -- did show me an awful lot the last couple weeks but the one thing I keep on going back to the event in seventh place. In each of the last two games they're going up against a real hurry up offense that might have been no huddle last week in Denver. But get all that Manning is there for half an hour at the line of scrimmage that allows you to get into your your your proper separate. How -- they do that how did they survive. Sixty minutes of this in the -- that the patriots throw it. Well you know whether they told me that we are very good game condition right now because they've been on the field so much. Is that do we think -- -- they're they're they're football condition has improved. And they're good enough recovery time during the week and artists say they're gonna give up points. I mean in this as a matter of well we're gonna end up with a game that we had during pregnancy or was scored 3130 year whatever was exactly what they were gonna Hannibal the game like that and is gonna come down probably come down to a kick. As do we do not only just to talk to the practice -- like he did last week. For the ravens but I I think that's what this game's coming down -- I do not expect. The patriots. To score. Point to point to point three point like certain via net thirty range. Let me ask you about last week before we go on and it's not what the 49ers and falcons that last week for. A couple of reasons one. Broncos ravens in Denver. And after the game there are a lot of stats about Peyton Manning and what he's done in the playoffs and some of his failures in the playoffs. If you look at Peyton Manning right now maybe he's got two good years left maybe he's got five good years left. You look at him now do you consider him. The greatest quarterback of all time or do you factor in the playoff failures and say well he's in the top five but a -- market down because of the playoff disappointments. Yeah I think you I think he gets marked out of the playoff failures even though they're not all on -- and sit there and say. You know Europe 35 point seven. With thirty seconds left and Joseph Flacco threw -- seven yard touchdown pass them up -- net on him that. No I'm not I basically the policy never to declare some of the greatest ever mean. A fairly comfortable named Jerry Rice two greatest receiver ever -- I've never on the quarterbacks declared one guy I've never declared Joseph Montana. The greatest quarterback ever you know -- I've actually toward John Elway because and I have certain set of requirements -- in the -- place. Could you played in any era. And any climate in any system. And and I think that the Novell like always met that and I think Tom Brady meet their criteria to -- -- -- situations in NFL draft for -- Guys like you -- talked about players who we've had brushes with the law some of them have been even worse than that you've talked about general managers at. How they view the value of that player whether that player drops. Meant tiger tale has done something that. I don't think I've ever seen before in sports how what are you hearing from guys that you're talking about general managers personnel guys well holiday viewing this. You're saying something he's done some we've never heard before we don't all the fact right. So nobody but he's been involved in something you know whether he's a victim or or partial victim. We've never heard it. But you know excuse -- for second. But either way. He's either -- -- or he's been duped right I mean either way. Mean you know some evidence some personal people who -- take -- seriously city at all one look at it as it is if this were my 22 year old son it is a different culture. You know when you -- there are people meeting more people online they have these on my relationships. So you know I want understanding go to wanna have some empathy there's others that would joke Zelaya Mormon -- -- -- wonder who attest. And and certainly on a more serious note they do you want to the psychological profiles he is psychological tests that they give these guys are pretty high and you know you talk about a guy who's physically very good player who -- off the charts intangibles now also New York jerk off the -- intangibles are coming under question. And you know. It's just so there's a wide range of abuse and yet there was a wide range of views as to where he was going to be drafted he was like who's going to be a top five pick anyway. So we know -- -- hear more about this is legal for both. From his side of it both from the NFL side that now they perceive it that's one person -- -- of those short time ago you know I don't know they'll ever be a leader in the in the locker room because you'll be a marked commander. Many jokes and pranks and -- two -- and he turned out to be a dominant player. He'll overcome -- part of the. So basic as it could be it could be one or the he could be great manipulator. And so all of this up for his in his own. You know publicity or too -- to -- that night if I would agree now don't -- it could be he could be so I leave. That you went along with this for three years that. It's crazy blystone has off the charts intangibles but I ask -- -- Eric -- broke up for whatever reason. You looked -- -- -- this way he. He has set himself up for a lot of late night talk show jokes and -- pretty good stretch here. I can't wait did I can't wait to see you tomorrow -- Saturday Night Live got to supplement this don't. Think they're gonna do I mean. And then the other thing is is that notes as a matter of it is no he didn't have a great game itself -- -- wonder was distraction how long it is gonna remain a distraction. And I think the sooner you get to draft its routine the better off will be no matter where he's taken and I still expect mutate and in the first round. No but back to last week one more time with the 181 yards rushing from Colin Capra nick. I did he surprise you last week in the 49ers surprise you and any any kind of way. Well -- work cabinet impressed me and surprised me the most was with this passing. You know that was that was some -- that -- consistently at a level we hadn't quite seen from him. And needles some of his road games have not been like you know you're good team on the road and -- he gets some good moments that you get some -- games where. So even if the rams lose 1613 -- also in the clock management has been good the crowd north Spector comes in the play. You know he's not consistent on the ball and then if that's the -- -- critic -- as the falcons which I think we'll see more that than we did last week. Then -- should be crawls the that the thing -- the 49ers it's called cap and it's gonna play like pebble passing. In running we are forty we -- we probably forget they already have. The best one design. Schemes and in the NFL the most physical offensive line. In the NFL -- not to mention the tight -- play Andy and there but they require from the receivers blocking downfield. So you know I mean it's it's topping the stop but can't predict has not been. Week in week out consistently as -- like he was last week against the Packers. Well to tell about all the attributes of the 49ers then how did the falcons. Beat the 49ers in an advanced New Orleans. Well they can't -- to be more being consistent guy. And then there often to you know I think can put a lot of points on the board as they -- they can block of the front seven then I think they. They have a lot of weapons that will score points in the passing game that's that's our I think they beat him. -- -- Good stuff we'll talk to actually get a good one yarder -- Christian center for ESPN Arabic.

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