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Dennis Seidenberg, Bruins D, on beginning the NHL season

Jan 18, 2013|

Seidenberg joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the lockout, being paired with Dougie Hamilton, and the start of the season.

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A huge sports weekend here in Boston -- -- ID three point seven. WE EID kicks off. With the Bruins and Rangers tomorrow night finally hockey season is upon us and joining us on the AT the outline. Bruins defenseman Dennis Seidenberg K Dennis -- Lou how are you. Good and appreciate taken a few minutes as you're playing in Mannheim in Germany over the course last couple months was there ever a point. Where you thought you might not be back in the NHL this year the might miss the entire season with a -- now. I never really I mean. Emotional roller coaster you that policy countryside just sort of playing. You're excited to go on but the -- crest again you all about discipline and and I don't think it should have that happen but never really lost my -- Thank god they got we don't. -- lot of guys played overseas is that while it's still pretty good gave them -- in return home in the mid nineteen he played for but three years the exit at the plate with your Brothers well must've been. And I six bears that while you're dealing with this -- Well took in billions and four let's overseas so expect some because there. At view. To get bored of it is just. Getting -- -- one bullet so being able to they over the like so my brother. Well -- good experience good way to stay busy. And the they just did some sort of part of. You said he never got to two concern kind of up and down roller coaster. I'm curious how did you follow that Dennis did was it every day was every couple days how much we watching the negotiations between the players and the owners. Well it looks can regale as -- online albeit the united. Could go back and -- protect our -- pretty smooth movement. Until 2000. I never really happened so really frustrating. The -- -- and -- not today and I'm not. And -- Yes that book fall guys I think over their playing overseas during this thing you see a big difference in those guys both the guys maybe didn't play the last two or three months here in his first week. No honest I mean yeah the guys is that they -- since they kept them so that it. But I guess only concern telling me they're playing on first regular season -- but -- you maybe you any different but. I think -- team everybody in the country it's a look looks Brazil. Doctor Dennis Seidenberg bruins' offense in the open up Saturday night against the Rangers. When did you find out that DB paired alongside Doug Hamilton in an offensive pair. That there's. And look them in the last filed first time so what triggered this again. Are built to play it with a guy like such it's tough on them throughout and let's do it -- Agreed to let the biggest. -- is -- that because he got one it is -- so. Nineteen year old kid in this league and Syria playing alongside veteran. There's got to be something to write just the mentality of of that in the grueling things not just the physical side of but the mental side approaching this level at that age. -- in the biggest. Coming into the nineteen year old. It's to just consistency got to bring Libya began to play every bit. So be it will be challenged investment. Is equipped enough and the good enough to two -- -- schedule. I'm not going to try to help them not the end thank can't. How much of a mentor role that is do you feel like you have to play -- along such a a young guy the Bruins fans the organization. Haven't talking about for a long time excited to see him up with the Bruins this year. I'm not a lot -- mean his shoes -- -- remotely with a million. An exhibition in the end. In many little things here and they get on the trip most bodies -- that I'm very content. And still loose delighted that I'm guilty to find them. You know -- -- -- days a week for you guys just and it's not much movement released a couple of guys in out of this liable for the most part this is the team you've played with now the last few years. Yeah he's got this event three we the quote good group says the group organized. Lou as you know we used to telescope. That. That was something we cannot rely on them we know which other regionals. How we quickly on the some so period -- from what -- -- -- -- not today I'm not sure. What do you expect the hockey to look like Dennis in the first let's -- month this guys that didn't play in Europe for trying to get there. Legs back what all that look like you think. I'm not sure it's not -- them I mean our team even the guys president Richard so. I expect -- against India are below Sheila jumped. And means for the agencies and so everybody is gonna go to much higher because that was their only advantage institute. You know together to -- also be very intense. No because who. Last one for me. Three games a week basically -- the next 1213. Fourteen weeks he'll be like that schedule how many games. Yeah me and then you're gonna time banquet I get the good thing that the back here and -- an -- that. I'm not -- Play another -- so. Just pretty much eat sleep and I am wrong. And his hockey would Sumitomo has -- very good rhythm. Oaxley. You get a win here. Breathe and sleep hockey and Lotta -- Bruins fans Dennis are thrilled that they get to do that this year -- the watch you play. Beating tomorrow night he's Dennis Seidenberg the bruins' Dennis appreciate it best luck this year. Dennis Seidenberg joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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