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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com: discusses the latest Patriots news

Jan 18, 2013|

Mike Reiss joins Mut and Merloni to update on injuries, talk about the running back situation, and the Patriots defense.

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Final hour much elude ID three point seven WEEI get except for the AFC championship game. That includes the patriots town fair tire present on a roll. And Shane Vereen is rolling -- three touchdown performance made him just the third player post season history. To score two touchdowns receiving and one rushing in the same game. On a -- is brought you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody doesn't like town fair tire nobody. He's Mike recent ESPN boston.com. Is in the patriots beat he joins us. It's patriots get ready for one more is -- a full practice today -- 130 today is that the plan. There actually practicing right now and the product that you don't around 130 somebody in the belief that it sort of like this special teams clean up the heat and anything that came up over the last couple days that maybe they didn't like they -- take a closer look at. Sort of more of the brush up -- for the week here. Let's get the bumps and bruises out of the way Danny wood head Chandler Jones what do we hear about both those guys. Well would head Lou had full participation in Thursday's practice pretty good sign it will be ready to go I did think it was notable. I'm you know that all the players had full participation. Outside. Of Chandler Jones and I believe that he leaves look into the crystal ball. I would not be surprised if he is not ready. To go in the game and and there are some management element here because maybe he -- be ready. Or or at a better level of play when you look -- -- -- February 3 in the Super Bowl so. I think that's the one I would look at closely and say I wouldn't be shocked if he's not out on the. Our -- with the game -- green head last week you know and he knew it had full participation. Did try to get other ways of getting -- into this action or -- leapfrogged would head and take that kind of role. -- -- Think it's it's the question is is how effective it would hit with some injury and you look at what she does best -- patriots. It's catch a football and that helps protect. So I mean how much the -- I'm limit him and it limits them in any form I'd say absolutely. You turn of marine and Brett. But regardless I quite a -- after the the September 23 game and the patriots played the ravens -- pellet or -- hit game. He played well you articulate it into the eighty else. They really wanted to go -- you they're actually Barack. I'm more than Steven Ridley -- one of the polish. Totals in that scheme that I have to project I think it'll be -- and you can distribution that -- around with the wood hit a -- question all coming back. Two wickets on the back to the. Orszag -- back to Chandler Jones -- I know there is depth there Mike and European if he doesn't go in this game. According guys that are gonna eventually get those snaps and has it changed big picture what the patriots -- defensively on Sunday. That this whole picture mutt is clouded by the -- -- suspension from Germany Connie because if you didn't have that. According suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy you would have been the answer. Because he was a -- Over the course of the year end and they have been the guy that initially turned to when Chandler Jones got injured during the regular season so. But since he come back from suspension he'd been leap -- I would create and Justin Francis so now I think about it okay AFC championship game a win or go home. I think gain. And he really gonna go adjustment -- as a rookie free agent who is clearly been rightly or the last few weeks or did they go back. To the player they initially would return to Jermaine Cunningham a prior that's suspensions I think that -- end -- -- a sort of laid it out there if I had against. I'm demonstrate interest because he with a guy that when -- win. -- where are the game against the Texans last Sunday it would Francis got the majority of the. It's got a high motor I love watch him chase down quarterbacks like but that's personnel from me skiing standpoint. It's so late in the year this wouldn't change you know from schematic than what they might do they just plug somebody in a -- defense correct. I would say absolutely correct you can only take a look at is ready Jones is in there they usually -- Yanukovich. From leapt -- attention and the right defensive end and whoever they put -- will be on the let so wanna talk about specific matchup in this game. Now all of a sudden it becomes -- Yanukovich. -- -- Bryant McKinnie match up on that side and Mickey the big offensive tackle -- and made it into the biggest jolt. And then on the other side you're going against Michael Morse look at past me and dynamic changed here. Michael all the talk this week about the deep threat of Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones and have safeties and getting back and everything else. How much pressures and the linebackers to have a big game with the underneath stuff for the -- like -- and even Ray Rice out of the backfield. I think that's certainly part of the great -- on the -- Korolev of where the stress comes extensively. Probably gonna go see you back up a lot of the time to protect against the big place. So the front seven are gonna have much help from the -- position and certainly you look at the patriots linebacker in coverage -- -- you like your matchup with Jerod -- the questions probably come morbid. I challenged by Stuart who growing. Optimal coverage perspective and I think that's probably true -- the the ball to Lucy look at its. -- at bat since I need. Against the ravens linebackers probably favors you know the patriots -- that matchup as well so I think that's desolate area a lot. Well but at the back and I I think and lose but make linebacker play all day to me it starts with. You know what the heck you doing in that back into the defensive secondary and to stop Torrey Smith. What would you do Mike would you put Aqib Talib on Torrey Smith would you put -- -- -- bold and maybe double Torrey Smith over the course that came to avoid the over the top stuff. I think and what I would actually here on the so much late last week. Believe all Andre Johnson all over the I think part of the reason that they did that for most of the game at sites artwork that. One it's beyond reach out and actors you that that -- able level the Torre's bench. Is that the higher the level and to do the second option on the text me you know Kevin Walter Lester -- I think back to big drop -- so. I think what factored into the decision they have to lead followed Johnson I don't see. Then you're at a I have to project technical -- but just like. And keep to leave it but -- quarterback side you know. When Flacco like the real key that tendency to -- seekers going to that defects that match I lot goes right. So why not just leave them there late to the percentages. And and just sort of let you -- -- the ball. It was -- and we looked at Brandon Lloyd season and we look at the five of his best games they've come against. The more physical the better defense is in this league wish -- maybe these teams there are Smart today politically welcome to -- other options make Brandon -- beat us. With that said again and big game against. Baltimore last tablet Gary Williams you expected big game from him as well this week. It is gonna harp duke -- because you couldn't sell and shoot their arms. I -- even defensive coordinator he's he's hurt our -- played it here look like a pretty heavy focus on. Taking a wait gronkowski but the -- only had two catches in that game three total target. It's basically told Tom Brady OK they're they're focusing their attention there I got to go to the outside parts of the -- and that's where Raymond Floyd. Really has come into play for the patriots and and I indigenous similar scenario that -- But justice -- -- -- her Welker try to focus a lot of your attention air through the ravens. It's great to go to with other wept Lee Boyd who man and and you know you -- you can develop from there. Like -- ES PM boston.com is joining us she started talking about Friday practice about special teams. As a -- all talk about keeping the ball away from Jacoby Jones after -- average the highest return average of any kick return guy in the league during the regular season. And it didn't look out due to field a kick it to the end zone of course that's hard to do much this time of year the winner gets a little bit cooler. I think the one but I'm not notice that the he's from this week -- clearly quality or performance in the patriots aren't kick our coverage against the Texans. I thought you know Belichick's response and if you look over the course of the year that's been and the area of strength. For the patriots and and and that it's sort of a blip on the radar so. Some aren't -- can become a bigger issue and you know and he got sort of get it back to what it once was a much sense. Is that Belichick looks at that it may be the exception here more than the rule. We on this show we talked a lot about them attacking the middle the defense with the the passing game and attacking those linebackers. I saw that you wrote about establishing the run early. Do you think that's an important part of what they do Sundays committing to the -- -- staff. And and that in the recent arrivals -- come -- without a production -- timber twenty if -- game that they needed a little harder to themselves. And it had to be at and look at the Russian number I think they averaged 2.3. Yards per carry. In that game and acting is like thirty or Russia which high total -- got -- rushing average and I think. He's a patriot offense is that it's best when they get -- running game going early it's that's that's up from both. Chat. For our -- you know sports Tom Brady when they wanna step on the gas pedal and really let it rip and and so to me that's why publish your run early opens up other -- -- Nelson. But -- pressure -- a guy and Joseph Flacco they really do that much in weeks three we've seen this team sort of -- one week motion to have more in the second half do you think that they go after Joseph Flacco sort of sit back and just wait for him to make mistake. I think people are trying to go a little and the way to -- it is it is. You know Ahmed interior part of the defense -- Barnes Flacco not really -- scrambling. Think the quarterback what -- sort of sit back there and if they can a lot a lot of terms under structure with him. It's just sort of picking them will be eat a little bit and getting a marked -- And and sourcing like interior ruptures like -- will or -- I think you probably haven't talked a lot of appeared brilliant rhetoric. Who is set really emerged as a starter next to -- -- overtaking Kyle Love. Has been playing well I think it's like that and also when they go to their sub package and they use that defense event. Interior ruptured the role restart Jermaine Cunningham adopt earlier in the year. Recently just -- switch has to be a little bit of that and I think the pressure from in the more so. And off the -- isn't it sort of the key when you're going up against a quarterback -- lack. You pick the patriots in a field goal game on ESPN boston.com. Ordeal -- In the other game the road dog I -- -- in separate Cisco go to Milan in the NFC Mike. Yeah so so my my heart would like to go but -- cities you know some patriots tied down there with their general manager Thomas in the trop and and from a personal perspective madam about to see his team take that next step in and get to the global. But after watching the 49ers up here and that's impressive performance that they had against the patriots and and watching him against attackers hit it hard for me. To pick against them in your game so I gotta lean towards the 49ers would -- it. Great stuff I'm Mike appreciate the breakdown of this game enjoy it Sunday won -- best robberies and football like Greece ESPN Boston doc now thanks Mike. Now Mike -- joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTD. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible would get a 92 break come back it to -- over under for the weekend with the Bruins opening up. On sun on Saturday night against the Rangers Nixon a -- brought defenseman Dennis Seidenberg would join us in ten minutes.

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