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Peter King, SI, on the AFC Championship

Jan 18, 2013|

King joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the play of Joe Flacco, the career of Ray Lewis, the Patriots offense, and the NFC Championship.

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Is staple of our picture Friday is all year Butler and 93 point seven WEP got a great Peter King Sports Illustrated. NBC. News joins us every week at this time what he joins us. He sponsored by town fair tire likable attractive corporation. And by drama hill -- Championship weekend Peter and the patriots. Are back get it I guess we shouldn't be surprised we get patriots ravens which. Back to back match ups of the -- same teams in the AFC does not happen a lot nobody get the same two teams AFC championship games back to back years. I mean it hasn't happened since it's I think Steelers and -- orders. Like 33. Years ago. And and I think I -- it you know at saint site. Beauty you know two years in arrow. And I just hope. That this game and it is good it gains in recent history at their last three meetings. New England to Baltimore won last three meetings. New England 76. Baltimore 71. And -- thank -- sterling order bat the ball a lot of I have Lee Evans Iranians that 7876. -- Baltimore 21 so just you know a little craziness but. I mean I've I've I've got a kick out of those -- -- and it might be unit until I happening what happened in the game but. I think this has. Two minute warning fourth quarter. Ballgame in the balance were all. It's amazing because the patriot you know -- lots of the haters you know it's our web won -- Super Bowl and spy -- to bring everything up at Dartmouth pump operating now who's played in. You know I know it's in his career as far as every starting quarterback for eleven years seven AFC title game and Bill Belichick you know the same it's. It's amazing the consistency -- these desperate. And the consistency to that Jim Harbaugh I heard John Harbaugh brings on the other side. Because I mean five years as coach at a ravens. By the year in the playoffs five years winning at least one playoff games so both sides. Mean weaker at two most consistent. Teams. You know in recent AFC playoff history -- -- -- that they meet and you know look. You know the patriots have been so good in the championship games so. Consistent and it's aren't going to be -- mistake that's gonna beat them if its history as a judge it's going to be very even playing well they went. Peter your lengthy piece -- a good piece on Joseph Flacco this week off his effort on the road to Denver. You believe that Joseph Flacco. Is now in that upper Echelon of quarterbacks in the National Football League. Well but what I believe it is set. He has eight superb. And I don't want to say here that that's the wrong word because now quarterback goes out quaking at. -- I just think they're very good the ball for our. And throwing the ball flights at Torrey Smith and wants to Jacoby Jones. Six days ago. Eighties is YE. The ravens won that game. Mean he doesn't take chances downfield. They're sitting home right now and it's -- -- or play it in Europe's and they. Soul I mean we talk about players. Go to Lee who's not a -- I don't believe it at all I know is that. In this game. I don't think Joseph -- ever could have the kind of great completion percentage. Or anything like that it's gonna make him a one of the top rated quarterbacks. But I yeah I believe that each team is always going to have a chance. For very simple reason. That she uses. EEE. Each -- About what the ball deep. And he's the best people or both foreign. And -- each evening and it felt it here so I think it's gonna be a big. You know it that the patriots so there is really going to have a lot to do its. Where -- Milan. I -- of the future of of a Flacco Baltimore we look at. It John's brother and since spring at a guy and Alex Smith but there was that that something else right call -- -- predict trying to look at Flacco and say well he's he's good but is there something else. Does this playoff run determine the future of Joseph Flacco Baltimore -- think John -- guy wouldn't invest long term. Lou I think he is. I think he is their guy. Com. And the question is are they going to invest long term which is a great question. As that now. I believe that the ravens plan it is franchise of next year. And you know I ask you -- about it after game. On Saturday. I'd apps that now about it were times this year and he basically. -- -- All questions about its contract. As totally meaningless. Because he at least that need to look. I know I'm going to be playing for the ravens next year so really what difference does to -- Where and when push comes should. 88 really doesn't matter at all because you know the -- It's so popular franchise and you know who cares what you get. Your team. Peter they played 87 defensive snaps and back to back weeks they went to Denver high altitude you were there you saw them up close. Would you have any hope and it does in this camp has brought chemist ravens' defense in the third and fourth quarters. Be prepared for the up -- Tom Brady offense Sunday -- Great great question Arctic are going to be a big factor in this game I think that. They'd better have a lot left in the -- tank. You know after having a much tougher road in the play out obviously the New England at they'd better have to me. They bear -- pressure on Brady let particularly. When it comes to Paul Kruger I think he's a guy who you know because right now. -- outside just really is that the himself. -- and I don't know that he is going to be himself. In this postseason at all. I think they have to rely on. They have to rely on on Paul Kruger to get to Tom Brady to -- some vehement split. You'd you'd that you got eight great great courts should. Trust in my opinion that's gonna have a lot to do leader who wins and loses this game how much the -- tablet and thank. Bite at the patriots when this one you also the niners going to Atlanta and win that game by nine and and I actually I like Atlanta legislated Don capers and in the -- attacked. In of any Biden of the athlete didn't care at all ball -- a cap and I think it's different Atlanta -- Sean Witherspoon can do some like debit. I think it over the hump that one victory I think mic and bring Matt rank this victory well why do you like the niners so much. Well I can think what I would bet they're game on Sunday. And you know I just watched Russell Wilson. Run around the world. Get loose he'd be a -- in any count it for 446. Yards to meet the closest guard Russell Wilson playing right now. Is Colin tempered in net you know he might have some design front he's got more designed runs really it. -- Russell Wilson is whenever Wilson leaves the pocket. He leaves the pocket with a ought to casting. You know and and and and it is -- to open. By. I look at I look at the Atlantic defense. And how much did today. We're able to get to Russell Wilson and acting hardly at all especially in the second half. They were absolutely effective. And soul. You know to meet John Abraham's presence in this game despite a sharp Weatherspoon played Colin peppard. Twice in college win waiters that Missouri and kept her necklace that. At Nevada. And so at least he understands. The way this -- plays. And -- I could see that thing going in a lot of ways because I think that the that the falcons. Mike Nolan the defensive coordinator I'm sure this week he's telling him he got forced turnovers. The only way we're gonna stop the rights stripped the ball. And so I think they're gonna try to do that a lot. If they win the turnover battle and don't make Matt Ryan always played from behind they've got a very Chia but. I guess I'm a little bit smitten with -- what I saw. Saturday night against the Packers. And you know watching the Packers just flail away and be totally unable to stop jeopardy. I'm with you Peter 49ers patriots and have a lot of juicy story lines for me in terms of a probably a couple of things let's start in Philadelphia. Did they just wait out to the Eagles as wade out Chip Kelly and Wear him down over the course of weeks and say hey were not hire somebody until we get our guys. Well I think what they did Morris. When they last met with -- Scottsdale Arizona and now. You know almost two weeks ago. One of the things that Kelly told is in essence I'm just not repeat the I need to go back I need to think about this. And in essence you are probably staying where I go anywhere. So. I think the Eagles took that as a human space for a few days and let's get back in touch. What's so strange about this -- I think is that. He would -- recruits out Monday night somewhere in the Pacific -- where I'm not sure where he was but he can recruit house. And -- that story in the in the paper in now Portland about how party Shelley. Or in which coaches do obviously. And then by the next morning. He was. Pretty convincing the Eagles he wanted to go so I'd I find it interesting in this case that. Jeff -- the owner Eagles. We're not convinced. You know they hire them on Wednesday. But Aaron they had deep you know there at that that news conference and everything out on Wednesday and they still work not convinced. Until he got on the plane. That he absolutely. Was going to take this job. Okay it'll when he when he landed in in Philadelphia on Wednesday that Whitney were convinced he would take the job but that's how close it was in staying. And no matter how great Eagles are right now. I think they have a lot of fear that. That he has it that Kelly -- gonna stay or. At 1159. Year old collapsed our. -- imperious immediate thoughts -- -- meant I tale story and Liu was impressive the national chip -- gave him some questions about him draft status after that game but nothing. Like what is going on right now until we have answers what is the effect of midnight -- in the draft and any NFL. Well I mean as one GM told me yesterday. Instead I'm just glad we don't have to make a decision for three months. Mean which really. Mean week in week and talk about now I mean I've seen everywhere ears what's been happening in the draft. Trust them. Well nobody knows for sure what happened so. Think everybody needs just take a step back and say nobody needs to make a decision it anyway for thirteen weeks. So. You know it I think everybody gets -- -- a step back and wait until we know all pac. About this public of what if -- I did it to its active tuned for publicity. Well I mean -- what will we need to know for sure. That he was involved in this and I think we all suspect. That he had solemn. Our complicity. In this thing. But I don't think any of -- -- notes for short so once we know for sure that he was complicit in this if he was. And until everybody's gonna be able to opt in you really trust this guy. And you know back then and only then. Are we got to know how much it's going to impact is perhaps status that I just don't think bill we know the answer those questions. That you can answer questions for sure about what is what it does to mr. -- Peter committed to two games last weekend tougher this week with -- back to back where you gonna be on Sunday. I'm going to be at the ranch -- this game and and then you know hopefully. I'll be able to see. I'll be able to see game is good it went right so last week in Denver. Baltimore game with told people of all our locker room afterward that. The -- covered football for 29 years. And in terms play off games. I'm the only one that that matches this one T. Was beat buffalo east and wild card game with a huge comeback. And hell even when -- believe it is get beat up all these all these saint brownie gave everything like that it. You know people have all these other issues with elite eight and still provide some incredible theater and that's what they did last week at. Peter look for to read your Friday column later today SI dot com and you recap. As always Monday Morning Quarterback if things about a certain way scene in New Orleans in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we'll see you guys -- thanks a lot. I -- is the great Peter King joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy. LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible you are ninety seconds away. From your chance to win Bruins tickets vocal on where.

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