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Heath Evans, NFL Network, on the AFC and NFC championship games

Jan 18, 2013|

Heath Evans joins Mike and Merloni to discuss the Ray Lewis factor in Sunday's game, the Patriots offense without Gronk, and gives a great Bill Belichick impersonation.

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Butler daddy three point seven WEEI Peter K -- join us at 12 o'clock normal spot on late patriots Friday immediately after that. You want Bruins tickets for tomorrow night it ought to be listening for your chance to win. On twelve to one yourself right here but Lou 93 point seven. WEEI. We breakdown AFC championship football -- Heath Evans. Or patriot are spread from the NFL network who has been on my TV all week. Talking about these games he's got a little Oreo. Let them goods into our guys know you guys. It has been too long -- just like you on TV would do our job I love that segment you breaking down. Well -- or lose the this match up I think this patriots ravens in my opinion -- is the best rivalry in football because they played in so many big games recently the thing I give the ravens credit for give them. A better chance when -- Houston is because they're not going to be intimidated what type of -- team looked at the -- eighty you have to have to come the Gillette in like the ravens and Steelers jets not B intimidate about it spotlight. The well I think you have to have the two intangibles that you know the first how words are heard out of bill's mouth when I got their profile was physically -- mentally. In the truth be told them these people to think that every event felt -- -- those type guys which is not I mean. Players take on. I think the mentality the personality. Of their head coaches in the sense and so. There is very few that the Mike Tomlin of the world they're they're not too many of the Tom Coughlin to the world would not committee. Been in Baltimore. They have -- go back together and we're trying to you know maintain perfection. Sparks got thrown his -- often put them out you know we'd barely win that one you know since then this game has just been. It's been like he says in the best rivalry in football. Also the the attitude of a leader too because you get a guy like ray Lewis and you just think that if he's on the football team you're gonna have a tough football team the question is what what is. What is Ray Lewis now do you -- obviously and still stop the run but is we -- as far as the level of play. Well he's he's everything except for the -- 540 used to be -- honestly. He. You could argue them an idea better you know kind of pick in the beer jobs that but I do have an have been Beckham though that we do want just on break -- -- all the pundit that. You know they -- for a living and they think they know this game and they don't and in the bottom line is. You know who we we brought them often to the site you know this offseason -- he was replaced Vilma because he was younger and faster woke. There's so much to this game that people just don't understand angles which you step for step with -- huge can cost to a halt or second in what you're diagnosed and the angle you've taken a pass dropped by the angle you take on the blitz. There's just so we think that certain players naturally have. The other people -- nowhere close so. Helio -- how we see -- have to open up everyone's own counsel he has yet he's Stefan lost to step when it comes to straight line speed. But everything else. The the mythical monster that Brady is that's exactly what ray -- on defense. Out of all the teams that Brady's face since 2009 he is the second worst numbers up against is Baltimore Ravens defense what is heat that they do. That creates so much problems Tom Brady. Well it's kind of like you know build the -- probably when you know people. On the creates this comparability factor now. Most of time that handled better for defense because you can disguise and everything else we -- talk about ready and rightly so but. If you go back two weeks three -- not -- he was quite on the level with Bentley was healthy and strong teams that he's everything that you want a loaded would be a good thing is. Police just not healthy not playing like that warrior he was in the in week three he's still making plays absolutely but he's not that same. Energetic -- you got to deal with Ed Reed scare the tar out of out of everyone including bill and comedies always respect what he did what he does and so. The person who really kind of pick your poison with this team in the week three. You know matchup they got and want to know little wheel route to west but other anatomy use kind of -- number one you always try to step of the way if you truly try to stay that way alone not a pieces of the wasn't there. You know so. It should culpability for this defense think just kind of knowing what the patriots wanted to do but it really comes back down to what we talked about early -- Still there they're physically and mentally tough and and -- -- not intimidated when when you have fear put aside. You have. A much better chance to play at a high level and very few teams who would be awesome and heart -- -- could come into Foxboro. Or have the patriots come to their home that you were not scared of what -- often can do. Yeah -- even with Tom Brady struggling as has defense at the it about recent years -- -- at the speaker Steve that's a judge him what I see in a defensive side of the football because that thing is always good twelve -- senate and score some points I think that's the biggest difference. Completely revamped secondary right. According debtor. And mccoys it's safety Talib indebted and just it wasn't in the Casey back in weeks three. I think that's what makes this this patriots team special to extend this admirable. Well that's what gives me hope that that we see in the new world in June 2 weeks because it is you cannot compare that to back him -- obviously. You know I think you can linebackers -- I could point out so if there were spikes is playing better males male. -- we know what this defense is not the same defense you know obviously trim work. This helped who's going to be key kind of like they're waiting for John Abraham there in the end in Atlanta. Hopefully to be able to play well this week first -- -- but. Yet the defense that the Joseph Flacco was -- great places totally completely different than a week 31 the -- massacre that you. We're talking to Heath Evans for patriot watch money NFL and work every single week in terms of but defense attacking Flacco -- it should the Patriots defense be blitzing Joseph Flacco forty sit back in coverage and let him make his own mistakes. That's kind of my philosophy I mean you look look at last week alone the -- those two interceptions. You know basically an overtime that would just dropped I mean just completely dropped it and I did you know Joe's capable kind of like you -- your talk with bill on a private room. Every everyone knows what what Joseph was capable of but we also know what he does every single week every single week there's two or three plays. That completely changed the course of the game. -- debates sometimes -- drop last week -- Denver which never should have been and overcome Fiat may. You know he throws to. Too easy interception to just want they just plays just -- made by the Denver's defense so much about his. You know give give it -- adrenaline that they've been sent that you don't win this game all by yourself like he's done in years past -- half the teams that play. And let him get all that middle portion of all that middle pressure. And we just gonna hang back to back. Put on the way the world of BP's saying that some between bits and you guys you better win this game Flacco is gonna give you two at least two opportunities to change his game. You gotta make at least one album of Tom Brady one actual possession and that's all leads the with a game. The last five years now we talk but this office admits Tom Brady but really Wes Walker's right there and it just seemed like every single week. The obvious answer is defending the pages to stop Wes Welker just every week every year he just goes out and gets his catches most of was the best way when you watch west welcome gains against him. The best way to defend Wes Welker. Well you can't mean that come out of last that you can't do for a whole game you'd scare in the that's -- you have an eight. They were you know he has few drops or can't have a -- where -- -- We are like him on the if you look at most of that Irish game college played pretty bad he'd be the first to tell you that. He was also and then you know he catches fire full eighteen minutes to make the niners look like a little -- to babies -- You can't mimic Carlos Rogers had the most success against west early on Manning up he's it would get physical within the time to get his hands on them. If you've got to that. In 06 foot 200 and you know five -- Carlos Rogers that is you know athletically gifted that you couldn't. You can maintain some balance with west from the centerpiece not gonna be -- fourteen balls because every week. But I have not seen. A consistent playing yet where you couldn't eliminate wet and -- in 22 or three catches consistently. If they do try to double him a guy like Shane -- -- you know all about something about that running back position we have not seen a lot from him and all the sudden. And divisional game rock -- ski goes out what had goes out. Shane Vereen lining up on the outside and attacking defensive backs that ability to be prepared. In that spot how tough is that we don't get a lot of reps in practice a lot of reps during the week. Well bet that the scary part of my position there were four years due to those like you know you're the back. Kevin falcon everything that's going on right now what Google did any reps in pass protection you give -- -- and all the stuff that that Kevin did and other. The plays week -- -- -- -- -- would have that they were gonna run with these but. You know AFC championship game. You know 2000. And seven over San Diego -- you know like kind of -- either split out it was Cromartie lined up over me and you know obviously some kind of treatment side of the 1214 yard gain whatever was. But you just you get your opportunities the good thing is bill always let you know who what you wore that week and what you because we've prepared for him. So with -- mentally prepped you know a lot of times the physical stuff will just take care of itself but you know which came last week. That was special and would head is consistent guy that you love to death but that's got to change if you. A little bit more personal little bit more pop out there and since its speed and deceptive this. -- would that might have you know outfits -- a little bit about may be some. Unique ability to kind of breaks of open runs because he sees the field really well but. Speed kills and -- That was -- last week in the first section. They don't want to ask you what Chip Kelly going to Philadelphia is a lot of people talked about it think it's good idea great football minds can do great things in Philadelphia. I I think you disagree -- -- this particular thing it's a good move. Well I just the man okay history tells us one thing Olympic. It'll look around the other coaches look at Pete Carroll there will be Carol Monaco coach first you know and there's a few other examples and -- -- well they all have been FL experience of listen you know the Bill Belichick for the world are you know few and far between we know bill you know didn't have. Pro experience you know in the sense of playing. But you look at. I think the way you've run this team that discipline middle toughness approach and like we talked about earlier that would win that's who wins the news business in the nickel back and look ordered you know build on that topic that you say that he was gonna take on. The demeanor of their head coach they've they've. Flat out there are that guy you're around a guy that's leading him struck exactly you can gonna end up being like Kendall probably take on the all the good the bad the ugly. Bottom line is that every time ordered stepped up verses of the of the -- people who have made -- not just SEC but just physically dominant teams. They -- what. We didn't get beat them basic outlook of a tomba scored physically man handled themselves. Still I'd go no further than the Stanford game this year Stanford was out happily did probably at every position. And yet they go to Eugene 1714. In the score would pop on the tape. You know by the physical but kicking an -- got for sixty minutes. Or have been a thirty point spread. Real quick -- -- regulated towards the patriots yet the forty daughters as a bit from Vegas to appoint a favorite. Home dog in the Atlanta Falcons you'll team cap critic or team Matt Ryan this weekend he. Ongoing -- capita last year -- can't -- my -- -- really ever. It is the rivalry there now it's not a robbery -- -- we will have all the time and it it shoot I just think it's more of you know -- this team because it is what it is community should the one last week -- wake up they'll have to. Anke I did try to tell them that for three days now he's on the falcons bandwagon he's not -- now we need your help some before he gets out Troy Brown joins us every single Monday. Troy Brown it's gave us his Bill Belichick impersonation at a -- you need to verify. How accurate this is a Belichick get ready for games OK with the -- -- -- -- It. And this and that those will as well the deep ball. And joblessness. In -- in -- that it. You -- slant and it's averages twenty yards and kits. Must do what can we -- Obviously oblivious me. But beyond tuna beds up a -- -- they must with a gusting as got a -- indeed both in the last two weeks you need to be and -- -- -- We deserved to get beaten hugged him. Accurate. News I would -- -- -- -- brought you to Detroit routed to and I'll save my impression of Joseph Bruno much better to go to nfl.com. I'll put -- to pieces -- do you the patriots. I don't know Annan offered we will go there heat but I that the bad about a -- let me. Get out of the way I was just according what he -- search right Brown's birthday let's hear let's hear yours. The mine from my -- and go back let's go about giving the redacted -- much do your job afterwards after the pats got a world. Body by the matters of. Brady. It's not like one mistake could not -- you wanna make it to it. Be the play if you've got to open ended fiscal screenwriting intuit and Hernandez. Draft of the Gator but the Olympic skater arms to come with depicted. That's pathetic to look isn't it. Running backs to believe that -- it's yourselves selfishness should take our a look at my turn the call up the ball on public. Did you -- -- to get hit all you care about yourself you two are so self assured that. Brady after the bubble you're going to want to get in on the tackle what are you worried about your next GQ magazine. -- -- According going to give you started with you to help. -- give you -- answers to the test before you even lineup in the what do you do you make one Pro Bowl do you think you've got all the answers. You run well I you'd rather have them look Randy macho right over your. I can't deal with this -- -- come to these. If you get a special payments from all the high school to cover this -- better you get all the way back in the game and you give up as a special teams return like this. This is pathetic you guys got all the energy you all got what you deserved. And and it's outstanding. That up on Brady though. All the greatest gift I definitely not about doing the -- the first that got Mike Mike Archer's home and he never got on. John Alexander John grand Hillary the -- superstars there and you know from. They want to maybe it would go radiated group which he had an -- label and then you know about you know you guys -- addictive -- it was probably wouldn't jump at them but what's so funny when he got debate. The nfl.com. Heath Evans do your job I wanna check that out we just got to the you'll live on the air and we're gonna need -- when the patriots do win the we're going to be in your neck of the woods for a week here heat we're gonna need your help out and -- world's. I say I'll be your dial by these stuff for me all the good food out there but I'll be your guest. Then he can get the -- the for a watch NFL network this weekend and enjoy the weekend of football. -- --

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