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Is the Patriots-Ravens rivalry the best in the NFL?

Jan 18, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the Patriots-Ravens rivalry and the fact that the teams have played three playoff games in the last four years.

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It's okay. That's about the right way to start -- day like today. Although quite close today's practice or even -- and because you wake up what you're saying OK. And I got like. Fifty some odd hours sixty hours -- so into football on Sunday I can find a way to get through. All thinking about them right Bruins on Saturday night patriots on Sunday going to be awesome sport weaken your boss that is connects the country are. It was opener. That's disgusting against arrangement -- the Rangers and it just sort of go to bed elect are waking up let's go. Dread at the game early relate to speculate what the -- the late game. Gonna get you ready up pitching some playoff football if I gamble lose on the first in the pits the patriots too late game if you win that. When you feel good the -- set -- -- pats and ravens late on CBS Nathanson was on the call on as part of a patriots Friday -- -- the report showed starts. Already has the right idea. Accidents as patriots beat the ravens by fourteen mark my words we are taking all of your predictions today. On this AFC champions -- -- game between now at 2 o'clock at 61777979837. To detect the show. As you guys already are at 37 Nazi game but the NFC game as well. Just take a step back thinking about this game last night that the analyzed it. But you -- from angles while things will come up here today and that's good thing AFC championship game you don't get here all the time. But these two teams have been here now for the second consecutive year happened three times. In the history the AFC. They have met three times. In the playoffs. On back to 20092010. They have -- hall of fame offensive player Tom Brady on one side couple hall of -- defense the players on the ravens' side in. Ed Reed and ray Lewis and these things change from year -- year Reich might have a different conversation. To NFL seasons from now. But for me right now this is the best robbery of football what we're going to get Sunday night. On CBS Nantz and -- patriot ravens is the current best rivalry in the NFL. It's up the site and says to argue rhyming back to back AFC's of me this is what makes robberies. There's no question about it I mean it's such yankees has been recovering since when since 03041. Go back to back you know American League east championship. The egging it everything's got to be on the line. That's -- made the patriots and the colts. The great rival they always the plate or twice every single year it seemed like -- regular season always meant seeding and then again in the post season. Do you need post season play be -- arrival and I'm sure if you asked. -- -- Chicago bear fan or herb Green Bay Flannery of Dallas fan though obviously now. You know now there's other robberies that abetted in this but it's -- -- argue back the back in the look at some of the of the games that they've had recently. All close games so you know Ian you've got -- get stop horrible size of a football it's it's pretty much offense -- defense. But you will be different situation this year like this game -- mostly via Tom -- Ray Lewis Ed Reed yeah right that's that's who you think. A double up three hole favors right there were double those three that's import Reich he's good offense against a good defense. OK fine but when it's hall of famers. And lock hall of famers that elevates what do you go back into respective coaches. That that's another Puerto part of what you go back to -- San Fran in Dallas where battle in the year -- year route right for spot -- the NFC title and a spot Super Bowl. That was the best -- every football during that time it was what's -- gonna do what's young gonna do. You know got its Deion Sanders go back and forth at one point in the two teams mean that was the best -- they were in the same conference not the same division. -- that game happen at some point in January that was the game you circle that was the best game because they played for the high stakes. That's what these two teams are doing now and that little bit of next on top of that it's not just like these two teams love each other. It was earlier this year back in May. Where Harbaugh came out was asked the question on radio Baltimore. It does the patriots spy gate scandal. Affect their championships. -- came out a box again how can it not. Now he backtracked on that. When he heard the initial comments will also the same thing well I I did you I disagree but I heard a coach who will be a sour grapes he's not the only one. Terrel Suggs. Has -- for years. About this team. He did last year as recently as last year you about what the Chris Russo on serious accident talking about the ravens and Steelers. And that -- conversation about ravens Steelers. Turned into Tom Brady. Well this guy's got the world he's winning Super Bowls and dating supermodels. It doesn't get much better than that rules made for him. He gets to tell the -- Went to throw the flag. Earlier in the season. Suggs had taken a shot Brady and the patriots called a Super Bowl titles -- So -- or fake titles at that point. Also call them questionable. Syndicated talk about those champion just because of spy gate as a player on the other team Terrel Suggs. In the NFL. Calling your championships questionable. Well you know it is clear that. You know maybe -- -- gets another -- there and if he can try to back those -- but it's -- -- today. And we played those guys a lot and because one parent all the but I played so they are they talk about. -- -- I was back in 2010. That was Brady volley and back. Mean there's there's some anger here Brendon Ayanbadejo this week. -- a week before the game you have a a back up linebacker special teams six -- please not star jag just another guy and was between out. Gimmicky offense. Bitch ass in this. Should be in Ottawa model and let the defense that. This week of game this actually before the -- to better develop the Texans last Sunday bloody ravens player. Tweeting out. What the patriots do offensively is something called bitch ass this yeah. And any other good thing about it too is that we talk about the Baltimore Ravens who knew we'd talk bottle but there are too weak to me in as -- the AFC goes. I mean you can count on one hand I think you need to hold -- hand about teams aren't intimidated by the patriots. The other would walk into Foxboro. Not intimidated by this team. I think it's one hand three gets hit three teams that did that to me honestly that has yet I mean you've got ravens. And Edison before the Steelers. Who you know -- success and the jets that is not as talented but I think all of -- doing. Ulster teams commanded just like okay. We can beat you here its innocence. I -- three teams mayor's office if what you say a scenario of a team it's not intimidated would be a coach. A coach and a player Joey yelling at each other in the middle the game so. -- -- -- But. I guess now iTunes. Drop the scoreboard out of in parallel nature -- -- base was the only team to -- Belichick went scoreboard on a player on the field. It's what medicine. That originated in the name of the -- he golf should. Brent I vintage -- -- up on Twitter is the best robbery I will take any arguments today in addition all patriots ravens W better rivalry in the NFL. Right now today you can pick your teams from conference to play for a Super Bowl this is the match up. And you alluded to a big games they have played these last let's -- six times. Look how close these games have been 313023218321. One game blowout 3314. Ray Rice first plague on C -- before that 09 point 721. Go back to back in late 2007 were Rex Ryan's timeout at the defense coordinator Wally scored the ravens patriots once at defeated 2724. But in the five matchup since 2009. Go back in fact about -- -- One game one has been it's not about more than six points and that was ravens' 3314. In fact. The patriots having 42 edge in the last six games against the ravens. The average final score favours the ravens in the scheme that you scored more points per game. That to me is the definition. Of a rivalry when he team is not intimidated when they played well in your building when you respect your coach. -- hall of fame players humble -- only played for the biggest. Biggest late in the biggest games in the sport. That is patriot ravens don't gimme pats jets garbage. I don't -- cowboys giants when they played a meaningful game recently Steelers ravens they hate each other but. We -- -- having meaningful games regular season shore up with a big playoff game. Public advocate in the AFC forget it Daniel you're talking about the AFC giant fans slowdown export people. A quick exit eight at see -- any -- -- the lighting is that there is correlation because if you look at the NFC teams. Up the top of my head I would definitely have the giants is no question about it. I would have San Fran. Not have Seattle. And I think we need the sixteenth that I mentioned. And going to the jets are what they army is on all six of those teams that if they want the common they're all tough defenses. -- Just grind it out defense they get a smack in a mile and I think that. Is a team that comes in here and says OK pretty boy Tom Brady we're gonna knock down. To a -- that's where. I think a lot of the eight the company at certain upping it to him it come from because they know they have what it takes to back it up. It's gonna be a lot of fun Sunday and we start there with this rivalry and your thoughts on patriots -- 617. 7797937. The phone number you can text us. On the AT&T -- -- at 37937. We are loaded today. As mentioned we -- Bruins tickets for -- win for opening night tomorrow right later on the show Heath Evans will join it's 1130 of our favorites or preview -- gains at the Peter King as usual -- Mike -- at 1 o'clock in ninety seconds. We give you our three keys for the patriots and ravens we get -- three keys that's next.

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