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Juliet Macur, New York Times, says Lance Armstrong's motivations are selfish

Jan 18, 2013|

Juliet Macur has spent a lot of time covering Lance Armstrong's career. She provides her reaction to Armstrong's first interview with Oprah. Macur says the only reason Lance is coming clean now is so he can eventually have his lifetime cycling ban reduced.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan of Leo wrap things up on the patriot Friday here we welcome onto the AT&T hotline. Julia York -- does reporter at the New York Times she's covered cycling and she is writing a book it's not. Completed yet -- working title or the real catalyst -- is called the cycle of lies. The fault of Lance and I are like that title -- titled good morning Julie had a Johnny Nigerian Boston power you. Well I'm I'm pretty tired after last hour you know we're tired to take just off the top -- do you have a theory as to why. Lance Armstrong wanted to come clean now -- end game what's he trying to accomplish in your estimation. I don't think -- coming -- it that you necessarily. Are indeed been carrying around a burden for ten years. He feels like it's time out here to give this. Very public Mea culpa he would come forward because you want to compete again. Only way he can compete again is if he admits to doping and pointed -- other people. Who helped it go on the facilitated his doping and then the US Anti Doping Agency might get ten -- -- band right now he's facing a lifetime and a pretty long time. But how to speak and what. Compete in what. You want to compete in triathlon and running event like to New York City Marathon. Before. Well actually between his retire. Richard I'm in Israel retirement and bike and I he competed in the New York City Marathon several times does really training partner that he wanted to qualify for Boston. I'm -- you did try apple a tri athlete and he was kid that was the first. Professional sport actually. You're addicted teenager he turned pro in triathlon. And he was starting to do that again he wanted into. Iron and the Hawaii by was banned shortly before it. But as a practical matter if he wants to get reinstated or have that ban reduced does he not have to test the testify in front of -- -- -- under oath and the Oprah thing doesn't really pushing down that road very for its test of -- in front of you saw out of its gonna get this done ultimately. Exactly I think that you thought and the World Anti Doping Agency not to happy to see him come on come forward on Oprah tend to use that. Vehicles are tempted come come clean are they wanted to get information initially straight from his mouth but. But now he could go to Batman and different and really didn't really give any information last night except for dignity -- which we all know he did anyway didn't he didn't provide any details. So they wanna know all the details they wanted to -- all the bodies are buried at once -- -- to all those all those bodies said that he's. Perhaps able to get a reduced -- of maybe eight years. So in your estimation. -- he failed less that failed when it was trying to accomplish. Did that surprise you at all did you think he'd be able to pull an upset now with -- Oprah and somehow. The listening some sympathy from the world. -- he failed that time he looked he looked looked pretty humble when he said you know he was. You know -- character and that he had. It bully his whole life although -- did take a minute later after actually have not been a polite but only after taking back our content I I think he was really. -- it interesting psychological attack guy Kooks who. We did not want to come clean about what to do it to mean I I don't know what I think that the that you followed cycling it was a failure of people who. Just wondered if he can he said that you know -- and honesty and about interrupting past -- you know might have been so much a failure. And I think the biggest -- told. And my opinion -- that was that he never pressured anyone else to get with the program. And open the way he -- That's just not true is it. Absolutely not true. You know we talk I just thought it that the comments from the mother writers and some of the people in the sport yesterday who are really having that connection when he that they had to Oprah of course he forced everybody to help and what you said yesterday was -- never in those words that you have to tell -- -- the team well of course at. Not the case. He basically. Says. That and everybody had to -- if if they wanted to make it fourteen and that they want to stay on his team get on the program. And adopt I used the doctor that intimate Italian doctor and Kelly Ferrari for many years. Who was known for doping his writers and it now. Serbia lifetime ban for doping his writers you know wanted everybody not only to open to get on that program and against the the Kelly Ferrari would that tender 20% of their salary for him to. Does that the mom the sophisticated doping program so I was complete joke and he said -- Juliette is there anybody in the sport that is not happy about Lance is ball. And good question. And I'm -- happy about and I think it in his really bring down the whole entire sport talks expose it to really. I'm really ugly part of the sport has been going on for many many years. I'm I think people are to be relieved that he came Favre finally because so many people have been coming forward on their own brigade cops are being implicated another doping scandals. But in general I think people. Always knew about it choking every single -- knew that he must speak okay because everybody else. And this is as you know it's a long time coming for a lot of those people. Aside from his bullying tactics and as you described it ruthless determination. How is. -- different then every other cyclist in the sport yet. Swap meet he had more money more protection more ability to cover up to track them. Didn't anybody out I mean I'm not sure. I'm not sure there was. I mean obviously they get picked him to be the poster board for the sport whether -- international likely you need to -- camera USA cycling who picked seventh said that this going to be your golden boy yet. Fantastic fairy tale story so we're gonna help him. -- we're gonna helped and facilitated or cover it up and he was the guy that HO would it could have been another writer sure if you had a great Perry camp story it. Well you know didn't have to necessarily give them Armstrong but he just after the that the bill of his personality was perfect for it. You think he cries tonight. Well we've heard that he cries -- -- -- I thought well she's where the -- that you know that -- -- of our sources said -- unpopular in -- But there were no -- last night that's for sure he didn't even come close to crying out loud. Is that preview showed that. Oprah will -- shoot in his -- More tonight's subject right. You know if he would -- if he had any harder humid at all speaking about his children. I'm get in the -- -- as -- -- That's the easy part and you let down on your kids would do you dump Sheryl Crow after she got a brain tumor. I'm sorry that he dumped Sheryl Crow after she got sick. That don't now and that I did not -- she gesture I think he got -- -- after he dumped. Either way everybody was not a lot of a lot of women were upset about that because -- Obviously. Has been real interest in the past when it comes to Hollywood starlet fingers. And other. Blog tool -- but Britney hanging. I can't say and I don't know about his meet in our our computer but I do it -- wanted to. Of the books written about that he. He broke up with her because her biological clock because she didn't want to get her child and how that was the greatest gift you can give a woman as a child and he couldn't provide that. If anyone had intent to children of the article and. I thought -- He'll always singular I'm stumbling what is the state of the state in cycling right now can't be saved can be turned into a clean sport to troubles were we don't care that I like that you'd much rather hear about him dumping his girlfriend knocked in a Sheryl Crow. He didn't hunt here -- -- did that really delicate -- I'm I'm on the cycling -- in a really bad spot right now -- me your insight doping going on strike into the last hundred years and it's never been worse than it is now. I'm not sure what's going to happen but Lance Armstrong. Needs to come forward to tap into talk about the people who helped -- -- and at that said the for the people might be. Some of the most powerful people in the sport and are likely somebody who ran the ordered an official on the sport that people include. Two and two people who were who Wear our our members of the International Olympic Committee. Who are you know -- official that the international union talks he needs to. He can bring out of the top people as he knows it -- the responsibility. I'm not sure he's going to take it because he's so aberrant. -- -- you wouldn't have. If not are you disappointed you're the only one hasn't sued. Going to -- to select -- good enough for me actually important. -- -- never went ahead and -- -- because he knew that everything we've been over the years is true. Euro -- the cycle lies the fall of Lance Armstrong is in the making what's the book what's look at the book. What about him and rides it to be hit details call all. Stories in the agree arrogant at. Gone on for the last many years of his rise and fall which is it's a pretty amazing story. I don't know any other athlete hasn't fallen. And quickly aren't dramatically as he had. So it tells the story about that didn't get. But not stay true. Believe they could lie to the world for Trevor didn't think -- would never have come forward if he didn't have that but I am. Were people willing and able and very much wanting to tell their Lance Armstrong stories to you portage you have to drag it out of these people. I'm I'm still in the pocket and guiding out of people who. It's funny because people are still afraid of them. I'm they're afraid of speaking out against him because he. Pakistan still think he's some powerful in the sport they think that he'll have that restriction and resurrection and come back but it's it's very. It's very interest pointed to bring up his image cycling still because -- it's -- breaking up too good to get involved mark if you talking about Harry Potter and nobody -- that -- have my -- -- -- I and even still folks. Reporting in the book and it's gonna take a look at those efforts. Well also your name -- a cure her book is going to come out at some point the cycle of lies the fall of Lance Armstrong thanks for the information that we enjoy the conversation Juliet good luck in the book. And it -- -- it doesn't cal alum AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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