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Show favorite Lenny Clarke has some choice words on Lance Armstrong and Manti Te'o

Jan 18, 2013|

It's always a good time with Lenny Clarke. The actor/comedian joins the guys in studio to talk about the big liars on the national stage. Get his thoughts on Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend and Lance Armstrong's smugness.

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What better way to brighten a patriot Friday our number two Dennis and Callahan. -- Rob Ninkovich will join us in the 7 o'clock hour. A -- ticket giveaway a little bit later on Lenny Clarke as a graced us with his presence in the studio according letting -- -- -- -- happy Friday and you know. Have any insight anything you can add to these make believe girlfriend and my our asses off -- athletes that were good deal with this week. I think we're missing the big picture here at the make believe girlfriend is not that we should be Celebrex -- could put it. Kind of multiple line goes -- that troubled them company back story -- make believe growth -- proper government and blowing them up I was gonna make believe my divorce. And you actually and I imagine any college kid coming in three year relationship with a girl. Not only did -- not. Puncher he never even met her I mean it -- it is is -- Davidson -- Clinton -- didn't -- and let's -- -- -- up until now. -- -- The whole story is he's a Mormon and that's not part of his face. He wouldn't be able to have as a Mormon premarital sex with this won't woman what about you like gentle heading what about just like first base and try hoping admitted it. How easy it is a mole and all and can't -- at six in the water. I. Always I don't know what more. I mean I think but. You have known some liars -- -- -- yes I had told some lines and if it if I've ever heard more elaborate. Elaborate lies more elaborate ruse in this guy. It is -- cooked up. And immediate that come out eventually. Dropped them. In the third round third. What the defense values and drop and other social other teams. No GMs and they're all nervous yet we don't need the distraction and Belichick understand them says it will take a picnic intimate details about this the NFL will have a decision to make on draft day invite into the green -- Them in yet and hope -- helps. -- number eight is more like number 80 all and it wasn't dish while back he was like in the top three -- top ten album dropping fast. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You you were you up there -- -- carry a pin in the bonus and uncle Elmo is now you -- it -- here and by the -- it's been bomber command. And I I was adopted and fought and that was great. Here's what I was asking about this early dean of the my favorite -- of this transcript all he has settled its long and deny you this Q and they would mankind the greatest liar and history. And -- and the the writer Pete Campbell from a size trying to get something straight here. -- get all facts straight asks about her and he says LeMay was so special. Relationship with a heavenly father was so strong -- so humble hard working her main thing was her family family was everything to Europe. -- -- Campbell says how old was she 22. She has a Hawaiian sounding name is she from there meant that says her real name is actually. Malone -- -- -- -- and their friends couldn't pronounce it's on the call to let man. This is and made up person -- Angola and Angola and image mango release as a daughter of doctor. He says what did she do. -- says. She actually graduated from a Stanford she worked at Clark's construction company well. I was never any in my records she replaced her dad after he passed away as the -- that do you know that family all that it believed that for him SI says. When their dad passed. In October she took the mantle from him. SI is the -- on -- construction business no but they're part of a whole administration higher ups. The Stanley worked really hard -- work the way up she's very Smart very intellectual. She worked there -- main dream was to work with kids she traveled all around she Tyler elementary school. She flew to New Zealand to work with kids. This is a made up person. That's a lot of work it is I'll wags a lot of it. But -- it if if if you're going to lie and you know you're going to be in the public spotlight and Sports Illustrated is sitting across from you asking you questions. Don't wanna kind of sort of Merrill is apparently it's now and that sort of simple -- why invent another insult somebody else ask you the next day what was her name Esther we're called he said my aluminum block and it's just -- -- -- -- -- And by the way they. The reason at all came apart was 'cause there was no reckoned obituary. No story no death notice of of -- he added another dead person yes Bob -- so. SI an and and and again the SI -- comes clean he didn't do his job we didn't. Following up lexis nexis search on the open. His credit he says SE as he presents this to -- -- SI dot com the folks who haven't read it just it's it's that the deep -- The -- excruciating. Detail is amazing that this guy contracted but to peak levels credit the first line he writes is. On Sunday September 23 I sat down with -- -- -- For a story that was due to hours after the interview concluded doesn't that tell you ever we needed -- -- the fact checking yet but you know what. A lot of guys fell for this guy they wanted to believe yes they want everyone wanted to believe it was just too. In ghosts Newton to wonder us you know did this to sky and his girlfriend as mothers -- -- on the same day. He's a wonderful guy and everyone likes him -- he cares about kids and teammates love and coaches love him and he said -- didn't go don't believe anything at all. And -- good at that point lie about everything you have copies only yesterday did was stop election that -- -- you know. -- Immediately keep on the straight -- -- -- from here after the page I have to get a -- -- get -- right. A -- body and I -- I said that -- meant to it is unbelievable -- there and let's not -- is not a very -- like he's a bad -- you'll -- commitment that it was -- lands on TV gives it a little -- has that meant and it just so different Lance is not animated -- is so -- -- you know I. I I don't. I don't even Dickey got one ball I you know I I I don't I don't believe it because I wish I I think I heard he was -- so much he grew inaudible is it pretty desperate not like I. I think what we should always have -- -- Sheryl Crow. I asked him how many balls you -- me and they're scared and -- it would -- there's a lot. A scurrilous stuff about his private life to -- pro get into that tonight like he dumped his wife for this girl left the that would -- Oprah getting aggressive yet or you know Sheryl Crow -- benign tumor right. Evidently did he dumped her after he found that you bring to. Yeah -- everybody at a kind of back. Yet and -- you got to fly like this guys I'm. Jews and out just ride the -- I just I. Didn't let the guys that make these dot Jones. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can make any money or get famous when you like to know if you could actually see. Why can't figure out maybe have a theory on this why did -- do what he did last night it didn't help him in terms of getting back into competition I think I think if if we apply the delusions of grandeur that got close to this -- what is the best he can hope for. My sense is that he seems the -- That there may be some sort of redemptive story out there but he can return to favor in the good graces of the world if you start this process and and if that's the case. Why he seems so cold and calculated last night and not sorry. Awfully -- -- it did you did you regret it now on the program that's -- scary you get attention if I could. If I could open up juice it up and went -- that sort of friends what time. A -- you know if there's problems because it shrinks it testicles while I don't have a giant it was from. Maybe it's aesthetically pleasing. Ultimate political and I'll try it at. All. So I know -- in you don't just look at the patriots say yeah they're gonna win. Are they gonna cover -- nine point oh but that's a big that's a big big number against this -- you know I mean look at they're going to be in in the locker rooms. I have let my god -- but got Emmett Till someone like you -- This is a tough game I mean bottom of the tough tough game got a field. Different -- Baltimore -- And a lot of talent but there aren't well heart's not there weren't tough they couldn't handle the pressure the quarterback was wasn't GOP this quarterback as he showed the other day. He gets better in these big moments like I mean he's got a -- can throw seven he had no right religious and he just fires a deep when in doubt go deep -- -- it deepened the patriots are the worst team in the NFL. Against the people. Well you know the good. I think there is trouble backed up but -- -- about I mean it is you know I mean. I. I think we're gonna win I don't think we're gonna win by nine but then again don't go by me on the west I wish I adamantly bookie. And if you would get the bad guys guys I'm it would get the -- and political. I do that sometimes I pretend my mind and my bet is so if you lose happy if you win you're not so. It's just like real betting -- it's the opposite so it's a real Betsy but the paper's report goes up to quit and you lose you lose money if you. If you make believe -- call my -- mine mine mine betting. It's the same -- and if you win you don't win money in the delusional lose money so. If you bush. The inference I only got my 591. Year old fund that him. Abdallah 200 bucks a bad idea. So who'd used it to happen to legislative pay -- at Maya that we don't open as a possible you take the patriots every time when you take in the minus two done. Yes. I. Mean I believe I think signal an end but I don't that's -- them you know it's gonna be hard if the patriots -- says -- struggle struggles and they win. By a couple or whatever and as usual it's all right don't look great at Sanford Cisco keeps rolling right. He's in the behalf of people -- -- to convince themselves that the going to be the niners and -- does -- to -- what they did the Green -- right. Let's say that the nine -- an amazing view but we went down. What was it 31 to three with twenty points and productivity is on me this. Just came back and made it didn't stick. So we didn't have a couple fumbles of -- board that wouldn't spot you know 28 point. But different game and I think will be different well I mean they will always have and I hope that. That's true Atlanta wins got older -- -- yet but -- -- it was in the patriots look like the bullies. But a good lesson for every I don't care how they do it is on a big deal. It doesn't pats have been. It hasn't been pretty but it's but -- would come and they've got to get elected -- to let me see if. I had your weekend schedule figured out your giggles. Tonight tonight and tomorrow night tomorrow and you gotta get up early -- them to the game right. No not all night no doubt know you know I've been -- -- really hit a four Abdul and a benefit for the wounded warriors and one of -- New Hampshire we do it every year I'm fortunate just fell in the you know the AFC championship -- But. It. But this is one of the greatest events we do that probably 450 people going to Edmonton and we have a great sign of comics and it's it's for the won the war and I mean these guys you know that they've given so much in Asia sales. It gives a much it's it's -- wanted to do it new liken it to and I'm glad to be -- to -- that Sunday afternoon Sonny oh see you oh lead and run we well we may end up doing it. Waiting -- after the game but you know what we're gonna get a feel. The people come -- who bought the ticket right at night I think there's still some tickets lots of world war approach project. And for adaptive -- we can get these want to warriors out on skis and these guys in jail amazing. And we raised a lot of money and -- you won't let the people -- -- -- human judge -- -- for the tickets. Go right back gaffe while so it's that's on that I. And will -- the feeling of the crowd. If if there if they're not patriots fans which I can't in my -- -- that but I think what we'll do his will we'll do it after the game. Hope it again if you would get you on skis. You know like the only you know I didn't have my own celebrities that you guys out of touch levee right yet the big puffy coat an aunt and my wife would have to put -- my -- and I have to take a word for it that they were pathetic as. Others feel comfortable and yeah I get so just give me important -- it at that and giggles iTunes shows into Orlando -- -- stay right. -- it giggles while wall the wounded warriors project is on Sunday -- come back just retouched to. These standings in Dubrovnik approach okay. I'm not Rob Ninkovich I believe the stuff like percent of. But really that -- on our ticket -- any second rate when it gets two tomorrow Bruins home opener vs New York text the word home HO ME. Two hurt 37937. That's 37937. Text the word home. In the next ten minutes to be entered to win Boston Bruins individual game tickets are on sale right now. Pitchers at the TD garden box office or -- Boston Bruins dot com again text ul HO MED to 37937. To enter problems.

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