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Is Lance Armstrong helping or hurting his public image?

Jan 18, 2013|

Lance Armstrong came clean (to a certain extent) with Oprah last night, but he left D&C wanting. The ex-Tour de France champ was far from contrite and didn't do much to shed his jerk image.

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Lance Armstrong. Did some remarkable things athletically. But what he did last night I thought was the most remarkable -- I did not think Jerry. And winter and listeners that it was humanly possible. To apologize. But somehow not show any sign of contrition when your apologizing. Generally when you do something wrong. Your wife for your girlfriend your kids your mother father and you apologize don't just sound. Like -- sorry don't sound. Like you're screwed up don't sound stat about what you've done. Deborah Mark your ability to apologize and say yes yes yes yes yes I did all these things I was a bully picking called himself. Gergen I don't yes he did -- I don't think was possible to sit down with old -- and apologize and come clean and be less likable less sympathy exactly that when you started I will say this bullets on story he's he's not much. In terms of apologize and come in claim. But I bet he could jump on his trek bike and you know finished top ten yeah indeed toward you bet he looks fit he looks mean he looks focused he looks fine it. It didn't matter what was coming out to -- this guy is. The same guy who won 72 differences and lied every step of the way it's the same. Unlikable. -- Area a hole. He's just a whole. Arrogant defiant -- that's what he is. That's what she's a ridiculous anyway else like tigers system there are all kind of anti soon a couple of big ties is gonna come soon. That league better because. Time will cry on cue yeah I have ever seen in sports and will get demand time because I'm a 100% convinced. It was. It was all. A scheme. To advance. One we're gonna find out it's it was elaborate and and he and running consistent -- the less so. So and uncles and aunts and grandparents who were all in on it and it was brilliant -- -- But when you hear read C one allegedly -- that she was dead and you going to be convinced he's one of the great actors of all time you've driven a second thought let's let's don't let's go to Atlanta and later the difference is let's is not a good actor. He is not a good performer it was every. Amid a -- legal opinions on this. He's not -- and good advice so he took. You sit down with Oprah you're supposed to reform. And I guess Lance give him credit he's not capable he's not capable of if if perception is what you were trying to create here if if of the court of public opinion is what you were trying to sway. It's probably not good to be out -- apologizing but still seeming to be very angry about the holes are telling us any of the people he burned any. Did they gain any satisfaction did they say while he's chain while opposite. Problem just go to -- more they hate him more. And they're glad their stories being told but they're not getting any satisfaction they're glad they consume and now they're glad maybe. They get some legal. -- aggregates of recourse gets money. But the -- and that's a different guy he's learned his lesson. Just the opposite that is the guy. Who told them. I'll ruin you yes drunk you're an alcoholic your prostitute. Europe piece of garbage. I will step on your level crushing costs the same guy did last night's performance. Kind of set aside. The concept. That he wants to reinvent himself and and and make you more likable more marketable return to the the love and admiration of his fan base because if that indeed is his motivation for doing this. And nobody really quite sure why he's doing this including most attorneys and most advisors who would have told him. Don't do this if you're going to testify testify under under oath of the of the doping agency. That if if if his idea was to recreate himself reinvent himself. Up shot himself up and present him as a -- acceptable kind of guy -- -- and are able to redemption remorseful kind of guy. And crates of redemption. Then why did -- do it this way. I guess he did -- was that is a very confident. Right and he's had his way for. Twenty years as well. He's thick and I can do what again I mean it's the Clemens. Armstrong Texas arrogance I can take care of this. And he thought he could go in there and sit down with -- Oprah and come clean and tell the truth and apologize. Did all those things in his mind and you forgot about his demeanor in his comport -- the guy is day. Cold hard killer. Out about how he methods. What he did. Admit. I know it was -- and goes on drugs and though he was taken form -- but they all were. He beat the mall beat them at their game beat them seven times after nearly dying. From cancer. It is is not that I don't mentally tough is rightward. But the most -- focused yes the most obsessed. The most determined guy. Ever -- I think right in the middle of that interview last night and thank you Oprah and -- for keeping us up nice and late. Was a sentence that he said that portrayed him then and now and probably going forward electorate BI and troubles with right. Said I controlled every outcome of my life yes and he still thinks he's doing. That is the second line super under Lance Armstrong's name. Lance Armstrong I controlled every outcome of my life and that's what he's trying to do now that's who he is that's what he's been a -- that's what he's been trained to do that's how he has lived his life and even at the at the moment. When he need to show we -- additional. Contrition. And apologies. And and remorse and regret to -- fishy don't need to show. -- the need to show Wright had a heart but he could not -- that he could not control himself from trying to control every outcome of his life and the other. Line -- eyes and I said was perfect that he used and it was accurate was ruthless determination ruthless determination to win ruthless. Mean he was utterly ruthless and it worked it worked for four years and years it earned him seven titles earned him a hundred million bucks. -- got him where he is today and -- -- at a good point. If he never came back. Right he might of got away with German of the skated in Peru this storm. He did somebody get caught I'm glad you know meant that it was gonna get -- like Clemens and bonds and -- All the liars and cheaters and ponies are getting caught that's that that's a good and it's good that for all of us. I'm not sure what to. In the end of this after tonight tomorrow what's different than yesterday the other. -- even if if if if parents if his idea was to create a slightly. Even slightly sympathetic figure. You remorseful figure a redemptive character. He failed. -- fail on purpose is this wait is this the way he wanted to come off or could not help him the only logical. Goal here I heard was you wanna get the band left. And I doesn't want the lifetime ban want to lift him while he could still compete can he can still Ronnie can still trapped wants. I don't think it's gonna help with advertising her -- him with with promotional things -- with the it -- even with the charity I think he wants to compete again. Wants to get the lifetime ban lifted. But in order to do that he's got to say more than you know yeah I did it is -- you know implicated others and he refuses to do that. He he he and I asked you that when we talk about the says he's got to look in the camera and apologized to specific -- from. Do that helped me and he'd he'd -- Vegas gratuitously but it. The feel like that MOO -- Betsy handrail or RC and I know she went on scene and afterwards it's at. He still scum but. He's the the thing that he did work I mean you can rationalize which he did over and over and over -- the drugs you can rationalize the cheating. Can't rationalize the bullying and he admitted he's a bully and -- named their names any. He apologized to them but it was so cold and just. Just gratuitous or obligatory. I think open let him off the hawk in those examples. She should have been more specific about what he did two MOO Reilly and Betsy in -- and she she issues that are to shape and you know what you did to these. Powerless woman what you did to these little people. She let him off the hook and I -- -- part of them jobs and meteors to kiss Oprah's Assam which he could go out there and you know pass gas -- new -- on ESPN NS what a wonderful job she was just. Wonderful. She let him off the dozen times I thought his high point and he didn't follow up on this and he didn't roll this into something more understandable and more. Understandable is when she said to him did you think you were cheating he said no I thought it was a level playing field. Probably very accurate that's probably very empire that that's exactly what what your point is well taken he could he could apologize for an -- and all up. To the culture that was Lance Armstrong and cycling in those days. And he could talk about it -- a level playing field and essentially would be like Mark McGwire. Law or or or Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens thing everybody was doing it and it was doing it just compete. But beyond that. There was nothing I saw. That improved his stock in life that helped him in any way shape or form. And has sought a set this is going to be 8088 process it would take years. And get back and as this competitive thing dummies is is seems like outlaw some sort of some sort of mirage. I guess is that but it's all he's got -- what else is gonna do it's him -- how many people. Suing him or about to sue him and nominates me would be in court -- and -- law offices of Christopher's life. Dealing with this and that's good I mean there are people he burned. Who are going to get their day in court literally. Do you think it and and a number like when he talked about best -- in and he called the craziness and I apologize -- says at least politically fat yet. And then a ticket. You said that from Oprah I think about it yet sure that your explanation sit down now what took the words and she let him off commutes like. Just do you called the -- -- a prostitute an alcoholic and she's a masseuse. -- Aren't you ashamed of what he did do these little people it's seen as a bully. -- -- She and Deutsche -- and -- new -- we interrupt people all the time she interrupt him at the worst times -- me would be start the safe side. -- -- -- -- -- I again and notes Oprah was postage and you know -- lovely wonderful job she did I don't think so I am and I think. She could have been much more aggressive. Is this is allegedly no holds barred no rules and she doesn't. That's not Oprah okay she saw that -- is the bill that hammer. Do you feel like she'd let him off the yes on a number vacation anytime on a number vacation and and she kept wanted to get specific about how we did it -- he -- talent and finding that you keep saying. These specific did you do this when she nurtured talent and that's it in that hotel room where there. Refrigerator is full of blood right there in the hotel room during the -- difference computes it. Well I don't know -- anybody else I didn't read Tyler's book. -- doing anything. I mean an end and she what she asked him about specific teammates it was like such a cop out to say America park but anyone else they talked about EU. They may be -- -- -- accusations about you what do you have to say about their accusations that's not talking about somebody else. Tickets are in the charges. Lance and she would just left him off the hook and may be tonight shall we shall get aggressive. And we'll be -- I'm gonna say I think the tears are colonized KI even imagine him crying and he's so like you know -- -- so far from. I think he was more likely -- by the throat and spend root it out. The family comes tonight you know of the there was there was more questions about the filming may he may be honest righted the dollars review I was the same. Place like by five minutes and that I'm looking going. This is the best you've and you've got to have better than it was all understand filing his nails. After when it was all ball was going on less -- getting to people he killed lightly yeah that was the element it was one rationalizations. After -- What you mean it was one big juicy rationalizations. Goldblum -- a big chill you know we all rationalized thanks Scott rationalize everything he route rationalized as destroying a lot. I think if you blood didn't stay up or you didn't. Watch or listen or here or research or go online and hear exactly Lance has. I had to say we've we've we've compiled. Much of the nuggets into one little piece which we will do we can back in ninety seconds it is the patriot Friday the full lines are open talk -- 61777. Point 7937. A lot going on -- Clarkson a blow into the studio around 7 o'clock. Rob Ninkovich at about the same time Jonas from Gillette I could -- should have Lenny. Interview rob. Get this to mixed up yeah -- and and -- that person -- so simulate Yucca fun with both of them would be fun as we are trying to draw. While out on a number of occasions failed and failed via the -- to -- -- In the interview rob or hatred -- -- like Lombardi NFL network 92 time -- full lines open will talk with you in ninety seconds or compilation of Lance --

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