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Mikey is no stranger to imaginary girlfriends

Jan 17, 2013|

Mikey, Ryder and Lenny are talking about Manti Te'o's imaginary girlfriend and what would lead to a bizarre situation like that.

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-- back here on the program ahead of them sexual servants and and having 930s. Then. You know I -- -- at the and whiskey republic last weekend they played I. When I walked in they've played this. It is like was the coolest thing ever. I was like Caribbean Bert Parks here and it's America's strongest celebrity trio can write a story everywhere are known and not usually though John but this of this was so rare occurrence right into two micro it is catching them thanks to Gary Shandling and staff. The in the mayor of Boston. I guess. Sat down and made some. Just reflect on what's gonna happen this has been talking to shortages this. Are you gonna do is listen to this we'll get your calls right after we employees. As Mayor -- system -- these cling to treat these are classic let's listen to what he had to say about the path. We have -- Brady. We have -- -- you live Tom Brady. -- didn't Ridley and a great guy. -- -- Well or well welcome more from. We'll -- that it'll walk. And it is good to have great -- resistance. While this loss hurt them but. We have a great defenses come together. Air attacks and operates the gong to will cock well cock had gone by and he's got it will for a cure it on yeah and he says will cock I can't speak needs. Unbelievable peace agreement he says that's chump change he's ironic. The year do the talk show. -- wouldn't be so now wants him on Saturday Night Live coast to coast -- there are in the skit into he says -- Barbarism Bedford who's a Baltimore guy. -- say that I -- say yeah I'd say your ravens guys Mark Reynolds. Now I'm far from them in my sister and I. Remember the patriot -- -- when they went -- -- seventeen and they played do you ravens Monday night game. And the he'd been split since -- seventeen. But they've -- I think it is the view that the next the last game but. They were in Baltimore playing the ravens then -- the ravens basically blew that game -- They did stupid thing they can think of player on the ravens pick of the penalty flag him through -- -- -- -- refereed. Remember that. Until I remember it was a close game against ball for your time -- the undefeated season. -- -- Yeah anywhere in my my -- with a bank opposite. And she invited me in my gunned down for the game but couldn't get done from work. My sister was the biggest really -- enemies he directed -- -- the -- to -- at all that. And last week when I spoke to after the game -- now agreed that this that the murderer he's you know he's he separate from. I didn't beat me me me you know everything at him. Right right. Yet he is limited to yeah that's self aggrandizing right and that's I think he's not part Bruins teammates it's Joseph may letting go. You know yeah it used to be able to back it up but I don't think -- -- anymore Alex. Mikey yes. Would you talk generally about not being able to me yes it's -- BO PS. Prisoners have what do you have to sort of half -- got a call your doctor. No means presently has been presbyterian. Which means elders you basically have elder. It happens and I'm thirty I've. Yeah might be over thirty particular tribe is out now that we haven't arrived yet you happen -- like he has. You're good to sit at the studio and look at the computer screen yeah I guess he's got a window but get a menu and give me. Absolutely the worst day Barbara I cannot read -- in dimly lit place -- -- company. I've got -- governor -- you know I mean these are reading glasses you can get him you know you get a cheap but they're not -- -- the right prescription but. They just move the ball back and forth a little bit against that it which it what else is that. If you have a prior prism. You don't need you don't need reading glasses but -- is that the that the you know. I don't need something else Harvard make a prediction on this gave this week -- force as of. Baltimore as a Ballmer guy not a huge number I would -- over forty years I don't know I don't doing what they have an -- we always go back to your roots. No not really well number one the ravens aren't the -- together the colts when harvest who's the colts. But the Cleveland Browns and reunited for a the final score 3224. -- An eight point win yet but. It's going to be Atlanta. And the patriots. -- a whole serious you're writing the only people I've ever heard of that have thought it was going to be that Michael Holley whose big Atlanta fans now in its review of the lessons I guess. -- -- action you know. Oh. Because the PC connection Matt Ryan -- -- yeah yeah it's good to Wikipedia or you know -- the people with TV I really wanted policy brought him up. New Orleans and progress of course. Eddie -- here yet sure about right way to go as the ball would be sad I would be surprised bright reference not set yet should be because I think the patrons of clobber -- -- -- -- Lazio writer thinks is gonna go play the patriot Soviets pretty weird are not sanity to patrons were blowout Atlanta and the -- right but. But you think they'll get there before the niners who beat the patriot is that kind of weird haven't been thinking. -- have a nice -- -- weekend. Thank you about Cuba. Six point 77797937. Texas has people like to think what a great tight -- would make LeBron would get hit by his safety. Or linebackers go down like he was shot he's that you would see. -- -- Anything that rips LeBron -- am in favor of that I think you put his mind it would be pretty good. I -- probably would be odd to 20000 points he reached last night. Yes -- this youngest ever do yeah well you know he started the league he's eighteen did yeah. Announced when he you that's just part of it heated called we know their numbers are based out of negatively for years at college compared to some -- -- field that it is running again I don't do it right going to be into the words. My point being that these days people come out they're already in the NBA this year. It did happen in the past -- all the greats like Magic Johnson did with the Larry Bird and we'll chamber and almost Malone kid friendly committed some of that. Yeah but one of Moses Malone got to score 20000 points. Is -- -- dominant. I'm at a point Steve who's a look. And the other thing LeBron is news we don't know news he takes a million shop and you'll notice Kobe you know he also -- so what makes him more impressive. That is 5000 career assists. He he he gives up shots that he does well yes here yet he's not he's changed he's he's not one of these leukemia LeBron James says. You can't help a look at his best play any game I mean that's for you guys boy you yet I don't like a religious I had all right let's move over I think he's been 10% gifted and every one of his stance. I've figured -- listed Moses Malone it. Over twenty does he finished with 29580. At what age. Well he played from nineteen. All the way well. All the way until a 3940. Years and how many years LeBron -- -- Well 788. He should take any shots so. Boyd does but 5000 assists and that's. When you look at these five point forward. He's -- the ball goes to his hands every time it's great passer you know he's he's been given -- this -- he really had well for the past few years and so how many shots taken still of guarantees in the top ten. Well you is just want to use these words you want him -- my attempt at free throws Temps and yes it's still the best combo slasher. Slash. You know three point guy two point guy in facilitator and Cadillac from it and it. Improve our origin that I got to go for I don't know what triggered an out the best three right dictated a lot of. Stats are misleading for two reasons first -- -- you never. Is is is anything -- the benefactor of the of the calls the whistles blown court. A and B because he's LeBron James and has been a superstar for his whole life. He gets the ball to. It takes shots on the while the only championship. NBA teams matter who it is get the you know you wanna get the best player involved -- -- -- team -- to initiative -- that mean where would it stiff from when -- you're playing in a level playing field and you know of the you can actually get called for personal foul you can actually what's awhile maybe every 2030 games get a little foul trouble in the second quarter short but never happens to him now he gets to play 46 or 42 minutes. And take all the shots. You know and it and it. That that makes a big difference so this is tainted the his when he his numbers are -- it again they are they're completely tainted. If he's averaging 26 points a game of of course his career should be more 22. About 10% went to war so what -- -- up to us via averaging. Well that's see that's a whole different -- words -- so I have the same body doesn't play the same game and it just doesn't seem. -- No way he plays football kind of basketball linebacker -- in their bumps into everybody. They spoke to him they get the whistle he boasted that he doesn't get the whistle he travels through the paint we've all seen it. Let's pretend we have a Colby Bryant does that a body type he gets Kobe Bryant is a benefit a benefactor of a lot of calls to. Not like LeBron LeBron goes over argues -- -- watch and it just the other day the -- -- would amount. -- talk to me like that LeBron like complicated. Battleground -- didn't do best -- Kobe guy was not guilty. To your right. Right should check those curtains. In their room Tyler -- in for a moment. Which -- says McCain. The system rated Tyler. Or don't -- how life. Good trick or long term -- -- quickly get my prediction about the game Sunday I think the fact that garbage out that immunity to a game and we. Rather than my share were coasting and knowing that we -- have that weapon. But I quickly want to bring up two quick points about -- tale I've been kind of streaming about. There was feet. Hope all play the -- back the smallest pullbacks from the cardinals I came out third company he met the estranged girlfriend and he. He knew of her country it is -- what you guys thought about that and then I'm also. Still treated pick this -- apart put -- second what are the chances. That he's getting. Are you homosexual because everybody around them as failing everything -- very. Close -- very close and they continued to come up with all the -- stories that. So yes of the imaginary girls that is a beard and -- and say it's is a story that he's created to prevent discomfort on this club and brought up. Before this has been brought -- if it'll come out if it's true and eventually the way the world is now media wise. You know I mean it. Someone's got a tweet -- amid some election look into -- if that's the case but. You would think that in this day and age of -- the case rather go through this whole you know -- imaginary girlfriend right now this this story don't -- won't have the legs of Penn State primaries has the the -- heads back to -- all you know what I. I think disguises. Major attention seeker. I'm in I don't know about the gay as that maybe who knows but I sure it was a dumb way to go about it but then again these these tiny east elite you know he's a young human being. Maybe foolish. These lousy -- well and you could understand to you know in this world today people come out and and you know it's like OK guys get whatever the woman's case doesn't doesn't matter that much. What in the world of football it's just my right let's say in his mind if you -- homosexuality gonna go to this point where all of a sudden if he has his girlfriend and -- all these different stories leukemia except he could just say he's you know dating a girl. And in California. Why would he have to go to all these this extent. Either he doesn't have to. I'm saying that it. And I'm sorry to try to ask you as homosexuality. As an excess. I had an idea about spirituality and sense that if you -- big -- runner up argument at that Notre Dame school. And he has the girl that can in the West Coast there can be leveraged for him not to be approached our girl with turner board that entirely. And are kind of saw that it may be yeah I definitely got out of hand but. The responsibility. I don't hear anything seems to be a possibility was while Stewart. And ABC's David she's our an imaginary like a puppet. And he you know he puts the puppet on his left handers right -- Pretends that has girls are usually is about just get a blow up doll. That's right -- -- -- -- you know have a somewhat friends this is from personal experience of my friends told me that -- emblem appears so tired windy you know really wanted to. And sex with a new bicycle it maybe just. And a late bloomer in the in the fact that. Most people shed their imaginary friends if they have run you know 56 years old -- just as you know I couldn't couldn't let -- news is that he read to them to grow up whether we have run out as an imaginary friend or you know the blow -- -- to kind of weird have you received fairly -- yet is that one episode where there in this sex toy shoppers of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The police chief there extravagance in the wheelchair. You know he -- Looks of surprise. -- them but they just popped up about ago. Like gallery which -- wrote code.

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