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Mikey, surprisingly, isn't a Ray Lewis guy

Jan 17, 2013|

Mikey, ryder and Lenny are talking about the Patriots-Ravens AFC Championship game and how much of an impact Ray Lewis will have.

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We just have to be really go you know for six minutes sometimes. Even more than that which we saw last week. They went to a you know. Football team endeavor -- -- when -- definitely -- to sixty minutes. They came Arnold talks -- there's a lot of -- this football team. Back in a planet here and down Lenny megs and a house. Halloween. Whose memories and letting. Yes it's still do to make it our full moon. I don't I -- that you positive about this game you feel. Well I would -- did you commit right now you know I get picked via the patriots yeah. Where it was score tied at 3121 I think that that's -- I was and I was last week I've wanted to for the early 3831. Patriots. -- man 69 points Butler put the story on the -- path and then there was one thing that you guys really. So you've doubted yourself and has the the hometown team yeah well it's crept in their emblem. If that argument hang around occurred -- and casino he -- believe in god. Well I or he could be a friend. -- that I I didn't say I didn't know did he get a good -- away. I didn't realize all the ravens fans were atheists. Who has -- breaking news news that yesterday you played games. You know Graham Ray Lewis springs ago. Yeah well all the time and I take numbers aren't I he says stuff like I went into that -- who he -- I don't -- Very polarizing figures embryos as them not Baltimore Hezbollah they aren't really sure I have taken the time these hate hammered you Kara I just don't I just tired of rest room he's done some nice things around veterans. If you two football life as a media but. So resist it's a -- he did he not kill them is that -- did it was now it's. Help IQ people would get cancer -- IQ yes I can. I spent half the afternoon darkened people in Baltimore and give it a Baltimore take a moment right electrical Ballmer -- Nate -- that's right. Baltimore hands and they love Ray Lewis I mean he can't do any wrong you can even to the courts you can remembering it right he can't even bring up the incidence. You know. Just did you try to bring -- -- Yeah but what they say they just basis not that's in the past and you know I don't know if this is the big game we don't want to -- market. And you know they just they just go to the online ads went up and down. You know I don't believe. I mean they believed Apollo all of his the motivation of the -- his last name possibly. Is is a force in this day I'm gonna make a difference -- doctor attempt to keep doing this rain yeah I they get down early out of there is going to be a different winners for rain. And they'd they'd they buy into that -- kick off. You guys think about the Simon's -- -- about how much money in his his pocket if they were in the game and wanted soup -- if it's ridiculous that doesn't help. A guy that terrorized staff that right now that's talent yeah. The hearts of guys announces it. That only works. In contact sports there there is -- -- product -- remote Varitek went Francona said there -- Tokyo sums wrong with this -- -- have a meeting right. And protects it -- the same thing. Did Varitek kept in a -- about now Francona. Anthony's right you're right about the context -- our rob -- thing is hockey and football takes professionals. -- to get themselves up nearly -- -- right with you know they they go by this -- is OK I got. About that let's bring this rabbit -- patriots into this year up. If I'm not mistaken or ravens are already paid a patsy that they have. That's a big factor -- -- -- anyone carry it while ago at camelback things can change in wake up and smell the coffee. We've seen this before it's unthinkable. Ravens who what would surprise we've always ended up winning by a couple of touchdowns it's unthinkable if you read. They look who's on the phone Franken Gloucester -- people. Well why don't go and I would give Libby the -- -- seven Pickens -- well. Not November but let me know that I didn't see you are. I'm just I've learned that order should they win a ball and let them go to Ed Gordon got -- quit don't don't touch. It out but -- I'm glad to read. -- that I don't I don't assist. Yeah I'm not sure I gotta tell you. Nothing no no other breaking news from Gloucester. -- didn't know don't have that opportunity that's limited you receive an embassy man tell tale with foxy. Present imagine being there wouldn't doubt in my -- good and I don't know. Then and ride -- all the blood and blood grant program that -- Toledo frank frank has a lot comes amid today -- -- which -- named its here's some of measuring girlfriends are all right and all of -- -- -- accepted you know he's got an excuse. You know he's 87 years old and senile dementia what a great lives on the line -- -- -- public look -- was great and loaded with stuff. We have a -- -- the set up for those who like -- -- about had a vote on the line -- -- -- suffering the good thing about it. The government has. -- -- -- is apparently she didn't have to sell their bread and you're right in the middle of the -- I was killer I was pretty well. Week. I don't. I don't wanna say talked about the -- -- and brings up we are. But you decrypt a clip from -- actually it did and I think I'll I'll -- an -- I think Inglewood commonly -- -- Well. -- -- the players -- different but the key thing I think is that the was that you had even from the beginning of the -- now have. Have really developed. There there are kind of how to do their job better you know I guess some of them are young enough so that is. I was really they're virgin territory here for them well learning as they go yeah. And they gonna get a real bomber. Towards Mexico -- -- Flacco so I mean those those safeties you know the -- going to be. Yeah there's some weapons there there's added they have more weapons and Houston as this picture -- yeah. There Heidi okay so it's a higher scoring game that we -- -- -- -- -- can get but we have maybe on the but the problem. And -- they -- it forward. Six game. So that's a low scoring game. It yet but sometimes the only thing that Janet. And I -- a lot -- -- -- Candidate -- -- in the sixty habit if what you say to force a -- yet sixty. And the over -- 51. -- those numbers how they will shows the finals right. So this -- still evident -- all of what is actually takes its going to be the under I mean that's by eleven you know do you buy into you I guarantee you obviously it let me if it's under if the games forty or under. -- ticketed -- obvious. I -- I have all the -- you one. Rate you could pick from the wide list. K the most expensive bottle they have but let me just say that ever since you've been going to Vegas right usually if you read it comes out of the lines but -- -- -- it's a guide -- people because it's not just what they say -- experts that. -- people would spend full time their Big -- is to research system. But also its adjusted. Quickly or slowly by by the way the rest of the country finds -- -- and what they do is to come out -- that number. And then they hope a lot of Baltimore fans -- on its goes down to seven and get more patriots fans on board. Both sides might don't worry about it first got to be seduced and they use. It's but it's not a bottom seduced and just say it. 51 and a half is the over under. He says forty that's that's kind of way off. Well that's ever happened over the course where it was guys right where is this guy can't I was has never happened before injuries for determining what it'll just saying just that snowstorms in the desert nobody what I'm saying is when you do get -- -- gears. Never been games where in the spring you will answer to that of course there have so I can't happen here but okay. It can't -- in rookies might fly out of my ass. You know what's your what's your -- -- accepted help -- support as we. Just because something's happened before doesn't make you think well. You know I could be right now but the general the general. Correctness of this is. Because it happened before. -- -- relevance of what's gonna happen Sunday I mean it's it's open I hope that -- can't be unique to itself I hope that right that's -- correct. Number once you have to recant number two you have to make it obvious that is gonna we -- guys that the Red -- was party wants to win a -- dress up like Moses Halloween go over there you know saying -- dressed up like him now so -- -- -- that --

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