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Shane Victorino on the WBC

Jan 17, 2013|

Kirk, Rob and Alex talk with Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino about the offseason, the WBC and approaching spring training with a new team.

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Back on the hot stove show in 937 WEEI joining us now in the AT&T hotline is chain victory know machine it's Kirk Robin out Tyree that. Good ending you here in this offseason what's what's going on. Not so much history are very much so. You know they're. Was voted -- each and every bit. Obviously the news of today is that you have been named to the -- with the BBC team team USA again. I'm interested in hearing what was that experience like the last go round in was there any trepidation or any where you did you have any pause about doing the WBZ this time around. Given that unlike last time you with a new team this go round. All absolutely not in it's our wants to be seen in years say you know to work that that. A letter option chipped that in -- -- -- I had there was not certain gets -- and you know if the situation is a little -- -- in our actions and things like that so. You know I think you know ultimately is this meant the -- Getting myself. You know being there before that situation. And being fortunate. Where that game. You know I hurt myself and collect -- you know older machines so. You know that was the artwork -- I questioned I -- questioned. You know back there are -- February. -- I know that one of the good things about being that he's yet to meet a lot of the guys that you don't necessarily get to play it was the play against sometimes. And I know that you were able to form so our relationship with Dustin Pedroia over the last WBZ and you actually fairway and -- so bleak in Miami. -- can you just talk about seeing him when he did that and what went through your mind and also. This if you had talked to him about the whole WBZ's experience because he is gonna. Are -- I think you know any time but he injured and you know my opinion about it that's where it happened in trading you know people -- and very well. You know maybe they were spurred him to play in the ball game mode in that situation like that but ultimately I think you prepare yourself. You know that being there by an adult -- you know what -- very -- -- You know ahead and bring -- golf -- not have anybody you know out -- appealed you know nobody wants to anybody get hurt in. You know watching dusty get hurt and and you know expert I mean -- was a -- straight and it got -- a lot of energy. Opportunity. And let him go down you know before it out situation. You know again you know we spoke about it actually be attacked you know about the situation playing this year need anyone wanna play it. You know he would sit there you go by -- yes Matt you know outlook for quite so you know report it. Chain -- -- joins us here in the hot stove show Shane with the news and out state looks like the Mike Napoli things close to resolution -- look at the Red Sox here offseason as a whole. As a spring training is what about a month away. I think it's been great you know of the positions it it -- -- in better -- -- -- -- and you know. A couple of years there -- You know what and it went pretty well you know what happened and what it's like pat. You know oh -- when he heard a lot I think that in all not at you know when you and Charlie and you know any deleted it and you know fault you know and coming up short. And it also evident that your -- if you current chart for the finger up up in the critical about the the camaraderie mean you know ultimately in the end it's about that play I think there's you know a great court and in there you know from Colby to -- it -- you. To guys like Lester buckled in the heat on the bubble guys -- Formed as you know I've been there will be one and the steps in and they don't need well there wouldn't be. You know what if it's been bought out and the whole coming together the -- other pieces come together like myself and Jules happily. You know getting it -- into -- -- in -- people on and on about that. It -- about and are out you -- guys have papers. Ought. Iguodala but he got the most important market I think peaceful a couple of people. It's interesting that you bring up the idea that the Red Sox had dealt with a couple of a couple of difficult end to their last two seasons. I know that the Red Sox felt that it was important to find guys were going to be able to handle the scrutiny that comes along with that and that's part of the appeal of -- I think that you're willing to embrace that challenge. How -- that discussed over the course of the over the course of the signing period was that something was it wasn't the case that you kind of through your representatives reached out to the Red Sox and said you know we're we're very interested you know we we know what's happened. We're ready to go in in in Boston embraced that challenge was it something that was discussed explicitly. With by bench Harrington with you and with your agents. Not at all on me all it's such purchasers early -- again when you look at it on the game and being able to play consistently like I did last eight. -- A great pitcher allowed. A big market in. You know -- people arrested immediate stop and the pats -- -- you know what I tried into an Indy bettered it tried to work harder. They tried to you know be a bit and be a better player. I think that you know hey some people are made for a mark that that they -- -- real well in baseball. You know and my period is OK I go out there and -- -- I can't figure they're not going to be but it Michael what are. I -- -- -- -- -- -- I walked in and I -- in the first eight. You know what I -- a lot of respect than anybody questioned me and like Duke a lot but I know deep part you -- that's -- well but he didn't know. -- -- -- -- You know on the continued -- so. You know going back in the at all that -- again. Talk about Stewart stretched out about the organization. -- baseball. You know being ejected in the rest of our written about and all that you know often out of the game it comes to that I Tigers baseball so. I'm excited oddly -- breaking out that he thought there. Where -- -- a former board there's just four. Saying I talked a little bit about this -- the press conference but it is interest in me in terms of your -- to be a switch hitter. That is that you took up switch hitting actually when you got into professional baseball which -- like guys do usually guys he did do it. When their high school college or early on -- life that you talk a little bit about that and anything that you've done differently in terms of preparing. -- from a hitting standpoint from a hitting both sides of the plate. -- It's arguably -- it was fourth. It's a bowl I don't let alone I struggled from you know it from -- -- but you know each and every network I want and go out there and get better or not. BJ the work but I competitors and I but I still work Margaret had a I'm posting I mean you know if you look. It's just about figured out. And I've been switching in India it'll be did you know that and they are still. Look at each entered -- -- -- the opening spot for me you know and having good coaches pastrami BP made to surround me. Bet that that. Can help media better hitter. Chain I was just wondering your thoughts any better relation to here with me anti -- you went to the championship game -- -- and Franzen talked to my Twitter I guess your thoughts here and what's happened. Last 24 hours that. Notre Dame star. To go out to Joseph -- you know lot -- -- -- -- -- -- unfortunate situation. And you know truth is that the old knows. Oh I missed. Our spot. So again not much on that once you'll -- development and and more -- about people speculated as you know produced beat ultimately. And you know I look at Atticus. It's Barbeque all these deliberate or where. Who knows truth I don't know the truth and again it is you know I really do about it and it would figure out. You know and someone comes order and released there's really. Have you spoken to him though since the last day or so. Just to bring it back to where we were starting I'm curious -- thinking about the WBZ obviously it's an honor to be named that team. That the team USA has has not won obviously in the first two iterations of it. How how much does that that your competitive juices flowing the idea of being able to compete for your country. And having have you had a lot of dialogue with other guys are going to be on the team. About you know maybe maybe seeing team USA and a ticket to the next level in terms of its competition in the tournament. I mean if you don't mean you know my nature and that's what way to do -- -- -- -- -- you know I and so you know I think it's about. You know and it became a big boys got Pittsburgh and that is -- -- -- with Savard got those. You know yes we want to win every year you know we go about it that way but if you look at. And I look at the way it is roster has been built back in the -- into the if you look at some of the names that are on the roster you might not be a star studded field. You know all big names you know like previous years but I think president. It's guys got -- -- contract that nature in them and -- support and I think that's not speaking to Joseph Torre. Over the ball when he called me to you know at -- -- -- but it keeps Belichick spoke to us. Wanna go out there whip and not just go out there where they use their -- Jets and people are that deep. Well what -- beat. Do so again that's helpful to you know -- well what happened but at that format in the -- -- a dangerous and -- bit deep in the world. A shame we appreciate your time thanks a lot this evening. A chain victory of the Red Sox back after break on the hot stove shall.

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