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Jan 17, 2013|

This week on the Hot Stove Show Kirk Minihane, Alex Speier and Rob Bradford talk with Red Sox COO Sam Kennedy and outfielder Shane Victorino. They also discuss some of the excerpts from Terry Francona's book.

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But stove show WEEI Turkmen and Alex fear. Rob Bradford Alex and -- tweeting away which I was like the beginning of radio show contractually obligated -- That's going Nagano or common. You have to spread the word lot's changed in a week sounds like now I want to -- -- red -- and that's one that he delegate. I don't right now eleven Todd Bridges last. The last of the -- standing. So. I like this acceptable way to put it proves your rights with us you're the last guy and as rob Bradley was first reported. On. Michael Natalie. Is evidently finally some of the race you guys all right except right exactly I was the first to stand out on a limb and say it was what -- done by that beat him on a German right there one year. Five million dollars that that we did not gas with with a budget and sent they can potentially bring push it up to thirteen million dollars. Public that one if I told you guys today you'd sign that the -- to one or new report in the first one year five million -- no way no way. It shows you. -- we we're gonna get details about the hip issue and everything else -- It shows you what concern on this campus we thought it. And we didn't know us this process went along about how bad it was what type of hip injury was what it could have been one year. Just like to J. D. Drew thing was three years had there been one UN reality with three years but it's not it's a one year -- A million win instead players that thing out you know -- I've heard a lot of the talk about it reading about today a lot of people are saying well you know. This would give motivation to play hard this year this of that but if the reality is he's in such a situation is that signed this is Robson. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well a couple of things to. Keep in mind the first is that the hip is a very mysterious. Region for the for the athlete it's become kind of a new area of injury. Focus in in just the last couple of years and it's a thing where a lot of times players feel like they're asymptomatic committed just kind of goes so. So it may well be the case that Napoli shows no real negative effects from it but the Red Sox needed to insulate themselves -- you know kind of insure themselves in case. In case things go bad from the from the get go look. By two by 202 point -- astronomy from the fact is that. He could get a better off from Texas. But this is for Mike Napoli there is a lot of motivation and there's so this is probably the best -- he's gonna sign a one year deal. And he feels like he can get through this -- than this probably is the best situation for him. To go back is appropriate right on -- no options -- -- publicity -- -- -- -- boys a 140 games or something in or not -- well it anyway and here's another thing it is so. Factoring in is that okay everyone knows now that he has this bad -- So when he goes on the market next year it's not going to be likely as a catcher. It's going to be at a first baseman so -- GHU right so he has a year to basically prove himself as a -- first base from the people perceive me. -- Red Sox fan right now though I mean you know united Keith and his first -- You know I mean you probably could I think he's available helping you know what I mean I mean now you know you think is good defense at first base before right. And now with this stuff. You gotta be pretty concerned you have to have a player you have to have a backup player who's capable of being an everyday first baseman. Maybe a marginal on May be one whose quote -- replacement value replacement level player. But you need to have a pretty good first -- and probably someone who can come in as a defensive substitute as well. Yes and and -- -- target to Michael about this earlier and obviously. Always a guy at the end of his career he played first base went from third. And could barely move via the hip injury I don't think -- -- -- is going to be that bad. But a big part of this is hand we don't know Michael had really good hands incredible -- three's mighty is the all time leading defensive third baseman by Cuban percent yet and so you can get by -- limited range at first baseman. But I'm delighted a lot of the if you I'll say hey I know how Mike Napoli stands are in the east. He can pick everything because this does become an issue if will middle Brooks is all of a sudden throw a couple one -- is over. And he's not getting that gets in his head for young. Of those -- should be pretty good as the as the guy well you what you would think so but we just don't know right well we know is it was classified he's an OK first -- I would imagine he would get better as long as the hip doesn't. That doesn't basically make him. Limited in terms of getting better that was my biggest concern about now chain victory -- join. This later though after this break a short break we're back Sam Kennedy Red Sox CEO talked to us here on its back on the hot stove show joining us now in the AT&T hotline has Red Sox CO Sam Kennedy Sam our UC. It's going great guys they sure haven't beyond. Our awards just start with the I guess -- the story of the week here the the Shaughnessy. Francona but here's my first question would be is have you creditors recently read the excerpt that was in Sports Illustrated this week. I have not read the book but I have seen pieces of the excerpt tonight I think by now I've read most bit but that. A lot of emails. That I have seen come across my street in -- certainly heard people talking about it over the last several days. I guess my question would be the the Warner. Francona meeting about sort of meaning more exciting team to do so in essence ratings said there was a meeting the other people there in the room where you in the room went to that conversation. Yeah you know I'm not gonna get into too many specifics. You -- -- this I think that Theo Epstein actually. -- corrected and clarified. Things today which was which -- so as a helpful. There may have been some other meetings I know I was at a meeting. Where we're Tom. Certainly did not say anything of the sort related to. Never in order Red Sox in terms of about the makeup of the team but then apparently. There was another comment I think you know publicly stated today that the that in jest. Then -- -- again I -- they a really good sense of humor as -- -- like it's the been discussing that and I can actually hear that -- coming out of his mouth says -- as a joke comments that made sense to me when I first heard -- putted I thought. Got a kind of funny but it went IPO clarified it that it makes sense. Well Sam let's let's kind of step back kind of broadly since he you know without going into details of the book because I haven't read it it's not out yet. What do you view as the proper relationship between the marketing side of a baseball operation of an organization. And the baseball operations side of things. Sure it's a great question. You know all the great sports organizations. Great ownership groups like two hours. I think I have -- one goal and that's to win baseball games. And the you know we can here for eleven years together cons are groups won two world championships. We've had six postseason appearances. One over a thousand baseball games since back I think. The only other team when a thousand games during the period that we have been here for eleven years of the New York Yankees ironically so. -- the business side the baseball side in the end and the community. Outreach side. All of need to work together to achieve that common goal of winning games. Good to be clear the way -- that I view the world like this before myself. Is that we on the business side are here to support and provide. The necessary resources and and the baseball operations group to do everything in their power fueled team that does one thing and that is win. Winning baseball games is he is and always has been in the central mission. The Boston Red Sox since we've been here and I think that the John Henry and Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino have have demonstrated. An incredible track record in doing that. And I noted that I'm really proud to be a part of the organization I know that. -- -- was proud to be a part of this organization that's was Tito. And I certainly wish them both well and whoever won in in our organization does. -- it as as you said there is you've had a pretty consistent philosophy throughout. Your time here but have you noticed any change at ball. The state in the last three or four years whether it was a change a couple years ago or change back. When that everybody turned over last year have you noticed any kind of change in terms of the approach you guys took in that respect. No I I haven't -- I have noticed though Robinson is the change in our. You know winning percentage. And I think that. And it -- started to cause. Different folks started. Criticize this organization's. More regularly and then I fully understand that and I fully respect that. Our job don't we are repeat it that we are here to do one thing and that is win baseball games and we know that. We take that responsibility very seriously. You know I I grew up a sports fan a passionate Red Sox fans. And there's nothing more important can be. Then then winning baseball games and so I think that over the past several years given that. We've fallen short of our sort organizational. -- or mandate which is to play based on October put yourself. In the post season and give yourself a chance to win the World Series we've fallen short of that so we have ten understandably. Criticize. And for a lot over the last several years and and that's on us to fix it and I recognize. That we have not performed up to beat the very high expectations. That the existence marketplace and I can assure you that John it can't. Have given wary and be content sharing it and our entire organization. The resources. 26 that and to get us back to. Where we belong which is on top of the baseball world I really believe. That we have the know how the work ethic the passion and dedication. To get it done but those are just words and so. It it it doesn't mean them much coming from me right now audit and I think here for twelve years. And we. We tasted dead the champagne and and we wanna get back there and and and that's that's why we're all here. Same Kenya Red Sox CEO joins us same as a quote from Franklin in the book talks about day games and final days of home stands he says. One thing the players were always asking for. Was getaway day games he owners would never go for that couldn't have more day games because the ratings were already suffering. And now -- heard worse is that an accurate. Because accusation from Francona. You know I think it's it's very little bit unfair characterization. We we sit down. And with when we sat down Theo Epstein wouldn't tears and -- with -- them. Now in and we try and I'll workout schedule that that works out well for the baseball operations. And it's. It -- the difficulty scheduling especially in New England with the weather issues is probably the most difficult. Think that we have to do. We would love to have more crappy games especially for kids and for families we've. In fact that made it a priority to add more -- games over the last several years. But they're certainly just -- issues and and pools with with each and every DP try to schedule came on site Kiko. Into detail on on all of them but do you factory in. The chance -- the most fans possible to see a game home either in person or on television. Yes we do so you have to. Take into consideration. And broadcast implications and impact on on the game. Own game well which is under our control. When -- put together the schedule on time but it's unfair to characterize the fact that we we never took any. Importer direction from baseball but again I'm not not being critical I haven't seen those specific quotes for anything it just. I know how fortunes in reality. Sam coming off of last season obviously that was that was as a number of people refer to it as a traumatic season for a lot of you guys. Clearly there's been a is significant restructuring and reshaping of the roster. How how have you guys figured out what the marketing campaign is for this 2013 season. How how you presented you know in kind of sell it to the fan base and based on the quotes and excerpts we've seen any thoughts of calling him bringing sexy back. Except that -- Daria has collapsed. Its legality you should probably keep your day job as it is the market crisis that is about as -- you know we do we actually. I I think we are hopefully gonna let our actions speak a lot out than our words. We do have an obligation to market this to be aggressively we we. We we don't -- shy away from that a runaway from -- wanna be a very aggressive. -- organizations. On the baseball side on the marketing side and -- community outreach side. The and that's that's very important to us so. In terms of the I'm marketing this club and we have. All sorts of ways to communicate with our -- -- I think the most important thing is to elect John Ferrell and that -- and I speak to the the baseball side in and the types of players that we've assembled. And the reasons have thought process. And assembling. Those those teams and and what we need to focus on mount on the business side is to make sure we're doing everything in our power to. Deliver the best possible fan experience at Fenway when people. -- here I think you guys know over the last eleven years we've invested. 285 million dollars into the ballpark just to save Fenway Park. And our ownership -- given away over fifty million to 50 million dollars to charity and this group little known -- on the probably don't talk about it -- but I will. Did not take -- one dollar. Now one dollar of profit. From the process from the enterprise all the revenues that we generate. Are reinvested back into the club back into the player payroll back into renovate Fenway Park back into the operation of the team so. That's something that we're very proud of Islam and this group has made an incredible commitment is to advance and -- front office and so it's it's something that we're very proud of and then you know I. Ask for our fan -- to like to keep -- here this offseason I know you out pure rate we had a incredibly difficult incredibly difficult -- 69 wins. -- just something that. I've never ever been through before and it was awful and we we have -- -- injuries I'm making excuses we can we just did. A lot of things went wrong right from the get go. And hopefully it's you know when people give us a chance to it to prove that. We can we get this thing back contract can and I'm confident that we will. Same as he says it all comes down to winning races it's either you win or you doubt in the last two years there's been a problem in that respect. From your perspective which has been more difficult to sell the team was it last off season or has it been this offseason. I'm capacity question I think you can feel the effects of a a really negative season on here on the on the business side and in terms of looking at pure. Sort of revenue categories. And copper down. Do you really feel the effects the following season after a bad season in the -- you'd get sort of a positive. -- and end up listed interest and demand. After a good season. So I think you know it is the last. Several years have have been tough just in general because as I mentioned we haven't as everyone knows we haven't been to the postseason is 2009. And it's that that's not acceptable wee wee we wanna get back there. And the good news is that it is ownership has. Given us all the resources to do just that. I don't think that pin abandoned my keys in Bryant who aren't -- -- exactly Scott and everyone in baseball operations. You guys know they're two point force seven. They are working even harder if that's possible. Just this past offseason to get to get us back on track so it but although the last several years have been difficult Robin and but I think this year. From -- a business perspective will be will be tougher and last year just given the fact that. We had such a disappointing. Postseason on the field although who knows you know we get off to a decent start. We we we might be okay and I do think. -- that our fans -- The commitment and hopefully -- we'll get behind misspoke but we need to we need to let our actions speak louder than ours. Say may have to help me out here you guys track the consecutive -- the teams you've had sellouts are now. Well we've we've heard something about about the sellout streak gets via. We're with that is there any talk about as fast -- slow start the season if you do good up to a slow start. Are you sensitive to the cynicism is out there regarding that -- You don't we're we're really. He not come up but I do think that the sellout streak will -- -- I know what land at some point I don't want and it may be in maybe this this April. You know maybe -- it it may not. Laughter -- see that's up to the fans and again we've seen that repeatedly. It's a street that there are fans it's no one in sports is ever see the tape of support that the Boston Red Sox have seen during this incredible. Incredible. Ten years this decade. That Henry Werner Lucchino administration and -- it is humbling. And hopefully the fans support will continue. Put -- -- pragmatic and realistic about it. That this season you know it's going to be difficult to people are are. Are sort of go oh wait and see -- people are angry some people are upset that. And and I don't blame -- I understand that we we need to do a better job that we need to. When he can win baseball games. This season and and -- would consistently so. We'll see what happens with a sellout streak. But it's not something that doesn't keeps this up at night despite. Some time popular to hit. Just just to clarify on that point -- you and I have had this conversation a little bit in the past but. How do you define a sellout and who defines -- -- -- a Major League is it defined by Major League Baseball or is it that is the standard set internally by the Red Sox. -- first of books define when united front when you have more tickets distributed so so paid complimentary tickets to exceed your seating capacity. So that's the definition it's it's not defined by Major League Baseball it's defined by the individual clubs and most baseball clubs and most other sports teams use that definition. And it's something that the Red Sox have used for decades here at Fenway Park. Saying we appreciate it thanks for your time are. A lot at Sam Kennedy Red Sox CEO quick break we're back on the hot stove show W yet. Shape victory on a few minutes here in the hot stove show WEEI. Before we do that. Alex managed to get his hands and copy of how he did it. Francona what's with the -- on the Red Sox years. -- we have -- quick -- we have seen red Sports Illustrated. Only only turned a couple of pages literally just got my hands on before the show but I doubt there's a pretty good anecdote. Right right out of the gate about. Not about the 2004 World Series parade and die in their being an issue of lost sweat shirts that had. World champions the Red Sox -- the market -- and they couldn't be found in the clubhouse and and Larry Lucchino apparently braille did someone at a Red Sox employee about can we do anything right. And so if you look at footage of the 2004 World Series parade. You'll notice Terry Francona wearing a University of Arizona had rather than a Red Sox -- as what he described in the book as quote his silent protest. You know what take away from the -- of the -- yet on the excerpt. I have a tough time this that night. Problems in the stuff the -- nose done and done in the past year wars past couple years. The point you know -- -- that dialogue money they handed him a team that went to deal CS the year before added full had a chilling. Many guys who want more answers to those people managers who want answers those teams. And now it just seems to me you writing a book this is a year and half later he's real angry about the stuff still. It just seems like sour grapes. Was angry he's angry -- owners I mean this is everyone's who's he gonna take pigs that it's going to be the owners out that the players just reading even. Stuff for a relationship and Michael all which was. Was it took the hard some hard time tomorrow. Last few days there is really nothing this kind of skimming through the book now. I think the owners of the one and -- the parts I've read in the times that we've had this book it's been -- -- it's it's really a good read. But the one thing that should be understood is that that excerpt about written on the owners for wanting to spend all this money. The motivation was all screwed up. The motivation for screwed for the reason why you want to spend the money to get sexy -- ratings at that screwed up but if you're the manager the Boston Red Sox. Think he's probably complaining they -- -- I. I did very hard to believe doubts that the data -- Carl Crawford he was taken stuff around the trade free agent Gonzales he was upset even John Lackey. I find it hard to believe that Terry Francona aired like rob said they were doing it for -- ratings that's -- fact that they were doing -- that really hard to believe. A masters being disingenuous at the time because he was one of the most outspoken advocates of Carl Crawford even of John Lackey and you shouldn't blame him for television but those -- the -- a minute you're you're thinking about debt how are we going to be better than the other team today. Are going to be better this week this month this year it's not vote like all you know what we're taking the wrong -- Right in listening to a bad job at the in the -- no question about it they've done a bad job here at last year two years terrible job ownership but really bad. But again I would go back to this they spent a lot of money. And from Terry Francona -- perspective. I just don't get why he remains this upset eludes me it really. All of -- suddenly fairness that we don't know how upset we don't know the whole overarching tenor of the book you know and he's set in a couple of interviews since FedEx or came out. That he describes a lot of the really good and some of the really in some of the really negative stuff that happened during his tenure -- trying to give a complete portrait. In fact of the matter is it's easy for us to glom onto the negative stuff. Because that's you know like. The other thing -- the and to the general Eric the thing is is that in the the story agree with Francona. He mentions this in the book is that the ownership. Did come across says every after 2011. Everywhere -- discovering their -- Everyone was just worried about covering themselves and not worried about hey you know what what about -- -- ago what about the players what about lose it. Every one of those days in October you go back to it. It was a widespread and the owners were at the head of the line in terms of trying to cover themselves and that's where I do agree with them. In that respect. I -- I guess that's that's fair but I also say this here real quick you know Francona wanted to complaints in the excerpt was that these guys were real baseball. Now I would say you want that relief from ownership if you Francona they left you won't forever you won championships they spent money like crazy forty -- player you want it. Paid him fine. You want to Jerry Jones a baseball. To want you want a guy whose whose whose hands are all over the place. And I I've found that assertion somewhat puzzling because I do think that John Henry and you know Tom Warner have romanticized passions for the game so what Terry Francona means I don't know what the expectation is. When you're talking about owners who don't love baseball who like it. On and I agree with you I think that you probably want if you're a baseball operations staff and ownership group that is willing to kind of back off the rings a little Britain say. You know we're going to trust the people who we pay to make these decisions to make these decisions rather than to be the kind of metal some Jerry Jones Daniel Snyder tight right yeah. A Steinbrenner mean you know it's sort of a classic case like that. This is it enough so that Francona doesn't like the owners and as a lot of reasons why he doesn't like him he has a grudge against them. And you know brightens. Our system that -- a lot of legitimate arguments. As some that we know some that we don't know. -- of the fact this is it that that's when you read this book my cents. As it that's unique anatomy again come back to it I don't think it's going to be like oh well you know what all these players -- play it was bad -- is now the. Quick break here we come back Shane Victorino joins us on the hot -- Back on the hot stove show in 937 WEEI joining us now in the AT&T hotline -- chain victory -- machine it's Kirk Robin out -- that. Good ending you here in this offseason what's what's going on. Not so much history are very much so. You know -- -- on the cards in every day. Obviously the news of today is that you have been named to the to the WBZ team team USA again. I'm interested in hearing what was that experience like the last go around in was there any trepidation or any where you did you have any pause about doing the WBZ this time around. Given that unlike last time you with a new team this go round. Are absolutely not in it's an honor -- -- -- in -- You know to work that that. A letter of Russian ships are in their -- -- -- there was no certain gets out -- For me you know create a situation is a little -- being ignored parishioners -- -- patents so. You know I think you know ultimately is -- -- they preferred. Getting myself. You know being there before that situation. And being fortunate we where that -- You know why I've -- myself and follicles you know -- -- -- -- until. You know that was the -- question. -- -- -- there are -- February at the right amount of weight you know me being there Britain -- I think that there's going to be about be prepared you know -- -- -- I know that one of those good things about being excuse -- to meet a lot of the guys that you don't necessarily get to play with the play against sometimes. And I know that you were able to -- -- relationship with Dustin Pedroia over the last WDC and you actually there when he -- so bleak in Miami. Nor can you just talk about seeing him when he did that and what went through your mind and also. This if you had talked to him about the whole WBZ's experience because he isn't gonna. I don't think you know any kind but he injured and you know -- -- -- -- -- where it happened in trading you know people -- and very well. You know maybe they were hurt in explaining in the ball game mode in that situation right now but. Ultimately I think the -- so -- you know that being there by -- -- like you know what dates or myself for. You know I had answering -- -- -- not have anybody you know out -- -- -- you know nobody won't see anybody get hurt you know watch investigator. And you know expert that I mean that was our street and it got a lot of energy two Jeanne -- and put out you know -- it out situation. Again you know we spoke about it actually be attacked you know about the situation plaintiffs -- -- city what little quiet. You know he would sit there you go by yes. -- -- quite so it -- -- that. Shane Victorino joins us here in the hot stove show Shane with the news that state looks like the Mike Napoli things close to resolution Howard look at the Red Sox here offseason -- hole. As a spring training is what about a month away. I think it's been great you know acquisitions. It may be in better you know I and you know. People are. -- -- -- -- You know -- and it -- but it all you know what happened. Like pat. You know -- winning her a lot I think that in all not actually -- Charlie and you know any deleted data you know and falls CNN and coming up short. And it also evident -- lectured -- chart for the figure out about the in the critical about the the camaraderie in the mean you know ultimately in the end it's about. I think there's you know a great coordinate their -- from Colby to Pretoria -- you. To guys like Lester buckle date on the Bible I got swept. Formed his unit have been there will be one and -- steps in and they don't need world there wouldn't be. You know what if it's been about. All coming together. Of other pieces come together like myself control -- happily. You know getting it -- -- unable to you know keep on and on about that army. It -- about. And are -- you body and guys that have papers I've bought a little bit and got the most important market I could -- a couple of people. It's interesting that you bring up the idea that the Red Sox had dealt with a couple of a couple of difficult end to their last two seasons. I know that the Red Sox felt that it was important to find guys were going to be able to handle the scrutiny that comes along with that and that's part of the appeal of -- I think that you're willing to embrace that challenged. How is that discussed over the course of the over the course of the signing period. Was that something was it was it the case that you kind of through your representatives reached out to the Red Sox and said you know we're we're very interested you know we we know what's happened. We're ready to go in in in Boston embrace that challenge was it something that was discussed explicitly. With them by bench Harrington with you and with your agents. Another dog in all cities it's such cancers early and -- -- when you look at it on the game and being able to play instantly like I did a lot -- -- A great -- allowed -- I beat market by enough. You know like people arrested immediate stop and -- you know what they've tried it and indeed better to try to work harder. -- -- you know be a bit and be a better player. I think that you know hey -- army force a market that they expect problems in the in baseball. You know I have my period is -- I -- there and strippers I can't figure they're not there but he going to be but it -- appear. I get -- of -- -- -- -- -- -- walked in it and I look at numbers today. You know what I gave a lot of respect and anybody can question me Arabic -- -- -- and I -- keep on you -- that's so well but he didn't know. That -- parents you know on the continued legitimately so. You know going back -- -- adult that you know again. Talk about Stewart charged up about organizations. Right baseball. You know at the exit deep in the rest of record and a criminal tribunal. Often complicate it comes to that I tigers baseball so I'm excited oddly for a very that he bought their. We're out of former border just a couple of. Saying I talked a little bit about this -- the press conference but it -- in trust in me in terms of your past abuse switch hitter. That is that you took up switch hitting actually when you got into professional baseball it's all like guys do usually guys either do it. When their high school college or early on in life that you talk a little bit about that and anything that you've done differently in terms of preparing. Fraud from a hitting standpoint from a hitting both sides of the plate. Middle you know it's I -- -- and it was four. -- I don't let alone and I struggled from you know it from one side but you know each and every network I wanna go there and be a better or not. Egypt the -- but I computers and I but I still work my mechanic. Some of those things I mean you know if you look. And it's just about ten years now. And I've been switching in India it'll be. Did you know that and they are still not -- each and every di the diplomatic process for -- you know and having good vehicle to pastrami BP made pastrami. Debt debt debt. And help media better hitter. Jane I was just wondering your thoughts and you better relation to here with -- tight and he went to the championship game -- you and Franzen talked to my Twitter I guess your thoughts here and what's happened. Last 24 hours that. Notre Dame star. To go to Joseph Mullen you know. You know -- -- unfortunate situation. And and it's the truth is due -- all the angles. -- I spoke with -- -- about it. So you know again on -- on that once you open development and and more -- about of people speculated. -- You know projecting ultimately understand that you know and democratic as -- it's Barbeque all these deliberate -- where. Who knows the truth I don't know the truth and again on the it is you know I really have no mistake about it and it would figure out. You know -- someone comes order and released as well really. Have you spoken to him though since in the last day or so no. Just to bring it back out to where we were starting I'm curious you know thinking about the -- BBC obviously it's an honor to be named to that team. That the team USA has has not won obviously in the first two iterations of it. How how much does that get your competitive juices flowing the idea being able to compete for your country. And have have you had a lot of dialogue with other guys are going to be on the team. About you know maybe maybe seeing teen USA -- -- take it to the next level in terms of its competition in the tournament. I mean if you don't mean you know my nature and that's what would -- do that Peter -- you know I and so. You know I think it's about you know it became a baseball as we all states are not as it is somebody got what about those. You know yes we want to win every year you know we go about it that way but. If you look at. And I look at the way it is roster has been built -- and some of the into the if you look at some of the names that are on -- -- you might not be a star studded field. You know all big names you know like in previous years but I think competitors see. It's Qaeda wanna win and -- that nature and they haven't yet support and I think that you not speak individual orient. Over the ball when he called me to you know -- that I selected to keep. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well what there'd be competitive deal. So again that's helpful to you know get well what happened but at a -- in the -- few -- they used as a bit deep in the world. A shame we appreciate your time thanks a lot -- Pitching victory of the Red Sox back after break in the hot stove -- And -- not missed a couple a rifle. Amateur -- chain victory know. He has not talked him into detail -- -- really open so detailed conversation. Is the truth will come out. Now it's -- made should be noted that -- he's he has been very invested in me anti details Korea throughout the season. Both were among the best high school athletes and Hawaii ever so they have that carbon -- -- better than them he's number three. But yes so that's that's why that question was asked and it's it's a legitimate cause I think they make it well and and unless you've used one -- What's the so what's -- here tonight there's the weather what is it top small town hall that is not play dad and judging by our main DJ he's on the team but. -- -- judging by the tweets coming out there not a lot of news a seven Israel start war. They think they he's gonna start from Mexico. And a WBZ which is -- the uses guys the starters throughout spring training anyways might -- are going to be stretched dad and sanctioned predictably says you know but he -- progress with Napoli not can't confirm at that time that -- code for the have to take another as. I know there actually he said that they won't necessarily have to thank -- I'm I'm saying that's code okay. And it was an all Daniel Bard and anything barrels apparently going to fly -- fly out to see him very soon but it. I think that it's you know it's kind of where things are where things have been for much of the offseason by. You know he's kind of having to take take a step back in and more fully reconsider what he had a one of those things -- and when I talked to him when was a couple weeks ago. -- trust Tennessee obviously he has to correct a lot of things. He would mention the back issue is part of the problem not the problem part of the problem. And said that he was doing a lot things differently in this offseason the correct that so you know we'll see what happens. That's it we're done actually -- -- -- to all the things I wanna I wanna pass along your first and this coming weekend there's a great event called news stars for young stars. It's a Jimmy Fund events that dot Jimmy Fund raiser they doubted features an opportunity to meet a lot of the top Red Sox prospects great events and that next Thursday. Where at next Thursday is the Abbas in baseball writers association of America dinner the awards dinner an opportunity to meet a bunch of of Red Sox players in -- at a fancy pants events and ever in my experience it's Diego that's next that's a week from tonight a week from tonight -- And I strongly -- again flipping through the Francona bush is strongly recommended. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well they -- thanks to Shane Victorino and Sam -- you for joining us. A hot stove shall be back one week from tonight planet Mikey is up next W.

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