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Thursday. January 17th Whiner Line

Jan 17, 2013|

"He's got 99 problems and his bitch ain't real..."

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed the white -- these aren't like ET TE Chris Cox. This discretion advised. Marks. And now. -- -- alive. I made a decision seven months ago because it's something that preached and let players. Thirties and ideas -- coaching and now you have a problem if you tell the truth your problem becomes part of it passed. If your life becomes part of its future WEEI. Lorena airline wanna tell my extended family which is only players. Recruits who believe in the families who believe me. That -- are -- indiscretions accused. Dial 6177793535. And the US professionals who have covered me. One apologists -- professionals. But that it descriptions. Whiner line they make the sudden rise to me every morning they are highly principled people very strong morally. Very strong fundamental and let them down would -- -- discretion. Six years ago and I'm sorry for that and now love the game what might play is what coach nowhere else. He did anything as much as I -- an issue person in this WEEI. I'm sorry that it inspections. Whiner line muscles and the audio. Versions of -- and if you instance. -- allotment players. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- do what they show them some. People are making a big deal this -- thing again and I mean -- From you and I do this tonight I interact on line you know -- -- as if they're strangers if their -- that dudes. The and we just move on a system there'll. It's all part I -- This crappy -- -- Jesus really supermodel now obviously -- some guy looks like me pretending to be a part of the interaction. -- So why are you talking to them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- using a fake voice as the status thing going on they sound like guys. We'll try to sell it. -- -- Calls 900 members do not anymore not anymore of it seems much. Like dateline dateline to -- of the mountain bike that you don't want and we had with a -- seamlessly transition teams will Mikey from woman's -- -- whistling him as a recipient firefighters are yeah. Just from government and you'll like this 12% chose to back that's yet to face don't want us editors and they also got to talk to. Him. What. Yeah. I've got to look at the map -- lemonade and McNamee what do go call you wanted to in. Fact its content Zetterberg articulate articulate you know gosh why I don't like this but the story is amazing can't. Get around my current -- it's it's unbelievable. It really is and you and you know it's -- bunch of different avenues still ago reports. This is the first the first balls this thing's going one for weeks and weeks does this CD is -- he's saying it's so that's. Why. I think it -- -- and he thinks that that's what university. Expert in my. That's what that's doing good arms the arms pornographic and they -- -- for the U. There are. You are -- okay I'll start with you Peter -- -- gonna cut his hot start I. I don't see well let's not go look at -- -- -- that never happened on the way Ted Williams tonight a milestone should come of -- -- little bit. Why it's AW young lives. Rent. Q why AT&T AT&T forgy LTE's. Ten. Not faster with Regis that's the front -- AT&T rethink possible you you should get the former manager of the trial privileges and and Johnson -- blow nice job for the -- him on Tim Johnson may -- coming in behind the pants. And go. Banks and -- and I -- it -- -- go out and about. And that I wanted -- -- god one -- where you're these. I've been. Have been. But Robert. I. For sure if that's the boy she doesn't have. That's -- yeah last night of my voice data and Taylor -- -- -- Thanks for calling misty. Good -- and volatile apologize about yesterday that was kind of beauty and I want to really listen until towards the end golf but I just wanted to wish -- -- Happy belated birthday. I I. And I appreciate that very much. It might be one of the biggest tactics. Don't know the game Eric. -- you know what I -- come up to these children -- you happy birthday man. -- answer -- yes that was yesterday I cutting -- -- just. While recycle yet -- it was just a mistake this program stake to cement anchor thanks ever oversight right ending with that thank you very much I felt much better celebrate in my celebrities -- favorites with your pedestal but the British just tell them. And a couple of fabulous -- -- yesterday. But apparently you're an error in the same run well -- consider that we wobbles. Well and that -- They diminished he do that -- a sports big joke when he called in yesterday but are now and you know he called me about an hour before he was owners it was like shaky green trying to your -- The rhetoric through. She should I pause here. Or really here for facts you know and each artist he's never worked against -- was now isn't much looser like -- body shop. I thought it might lose body shop that. My job was. The Dutch artist -- distance bomb and yet comfortable I'm. -- good. -- heard today that the point that I can't can't -- like you don't want to take Alcoa Thanksgiving. And back -- forward grant you know -- can. And advocates put on the program which Michael thinks it's all put on I always I wish I just can't -- -- -- -- what we'll we'll let me -- -- -- That's absolutely he's he's -- he's a stumble bomb mentally you're that they you know I'm with -- I just -- so basically you can't do that you can't he could never -- and a purpose -- tickled golf. -- -- -- Well or well welcome more. Hopeful that it'll walk. And it is true grit your resistance. -- his talks that are but. We have -- defenses come together. That he expects at least nobody tells you start veteran Phil Simms -- just kept track. But what it. Is that twelve got -- that's very -- And that message. And don't forget if he would cut out of the back to it and it. All. Forty people get too excited let me repeat first reminding. It's been -- long. One now. This disc I hit -- -- technical that the process wasn't -- report and Andy Joseph doesn't matter if there. Defense you don't break. And themselves on the boom. And you take some shots I don't know -- it is not us. I mean I'm -- that you've been seeing it through -- good saves this -- loss on his body. This strong this thing you can see that broke -- days on this issue you go. Row row row row and that's where we'll look base on the back row row row row row of things were run run the big. Is it rare disease like Rick Pitino singing when he sings. Bubba that's good job it's got some of that zone. I was treated on the Internet today that it Taylor's girlfriend looked just like Catherine -- The only problem that he never got to sleep with their because he was a quarterback. And that and that she she got a job. She's working for we're just -- dish inside edition -- and her first assignment will be the Super Bowl interest of clever that you get the job. Well I have to I have to say it on the air. -- were on the area area. But that tell what kind of paper they took out what presentation is that diagram. And help my Wii keyboard we contacted it was I think it could have figured out the whole bit and I kind of situation. Politically difficult it could go up. But hopefully that the only way -- cubic feet from grip Mossberg. And -- it has gotten. And that's what I -- people out that -- hay out. I had a couple of years ago before I got married at this very that they galvanized activists hologram on MySpace. Haven't got the chlamydia. I broke my fiance and I have. But I area -- or anything to an open and open -- this conference -- -- happens. If. I'm telling you guys. And I'd take note of the great benefit. Campaign. Back and pretend that we are photographed and is now. And able to get that prisoner X that we donated all the athletic director noted I got all mighty. And that. Little weepy. He's got his own -- open Tomlinson. Hey -- I would pay out if he'd been asked for although it is at Notre Dame. The popular game and I put all of might get it do about it. -- it is. Virtual online relationship. That a drone had that is about it and -- at a camp that I'd be crying until. And that they would say for the women of of of Notre Dame that that your guy. When your big time football stars elected. To go with a fake -- -- one up at all had to do is just walk a few yards and he has something going on but -- -- -- wanted to go to Frankfurt. It is not the -- as we say is that I see evidence of this 36 reported. And it's. -- have throughout. It's -- -- And it broke. And that. I'm telling -- I don't know who I am anymore earlier today. 10 o'clock this morning. I go to Oprah's network just -- too by the way from the networks really did. And then I'm deeply sorry. Oprah. 9 o'clock I got to sit down and watch Oprah's network tonight at 9 o'clock -- happen to me that's not bad work I watch sometimes is a hell yeah it does murder mystery out of those I watched. President doctor I don't know just little talk -- -- -- -- Rosie O'Donnell I should progress unify our Skype him. Like Skype and there have finished just another baby. While we should do so would. But it's pleased that so when you -- -- -- -- way they'll have something in common with big college football superstar. That would be an event they go. And then let it. That was the most -- more intimate way but that was first and. We're still the true story right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah hope. This big goes. Let me hey you know and the -- the FIKO. They actually kept I reckon I don't look at these -- -- -- update panic you know very open. Well not really big atletico. Every group recommends. You can't put -- this case -- That data go to they have done. At that site -- and money whenever they get help from a friend base in this -- European. Liberia that don't give them all the time with -- update on the company email I wanna. I don't I don't want any other email screams at somebody and just -- It fell for a one -- and always has like some grammatical error that -- you all his good serve him help me out of my condition. And then I'd say out. So but I'm not claiming that the you have and make it back threatened by it and don't -- -- and commercial but I do know about. You know objected to describe the credit they -- -- you know what didn't do enough. And -- message. -- religion. Now both. -- -- some of this too much I mean that I wish my -- it was imaginary. And I how important. It is that the -- I think now that the Vatican about it a little -- to a map we have a cup back in the day. -- guys I haven't played it true that did not real it's great that made it all up. Could make myself look cool act and I felt bad for the big it'd sell out about it but I bet a lot -- -- my well being. I don't think I'd have -- And that message that's something. Oh yeah is there any truth -- -- about the impact tailed girl friend is actually. And Brady boyfriend George collapses. Squander it. -- -- -- -- -- Sharon can tell me just leave it at college guys and the message. Well -- look at the bright side of this epic tale story. At least she didn't suffer end. I'll call the it's a candidate. I didn't do it was a little -- bad bad bad bad and and then that well rounded the bag is deployed all the bad. Bad bad bad bad. You doubt about that speculation might do that at that and then hand that didn't look like it loud that every time I get through that and that act that passed. And the message she's. She's evolved all right we've for example example. Example. Girlfriend. The emerald bowl pool room. And -- that it has so much potential for a potential that. Yeah. And but I do that if you put your pin number you. After much control of the pension. All. Are equal -- by that the local mom. Are obviously. -- -- opinion that camera crew and equipment -- the moon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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