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Manti Te'o and the woman that wasn't... scandal rocks Notre Dame senior

Jan 17, 2013|

It's the story of the day, perhaps the year. Manti Te'O and a reported hoax. We look inside the whole mess.

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Real -- here between two point six. Absolutely. 100%. Are you sure about that apps little your -- my drivers -- Senior drive so -- what you don't have a driver's license I don't know your -- glad we know it's not melt right. Good point and considered journeyman Glen ward away. Christine name. Were you more puzzled when you finally heard Jack swore were from the -- from the ought to change the subject. I don't talking about raise the antenna and I'm talking about I'm talking about red -- talking about the subject itself. But when he went to the female. Except that he's the vice president athletic director. A Notre Dame because -- any crises. -- -- -- -- And my university is part of this colossal hoax. Called for the microphone. Drop a few tears and take time and take a sip water because I can't continue. Skip the feeling that. You had any. More of an appreciation for meant I know that he did for actually the university itself. It didn't get that impression was to -- bizarre. And why woody throw the university. It's gone right I would strongly university. And the credibility of the of Notre Dame into the story as it's. This story is very shaken his shaky thinking anything about this and went -- the air yesterday at 61. Of things came in my mind just off the top man. And and and -- about him you about for me on this you know zealous in his and I said -- the Ben yesterday Iran you know 7:38 o'clock at night. You know there are terrible lot of lives going about the world. In the worst of it is that half of them are true. -- -- Now a lot of that's that's -- -- now a lot of people Israel restaurant while people think that's Winston Churchill. Now it's my cholesterol. Amanda is as though it is his own easy as -- For what he wishes to be true. He generally believes is true. I got a lot of those for you today is those. Which refer to those are their stolen but they're actually original thoughts. But the story is it in ulcers in the story's getting crazy it's gonna get crazier. The real story is not coming out and the only question is. Who's trying to keep the real story coming -- is in Notre Dame is Notre Dame has something to protect. Or does -- have something to protect something to it there's a there's a dirty secret here that is even. That's even bigger than what we know right now. But the thing I am most sad. -- about. And is. Sorry. This is come on to better I think just from playing very well what I try to get hit you thank you dip into that -- at the professional. -- can't continue as long pause. There's Europe that the single most trust -- Armstrong won't have to get our guys to write the editor of that trust in the same Reagan's life. That's an incredible tragedy. Well I don't the second out. You'll be able to trust in the same way again in his life part of growing up. -- we we it and I think adding this kid on the surface. Is. Is admirable. I mean looks you all American kid this is grade and he's he's very religious and he's very loyal and on and on. But. A lot of us get those hard lessons -- 1213 1415. The first time something happens to you. You don't make a sports team that you really wanted to make. Or or you don't you don't get into the school which isn't as you get enough I mean this is. Just think wanted to. -- two year old male and an adult -- young adult. Who played college football or you don't win the Heisman Trophy that's disappointing given it. Disappointments before I do you buy it to you by your story we don't product Wiki Wiki Wiki fragile. X six or seven okay. You Dubai historic is Notre Dame is backing him up and claim. That he is the victim and all of -- have a problem if you tell the truth. The problem becomes -- -- test. If you light becomes what the future I -- -- today that's one of the greatest things that team whoever says because he's 100% correct. That to me. Would be a reason to dropped 25 bucks for Rick Pitino is the year that. OK unfortunately -- never faulted his own advice he's dollar in about a bitterness and a jury. There's nothing in the world more shameful and establishing oneself on lies and people's. One of those accounted for Christmas that everything you know -- as a philosophical saying that partly as a -- quoted him quite so do you believe. Am when he says that he was effective of this colossal. Hoax for three years. They perpetrated this. You slice it minimum and I don't know exactly not by. Years because you're so many stories you hear the stories that. They were supposed to meet they had they put together these meetings. And she never showed up for meaning not -- not true according to the stories that erupted. Quotes in the South Bend Tribune. In which his father Bryant take you describes. Get together as a girl I was -- she was their first weekend. Supposedly -- part of -- otherwise -- here now a lot of there are a lot of stories out there that's one of the story the story that she came to Hawaii. But dad never saw her. -- gets quoted in stories here. Might of got stories and for this one from October 12 2012 which he spent time to the degree. Wonderful the only. That's what I mean it's Michael. I'm skeptical to begin three years when that's gotten. -- time. Errors in in the 21 century. This is possibly may have been possible. In the seventies or eighties maybe even in the seventies or -- possibly got without without no it's not possible Mossad in -- no I'm saying it is not possible. To go that long without seeing somebody. In the 21 and if you want to see them there's no way even if it's just it's possible if you are the most gullible dominoes. In the war. -- must still got to be more net got a good morning gallop boy got to be more than a dumb mask. You have to be against all technology so yesterday after we got not even a basal cell phones right with a camera which most of them. So yesterday we got the attacked. And said talked about the the TV show MTV are a captain. -- back last night download a couple of the episodes and watch a couple of episodes of get finished. It's very possible these people do it apparently all the time now you have to -- You have to be a dumb -- can be done and to not be able to figure this stuff but you know what it comes down to at least on bush. You wanna belief. They want to believe that that woman is out there so they exaggerate to everybody in the relationship. But they want to believe and buy into. Now. They're they're the worst things that could be at play here numerous theories that around. One he fabricated the whole thing -- parents were involved in the fabrication and a friend was and the reason he did this. It's because he needed to create eight. -- out of a dynamic. And passionate. Man of great virtue so that he could subway improve his chances of one of the Heisman Trophy possible now. You don't think that's possible to noted that he could pull all of that off now that he had this whole scheme from day one saying you don't want. Going to be more than just too great for you don't. Which you don't. But maybe he thought I heard that that's a possibility is not possible. I don't think so it's just based on history. That the recent history even. Of the Heisman Trophy was Carson Palmer. More than quarterback USC. USC that helped put those schools it helps with their home at public. Got more apology and -- and so is this kid that Notre Dame has been how. As a man of character one of the greatest people I meet with district director took apart this kid is being. Virtually. The best person he's ever met. It is like that's when he presented the rest light. Then how could somebody of that character. Do you this'll positions lol you -- you look at the video of the moment silenced forever I don't think they created. I don't think he created. This whole thing he's being duped it's a hoax on you're buying -- -- not by the story completely when I'm saying is somebody's heart of the keys. I think he's hiding an aspect of I think part of it is true I think it's at 65% of -- true. But they're too elusive and they're two questions too confusing the two major holes in this story. Port to be. What it's been presented already what has been presented as already something is missing. And when you presented presented volume represented by those Carlo is special present about Notre Dame presented by tea. That -- Presenting the same thing okay well but one of them at hiding one of them has been a protective Robitaille is an aspect of the story. That more embarrassing than what we already know aren't you know pretty embarrassing or as -- put it in his statement yesterday humiliating. That it's humiliating. That that I've felt for this. Well it's it it is argued that this humiliating. And it's also incomplete. Something's missing here something major is missing because it doesn't add up about the theory that's what I don't think he created -- get hot. The theory it's floating out here is it plausible. That he's -- And that. On the campus. All of the other players they all have girlfriends are all doing social things and he needs to hide. The fact that he has a different lifestyle. It's football -- It's a difficult situation. I think on a campus sometimes -- Matt setting. To come up there it's any guy's under. -- he also is a Mormon. -- Okay so that that that answers. I don't think that's -- Is Mormon. We know what happened we talked with Danny -- about this a couple of years ago. With the kid out of BYU. Was kicked off the team for having sex with the growth. -- That is part of that that is part of the religion. It is extremely. It's extremely normal. For a young Mormon to say no I am not going to not gonna have not gonna have premarital sex. That's not what I'm gonna do. I live my life by different standard not judging you but this is what I've chosen to do. I'm focused on football on up focused on my afraid they would question that it's okay that's quite good for you. But that's what I'm gonna do even even more so take it to the next level Notre Dame is not like. Sorry Florida State graduate or Ohio State grant for that matter noted it was like Florida State or Ohio State or lot of schools where you expect. You know football albeit eighteen years old football player to go to the school and then error coed dorms and in everything is good at all all hell breaks out. Now they may be happening. On the down low and Notre Dame but the way. Their dormitories are set up. The way it's structured or Notre Dame it's not like other schools I remember going out there are few years ago. Doing a story on the whole culture of a Notre Dame and I thought at the time as a what is the reason. Gonna have a real hard time. In the 21 -- that -- and have a hard time recruiting eighteen in nineteen year old kids because. You know it's a little more strict. You're expected to have a little more self discipline in Notre Dame that you are to other schools aren't so what is there's no I I don't know what it's got its name whether he's Mormon or not. To say. -- -- -- can do American unit and you expect that athletes to the sleep around all the time but that's not so what's the motivation. I don't know police say there -- loose ends I don't know and I agree there are tons of loose ends of all the talk to fall for for -- year but but it's got to go in one direction or the other here. Either this is a great -- plank. And this kid is just naive. Com or Texas not to say your version. And -- right well Tebow and worker popular racing during their meeting right very angry -- America Colombian now. Because one thing about a guy. When guys in Hamburg hurt. The -- Guys. That you extra Augusta they have -- -- and left it up to go to stereotype. Our gender. For the most part we don't go around bragging about what we didn't yet -- that Italy -- if he probably true. If he is the victim of a colossal hoax here. That is you watched the old interviews with him that have been done. Would you read the interviews that have been done with him by various media members when you read the interviews that have been done with his parents over the last three years. It makes it look even worse it it really does because it all of the interviews and yet you go back and listen to them now. Nobody ever asks the question. You actually meet this week because. The way he presented he presented it as -- right relationship. Is questioning that. He made it sound. Like the two had spent quality time together not just phone calls not just tweeting not just text and not just FaceBook. But actual quality time together they light the family members and they lied about visits. To go back and look at the schedule is supposedly meant. Would Notre Dame went to Stanford to play in 2000 and not three years ago the -- -- in 2000 and they get to get. It never shared atmosphere -- She never showed up but again he made -- they had. How could he. Be the victim here. When there were so many opportunities in three years three years years to sit there and say there's something wrong. She's she's playing me. We're having these conversations on the phone or -- we're working on FaceBook and she's avoiding. Actually making contact what you brought Skype -- under a million different avenues. Never have that opportunity. How can you believe him. How was that how is anything to use it. Believable at all of how and yet I know that this goes on -- goes. Even get finished defused sure. -- -- Right now -- progress that you -- but don't read. Others don't but it's giants. Tell us mister OK this -- keep in mind and I feel like rod Portman of gold program and Brenda. But if anything goes -- to Dallas here's the other family here here's the other -- I understand somebody dies you probably don't as a media person you don't sit here and start asking questions she reports that you can -- It's so much was made of this for the people that covered Notre Dame on a regular basis. They made a big huge deal about this to the point of as you look back on the -- that it was a hoax really obnoxious. Really want us at the time you bought into the sentiment. At its heart breaking story the portrait look we said to go through what did you do when or in his senior season. He's such a terrific player great player you look back at right now. And the fact that he was playing up every opportunity you get -- matches how was it. That a member of the media that covers that team and newest member ins in in South Bend or out of Palo Alto. Doesn't follow up -- it was the car crash. Exactly what if -- -- keep it covered the story Michael. In nationally and locally and then -- no pictures of the crash. All we see pictures of the crash right. Exactly I think this this is a lesson. For experience journalists -- young journalists you trust no knowledge trust no information. Double check triple -- do it on your own because I think will for a lot of people. Whether it's you know Sports Illustrated espn.com. New York Times whoever. What they're doing is looking at the clips. In looking at it -- newspaper clips. Online clips. In videos. Of what -- what has been done before what has been reported before and then adding another layer to it now gotta go you gotta go back. You've got to go back to the basics. In just just do the who what when why where how -- he can do that all the basics of journalism because of that it happened earlier in the process. Wouldn't be sitting here on January 17. Yesterday look at the sixteenth and that's been broke broke the story. The story would have been broken along time ago if somebody writing and talking about -- had gone back to the journalistic basics and said. Smell test doesn't -- They get snookered them they bought into the -- they bought into the fact that this is the kid that you wanna see your daughter coming home the good news is. He's coming home alone that's what's happening I want to get it to all of this Michael -- will join us at 3 o'clock. Ask him about this post we'll get at a lot of the football stuff technical. That. Michael I think they'll need to bond -- It's just there -- bad order -- days ago. NN -- change rules join us all but later on in the program and we'll throw some of the stuff they would do as well right now we get you vocal was your reaction. As bizarre story as we have seen at some time. We're probably going to get more reaction and more comments made including maybe tell -- -- the next couple of hours. -- -- He's. -- imagine you know. And and imagined a it's. The match and each. My girlfriends. I'm confident. She put have my father first. And if there's anything -- from her is that she loves her father. More than anything. And -- very blessed to be part of that and Syria share that with there's too. Sleep on the phone there every night and see hearsay -- it through all the pain of can save you can consider prayer. -- cook you can see morning prayer and everything worse. Just faith -- -- and a part of that was being humble. And -- was with on interviews with I thought accolades. She's sending him that's great. I don't know this country everywhere she wrote letters for me before every game this past. The Sanford himself asking this your letter four and then every -- -- she's remembered being home being gracious and cordial. Currently there are no letters anywhere you've already got a Notre Dame. Member of the Notre Dame football team. Already come out say it is pretty good actor. I mean there were already start to be major cracks. In this story in hurtling. In Notre Dame. And you don't find out a lot more I think maybe even as soon as the next few hours because there are people who are working on. One on the story inside and out somebody brings a good point that. Social media has made the all star published media lazy. -- -- and drink. Because everything is out there right now show it pops up here in the old days there were standards certain things that you had to wait for. You had covered the story had to have the information. And he didn't have the information. In this case but it didn't make any difference because it was already out social media and this kid was doing can tell he was. Manufacturing this Michael she was up to doing all of these entities why would you not do this. If let's say. You did of this imaginary girl from -- -- there why would you spend so much time. In interviews that you're doing. Hawking about it. As I hate that that tell the sport kit. -- on the national football well no pun intended but if you are if you are gonna have an imaginary girlfriend. I would think everybody you -- -- -- you guys got here guys women can them. You all have an idea of who your Europe perfect. Mate is even if you're married and I get an -- he's here you know Mary is beyond overseas but attributed to fantasy. And I you think of who your imaginary. Girlfriend is going to be your boyfriend is going to be probably have details. -- You don't want guys like Ali and its growth for. Science. -- about 56 or what -- kill you know audit on why did he had no details. If you gotta have -- girlfriend. And use your imagination use your imagination -- -- killer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you think he made you think he made this whole thing up for three years you have to. Lyle and Denny's Denny's the dumbest most naive kid in -- -- good -- in the world although I think not look at the national football. How loud and that caught that tree like I can imagine the first day of trying to can't -- it is it. It doesn't translate your trainer was part of life no it doesn't -- certainly you know we talked about this before their guys who are. For lack of a better phrase academically DelHomme. And football brewing there are guys who were brilliant academically. -- on the football field. So if you this you -- if you think you can I don't think you academically he's not okay so you're saying good luck and NFL because you felt for that now it doesn't trip I don't. Good luck because you need to. You need to understand like you need to be street Smart not to be able to deal in life. He's gonna have to grow very very quickly gone from 22 year old -- if you want a column that. Young adult to suddenly becoming a professional suddenly beat him than an awful lot of money. And I tell you he's gonna have to wake up because he's gonna be ridiculed. How we'll have to wait and see how this all plays out but if he was the one that was actively. Involved. In the hawks can you imagine -- -- is gonna take up there I believe eight a slight percentage Michael that may be. He's just naive. And he just isn't streets of. Smart not an answer I have a good one a small percentage. I think that's part of it I think that's part of the story at Delaware vibe coming NFL team my word of a -- Watson's group. The next. In the next week. Within the next week. We'll have some more information that will clear this up because this is a -- it's the wake up call as I said earlier. War. Mainstream media and new media of like this is a wakeup call and so now. Now they're gonna go crazy. Now the investigative reporters gonna come out. Because they've been exposed. They've been -- they were asleep at the -- everybody there's no there's not one media outlet. Who can say oh we did everything the right way know you'd written -- -- wrote about tail and you talked about -- You didn't do it the right -- you didn't do it the way you're telling kids in journalism schools right now. Who do -- go the way you targeted to what you didn't do it. It's -- now since they are embarrassed they've been called out. It's going to be curious now. End of the research is gonna happen the investigation is gonna happen and we're gonna have my prediction within a week would have multiple stories. On this situation and we'll have to clear I. Here's Joseph -- port NHL. Jungle on that story -- -- think it's possible. Aren't so disparity that it is whole and auction. Okay lion is not in the locker. Not gonna go to principal. -- -- And I talked about it the whole -- talking -- right what -- you got to -- -- and there. Celebrity. It is -- -- diagnosis also law. Now we kept book deals. Going to be on The Today Show the Tonight Show -- -- long -- he Robbie and Rick and movie deal I'll get some tonight 8 o'clock. Yeah. -- Ask you don't like what I can make this story. Yeah everybody going to be and it may be upset when many but you know what. I achieved what I wanted to -- I'm worldwide celebrity. And money. It's all about money. Is getting your money anyway. Yeah it was gonna get money without making up the story now is he gonna get -- Publicity without making up the story nobody got a ton of publicity. If you take the girlfriend out of -- the girlfriend out of the story. He's still playing at Notre Dame. Which. Is great. With with with friction. With with creating characters. And that's the whole Notre Dame win one for the -- on and on. Error parsley in Lou -- on and on that's Notre Dame that's the Notre Dame history you're playing there -- on an undefeated team. You're on the national stage this your university had the national television contract c'mon. You couldn't get the -- yeah and you're required to accept he played his girlfriend out to I don't I don't get what were opposing teams would you know about giving him respect OK would you know yes I'm real bottom without a girlfriend are absolutely. But the way he played this thing up to girlfriend became almost as big as he did in the story.

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