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Danny Ainge: We haven't discussed trading Barbosa to this point

Jan 17, 2013|

We check in with Danny Ainge on a Celtics Thursday. We go over the state of the team and also ask Danny his opinion on the Manti Te'O hoax controversy.

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-- back here to show -- 6777. 7937. Coming up an hour from now. We'll have via the tell tale we don't want an enhanced. -- debated the question. He thinks on him Mark Martin. Well I mean some people -- going to get a chuckle out of that so. I would think it would be part of the one who's going to be a big deal big part of the -- at can imagine that it might take a good -- or have opinions on this -- they do. Either that or Schilling's bloody sock which is up for room for auction. Lamented how much. -- -- -- It's a great deal. It is you'll get some money for that there's no question about it. I set for our weekly get together with the president of basketball operations for the Celtics -- any instruments as. Live right on the ET and T hotline AT&T forgy speeds up to ten times faster than three idiotic. My Laurie Garrett for getting around very have a terrific before before get at a basketball what is your take. On this man type -- deal and not be interest didn't hearing from a couple of different. Areas with you but also when he arrived here as a person who. -- up there and scout talent young players. Many of them that error has baggage there's all sorts of things that you have to tried to identify and figure round. Whether he's a fit for your team. And you think along those lines with the student. Well you know I think that it calendar effects that she'd probably wouldn't put a lot of stock in two. This story. But you would have to find some answers I mean -- feeling that. You know the story a little bit fishy in an unclear. As to the murky as to how it. All in the shape up I'm curious to hear what -- yet they about it publicly. When he speaks out next. But I'm. -- reserve judgment on him but I think that he seems like he's got a pretty muted. Background and it is coaching staff and university is in that corner after the Appleby. Wanting to stand in the corner before national championship game that. After the fact after an investigation that they've earned. There's still standing by him. So would you have to do would you have to ask him an awful lot of questions obviously in the interview or would it go beyond your which you have somebody. Out -- trying to may be investigated because if it can be duped with something like this or he's pulling over a great. You know blight on somebody. Could you not possibly do something else. Right. Well. He had no I think that I'm not sure yet to be your own investigation that here. And it poking right now but I think that there are some questions that they will wanna ask but more than anything I think -- be the question to ask. His circle of people around him and coaches have coached bully is so well in the burning Jena how hard work. Well do you read the coverage of these books to be here and beat the mean those things are going to be more important. There's definitely seems like more. You know that is weird story I'm not sure precedent for this. Bunt down I don't know I think be cute and -- in a career. Are there what else is an interesting story has nothing to do with Taylor has to do with your team now there was an ESP in Brazil report that. Leandro Barbosa wants to be traded and this quote was that once I wanna go but Danny Ainge won't let me. He likes to buy a likely too much of the player now Barbosa came back today before practice instead. A lot of player wanna be here. That didn't know what your take on on both stories on the original report and then -- not that denial by proposal. Well so first -- -- I've never heard that -- from the embryo so I would have to believe what he said today. As opposed to the Brazilian report. You know I think it's been hard for him not to get an opportunity to play as much as he wanted but we have since the beginning. When even before he signed -- that the minutes might be difficult to combine. Because we -- -- at that position he still chose to come here. Actually early in the year he played more than I had it expected in the they played pretty well. And so I think that. We have had a couple of conversations. Just about the role where we at east seem satisfied with it it. But he's never demanded her out to be traded or any of those things at all. Well I don't represent them Danny. I'm not as agent and I just look at it -- say. I understand you got four guys in front of them you got you got to Rondo and Bradley obviously and then yet Terry and Lee. Where do you where do you fit in Barbosa put the guy so good. He got -- figured there's got to be a place form and his team made it seems. To be a waste almost that he's certainly on the bench when he can do so many things but he -- I think -- chance. I think that you'll get an opportunity to play more significant benefit. In a minute. You get an opportunity to earn more east -- played well in practice he's played every opportunity got. Being around it and play in New Jersey thought he started at point guard the party played terrific. Even though we didn't win that gave much thought he had an outstanding game. And I I think that he has the good players and that's why we've signing and that's why we believe in him and anarchist they wouldn't. Like other story that's out there -- that you're looking to -- Greg Oden certainly monitoring. His progress as he tries to come back from from knee surgery any truth to that. Yes so we're we're monitoring Greg I cult like all the NBA teams are. Here and but we have not attempted to sign him but we will we are monitoring him and -- with with his people would -- if you -- -- that. This is such a hard question because he was. He's been injured throughout his MBA career but when you've seen Greg Oden on the court and he's been healthy. Do you think he turned out to be what you thought he would be in college. And they were you tell you projected him as a pro did he become the pro that you thought it would be. I think so I think that we he's been healthy and playing. -- they got to remember I'm in you know he was hurt right at the gate so. But I think that there's been stretches. Very few stretches where he played -- ball -- that repeat offender. And a fantastic opt to rebounder. And you know just for real big strong presence on the inside I think that you did that. Is this a situation where it's really geared towards next year would he be ready to play. This year. I don't think so you know I don't know any of that for sure but I would suspect -- he would. Does it anybody that would find him -- -- they're all right looking more toward his contribution in the future than now. And I guess that answers your question too about what he's become as a player because here's a guy. Who has been injury prone throughout his throughout his career he's out of the game right now and and I'm guessing there's going to be pretty good competition. 44 or services it's not like you can just go pick him up but nobody's going to be -- -- to a lot of teams are going to be just -- -- part the. Sure. Yeah I think that there will be competition and I think that. You know everybody is looking to pick to roll the dice and take a chance on the big guys so yeah there have been -- competition. It's amazing he's only 24 years that is amazing. Personally don't look 24. I'm 54. It's if it's amazing that he's only 24 and -- -- you know the micro fracture surgery. He says it's like one after another feel better. Over the last -- week they have certainly last night's game was not not a fun one. But the feel better the wave the team has responded on the defense and then. Yeah I think that we played that. More complete compact and and passionate in the you know last night I thought we came out of the -- playing really well in the first quarter and then you know we got a lead -- I don't know I guess we thought that New Orleans. Wasn't as good -- team through the first quarter. But they've been playing well and you know we weren't able to just turn the switch and in the game when he got lead in and turn it back and get back we have a couple of chances. Do you that we just couldn't knocked down shots we put a lot of pressure on our offense -- our offense was not. -- couple ministry -- the game we scorched we had 71 point. And that's just not good enough and some of the missed an open shot some of it is the you -- not paying the price -- repeated on the glass which is their strength. And -- -- in the paint which. You know sort of revert back to who we work -- this six game winning streak. Obviously you've never been in a situation where you've had a coach against your son who's playing in the pros like doctor it last night I wondered if you. You however if you've ever had anything similar. Throughout your career whether it's coaching or playing against someone that was really post unit was it was difficult to focus everything. That was similar to what doc went through last night. You know I I don't I I don't know. -- I don't think any of it can relate exactly but I think that it is. Would you watch your kids play that's it for boys grow up. Are -- playing basketball on it they had two Brothers two older Brothers and to watch all their games childhood. It's much more nerve wracking watching here should league's player you're where your children play that that is playing yourself. And you know duck with into the game wasn't that much attention to that I know that you watched its. A lot of Boston team -- always -- you know his minutes. And down. And either devoted father but I think they adopt -- into the game last adult acute pain much attention to. What Austin Dillon can help -- take notice I think it's more about distraction before the game and all the stories leading up to -- -- back. I got to believe -- want to game started that doc has pretty much locked into what we were little. Strange over the last week we can have looked like Austin was out of the rotation suddenly gets what 2223. Minutes last night. Pretty interest in the way that played out but you could you could tell and -- talked about it after the game. He just said it was really really difficult. To imagine yeah yeah I yeah. Why did -- -- did actually get a good one all right. Although all data before we let you gotta gotta give us some predictions and your big sports fan arid patriots ravens and forty niners falcons -- yeah. I'm going nine -- patriots in the Super Bowl. -- we're keeping it to that I can't believe you're not gonna pick my falcons. My falcons to win in the NFC. Well you know the top of their you'd seen everything they squeak by last week they've either human destiny or maybe they were lucky to get -- -- -- 49ers -- might look at you remember I grew up in Oregon so. I grew up like Tom Brady -- a big -- of Joseph Montana then Steve young and all the guys in the middle of content to watch. Be a very exciting super ball that well it turns out. I did what I did actually get -- good ones staying -- you're out of jail.

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