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Drew Forrester, WNST Sports Radio Baltimore joins the Big Show

Jan 17, 2013|

We check in behind enemy lines for a cross-city breakdown and preview of Ravens @ Patriots with Drew Forrester from WNST Radio in B'More.

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You know what originally there were stories out there this morning him into detail would be doing an interview were maybe press conference here today. And we now hear that that possibly the play has been pulled that -- since the war. And outrage. -- about it Michael Vick goes in front of those microphones day. And he starts throwing stuff -- That's with the media. Who got duped on all of us. Is no longer going to be Italy's gonna be out there and they're going to be suffering through Friday phone records or saying to the to Notre Dame OK let's get a phone records. Let's just all records -- dungy talked that is to this girl. This too much there. Now they have to really. Package this thing up and come to a conclusion even if that means that this kid is really embarrassed. Are not a decision you may remember we talked with the drove for a start from mom WNST. Down enough Baltimore -- guided. That. They had there you go and stroke all you've done so far and appliances -- so welcome -- the AFC championship. Well quite a Michael thank you I'm looking toward the and there are probably not play it's too cold -- -- I'm -- watch. Would you be texting tweeting now yeah out of an imaginary dirt to an imaginary girl. Koresh. Local and mediocrity. Story of the year or are you guys you guys is putting a lot of time talking about it too right. Oh my god it's more and that's all we go out on all we talked about but certainly you you know because it was the morning show most this upcoming happily -- -- or some anybody had a chance to. Really. You know bring it up only know that you protect me and email we'll show -- just talking about you know and every. 45 minutes I'm repeating old glory so it's great question. What did you best looking imaginary girlfriend -- A lot like sheriff Paul little that posed with the red. Your home -- gone back now for -- -- not bad not at all. Now you know got to get this from the okay you know I've talked to some post over the years and they'll tell you there real opinion about a game in some. Can't tell you a fake scored like you did to me last you to remember that so. Quote I'm not doing that you this year when you -- escort. Unless you're right now -- -- them on fire Charlie their real old score from this game and tell me line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're not gonna get a whole its third down what I was not a sport now placed Helm you got a real scoreboard operator. -- out -- -- at the scoreboard you know I don't know you notices during -- NFL games drew. Effective these guys on the sideline and they have these these sticks and it says three for a third down and four out and coach the players look at those guys they -- actually real officials. Let me ask you that -- don't watch again this year would you truck. Any of the official. No actually I think they've been worse in the playoffs and they were on a regular season when they broke up the crews. I think given -- -- for some reason maybe a good point I think you Newark -- and maybe like offensive linemen everybody feeds off the other guy bullet. Other dogs that I -- very good look at it like you know it. There have been some bizarre needle last week and in the ravens Broncos game in -- black Gorelick -- you -- watchable game we look at agree that life. Well. I don't. I'm not guys that have been working in the rate and Traber. Act are all the other. Week. Lewis saying here is some really. Seem like a big deal. Around the country but in the ravens. That ravens' locker room in the air and air. Offices. It's a big deal what's happened I haven't heard anything anything going on. -- and let that particularly right now at that. Big deal on this course be offensive. Improvement under. Jim called a while on a play calling it also head scratching. Some of the results. Are pointing to the fact that maybe -- into some of the play calling is that bizarre and odd it is sort KM by. I would give you another one moving Bryant McKinnie to into left tackle putting or the right side and now Marshall yet to being healthy. I thought your offensive on the terrific the last couple weeks. Yeah I know the line of thought about it actually -- beyond a communal lines have been the whole thing -- been the change would be cut to lie which would get run over. In weeks like 613. Working. Partly on how -- to shake up in the open line which. Really the coin flip all year had improved dramatically in the postseason and then the other big thing which sort of came out of nowhere is. The player he's got a secondary Corey Graham has had a really nice year as sort of a part timer member of the web killer various maturities CL secretary William. Add to that country and the place sort of you know the spotlight quarterback could well shut down guy. I really like to seal like Baltimore by one street to the senate does almost over. No no now look. Me you know I could get me to not go home and look at they would look at patriot helmet New England they went back. -- And -- I have no idea who -- so they won't. Here's the deal in their building. -- got your quarterback got wide receiver you can run the ball a little bit now -- marine dude -- we heard them for what or where he'll. He's been hurt he's been hurt the last couple years but he's been around but he said a couple of the -- -- way by the way that Brady -- you're talking about. He's pretty good road to -- active live is drew used to have a given the school now are a dragon is so are you already know what it's doing what is it now not a now a regular here. For -- thirty or. -- I hate Fleming one of those typical. Typical sports guys who doesn't know that you start with a team it has hired are dramatically. Yeah. I don't. It is a so 33 3324. Railroads because you're north if we can't -- can't retire right now he's got to keep going on you know what I I don't think is -- topic is scorers is now off actually a part flip that around well it is school. Figure I hope you're gonna get clobbered last week -- -- -- -- -- last week in -- point -- I honestly all they were to go to go. And they're gonna just get clobbered so I got -- a chance to -- shot but got beat -- for a seventeen not at all by. Ran out count on your couch and now that's all we can't get you back on blast and I. Got a lot to me. We ought to come up right aren't bosses who got up -- Bring -- regular. -- a pro model and what was the gods people the stories. You're older and -- -- -- argued out okay got us that we have an -- -- -- ago. Well I -- -- do you know where are we we want to the first amateur years on the job at their base is crippled here you know up. We're excited. I'm happy for dedicates -- get an extension that is is great. Why do you are so apparent whether it. And -- Went yeah Wendy Cole yeah when you but that's OK do you know mine and -- -- Baltimore's. You know perfectly -- what -- what think you should mention. Because it's a legitimate if you're looking flattering when you should mention rock he should say you know no. Is that this is their biggest weapon offensively -- OK but tell me you guys giving you what you want and -- you wanna give this you know -- -- does -- only. Critics Brockton. -- Iraq and Al Welker Welker always hurt until it or man doesn't know pull a rabbit out that made it a global operator will get. I want -- I like I'm 51 to 24 knowing. What's right -- raptors forward let's go drew do you think. If if the ravens lose this game into the come out of this work for Joseph Flacco is is he got to be back next year and gonna have a a long contract. With the ravens or does it come down to his playoff performance but he. No he'll eat another sign him and he's going to be back keep them up he had. You don't deal not a done deal deal not him but he's coming back he'll get a nice contract at that he's I get a third are reportedly up front but I will say that. And we talked about the -- show this week here in Baltimore. If they don't win the ravens win -- -- now -- on three times in five years to you know the final dance if you will be. The ANC and not one and now they're on the verge of starting to get dead Eagles tag well you -- -- -- all the way up until you get to the game with all the -- -- and -- away and so. They're going to be on the back of their mind they have to try to get rid of this. By winning you know and that's really where they're at -- they know so it'll wind it's -- -- that's now three -- Kerkorian a championship games and after awhile. Even -- you keep saying all week we got there after awhile everybody's like yeah what you got there but not women. I truly enjoy the trip up there with a five -- enjoy the game we'll talk to you down the road have a good 10. Yeah I would not always great to have you drew forced from WSE. In ball to lower.

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