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Hall of Famer Michael Irvin with the Big Show

Jan 17, 2013|

We check in with one of our favorite guests, NFL hall of famer and host on the NFL Network's Morning Show, the playmaker Michael Irvin. Michael helps us break down the Pats and Ravens and Manti Te'o as well.

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-- Well let's zoom back at all and don't that doesn't lead to go -- small white dot major -- does it. Dick -- that I made to put this. These college pitchers that is always entertaining. Course one of the all time greats in he. It's part of the NFL network in their. Under order -- always great to talk MI could remember our conversation we were having about Wes Welker being the best in the league at the time when a parent. -- little -- about the record there are real critical thing is that it remains real true. -- all we need to reform reviewed your you -- know the true in golf like. Could argue -- Biden is still big is the you think he's still the best no legal would you would you put him down the top five or top ten. And look what Welker who hear that it would welcome -- well. We appreciate your receiver. It in the water church. So we're look we always want to welcome all these people will look at whether bit tricky. In the national football leak oil that was done. -- -- -- 0100 or 100 receptions now we look at what Calvin Brussels while we're feeling you have -- -- -- to -- guys. -- while it. Is under. Old you owe you over and over the Internet about -- here with -- but nobody can stop. Hey before we had a breakdown leaked the games coming up this weekend with him. I've been around a long. I feel punished. Stop everybody Cuba and it -- -- -- scored so easily and does not. You -- which. Is sold sold -- sold right now out Richard that's what you need to do Michael. You need to call Bill Belichick. Call Robert Kraft to nick scenario everybody there and tell them. Guys wanted to best receivers no legal argument contract because I think. Maybe it earlier this year maybe they need to be sold on Wes Welker -- We're good -- -- Geithner talked about. The gate where Welker market for a walk or. Everybody know that come in behind artwork there and they understand that that the -- one of the best in the league. And at a good point -- you know like you toward the estimate leaked because they -- -- -- -- a week that talent that your. -- largely due -- -- have a -- of the cool. They'd be looking to put a pretty black article beatle bought entry into week -- chill in the air moving a kids film in the business. Punditry has -- but -- -- there. I'd -- got to ask you about this meant to -- this is most the most bizarre. Story I can remember in a long long time easy telling the truth what do you think. Watching it they think we knew where you go back if you go interview here on trying to watch the emotion. Follow me here a few weeks. Bible that the abundance of short about. I'm not dismissive to work -- feet. How you were right all matters spot and I don't throw 2000. The real. Ultimately a fly ball. It's a little bit go lower I didn't hole the whole bit extra -- the culprit here it is not -- go. That you're hopeful it'll admitted that are. -- -- how. The far older thinking for all -- -- you look forward to grow to care. Think it will hang around you they were you critical period creator -- I'd seeing all that much speak I'm in check if you -- -- -- get inherently vitriol being your treatment of Obama on the -- -- either way whether he committed this so wild lies in hoax or somebody. Has pulled the biggest ranked in the history of of mankind on him for three years how does that affect him. In the national football like how other players. Treat them. It may. Your viewers believe the budget float little. You. I don't pol -- a little bit older who were routed notre. I think he's a veteran actor that you -- -- that's right days gone by Oregon global IP. Iran. That is the view all relationship -- over. And part of you know I'll admit that you have different particularly. Quote I don't know all the luck -- is that it took. Couple. -- their -- picture on. -- -- the -- rule and few years ago. You have become nothing. To operate -- -- written -- it was after the blow you welcomed -- about rules and you become soulful -- clear. There are all right -- particular life. They can't correct it -- gorilla of her life there's sort of a book by bill came at the -- It's just how to ladies would return to public it would -- Wait until they want when the rookie sometimes I'm a retired guys that with the cowboys rookies practicing there. All of the fight song or something like that. -- -- what they're gonna make you can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- look you know. Within your the mother who director coach. Who never get old. Quote obviously in the world law. They'll lose it will be low and a really good at that you of greater sources we will look at Ryder. But this amount did he goes on the road. He's throwing -- -- doles out on the. Absolutely absolutely. -- and it. It's cute little -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- before it -- amazing actors. It's our leader Louis bureau it is. I don't I don't know I don't want to commit or on line there -- -- -- during -- -- pretty -- OK. -- here. Come home and have them acutely out chipped it out there that would community I think -- -- -- from multiple layered in view. -- -- All of those who who met her role in the -- I hate the -- Outlook while Michael about it earlier look at the other side of it. Pays. Another what are we were ordered out. -- a man of he's a man of strong straight sided. Look at the pictures that you know we are generally good -- -- virgin. And secondly that -- focused on football and I'm gonna wait until I meet mrs. Wright's argument on his way to meet -- right now but you don't want to I don't wanna ask about them -- -- when asked about. When asked about the conference championship games and both conferences but let's start. Closer -- home. Forty likened his game and Gillette Stadium on Sunday and then what do you like. And -- all the guys going AM this morning actually I am -- the issue with Colin. This gain any other game -- -- -- that a -- hole while. In and not what Colin has done it's it's it's -- all they're scared you know what I -- There will be able to Denver. Open it AFC. But well I got all more writing you're good at writing if -- let stand for releasing. It to remember last year. Well we'll let Q where -- Reaching a more limited retaliatory. Move straight -- -- breaker or Bjork her looking. -- the -- very poor retarded or credit note brokered a martyr or. Google or -- the -- how deeply. Totally but it is pretty (%expletive) up is that smugglers were and oh -- note speaking something extra. She's no picnic and it makes it ought to call all the game. You you know -- its little stores they make or call the I would say it. Where you know I've looked at who England traditional issues where. And it been more troops who peaks in Seattle. It they're fiscal emerging backlash here there's -- there's -- -- -- will support for would be. And -- hear from Baltimore. Right now. Of course we'll come down to. There's no black who really -- you know Richard B Cheney continued -- including. Over these last few weeks. Couple weeks ago and global result there last week you know you rate -- -- prayers through the troops don't. There are older than ever wondered question but it's all our coal. It's Oracle's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We. Were it not some degree Adams and believe Greg cross the hormone Greg Greg performance. Especially. The wild card weekend becoming harder it was all of -- greatly Denver Baltimore game was great this Seattle Atlanta game was great. -- in Houston may have been the the biggest -- of at all so a because even Green Bay Sampras it's going to want to be a fourteen point gain in agreement San Francisco. What acts of great moments. But what does look -- used to try to battle out the global outbreak in blowout. Baker became a bulletin since turned to something -- Google which is certainly. What actually all morning. You know whatever they could be all the all the material because everybody sees. -- this mother is here in the -- for well just it makes football so great. We're talking to Michael are you talking about. Joseph Flacco and obviously the big plays Flacco has been phenomenal week fifteen of 27 -- comes from twenty plus yards out. There's a key to leave now at one of those quarters taking on usually the best receiver and I think you might take on -- this week. And according now playing safety where everything's in front of them. Make the patriots a team they can gamble that a lot better than they could earlier in the season like. It -- that last week sort of left Sunday and remorse you would meet guys topic would you pick -- for -- you know ultimately. To. They are just how deeply on Portman god. These final edit form mode where you grew up with torture but where would you go would put -- where it fought. It and should show article where chocolate tour. That they'll be you know that's what notary is mark got what I was eighteen -- personnel to the -- our Preval our goal. All it doesn't that make you besides just forget it it's on the wrist for the change. You know and make those guys that they give that and now. And had a two on and -- backside in the political resourceful. Or four and if you make it so much. Computing. Do you think god do you think -- -- is a real -- I know he was a real deal last week but the the fact is we're looking at a the second year quarterback was virtually a rookie. Going on the road in the NFC championship game as the favorite do you think he can deliver the goods. That are very and it ran a word with which it ran -- finally getting over on our art our our game to good morning except now we're running. And the -- in each side in your all and that's what's so great about to go to earlier. This -- little. In his career. Yes -- -- -- pull its global either you know it took little or something like that but let. He still taboo word shall. By you laying because didn't we need -- -- Are you gonna -- for -- sitting in the world or did a wonderful game where we call. Wonderful okay. -- -- -- -- this game. Show Google to me it's about what do you do right now -- you're skilled. Likud in. Orange order feared him out in this port deal. They'll figure appeared your bill your very apparently hit an open it would be -- So he'll have opportunities in the Cleo can make great. What do you think Atlanta doesn't -- -- Green Bay went man demand they seem to pinch off the edge in the middle of the field. Was wide open for him. -- in any incoherent we got a remote -- green pretty. The groups are a lot of local paper appears to run in order to -- a noble without regard to go to the -- So we're very I don't think actually I'm netstat. Or comprehension I shoot well or should run -- up because they were out this kind of a thing where it -- -- -- jaw. You can go look look to put up great numbers. It where they were not particularly. Mate in Blair's view a better job strain are clear bigger remote well with the dog now also Jim wooten hit some pretty good numbers against Atlanta. You know it you've got to what they have to do with Colin is mutual it is numbers. Which is dog thank you mention it. Which is very. There are I'd I'd be remiss Michael -- and asked you about Dallas you know Dallas as well as anybody. You think. Jerry Jones needs to hire general manager is that part of the problem and that's not the problem what is in Dallas clueless about the talent that they have. Yet they they never seem to get it done. And so VO. Let's. And -- News conference introductory. Conference of Chip Kelly. You rescued that. There couldn T do wonderful in his introduction. You know we did everything no he spoke. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Working and building peaceful and getting everybody on the same court allow prayer and through -- streak. That's what -- Curious if there you go into it and try improving Unita people who over the coaches all. They -- the -- court and then make it forced international and foreign players. They are beautiful world court in shock I think what each player does this in college district level on the whole. -- if you -- -- -- a group who we are we faster course you're always tired cheering that clearly state. And they -- a mechanical African American -- live in fear. He ain't going a little. Are there in their to put all reflect the bottom line -- Whoever is there a -- In what. I would not -- blow it if they're probably everybody field. That does not -- toward you know winning like here there and although there. No I don't argue you can you can feel that would be the equipment to speak you have -- you work ought to know. We should or bill. Because what he can you -- what about questioned a lumbering toward our border guys don't. Daily -- it'll be silent and the value or because I don't know how -- what do you have food. It would -- -- OK I don't want this or that all of that stuff part of although it's part of. I've got two teams go to the Super Bowl Michael. 00 I don't I don't know. It's got to know them out of the difficult and you can tell you just got to move -- the senate and I don't. I don't report a study. The only group. Well now there's no but I killed a young that sport. A -- right now. You know I'll regret communicate I would say. I would hear all want to live being there at a portal or emotion -- -- toward Iguodala. Were all. Brady let -- up but I don't -- got a release. -- and well. In this game right here. You know what I mean because you can be sure of who would remain. At water out. -- if you allow it to took -- -- could not -- -- here. You know what I'm saying and they're very who can grow there. Are. You know I will look much for Baltimore Atlanta before before we let you know I have to go. Out wherever I've got a great truths. You know I just know I'll reserve the right to -- to write about it. Understand Glen is he didn't spend enough time with them here in studio -- and he is a world class -- Lauper. So you're going -- your goal -- just around Michael you're right in his neighborhood but I got a I got asked. A or four minutes ago I have to ask you this this is great outlast. It must have been in August that was that the hall of fame induction. You Marcia Lieberman does this bit you're doing on an opponent where guys had to put together your all time hall of fame teams. Area and more like it Michael Russell marshall's going on and on about it -- -- I get this guy on my team he's great he didn't pick themselves. Michael Irvin -- received her. You pick yourself. As what are the great. Receivers under alt I've seen modest. -- So -- My dog is your mutual. It will be true that you -- a. I'm a Marshall Marshall is John W motto is that there are not to pick myself we're running back Michael went right there's no peppers favorite. Michael. A little -- to understand that when it. -- certainly appreciate. Local foot in Haiti with all the time. Like well it hasn't repeated to really do believe our border -- -- might include seats that appear to work. -- -- to the bottom line while. The sort of people out here. Gordon knew that he should -- read it to mortality he -- It's. A -- All prayer at its full well. -- tell -- might be the only one that didn't get any of that information that you were just talking of I didn't catch Michael on NFL game day. Game day morning Sunday and I am gonna start to cover. At 9 AM and of course Super Bowl week beginning of the twentieth. And FL network will be live in the -- providing. Complete coverage of the super -- always great talking to you Michael Ford seemed to go there and elements. That's in fort hopeful there -- -- people who want to get too -- to think about it and you sit -- Wonder what somebody says felt that it can be trying to think through the thought all the -- you and he liked it. -- it's for absolutely. It's going to be -- he's going to be the -- of somebody jokes right now they are because you're right because -- -- three months OK maybe you know he's getting a little. Too excited about this woman the sound of her voice -- the words the cheese and you know she's texting tool blah but three years. And as you said. So a little man -- -- I don't. Talk seriously Michael. LA guard Michael Harvard from the NFL network -- action.

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