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Jason Collins, Celtics Center, on having a veteran role on the team

Jan 17, 2013|

Jason Collins joins Mut and Merloni to discuss his role on the Celtics and sibling rivalry compared to the father-son rivalry between Doc and Austin.

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Where you are the -- is closer to where we employee not. But I know you're out in the film I'm glad I mean obviously it's still -- -- thing. You know I think it'll be something later on and -- -- nitrogen or just sit around and upended about. What happened and you want to do have been really -- but. When you're in competition and stuff. That is Doc Rivers. Oh after last night's game New Orleans in the books Celtics lose snapping a six game winning streak it's not -- 93 point seven. WE ET Al let's check in a health point on the Celtics Thursday it was Celtics senator Jason Collins joining us Jason Mike little are you. I'm -- great picture forever -- -- appreciate effort talking about this team for a couple of minutes do you. It just think is that -- -- against this can't last night in Austin you and your brother played at Stanford together. Did you guys ever match up model a model in the NBA what was that like we went through that as Brothers. There were definitely -- it was. A lot of fun. Written article predicts. It is strange echo in my year and -- lot of cool pictures. And -- houses from and against each other. It. -- that it's -- it's just more evident that at bat at a populated updated Beckham's gone there we go under -- Nautical pictures in our house. It was always -- or family. But it was also recording. Played against each other. But he matchup. Out on the court. We're both physical basketball players. When I'm out there users one. Hitting birds and giving elbows and forms of support but when you go up against your Brothers you don't wanna. Dude -- your equipment and it. About it at the same time you -- -- you wanna play and so it's it's a lot of fun now did you guys kind of sense it was -- last night loser and him gonna knock them down he comes and -- was like before the game. You could tell the doctor we read we just want to win and we definitely want to keep it going keep the when mr. Dolan. We all knew that it was. Especially certain the dock and we want to go out there get the -- and readers were -- the job done. The -- of mark nodded at Chicago and get back on the right course you silent team back in July Jason was there something specifically about the team that drew you the Celtics this year. Yeah. When target of opportunity. Opportunity to play with Paul framers and Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo. -- Coach. Are you lose and I've used you know. Top coach in NBA in Doc Rivers and hear a lot of great things about them off from afar and now being part of the organization you can see large. It's all -- reserve he's he's a great coach -- in it's ruby real special -- here we're just trying to build for the playoffs right now. Speaker of the Atlanta Hawks and any others those spirited robbery dairy -- a couple times at this team and now you with a guy like Kevin Garnett you know what was it like before you play with Kevin Garnett your feelings about it. Ticket. You know you officers -- -- up against him he's all hall of Famer and you know that if he's been. Voice his opinion out there on the court. And from B dollars. You know rights -- that tobacco industry out of my game but for some guys. You know they did involved in and in it takes them out of their game and -- some -- -- realized. Being -- teammate now is that he talks like that but it's more. It's not trash talk and to trousers just to get himself which went away for himself to motivate himself to keep. Firing on all cylinders and it. Hyped him up it gets him going to get some rest of us going what is out there news. Make employees and and -- people out there on the court noted he's been in ways there's there's there's going to be. -- -- -- -- -- claimed that the KG trash talk never got Q how did you block it out then Jason seems like it if I grew up with the twin brother had to. The departure -- huge supporter. What we were and in high school and junior. Most of our. One on one basketball games ended up hurting and a football and in -- open to a fight and after awhile you learn how to block that stuff about. You know concentrated on you know. What what I needed dude. Keep my head in the game to keep you know. You know focus on basketball and not -- the other. Stop on the -- You said it did to being with doc kind of gives you do different glimpsed in him as a coach what makes him make good coach when you are you're coming off the bench you start for stretch of 67 games there. And then back to the bench as he communicate with you Jason is so we're trying to do when you come in and out of the starting line up. Yeah. We're always got to talk at the beginning of the season. When I wasn't playing at all and I told -- like. You know I appreciate him coming up which I know explain the situation was like you know. I'm a twelve year probe. If I'm playing or not playing that doesn't affect how I approach each and every game. I know my job -- to be ready as if I'm gonna going Berrian and a lot of work extremely hard in the weight room with my conditioning McCarty -- My weights. My in my work in on the basketball court so that you know when my neighbor number's called I'm I'm ready to go out there and contribute. So whether or applying. An -- plan started are not starting it doesn't affect how I approach a game I put -- try to approach -- game each and every game the same morning. Well we -- and that's -- lot of things -- did talk about you know Aaliyah and know what to expect from he's been around the game long time is great communicate defensively. So that the numbers offensively might not have been there but just defensively doing your job in -- year old. -- Mets that's why I've been able to stick around the league so long is because moment or defense supplier first. I know that autumn you know capable gone out there and scoring -- there. Better players -- on our team Rorer. Even more capable scorer and you know. So my job is to get them open my job was to set screens and make -- that. Now the second unit that does and Jason Terry and Jeff Green and injured soldiers that they did open. We we get them going because. -- especially with a score like -- if he sees a ball go in a couple of times circuits there's confidence Roland and it's like you know green light basket it's bigger form. Jason give -- your scatter report on the rookie -- soldier -- as a fan he's it is impressive not always rebounding but ability to score. In around the basket as a rookie. Yeah I'm really impressed workers his basketball IQ was overall -- more acute utilities a great coaches. And as a rookie easiest light years ahead. Where other rookies are. Doctor you know had -- my career. He worked extremely hard in the weight room. And trying to you know. -- the best possible shape. To play big minutes. Defensively he's he takes charges you come over try to block shots. I'll play great position basketball and and on the offensive end -- he's got a great second zone and no road -- for rebound the basketball. Which is something about we really need. Jason great stuff Chicago tomorrow Celtics are gonna start a new winning streak and appreciate talking to us a Celtics Thursday. No -- they -- router or beyond celtics' big man Jason Collins joining us live from health point we do every single Celtics Thursday talked to Jack McMullen. And the Celtics player of the week let's talk to Justin. -- -- -- you know I should put Justin on hold. We -- Jerry sandusky the voice the Baltimore Ravens come and apple get his take. On patriots and ravens AFC championship game Jerry sandusky --

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