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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston.com, on Doc Rivers' first game against Austin

Jan 17, 2013|

Jackie Mac joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Celtics, their loss against the Hornets, and the relationship between Doc and his son.

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No not yet -- yours to the very thought that the jury did at the if you have a chip. The Kevin Garnett talked trash to Austin rivers not -- -- A little bit nervous if he did KG could talk little trash we know that Butler and ID three point seven WE yeah -- lunchtime hour Celtics Thursday. I mean to talk to the great Jackie McMullen of ESPN boston.com Jackie's brought to you by town fair tire by HSA insurance. And by Newton Wellesley dental partners I will get to. The Celtics stuff -- but I got to start with the man type tale story because my guess of your rod around award tonight or the next week. You're talking man Taipei out what was your reaction the last 24 hours of this thing. Now minor Cameron today so we will be talking about it. It's just so disturbing and that on on so many levels and obviously we don't have all the action yet. But it it doesn't really matter no it hasn't revealed that this person wasn't real. And I'm just disturbed and how many levels some. And it just keep thinking about this what you think about today I keep thinking about Shanley who could lose loved ones display. What they must be feeling I hit it it. It's such a bad idea to go down the -- -- who ever did it and we will find out more as we go. And then just you know like you backing myself as a journalist I've written. Hundreds of stories in thirty some odd years. And I written stories like this sad stories about people you know he'd do it as a feature on and they tell you are -- my father when he was when I was I've heard that person. And you know you go back and you try to talk to people in the family about that and so I just keep going back in my mind contain it from me if I covered this story which really hasn't. What would I have done that been done differently how could we have. Stop this from perpetuating itself. And I don't think they're a lot of easy answers and -- at this story unfolds we'll learn more but -- Notre Dame looks bad certainly this player we don't know how bad you can look we'll see going forward. You know journalism at the black -- in journalism today -- -- really really upsetting story. And but he says it is still a lot more answers and it's just last -- total rocked the world solo bit with the story coming on and maybe if it looked like got you on the court to get distracted the Boston Celtics now the truth. Earlier this is early in the year Jackie you know you in -- you've seen it over and over and over again but they decide to play well lately in game like this I just look at is you know. It happens even though it's at home it's gonna happen a distinct. Well it is in and you know what it looked like dealers -- -- well we can we'll beat these guys look -- wake of the third quarter. It will literally to the fourth quarter. OK we'll go -- -- and you know what. There and I cannot -- Italy with that especially against the team like this which young athletic. Attack in the paint and naming rob Robin Lopez looked like he he NBA all star starter at center last night. And -- -- the counted you know the court has talent but they have the perfect combination. Of young athletic flashy player and as we know. Those -- kinda -- -- gonna bother the Celtics all year long. I don't blame doctor being a little disappointed I thought his comments about the electric fence around the key was very pointed. And very legitimate. What do you think they get those scenarios Jackie like that fourth quarter where it was Courtney Lee jumper Courtney -- jumper Terry -- pierce jumper and they -- -- players in the court they had very little interest that seem like going to the basket that effort thing or is that a scheme thing late in the fourth quarter. I think it's a little boat it's easier if he'd take a jump shot think about all the Chinese trying to play pick up on. It gets to be the end of the after -- your kind of tired. It's easier to just pull up and take eighteen footers that a lot harder yet to grind it out and go on the block and make a move to go to the basket and then if you -- it try to go up and get your rebound. This team has been around long time I'm sure there. In retrospect it and then you know what we should really got that on especially in Brooklyn -- Indiana lot could've made up some ground yeast. But in the big scheme of things pierce Garnett Rondo that Pena are we let this one go who will be our. After their attitude and by the way not hit them pretty much 80% of the India. A lot of attention was you know -- in Austin and you're just talking about you know. Doc Rivers that means is coach indicated -- teaching his kid in the he's watched him -- progress is the young player and to be out there in the court not trying to stop him and seeing what the console many times in honor. Now take that shot ticket to the basket cut this -- and to fight himself right. Learned yeah I mean I really felt for doc last night and I mean you guys tell your kids Arnold not yet I don't think it's excruciating to watch your children compete. I know once I got to start playing Connecticut conduit back my parents said wow I had no idea what you're going to walk you may you live and die with every recession. Everything they do quarter Aggie Egypt's deal as a parent do. And I have to do that and then in the meantime trying to -- -- to victory and stop that these young person that you've -- you know watching. Grow and develop security young children and told me all the way back -- not in any trade they etiquette -- it was going to be at a pro at our -- called. So I'm very glad that so it. -- -- glad trial that I played well he did what he does best which was attacked the basket which is quickness. So maybe this could help them get out of little funk. I liked how pierce got on at the end of the quarter in the Austin came back area that foul I like it was a it was a great rebuttal. Doc said today -- idea CD if if Austin had been there. Danny was committed to taking Austin in the draft do you believe that true or is that. -- wishful thinking on the part of Doc Rivers. I I was I was that caught my attention this morning I heard that interview where when I was driving here and there. And -- sense to me because again where they were drafting partner dropped that -- and and -- right he is the kind of -- they could use some of the penetrate the -- Paint to create. You know active. Who fearless so I don't think that's out of the realm of possibility. I think you would never gonna be there but I think whatever you -- you look at all the pre draft stuff but. People back and look I think it was pretty clear to everybody gonna be moot point he's gonna be gone by the time so expect they -- gonna trade up again. But he was there ever I believe they would take it. He's also part apparently the scouting department. Because he didn't news pulled for Jarrett sellinger which worked out -- itself. The great story cute and I would it'd be here doctor I was gonna take -- because usually when -- -- about the tactic that you know what I don't have time to prepare for the NBA. -- -- -- -- apparently that Danny -- and act out there and I want to take care act on the clearly dock with a little more involved in this state and perhaps in the perhaps in the past. I think it's clear that not as bad as they play in the first you know that stretch -- do you think there are at a point now where Danny's happy with the roster -- do you think there is a trade at. I'll or big man acquisition or something they still leave for the second half of the year. Well and anybody in -- -- I'm not saying that have to be an all star because you'll get on. -- -- out there much should you give up something huge and I called it and making it radical deal. But I do think they need another -- now you know Wilcox who is working his way back and he'll help. But I didn't think they need another live body and -- I don't know what it'll cost to get that. But I I mean look at I never counting out -- -- now he is a topic. Probably not. Planning on trading anybody but you'll listen everybody that's his job and and he's not you know one thing he's proven he's fearless -- he doesn't hesitate to pull the trigger he thinks it's the right move. Decades now it's 7 o'clock cut the Yankees announced the starters the all star game -- -- to be interesting -- -- -- as as a bright at -- As of right now the starters in the east would be the -- James. Kevin Garnett Carmelo Anthony Dwyane Wade Rajon Rondo. That's pretty interesting starting five with some of the issues have gone on here. Yeah you're absolutely right that'll be a lot of fun you know the -- about -- all star game is being. It can't take care of themselves I remembered KG -- to Inco last year but the year before in LA. He was there I was there he didn't play very much at all I think he told coaches I'm I'm good need to play very much. He was very very nostalgic about it came up it is my last -- and I enjoy it like in the young children do their thing so that's a good network C -- minded that. But I'd like melons and Rondo are you kidding me you need a ball. Potter and the same now I can be bought me go to guys they want that in the worst way -- at that point in their career where they want to rack up these all star appearances they really means something. But you know what's funny I think it KG makes it all star game equity thirty we're all looking now blocked. Tractor close to 3730. Something or another he's old he's old and aviator can -- going to be entered. Actually saying some. We're but the does the dynamic of how does that react I was Carmelo Anthony Kevin Garnett. Hang out on a team. Our that's the beauty of all our games they really do all work out all the guards are down. In fact they might even and that may be well on the Internet probably not the game I'm. You mentioned run don't come Ellis is chasing him BP right which will we see a lot in the All Star Games but we've also seen the past how important. Being selected the all star game is to Rajon Rondo. Very important you're right you're right and you know last year. When he initially wasn't -- and the only recently and pick that could miss some of those gains -- injury he was so mad. There when they did finally contact Adam he's he was of the mind discount the heck with that kind of like. When the league not the -- -- you wanna talk to -- that he says though you're gonna do what you want to do -- doing hang up on a title like that. Except for -- -- you know that don't be dumb. Listen to them accept it and then go out there and prove to them like you belong. So. You know I mean it does mean a lot Toronto and I don't blame them it worked really hard in the desert in -- or no question. A Jackie erode on ESPN boston.com this week that basically Brady welcome the patriots outclassed. The Houston Texans this past Sunday do you believe that will be the same scenario outclassed in the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday AFC title game. Yeah that I think we'll carry that that's the headline I hate it when people create seeing him ejected and might add that the that you knew you had journalists hate it when the headlines are assigned to them. I don't like that word out class. I like that word I would use that word I think they outplayed them. I think it -- Sunday is a whole different kettle of fish. I'm. The final 8 feet and I am really concerned about the game monopoly like part of Karbala scary they get. Did they can be on -- -- with Belichick in terms of game plan creativity. Things like that protecting it. They're -- match now. And you've got three small receivers -- Branch Welker -- under six feet like -- -- exe but you know they're gonna beat the living -- -- -- guide -- the line of scrimmage without because. Funny -- it's sort of changed where. Everybody was fearing Denver at Denver with Peyton Manning now all of a sudden seems like everybody thinks that ball was actually tougher challenge maybe as they went to Denver in one bit. I don't I still look at you know Flacco is he good enough I give more respect in most -- I think there when this game. As well. It at all no question and Brady has been right exactly where you want him but I just to worry about the technicality. About -- to marking the same they're worried about. -- deputy county at the San Francisco looking. -- played -- -- play and that kind of style I think. It's a weakness for the patriots I think when teams really body him up and and really try to beat them up at the line of scrimmage they run into trouble. And on the heels of the Brady conversation we spent some time early this week Jacqui talking about Peyton Manning. I do you feel like now I said while playoff runs here eight of those have resulted in first round and out. Has his legacy is his place among NFL royalty at the quarterback position. Taken a hit because of that lack of post season success. The fair question and I was polled said yes she would probably say so but I still think. You know they should've won that football game Sunday in and -- had a bad game no question. But. How do you let them score them on -- ten yard touchdown play I mean that's that's on the door of the Denver defense suggest me I still think Pete Manning is one of the great. I'm medium and a little biased as a distinct so much of him as a person. But -- I have heard it was a hit and badly record arena after the great and I'll finally -- you that without way. And I don't think anyone can they -- Manning the greatest of all time in part because of that play Africa you're talking about. Yeah Brady head of Manning right now. Well of course how could I not I seen him. Time and time again at -- -- the ball and ESPN boston.com Jacki thank you watch on around the -- this afternoon appreciate -- time is always Erica had a great afternoon Jacqui joining us on the AT&T hotline and is always Jacqui brought to you by town fair tire. By HSA insurance and by Newton Wellesley dental partners. A 92 break we come back. The esteemed Mayor Menino is -- again that's next.

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