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Behind Enemy Lines: Gerry Sandusky, Ravens PBP

Jan 17, 2013|

Ravens play-by-play announcer Gerry Sandusky joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Ravens Patriots AFC Championship rematch.

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Seven yard field goal drive. A miracle finish indeed not -- 93 point seven. WEEI. Do it again same as last year ravens and patriots for the right to represent the AFC. In the Super Bowl the man you just heard on the call the voice of the Baltimore Ravens media -- their Baltimore a friend. Of our show he is Gerri with the AG sandusky. Miracle indeed on sun Saturday afternoon there in Denver Jerry. -- -- you know one of those games where you'll remember for ever because. It just didn't look like he was gonna turnouts. Everything was against the ravens short weeks tops the cold weather. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you look at the numbers you see this backed up and down my back up at sometimes things don't work out the way you think they're going to. Yeah even with that winning Olympic but the pick in Denver in that game. But -- down a -- for you win that football game make believers -- some people but the point spread the same here. In New England but a different feel more believers in this Baltimore Ravens team now down there. I think they're the same number of believers in the -- team here and Baltimore -- there has been all year long I think I doubt that there's any more believers in the ravens outside of Baltimore and I feel like played out there why me. If you look what patrons have done this year we look at it the op at the numbers double breaking it down. Mark what are the other day patriots have a moral ones. On there you know. Achievement this year opposite that first big clap their legal what. You know what I wanted patsy you know what a third down. Percentage and a lot of the Rezko so I completely get -- around the country would look at this game today rematch or not it's still a bit. But he say believers. In Baltimore how hard was it -- to stay believer in this team when their losing. What all those games except for the giants game down the stretch what kept people on board with this group. You know I think the only thing that kept people on board what we can see they have seen since John Harbaugh arrive are straight trips -- the playoffs. And prior to hear the -- that always put together a really strong team. In December and for some reason this year is that we collect in December. And and believe me they are a lot -- leaflet tested because. This team in December did not look anything like that -- in January. And did not look like anything and it looked pretty shooters in December through it it was a team that lost its way. Don't you look at Joseph Flacco. And people question whether to win the big game it. It almost doesn't fit his -- it's 17 playoff games five of those games on the road. Yet he still faced with the same question marks you know is he good enough is just because he -- it -- do with the right way in the stays NFL. They let it rip it what's really going on guy. Is. In the last I would -- five to ten years we have. To -- -- -- and you're over certain -- have crept into our sport conversation. Walk all over nobody every -- order. Italy quarterback. Nobody used to upgrade when Dan Marino -- play. If they had -- -- will be considered an elite quarterback because he didn't win a couple. Until people say is until luckily quarterback. What you're really saying is he doesn't have a global -- Tom Brady had three Peyton Manning has one Eli Manning has to. Goes -- really the conversation is now quarterback who won Super Bowl. Quarterbacks who -- What Joseph black and one big gains in the spirit Bennett he played better than Tom Brady did last year in the air epic. He deftly played better to -- -- -- good last week in the divisional playoff game. Sort of think Flacco had won the game is completely fall. What the congress they really didn't and it it would only quarterback now mean that you don't want Super Bowl yet. -- think but he had not yet. So how much of the Flacco resurgence here 'cause he's played really well five touchdowns no picks here -- In the playoffs how much do you put that on Jim Caldwell and not Cam Cameron now calling the place. You know I think -- how to protect -- our. Bureau between floundering. He changes it up at the coordinator in December. And he has yet begun to make what it was a completely bolt. Well let's face it it it doesn't make it change the rate is probably are where they are today. If he doesn't make that change the rated likely -- And that it reported Cam Cameron said are you gotta go now that -- -- -- Instead Harbaugh showed unique leadership. It was willing. To take all the risk and so because if they pick Cam Cameron looked up to work. -- -- trouble horrible. And it and hear that you're the -- it would. Jim Caldwell. Understand. Communication you can just talking. It's -- listening to. What I mean murder at the -- -- -- -- it was. There were a lot of star players. And a lot of quality assistant coaches. We didn't feel like there input was being assimilated -- games. To make it just that you look at the -- not that since Jim Caldwell took over the same Muppets averaging one single place. It's just a function of how we're changing the play call now as the game progressed. You know Jerry -- when you analyze football games and your coach seat three phases right but all -- special teams just gets overlooked -- think whatever style offense defense. Coming up the case this week especially given we've both teams play in special teams -- There's definitely more of a threat to Jacoby Jones I would say than anybody with New England how much of effect you think it plays in this game. I'm probably the least qualified -- to add to that question because last week in Denver in the pregame interview that I do with John Harbaugh every week. I brought an exact topic up there and -- and I'll give it. Raising the question that the coach. Clearly Gingrich -- -- statistically out like today that the defense. But don't you think -- special teams could be the expected to give you a unique advantage today. That was the question I asked him could I have possibly been more wrong. Doug took a look -- to Sunday's game at Foxboro any MB give it away in an opinion. I think -- uniquely unqualified attribute -- Well in terms of of the offense threw for 12 he said that it's it's been you know Harbaugh I give him the credit for making the move. As an offense from from played a played do you notice a particular player is there receiver is there a pattern -- anything. That is getting more attention now because it seems to me for whatever reason Flacco seems more willing to throw the ball deep -- that huge success. That looks different with since -- taken -- from my vantage point. The wind and -- he'd be -- pro ball deep is that the big change. You know and this is a typical football the personalities -- the up at the line probably bigger then -- -- -- coordinator not to take anything away Jim Caldwell but with the playoffs began an epidemic changeup -- coordinators. Great mr. Bryant McKinnie who was the backup tackle long -- better -- -- pro bowler. And moved him into the starting lineup at left tackle. Will Michael or -- right tackle which is where a lot of people think. Either more natural fit auction -- that would been injured came back at left guard and they collect your cell only. Who have the right tackle moved over to guard so you have or completely different players now on the opera to wind -- -- is the only consistent. On the -- -- from the regular seat at the post see that up on the lighter -- a much better job of pass protection. At a period could be pretty you you've got to give your quarterback time to do. Tora much chatter done about the ravens defense of the hearing is people talk a lot of -- and old defense the religious cut its rate Louis Wright is his defense he's all the player bit. Point seven happy years all the averaged I got an old defense -- How do you think they react to the hearing that maybe they are older and can't keep up but the fast pace of the knowing the patriots. I'll be out for the I don't know that anybody can keep up the fast pace and -- the patriots for sixty minutes that a patent -- that they have some unique talent -- beat -- in the states. But as far as the ravens -- then it's concern. If there's one month -- chased up the matter. It -- you're in October I would I would be right there with everybody to -- an -- defense but I'm sure they'll -- -- topic conversation. But in this month since Ray Lewis came back. Eight is a factor number artifact or rankings artifact there. And it's because the look Ray Lewis has brought back to the -- as a unit we all knew he was gonna bring back. Energy and emotions. We all know that the game coming out a total in the wild card game and his last home game going to be a mobile we will remember for years. What none of us could imagine what the level he was scored for format. After kick off. Yes thirty tackle in the first two game political scene at the exact same number completions Joseph lack of -- -- that that. And he had elevated everybody's play around him. You know within -- week circuit we offered a little bit of what he brings to it -- in terms of shelving out was being made to what's coming. Making these adjustments. Based on the opposite an adjustment in getting guys in position to make the play he still does that better than anybody at -- -- A -- the -- you about B started the conversation today talking about how sometimes in sports you just don't know why listen you talked -- it's sounds like do you believe. That that the there is some sort of destiny some sort of Ray Lewis magic in this last month with this team. They're no doubt reload that brought some great magic it -- game. And I'm a believer more in in you create your own destiny. More than you just sit around and you know an -- -- presidential your front door. And that there are seen at helping I do believe it's strongly Ray Lewis has its use in this team. -- -- -- These guys to create her own destiny and matter of fact I would pick a man they believe they are the only ones who will create their own destiny. And that does create something that number can't measure especially at a small window I'm -- one month. You know that the policy -- all over 678 months. The number it will win now but over the course -- a month. The motion belief and the idea that you create destiny in the -- what you know I think certainly carry much weight as numbers. Sony Pictures you -- used to you know in the post season -- begin some trash talk from other teams are saying that things and -- I've been to Asia starting with the gimmick. And then you've got hundred I mean now bold and rather. Anquan Bolden predicting -- victory. Does that -- game blown out of proportion I think will be here knowing. Well sure it is let you know look at the nature about the championship game they want they -- pivot patriots and you guys never ever ever have players who. Say anything official on anybody else's is core -- there -- -- the patriots have done a great job without over the years it occupied that the Bernard date shall come out and didn't put those tweets -- surprised to hear about all but. That the level they -- get in you know what you're the underdog when -- deep underdog in donate a -- yet of it. You've got away I would say that stuff because that might give you a little bit of an advantage and it doesn't work out your favor nobody's gonna remembered anyway because you were the underdog. -- last one for me. Ravens Steelers a pretty good rivalry and I I feel like you can -- a smacked me down for saying this but -- but the point now right they patriots ravens. Is the best rivalry in the NFL and my right or wrong about that. You -- right door the regular -- I would I would still go with the ravens Steelers but -- suppose he could hand down. It's ravens and patriots because would be to keep that seen each other so much over the last couple of years not just that it seemed like every year we see you in the playoffs. And we see you early in the all the next year than in the playoffs early and all. And the fact that three straight game that a by illegal or -- Four out of five decided by cut down -- let our candidates review all policy and this is the rivalry in sports right now. He is the voice of the Baltimore Ravens on the radio Jerry sandusky media mogul. In the city of Baltimore and we are grace vice president stock in Baltimore and patriots AFC title game Jerry really appreciate the time to join -- -- -- this weekend and we'll talk you down the road. Does that or -- and it's always a great time coming up there you have great bad that the great atmosphere should be great ball game can't wait to spirituality. Thanks Jerry Jerry sandusky a voice the ravens joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LPG. With speed that the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible. Offer -- we had -- on which was. My back in September right burst coming out on the program. All these tax we average Jerry sandusky I what are you guys doing it idiots child molester on that show. And by now you've gotten it is Gerry with a G he was really good play by play as watch in the sound effects a last night and his calls all over that thing. -- good stuff -- Jerry and obviously he's by an entity magic. It is Ray Lewis AC title game on Sunday. 6177797937. Of the phone number -- the show any time. AT&T text line 379837. Or thought the shot double talk do you patriots and ravens here.

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