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Jerry Rice, Hall of Fame WR, says the Ravens will beat Patriots

Jan 17, 2013|

ESPN's Jerry Rice joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Conference Championship week in the NFL and what to expect. Rice predicts the Ravens beat the Patriots

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Butler not a three point seven WEEI your phone call 6177797937. You can text -- On the AT&T text line at 37937. If all this meant -- tale story all day because obviously. You supposed to speak here at some point there's going to be more and more news about this dead -- gonna do follow up and now that. Guys like Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports and awesome investigative journalist got a sniff for this the New York Times Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and others that this agreed to that it. And a story with we know right now at 1120 on Thursday. Might be different by a midnight Friday in you can have a completely different story. At least for now there's a lot of questions we can answer the other is a lot of things that you can speculate on. What you can't really determine answer for and met -- -- speaking I believe. Would go a long way towards beginning to answer. Some of those questions -- those Heisman voters were wondering. Why did I vote for you character was an issue and -- character now question can I take that vote back. We get a huge football game on Sunday AFC championship game patriots and ravens joining us. On the AT&T hotline a hall of -- of the greatest wide receiver that ever lived. He's Jerry Rice CC on ESPN breaking down games all the time Jerry Mike and Lou here Boston power you. Here -- our door we're doing good we spent time talking about your career this year because Wes Welker. Broke up your records tend ten career catch games hundred yard seasons there. Yet -- a great year this year I'm curious when you see Wes Welker and him breaking those records what do you see in a wide receiver. What I don't like -- recommend where. Hundreds left -- no looked well let Welker I had the opportunity to meet is Jack. Such a great individual hard worker and you cannot cover that guy while walking he's gonna continue. Could it up big numbers like -- you try to line and what what a linebacker or safety. -- -- eat it too quick call the line of scrimmage and he he's too explosive and economically. You have a toggle Wes Welker movement for the patriots resigned this -- there was. -- pay him he's eased up the symbol of the Calvin Johnson or Larry FitzGerald yourself Randy Moss is bit. The when you look at Wes Welker can you differentiate the slot receiver to an outside receiver in the value that you bring to a game. It can pretty much. Pick overall ball -- air and that's really what you act or in the in a play maker. That's a receiver on the football field and he's capable don't want that. And like I think he is not gonna -- copper. And and I I know where Tom Brady is all we've got to go to Emmys like dead security blanket form any note that this guy's gonna get open. It make plays I think he could -- -- -- -- money and you should pay them. Look at the contract. Do you think is the best wide receiver football -- -- optic ethernet out five. What our belt and would be great that scene and also set the standard. I mean that the way to prepare is preparation. Is our work -- practically. And that carried over to the game on that -- -- Sunday -- that Monday but ultimately able guy you wanna give the big contract and you look over the go look at this gut it while it is the way to be rational -- it's how you should conduct. No other comparisons to in bringing you any conversations as you know Tom Brady Joseph Montana and we always try to compare now -- know it's a different game. -- theology if Tom Brady goes out when -- fourth Super Bowl now we're talking about him with -- I mean when you see Tom Brady does it. You see any resemblance is it that the poise in big games anything. -- what you call about to become then they're not gonna corral this guy hit it and offer for their. Of soccer game that I realize is that he's always communicating. Looked -- the -- receiver people and everybody involved. And and keep an error by the opt out there -- On the probability it always doubt he'll gonna win that football game goal when I look at him and his demeanor is just like Jill. Very calm very cool -- and he knows exactly what he's gonna -- a football field. We've seen some shots this year last couple years -- Brady scream and his guys whether it's west whether it is offensive line. Would Joseph would Steve scream like that in the course -- a game. I don't I don't think it is to go to market is to get them go there and and you know everybody everybody -- for Wales bill that would self but I I like bet I'd. Like at her but it'd be on the football field. And and -- I'll be -- -- And it'll. Still honor and a little bit different -- -- much like you'd you do. The way you looked at Q are there certain. He became better able to the -- -- the right now we're in the Baltic so I don't under in the heat of film you know old. Remember the one our -- Maybe -- you know -- a look on the football game. You know -- plant. And our commitment to interview all week law and that's the most important thing that they're trying to get over. I enjoy playing in the game all I don't look at all the debt that although act quickly the stuff like that I got clear. You know the game has changed throughout the years no question on the patriots seem and last. You're and a half kind of bring another element -- and there was the no huddle and now is what the patriots do with this high -- speeded up -- type of offense and some people call that a gimmick people call and illegal when you see the pitcher tremendous high speed office what -- the. I think it's fantastic because they use it really doesn't get upon them and opportunity to look up the true. Players -- it you gotta go. Well whatever these guys you guys argue that the players that can help on the football field and a -- hit -- -- if you because you're going to end. Andy calls -- the problem from the matchup situations one argued that it and I think -- thought Tom Brady a fantastic -- -- -- Up all fit in -- -- any element the right decision. We're talking to Jerry Rice the hall of fame receive breaking down all sorts of NFL stuff on ESPN espn.com. In terms of the waiting game is played now Jerry you know after the patriots won a couple of Super Bowls the colts piped up and said there too physical in their secondary and now. It's almost like you can't touch a wide receiver and I try to imagine you playing now where you you get touches a flag you can't even breathe on. What are your wide receivers not getting a penalty would you put up bigger numbers and been more successful that's possible with these current rules in the NFL. Oh my god that -- that kind of hard to. -- expect late on but that -- I think gut. Football today it's been a bit so wide receivers because you know I it -- -- at the back he -- date they got to be on the same player brown. And it and and they have to be able to lobby group school at the last scrimmage but at the popular in their particular air top receivers. Are -- -- now he'll pass are yards they can't go to receiver I prefer it back in the day where I knew exactly where. Because back where where he's at an all time up in fiscal belt feel for the game don't change the lot but it. You not think overall utility -- trying to load. Protect players do all of that but I feel at all accounts to be play at all. And think that -- the back they need to be on a local feel as let receivers. Also changed a bit through these quarterbacks he's athletic young quarterbacks coming into the league and then you go on it doesn't niners backing NFC championship -- called cap and at quarterback and you go the got Ron Amadon -- ahead of his time these sort of see yes quarterback. Yeah I would say that because I hear a lot of it could go well kept happening -- it was their typical -- it now. -- and that they also -- That we look -- elect to go so get spring break but you gotta -- -- captain -- he's got a few. Expect it's got to be able to get outside it in play but hopefully you win a football game with its -- And the -- a lot of good luck with the -- at that rocket strong arm -- get football out -- and it is Clark who really depend I don't know how long it took on a lack. Because you know I think he'd basically be a fiscal kept up to it and would -- quarterback you know running with the -- they gonna beat. You know become be looked at as a lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's interesting guy grew to -- I don't think that the athletic quarterback is going to be a gimmick but I remember a time. -- late eighties early ninety's Jeff George run and shoot the running shoots the offense look what you Jones is doing. But that thing went away I could see in a couple years the pistol offense the read option offense that teams have made adjustments. But at the athletic quarterback is still a -- the league is going. And advocate her you look at Andrew Luck I think Andrew Luck is it going to be around long time in and I think with a look at the fiscal and look these. Running quarterback. They're not can be. Able could have law law. I'm playing football because of could go the beginning. And along with -- and for all you got to get it she got injured foot you know you look at and to look I think this guy could be. -- -- a long time traditional. Quarterback you know drop back and you know he. He -- when it was windy what he has to let he should be in the leap for law. No I'm guessing you being. Pick you know rooting for the niners this -- think they match up against that they get their disapproval. I know -- got there are both there and he got earlier but this is going to be a great game between the New England Patriots and the most Baltimore Ravens and and allow a ball game -- like questionable just a little bit but. You know I think Tom Brady's gonna come out of play exceptional the only the but it I think Italy itself a little but bit by. The Baltimore -- What is it about Baltimore because. -- across the country Gerri they're favored and in Vegas and lot people or -- and the patriots at home. I can't be beaten this game what is it about the ravens that leads you to pick them for this one. The ravens right now or just -- and the plan exceptional -- ordered and I look at -- black hole. The thing that really impressed me look at them as he's not he doesn't have an -- see. Right right to run the ball well at all but it -- milk. They are stressed the ball down -- throw that BP make plays I'm sure and on -- gonna be a factor. So on and on defense great little that in read -- guys -- be rated player in and tapping your lie at all. This might be Ray Lewis left football game. And and they collected an opportunity to do something special so it should be a great football game. You call a cavern a conceptually outstanding last week and he got a rave bottom after that game but. -- first road playoff game here in Atlanta and a lot of people almost expect to see exactly what they saw. Last week from him what do you expect the CO -- He your -- comical Manning he's gonna play. Great football ID. Wade hit a good time he doesn't get Bledel. When he put them all in exception to our spam. She'll I they all met -- are illegal but it -- came right back in it will always calculus -- So he believed in themselves. Their record -- -- -- in I think they really look at -- look we can't go into Atlanta an -- Alter. Last one for me they're all good but I'm gonna put on the spot here Gerri you've got to buy stock. In one of the three rookie quarterbacks this year Russell Wilson RG three and -- -- where is Jerry Rice witness stock money there. You where would not put much stock which you gotta buy stock one of those three guys the good and bad yeah. How would the would not let them be around a long long time and at the -- -- Because he doesn't run as much in those other guys are more susceptible to getting injured. Oh yeah it will let go in and and that being we're RT three while the well on captain nick all those guys you know they have brought something. That's right now on call everyone off guard because. You know I remember -- you know people would he would run into wildcat -- but I just went crazy or whatever but now you got these guys that can run the coastal. The read option. But he can also throw the football vote reflect extra -- beer but I -- collect bill got them not gonna let. That law and they don't be. Acceptable to a injury. Jerry Rice is picked the ravens send all your mail and Jerry Rice courtesy ESPN -- important ordinary middle. Gary gray dust up may appreciate the time. I don't broke Jerry Rice the hall of Famer. She's in cleats joining us on the -- -- at the -- like AT&T forgy LTD. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible. You're right Westbrook couples records scale like fifty more. Many a lot more a look at this record list for Jerry Rice and thirty -- ridiculous operation talking football Jerry Rice will talk to Jack McMullen. At noon continue with your phone call 61777979237. It's not little on Thursday.

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