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The bizarre Manti Teo'o story

Jan 17, 2013|

Mut and Merloni give their opinions on one of the most bizarre stories they've ever heard of.

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Lance Armstrong sitting down with -- Oprah. I -- I Chip Kelly bolting Oregon. The Eagles after weeks of devastating college. Y. Mike Napoli saga finally coming to an -- one year deal say out. Every one of those stories pushed off whatever front page you wanna talk about. Ezra replaced by. -- it lights at this on on sports talk radio. Fake girlfriend talk Heisman candidate makes up girlfriend. Has to come clean here at some point. That's your man type of it that it shows all regal Holman and just. Kind of hitting an old -- kidding you pick up the fallen dispute that Twitter you know refresh the first thing I saw was is meant that tail wind is meant I -- interview with Oprah coming. Actually what does that mean. A kind of scroll back. And understands you know these tweets about -- -- ailment. What's going on on what. 3:4 o'clock in 34 -- -- -- closer five. Five whenever was -- at a time and again I finally get to. That's been. Apparently the final score on -- read the first like four paragraphs I think. Well I don't I don't get my missing something the picture and I and -- clergy and right to the top of tail and a girlfriend. And that it was a if you believe the story don't read on from here might want what is going on. I was -- from that point on that panel to -- Just following this -- -- trying to read the story little busy on Twitter tweeting about it -- what it was just the most fascinating. Bizarre story. It's. -- or even a lot of distraught because it is so. Out there in left field like I again I love the I -- this scenario where dot proud shows up in that Delorean and jumps out of a -- to tell you something from the future. And is that in weeks a week after the Michigan State game and notre Dame's undefeated in the play well and and anti tea was. In in line for some highs in both the got a Heisman votes doc brown shows up at your house and says. In January. It's going to come out that may entice that -- was either duped or may not completely. The fact that his girlfriend. They was real. Beat had leukemia. C died. It gives you what you would have pulled that person they were out of their minds it -- it -- the sports almanac -- baccalaureate. Al lot of here well I'm here to pick up my date injuring four -- for me. I mean. Great -- from animal house. Unbelievable that we are now talking about this what we should start the beginning is that there's so much ground to cover here today. You mentioned the dad's been story this. And it's at the beginning of it just to tell you this now. Renews my faith in investigative journalism this peace now is well done and it gives a lot of information. It's very well written right the way it sort of lays out if you believe this and then ball like a punch in the face goes through the timeline. Of stuff that now quite frankly you have a hard time believing I have a hard time believing it ever happened. And chili dipping its sponsor and how I have frank one from Amherst funds guessing. Well actually we're we're engaged to be engaged. What's the matter with everyone around here I don't know how to telling you. So I'm just telling him on stand. At least bought was real. At least thought was real Joey. This woman is not real apps that we know right now -- in my opinion let's start in 2009 challenging. -- -- -- And anti tail meat after -- Stanford 4835. Win. Over Notre Dame impala with the -- laughing -- the first step of the timeline -- can't control self already this'll be interest at all and November. To any eight. That 2012. Was like a month thing. 2008 net -- indeed in nine. And so important December of two -- up all of it -- the -- the hoax. 2000 indicting mutt a great treat -- kicker Scott at. This is out starts all he acknowledged that they meet the South Bend Tribune which there's a full story that's helped contribute had you treated out. At the deet -- they're meeting that was a lot more in depth. But they -- all part of the falling and they've taken that story down probably embarrassed right. Their state run and hide -- of the quote. There's there is up pleasantly tangled. Vent man I tail extended his hand to the -- If they want to smoke was wearing a mask. And a soulful I. A -- a Stanford student some -- phone numbers detail. That is November 28 2009. Over two year span tail on the cool friends quote. She is gifted in music multi lingual -- dreams grounded in reality the talent to catch up to them and look -- take long walks on the beach. Also from the South Bend -- They started out as just friends Hale's father rise in. Old attribute in October 201223. Years after the first meeting with the fathers involved and talking in the tribute. Every once in awhile she would travel. So Hawaii. Season. And I happen. At and that happened to be the time meant I was home. So he would meet with their there Brent guy cool and Greg Carr would meet up to block. He -- a car and weaknesses all you are not real by the way also real. Brian have some answering to do here if Brian. Has some answering to do. What we're. Father get involved and Elvis are yet to come out the Hawaii. Meant I was the only time it short -- it was meant I was home she show up in Hawaii before long walks and beats. Surfing -- to the mountains it was early 2012. We're -- -- finally -- became a couple we are all wondering when would this this this group -- -- friendship blossom. Into early we definitely works well I mean you know they met in 2009. Early 2012 that finally became a couple just a short two and a half years later. And you know he works well listen raised Mormon right. So. Before this gets serious you know -- before I want to make sure you're the one. Until I meet you. That -- I realize you're the one that may -- will meet face to face may be in the future he flip flops and says to meet them first before I decide if they're the one instead of article one now on the cannot be -- for -- always hold the relationship for at least two and a half years in texts and tweets. In fake phone calls. Gotta you gotta do that first month before you really wanna commit next week what have a couple coffee or dinner let's mention that. As part of the relationship early 2012. They. Talk on the phone nightly according to ESPN's story. Sometime in 2012 fast sporting. A cool as a car accident in California that leaves on the brink a debt that report about Sports Illustrated but went. Eight months before she died of cancer in September. Reports ESPN. About the time -- and -- I became a couple that according to US scientists help contribute. Early in the year car accident June of that year the -- recovers from the injuries from car accident. Doctors discovered she has leukemia. She has a bone marrow transplant this was in June Bryant -- out again the father meant -- -- told us open tribute in October this year. I've ever met -- -- telling me later she was going to have a bone marrow transplant and sure enough. That's exactly what happened wow for all I knew she was doing really really well. Anti -- bother saying this fast forward. To the summer of this last year. She eventually -- condition approves condition approved improves. To go eventually graduate from Stanford. According to again the South Bend Tribune this very much caught up -- She soon takes a turn for the worse in terms remote Kenya at some point she enters treatment at saint -- center in full sports in California. A letter obtained by fox sports -- writes the parent of a girl dying from cancer saying -- my girlfriend. When she was at saint Jude's and LA she got a little friend there was imaginary. Girlfriend had an imaginary friend. We emailed a letter to. It says the parents of the dying girl. Received the letter they're meant -- KO yes. Have a bunker and he issued the issue of cancer mean when you get a letter from -- -- -- -- visit. None of -- maybe the kid. -- meant that Taylor sending this letter I tale talks to -- a nightly going to sleep while on the phone with third that the Sports Illustrated story. When we wake up in the morning as well which -- eight -- call. Any wood here and I briefing on the other end of the line those like those calls like twenty point four point five bucks worth winning and an hour. Both those calls. Who beat a lot more expensive for my history it will -- and out of that and tunnels seems at times on TV you know. It's not united cents for the first one also been a lot of them bank used to it it takes you longer than a couple of minutes we -- we need to go that all -- a lot more expensive. That's when you -- the last thing. Let's talk. Where should -- warmonger and -- show on the console me and I just out of it. And I think she says some of unloaded. -- That takes -- -- someone said that to -- that takes it to the part of the story. Where September 11 and well. This thing really takes on a mind of its own when publicly. Anti -- acknowledges the depth of not only his grandmother but six hours later. The -- the big girlfriend that. Probably doesn't exist. Get a -- part of the timeline in ninety -- I knew it. It. Okay. I -- with the and I couldn't do without them I couldn't do without the support my family in my. I'm just grown so grateful and on the low. We're the fans both Michigan State and Notre Dame offense -- the world for business of putting me on my -- mammography is found you. Now. I'm missing. But I know that us in the windows. They're going to -- played inspired. Interception over ten tackles he came in with a challenge -- -- you don't have to do. You know that you know bill as it is he's -- good afternoon on these. He's proven himself then not did with us with the help my teammates and my teammates who came on here and and nominated than you know and really want to get after it sold. You know with the help my team. Really demo with the with the win and I'm I'm so happy that I -- cents on my arms around my -- found in my girlfriend so. Let us let us all about the. We will get to your phone calls I promise to pick through the timeline of anti fail. Courtesy dad's been -- -- 93 point seven WE young when we last left you. When I could -- was released from the hospital. May entice bother Brian congratulate her via telephone we'd just said that if the if we just left Q yes -- Does soap opera -- right now. General hospital worker and a days of our lives you wouldn't believe it if it was discriminate or show. On September 11 and twelfth in the dates are all those days because the timing is often some of the accounts. Tales grandmother dies in Hawaii this was September this year later. A coed dies in California or is it the other way around. Dale's girlfriend died September 11 the complications of leukemia his grandmother and at San Tiago died after a long illness 24 hours later. Actually and net died first according to South Bend Tribune. And 19 lives long enough to express condolences over the net this sports unbelievable. Less than 48 hours after. Went eight -- ago released from the hospital at 4 AM Hawaiian time. Cook who sent a text to -- Bryant NO a Killian. Expressing their and her condolences over the passing -- -- Healy is mom -- San Tiago just hours before so the fate. Person sent a text details parents about the passing of their grandmother. Ryan -- three hours later saw the text -- sent one back there was no response. A couple hours later man I called his parents his heart in pieces. Like a -- had died. So the state person. In that the hours after. The death the grandmother decides to. I themselves that person killed the character off like a couple of hours after the grandmother dies that's the south contribute have you believe. We fast forward a couple days later -- recording twelve tackles in the -- upset of Michigan State you heard him talking. Heather Cox after the game. -- someone dies -- there's a funeral in September 22. School was funeral takes place in Carson California. The that's the -- listed as the out of Carson California Carson city California. Doesn't exist there is no Carson city California. They now who's known her since 2009. Skips the funeral. Sank a -- ahead insisted that he not miss a game. Her casket is closed at 9 AM Pacific time according to -- out so at 9 AM in the morning casket is close. That night Notre Dame beat Michigan thirteenth six they go for -- the school's best start in a decade. You accept a couple passes. -- -- He's sending white roses. That's -- -- Wallace and white roses were sent tour. Which you send them. To -- what did you religious and the way roses. And ideally western stars -- -- that this year is as a whole bush first -- document of the grandmother. There -- directors of the grandmother passing yes there will be able by the records estuary sure no records. When -- passing. Records at Stanford achievement existed. Nothing at all the grandmother did pass that is that history that's real that is real. Were the flowers go -- would you talk to in the family about the death no clue why did you wanna see an obituary. It's just a question haven't specifically about the funeral right I mean just that day itself. So that takes us to September. 22 2012. The Heisman candidacy began that Michigan State game was huge game for him -- this story also put much covers everything. Right and the Michigan upset to enable those gains back to back the Michigan State game. Where you heard him and Heather Cox talking just a few minutes ago. That was huge. So that it it really did launch his Heisman campaign -- middle linebacker you know defensive player we talked about during the year defensive players I don't get a lot of attention but she linebacker. He shows up on the October 1 as side before -- I've been the cover. Matt Titus father that time to get filling in the details about the linebacker relationship with one guy. Bryant tail again his father told multiple reporters apparently never Mecca cola -- -- are supposed to spent time with the when they visit itself and for Notre Dame senior day. I'm the elder tale told us up -- Tribune. We can't the realization that she could be our daughter in law sadly it won't happen now. I heard death resonated across college football -- Notre Dame with a community immediately embraced her as a fallen sister. Charity funds were started donations poured in foundations dedicated to leukemia research. More than 3000 dollars -- pledged in one Indy gogel campaign. Raising money. Leukemia lymphoma society. You fast forward. To I guess what -- have you believe. December 26. When man -- -- got a call or what he called Notre Dame and said I think I've been had. I think this entire time this woman's not existed. I believe that I have been duped and I talk with the folks at Notre Dame because he gets a call. Allegedly is that Jack's work last night -- SI the eighty Notre Dame. In the 26 the call comes in -- I tales bonehead. And -- wrong. The call came from a -- like a good Kabila who supposedly dead. Says I'm not dead I'm still alive. He apparently says holy bleep this and Notre Dame have you believe. What the -- go one on I got to talk to her name which -- -- we saw the press conference last night which leads us to today. A story of either a timeline I just read you of a very very gullible guy. A guy who was in on some sort of plot to -- racist publicity or a lot of people are speculating. A little bit a bull. Started out as they lie. He wanna let it die right he continued it embellished it and that's who we are today. That's where apparently we are today January 17 2000 I just I just find it so hard to believe. This guy would have a relationship for the growth of that long. Now they had met and and -- over number O nine and apparently that relationship is there is a tweet like. November 10 -- Iowa for October 10 2010 whatever was were really. That's when the communications started but still -- night on -- two years. Mean -- everything these days you know phones based on Skype and he's never seen which it looks like. He's never talked to a girl -- talk to or Twitter in a -- Ever seen here. The eagle back to. You know. Dragon radar here from a great football player -- -- defense about -- linebacker. Operate -- -- you know is this is distorted leaked this out to get you big -- to borrowers that well Mullen now. Is he lying to his dad beat duke does dad. You know his -- to cover up for. Kid and his dad in on the -- that's yet and I details in on this or whether this whole thing is so bizarre. Because it's so hard for anybody to believe. Your relationship -- three years. They never matter. Never met her and impossible isn't it I dare rebel who. He does sports and business makes. The best points about this this morning. Yes and iPhone she had an iPhone -- iphones all have I Chad is that what is called I chat on the phone they all have them right. Facetime facetime thank you. My face I'm a black. Bill my faith that I -- Blackberry -- dive. For three years he got he believed that 2009 on they bullpen and iPhone. And not once. Did they fire eagle facetime to meet -- video chat or via Skype or -- anything you want a deal. They just talk had long conversations just phone calls -- that was it. That's what. The last month two months has been him telling a story net I tale telling a story a long conversations. With a now dead girl regatta leukemia. And is dead spin goes on to report in another. Five pages here. The Twitter account that he's tweeting with an apparently the first as -- said the first connection wasn't 2009 it was actually 2011. Twitter account is not run by -- and I -- while the pictures on that Twitter account are of someone else altogether. And not of look like a cool would there is Nolan -- a -- And in fact this has been some plot. Cat fishing we're gonna get to that are here -- second. Either done to -- -- altogether. Or something he has been a part of and everyone is already lining up here via text or via phone at 61777979837. On the ATP text line. At 37937. To give their take on this. Get your take on this but we come back go to -- after addressed another layer. To this story. This woman apparently doesn't exist. There is an NFL player on a roster right now. Who amidst the ten page report on that's been -- said she exists. Says this woman is out there. We'll get to that and your phone calls keep it here. I don't know how to attack. I'm just telling you. Did she -- you have to. On that makes well lightly since that game.

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