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Celtics coach Doc Rivers talks about facing his son Austin and the end of Boston's winning streak

Jan 17, 2013|

Intrigue on Doc Rivers' weekly appearance as he breaks down the loss to his son Austin. The Celtics coach also touches on how he balances basketball and family as well as why the Celtics' winning streak came to an end against the Hornets.

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Austin rivers galloped about twelve feet crazy floors up the good second book tonight for Austin rivers. -- -- the world would want a 3231. Our conversation but Doc Rivers has brought to you by northern bank and trust -- -- space and by Mercedes-Benz. As always talked joins us on the AT&T hotline. Are you glad that was over -- Well you -- the -- is such a short reply eaten. But I know why you're asked him -- I'm glad I mean obviously it's still in the same. You know I think it'll be something later on in ten million in that Trojan or just sit around and definitive about. What happened and you want to do would be really draw but. And you're in competition stuff. Can you describe the nature of your discomfort with the whole situation doctors as you said in the pregame press conference everybody else thinks it's pretty neat but -- little uncomfortable with -- why exactly. Well yeah I mean you're completely -- just and just a different dynamic. Come. You know you always want to -- to do well well I would go on the day morning and one and on the didn't do well. And and met with the better -- doesn't just so different. So that part of it would it would build a pro but -- to know there was it was the day amend them we did labor well and you know to W supporting. Where you reluctant to put Avery Bradley on your son -- make anybody look bad. -- that's true and you know in that regard from -- while ago. You know Melbourne -- directly. It was you you know he's been terrific obviously. I thought last night. He's got tired. For whatever reason that I thought that had an impact on the day. You know I know you wanna move on and we will but. They had the camera and your wife rooting against it -- -- -- I mean you. I can't imagine how weird it was Q have you ever. Coached against that your kids if we ever root and even. Ever that's what I was saying that was just. You know it's funny of all the kids you know my daughter -- you go hornets -- -- absurd on its. I'm into the -- felt would play in a ball problem. And -- -- didn't see that man that was hard committee. Myself but in the debate -- brought them. It's your god that would know which way to go it's sort of input -- my thought of due to go. Do you follow him because he's struggling of lady had a good game last -- he played the most minutes he's played in a while. -- do you just read box scores are you watching games in their entirety how are you keeping up. Little bootable got to watch all the day to -- just human James Watson and honestly it's another engaging in sort of a different -- college through. Football barred doors we'll watch him or talk to him. So you do all love him different you know did. The one thing I do miss is going to want to employ you know in my it was the first. Live game that I have seen the latest here in the Riviera neutral government often talked to -- poll I don't know are real today is so. You know dependent on the stretch in the in the shorten the last. You know almost about it in sixteen billion -- up and let my idea to do Damon and so I've been to call more. But it's really we don't -- it was the -- return. So he's not necessarily seeking your counsel is just father son stuff. Yeah. You know just. You know would typical human being -- -- -- Cornwell -- wanna -- to do it or not -- that it wanted to. And. -- truck up blast which resulted just the you know the fourth out of a five game home stand or just plain old cold shooting. Well I think it was probably a little bit of all those things. Well we -- we dropped our guard no. The way we tried to admit that they could shorten. It just I thought we are very relaxed. You know also I think you with a lot of those thing he did in the all that ending up ought to have an impact on. When some of our guys you know of the divisional duke opal Ivan and hope it was just. One of the road America we could make a shot but. We never took a shot and -- you know when you watch you settle for jump shots right everything was jump shot and we -- you -- Internet. Eighty KG trash talk go it costs and yet -- for the -- or a jury did at the carpet you have to do. At what they've done wrong. I know that Austin was a big fan -- Jared soldiers -- -- well why would do with the friends this summer -- a UN and what did he say to you before you draft them. Or just the -- the draft you know. Well what are they played against each other in a U. All can stream injured Steve wood the two best teams overlook the you know coverage from sophomore junior year. No they played in at least two national title -- registering. An engineer was dominant and although so a big gulp and at first and look at geared and then played him. Last year at Ohio State or -- and another good day and so. Doing the draft and are there also my instructor were sitting there at the table still on the tip saying. You're still on the no employment report here and doing the director is still there are still their -- You know I told him that I like a -- just a person. Did did he did you really take his advice or did you have to you know got to ignore written stick to your. Regular usual game plan. No right I had already made my -- -- injured but also helps you know doubted plays against -- -- The -- bit stronger about it. You've pretty much know he's probably right and but I already did billions of overdraft. I we have made his -- was going to be here and we want to -- What if I know we've covered this before Beckham trip what -- Boston was on the board. You wouldn't you wouldn't have asked anyone right you -- -- were taken. Melbourne and circumvent wanted him to begin with so. That would have been hard throughout the north from -- And and we have to watch an employee and you know this year I don't think that would have been better hard. You know I didn't going to be a really good player just the template and -- did comfortable and then to play in his -- But these guys conceived last night did you get a shot. And get to the best to admit that we need. So we would have picked him. I don't what impresses you most LeBron is 20000 -- 5000 assists. Well I don't know there I think the common mission of them yeah freshman the most. You know the part of the -- is amazing. For a dive -- scored -- multi -- video score. You know try to do as much it has so much -- -- entrepreneur. But that I've always believed even -- the great scorer always believed it was more magic. You know bill and Chamberlain a little micro whoever I just think his major is the EU and facilitator. All star -- it's important to -- -- campaign -- you know what we're giving Garnet Rondo feel about the all star situation they really want it does something you desire to -- ambivalent. What -- -- the really want to -- young young players really want to know me also urges and it's important for them. You know give him I would say. He enjoyed the break last year and went home the Malibu and had a great time did you -- George doing -- again. But I think it's there would be an honor for him at this age amid all thirteen. The made. I -- one -- thing on Austin and he you worry about him off the corner on the court more I mean -- he's twenty -- make a lot of money in his Levin. This life of an MBA player that has to be Eddie for any kid that age and I'm guessing for his father. We have had a good question that word for more on. You know are all supported he's been pretty good you know you never know Britain and trouble. You know with Goldman met the basketball mirrored in the house you know that's really -- -- all -- wants to do. Right now so. You know -- check out time in -- hoped it would money you're. Some other guys it's -- and the same stuff. -- the mountains doing what he does so he's been good. So yes -- invented any girlfriends anywhere like. Like -- -- up that story is my strange story does he have more than one car crossed he's the only one or does it more the only one here is that you know law. -- -- -- On the one the federal ruling liberal. Hit it didn't if he has a Bentley he got trouble he's got a Bentley at the age of 22. -- a bit. Somebody said the you know you golf you know you do other things. He does nothing but basketball -- in any -- road trip didn't even go to bed and go -- -- right to the gym. And that and and you hope a little problem with that you think it's it's too much for him he should -- Now imagine that you all bets are all rookies are young guys. You know I think we all eventually. Develop our hobbies if you wanna call. From haven't hit that -- when he did any of that probably you know we are we're following our -- trying to do what we needed to do to to make a life and that's all endorsed bill and I think what he's learning an MBA is -- time to directly grew up around. And I thought bow of the great lessons or Obama can Mark Williams tell me about that make him back in the West Coast trip that Palin and -- that stadium. And you have to go pick up stuff money do that developers and all of our regular -- you know tournaments should -- in. Also in that McKnight could move exhausted I thought. Money should you know sometimes that'll teach -- -- -- when you -- until the two run those things that you left. Money is -- money the wanna say learn to re read books is that you got to learn to do something else to take your mind off basketball. He said you know you learn you learn to play golf that's what he said. Over I don't know what do learn to play it don't do it. Are you wrap it up blocked. Gut tighten up the coach's question of the week brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers to him for limited offers on select vehicles which -- local Mercedes-Benz dealers on. The web at MB USA dot com question as -- dot do you remember the day. Austin school -- old man on the basketball court for the first time. Georgia. -- government Rivera go let. It was his freshman year you know -- Just legitimize and -- -- answer my question to voters surrendered. When -- often -- in. That out of the -- and I think like in war. Those are the elected government would. You know when to quit right and they -- again last night -- it at a beach again left that must have felt much like a same day on the court. Yeah record order -- adequate good talkative -- talk to next week. Richard Doc Rivers on the AT&T a lot of conversation with -- is brought to you by northern bank and trust us base and by Mercedes-Benz. Adopting but. It was weird because -- ticket for kids are all athletes say he's never coached him as his coach and and he's never coached against him and he's never root against them the first time in his life. These wanted his own -- to lose plus the rest of right behind him his wife wouldn't accept it and she was his -- it was like watching duke against North Carolina shows like they showed him at the free throw line to see that and she's. Pulled out of breath just take a free throws his wife daughters and sons are rooting against him. You know you a quick decide on Garnett and Rondo yes potentially for the all star game you're starting front court could be the brawn James. Kevin Garnett come ally and Carmelo and -- you're starting back court as it stands right now. Ron know. -- -- Do they bring the Capitol Hill in my commensurate Kevin Garnett doesn't say anything mean trash talking his own teammate allegedly and make sure they installed a 72 delay it. Jeff -- ESP -- a man who covers gambling in Vegas all that sort of stuff that Tbilisi tell.

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