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Hall of Fame QB Dan Marino says Peyton Manning deserves MVP and Comeback Player of the Year honors

Jan 17, 2013|

Dan Marino joins the guys to preview Conference Championship weekend. He also weighs in on the problems facing today's mobile quarterbacks and why Peyton Manning deserves to be MVP and Comeback Player of the Year.

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As all of you know every Monday morning during football season. For the last say -- six or seven years -- the Boomer Esiason on Monday morning in a long long long time when Dan Marino the hall of Famer 2005 induction inducted in his says CBS. Teammate knows that were good -- to Barbara hoping gave us a good word out to -- data for re hook up today. -- -- no problem for a moment actual would be called Ballmer a little while her morning excellent excellent pay. You know a week ago we noted girl along. I there's still so much to learn about this man tight tail thing but I -- interest to know when the end game plays itself out if indeed this guy is proven to be a fraud. And it's fabricated all the the stuff will NFL teams run away from him when drafting rules around. Well man I'm not sure. You know Arctic and biological run away from Mel I don't think they would have I don't go away if you would go and exploration and then and the bottom line is immune and the Philippines looking for the best athlete -- helped them win games now I'm sure they'll go a lot more adept and who you know is. You know is character interviews interviews but he critical pain and who do a lot of testing and talking and hoping to salute to players and it -- unsure what to -- to a lot more that. I you know I when I watch guys today and Anna talked a -- about the swatch of Brady and Manning and in the Rogers your name and do their thing. I wonder what guys like do you think Dan obviously put up incredible numbers and you're the greatest passers all of your generation. Do you think if you were planned today -- be. Put up even better numbers obviously think it be a lot more fun are you jealous of these guys they get the play with receivers that nobody touches. -- -- But but but but you know. I respect the guys who actually like like he dispensable player now -- -- and -- numbers and you know got a great great German companies say anything bad about him or orbit he couldn't play it over there be one of the basketball content. For me leave you replace any that you played power capacity in the economy you have to believe that quarterback. And the rules were -- we we play I'm sure Ballmer talked about all the time in connection and it took him out there running because I didn't write about -- the only country. You know we played -- day where -- you you know it talked to drop -- scrimmage you have to battle for your releases all the time and and and heard the caller appearances is different troops all that. All relates more passing yards -- wide -- also and -- god directors -- problem arts. They get even now in -- recently the pendulum in terms -- styles of quarterbacks. -- play is swinging more toward the athletic guy you can make some plays with his feeble swing back at a certain point when people on teams and general managers and coaches realize that they are much more at risk and their shelf life is much shorter with that kind of approach. Well I think that that in -- -- concern at the argue preview what a terrific year that you patent and and indeed because sacred you -- have -- fifteen your career now maybe he will probably but who knows -- -- -- -- -- Note the and and how that could change my you gonna have to play good or ethnic future. And a lot of a lot of young quarterbacks though is that the concern you have are they going to be able played more than five or six years. They think it kind of hit the partake -- And quite honestly that that it will be confirmed a lot of post pick what those guys -- the same time draft guide you -- to spend it. Same amount of money -- what you look. Don't -- -- -- a guy -- for courier these bloggers rookie contract and and maybe get an hour or vacuum and -- only differences you know or that collar jobs concern rookie. You know it felt good to certain -- that they can make what was -- Sam Bradford made guaranteed fifty some million and -- those days are those that aren't Gary -- well. There's not as much risk is pigment Corbett acted you might think it's going to be -- four or five years. You know I -- that leg of this one thing Roger Goodell could do to -- -- this game that he can't it's. He would be keep these young running quarterbacks healthy RG three and and Capra neck and even even lock and and Wilson John demands also today Johnny -- Al coming up -- own -- there's so much fun to watch Dan you know what I know. Yeah I mean what more could they do on -- -- bill he can get a blow below. Him and -- and -- out of the pocket you can scroll ball anywhere longer Cutler or did you meet. Sullivan I don't I don't see -- to Roger doesn't hurt in -- -- -- ruled an incredible job of really protect you guys and it is. I put next year no RG three probably for the whole year that sucks. But he met a do you. I I said at Peyton Manning was the MVP this year because quarterbacks just are so much more important than everyone else even a great running back like Adrian Peterson. You were both an MVP and a comeback player of the year how would you do be opposed to awards between those two guys. Well I would probably -- -- where -- are still without smoke made it that because he fiscal hole where Adrian you know played. A lot of last year alone. Thought last year the year before. -- this year. What -- ignore it and then I'll -- patent EP two and you know completed. Quarterback. You know cut the ball -- play with with a computer to do it was incredible. You know and for -- -- -- -- view everybody knew their run and -- all landed live scrimmage is a Christian Ponder we had okay your quarterback can get better. For your problems are completely -- -- -- -- given them get them into the playoffs and that was incredible effort by him and so I mean I would say he's off the player of the year it's still come back where you're going to be PO. -- -- know given all the plays the ravens had to play to get to where they are this Sunday believe a 185 on defense how far can destiny and ray -- emotion and all of that's sort of non tangible stuff. Intangible stuff. Carry the ravens. Let the big -- for -- right I mean that's that's what it's going to be you know you'll -- complaint the last two weeks they have really played true triple ball really emotional come up when the Denver. A lot of emotion but you know the big concern is. You know Tom Brady in -- hurry up offense and sometimes the rapid quick compound await his changeup and in the personnel matchups all those things are going to be a challenge from Baltimore and that you attract exactly honored eighty five radio plays and I mean I've got a lot of plays him in -- -- gonna -- -- little older. You know operating you know look at that other people are paid -- an early target these guys who are behind him and no real and a little bit. Go could be talked eloquently -- Baltimore took a lot tribute but although they they can do become -- -- -- speaker. What what has to happen for that I mean Baltimore's 89 and that. -- agreed to meet would have happened and first of all we know Flacco play clean game no exception of Hulk. Bad plays all bulls were in fact it may get a good job protecting them amber who -- -- -- -- get pressure on him and it really didn't. Well you know he played -- clean game. You know where there are more touchdowns than not he'll call you also get down inside want you mixture and touchdown. Let you know that's kind of locked out to have you pretty much play almost a part of football game. And and as you -- and keep in congress feel. -- critic what his first playoff game last week now he goes on the roads try to do it in Atlanta is it different trying to win a playoff game on the road down the quarterback. Well. It is it is I think the -- you knew he had the crowd out I think is old school band -- is not what it once was a big. Be a lot bigger -- now not as much but for young quarterback. Are. Going on the -- well be different experience for him but at the same time. A look at thirteen and it may be the best all round team and general went on all sides you know specialty -- and he could have playmakers. That are still left to play well and -- like you can't go back -- and a in this that you're pressure on Matt Ryan -- all right you know. It has shown that you know he was there. It was the second best team in the AFC east on bought Fords and next year do you do you believe in dolphins. I do I do I think the dolphins are improving education so. Little to gain the big court 100 -- got to learn how to garrido or how to finish games you know and feet and legal papers from learned I don't see them doing that over the years. All you want to get. When you have a young quarterback got you know learn so I do think they're getting better I think go. BP Middleby you know that's second second place in America a Montreal overtake. The paper -- or -- -- there. -- you can vote yourself if you want but I got -- askew who. Was the best quarterback ever amazed at its greatest question in in sports debates because. You never get consensus on this one. Asia and Europe so probably I'll look at different areas and no none none none none we can't do that we just have the name again. Who's the best in the there are a lot of excitement to one did Corey go. And that you assemble more than I thought. -- Tell Lacey would take -- we look at dogs can't. All the guys want to and I mean incredible to me you know all gone away yet but his career. You know I mean I mean I didn't get a chance -- -- seat on the united the lead it's pretty incredible player you know I got to meet him but you know all these guys you -- very interchangeable. Tom Brady what he's done pretty Manning and 'cause a row a believable. Where did did you have the fastest basketball. Are you yeah nobody to a part of the -- did right. Bought the other not -- out quickest release and quick relief relief -- to -- all know what your -- as important if they tell me about my guys fantasy football playoff challenge the commission. I'm told yet this rule quit my guide dog and he. People.com. It's real time and people all -- there's a playoff challenge it's already been going on and everybody kind of sign up and give him all this week and for these games you can change players -- played while the game thoughtful different from regular symmetrical all. And you one point rewards give prizes. But the biggest -- to challenge at the end of its account to cover the most points is when trip. So all of and two tickets in the YouTube to meet me -- let people. Out. I'm sure there won't care but otherwise it it's luck. And it's there it's a great game fluctuated -- -- -- -- it it's it's challenging but also ready to win. Point send in their trip to Super Bowl in my guide dot people.com and you -- real use real players from other teams to play against the patriot. My my guide dot big goal dot com yeah cradle thanks for the time could talk NT IR PM -- -- I will -- due on Monday morning -- have a thousand Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE and when need. Play -- obvious -- some a lot I thought Marino was the best ever have a vote I I have an argument all the time and everywhere even if you're barely a sports fan has an opinion on this. So I made the case for Marino for years because it was so good so good against the patriots such a good passer at the championships but things have changed I think what -- and that was the debate was the best passer -- personal best winner. In Montana and Elway didn't win anything until -- all -- throw to Davis came along and then you kinda had a combination but if you wanna. Vote for. The complete package I believe it's Tom Braden because he's one and set passing records he passes he sits -- seasons where he's put up Marino like numbers. And he's at some seasons where he's won like Montana. I think the debate ends if he wins it this year was a suitable yes Paula the -- -- -- for super wolf I know -- and -- brought another MVP. -- -- -- Implement it and I'm believing get screwed out of that one branch wanna yes but I think with. And that you with Montana was slow Gibbons defendants -- -- the QB rating of 127 and he never lost. And he never threw a pick. In his -- didn't lose them Brady's lost the couple if you Wear that Japanese laws to couple up. But you this is the most I mean four wins is the most you can have right most Super Bowl wins record that's. Ties the most. And fifty touchdown passes and when you got 5000 yards you get. These numbers don't just key putt I'm not gonna say he's not even close to being done what he's done you'll have both -- you'll have numbers and you'll have rings and it's gonna be hard to that debate that lets those guys have Marino and always age era yeah. Or even before that the -- the Bradshaw. -- backstop back Bart Starr years their numbers mean we know they they never gave Boston to as many pick -- touchdowns in the ratings were in the seventies also numbers don't matter much curious though and he is -- name not right up in the Super Bowl you look at famous numbers you say that's not all of them not even close.

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