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Former Patriot Matt Light talks AFC Championship Game, Te'o and the Light Foundation

Jan 17, 2013|

Former Pat Matt Light joins D&C share his thoughts on the Patriots offense going into Sunday's game against the Ravens. He thinks it's great, but hard to rate as the best ever. Light also shares his thoughts on Manti Te'o and let's us know the latest about his charity the Light Foundation.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline now AT&T forgy LTE former patriot like joins us reporting Matt how are you up. Tom Kirkland so where where is it. You believing meant -- -- are not what is a good -- guys do when a guy like that a guy from Notre Dame gets caught up -- -- like this. -- Look I'm -- idea we. We did not have a lot of love for those. The coast just north of those but this one's a little bit more than just awkward. -- that won't take a -- mother level yeah. I guess that you know personally I. Now want to believe. This is just. Kind of what these youngsters through these days it is. Awkward relationship. The they don't actually see people you know through video game world there will live announcement earlier Riordan. You know you have parties. I don't article on the Internet relationship and how about a quarter guys have only been around during that. Social media of -- there were promised so much for you know the foundation or something like that but. Man I mean it's kind of hard to believe it's your relationship with -- years -- the -- the person so I'll go with it as luck would. Yet at an adventure -- turns out that he is that he did this to embellish. His reputation and perhaps is analyze men get -- Heisman credentials chances and all that sort of stuff. What do you think the NFL's take would be on this guy if you were if you needed this -- services on your football team. Obviously you have to think twice would you bring something like this. On your team Matt. Well I mean look -- it that it comes out but he actually did this to gain attention. In all that agenda that you can speculate that now our -- from a book about the case. Ultimate favorite media -- -- -- I deter somebody like that but you know again -- younger people are really good spirited just you know you just made a mistake. Mr. anybody can do that I think I think you'd have been would be horrible would be a locker room with a -- what you guys. You know -- -- them and I'm sure they were. Elevator door you have some form or fashion you global mobile. -- -- -- ripped off a little bit but. Margaret. You know you don't want what are we -- check in throughout sort of that the name of the game spore -- I mean essentially comes down to one of two things either gullible or evil you know either gullible or life. Yes -- you got to somehow I'd much rather her -- -- about some people -- me especially. Two or that we have some crazy cars is that there's not enough. Headlines out there you then you attack that saw evidence. Kind of hard to believe -- almost like there's a downward spiral happened. I think we have to cut him some slack I mean his -- girlfriend has died. At the after that some sympathy going. Hey Matt -- tells us that this is why he plays the game this time of year the stakes the playoff steaks make more fun make it more exciting. I wonder a if you agree with that and if so is this the time of the year you might miss it just a little bit. Not a 100%. I I definitely. -- going the full plan motor right now yeah and I've never bid and and it it literally throughout the regular season I think are the same empowered a lot of those guys that America. Here's where you know we -- is it worth the grind I mean it's -- this week in and week out you know there is no daylight at the end of the call. You know you got your head down to go to work every day and not in good right the matter if you want America to -- in -- -- -- -- thirty. You're terrible you get -- Kevorkian now. At this point you realize that a player. That you've done some -- you have an opportunity to of them. You know really special. And Marcus Colston -- is right now this is the reason you play the game on her percent. They I don't think Kia was taken -- shots that you -- Boomer Esiason said this might be the best offense. Brady has ever had Brady and patriots have ever had does it look that way to EU is or is it possible for an office to be better than it was -- 07. Automatically had that been that would -- will be better seven. It you know -- cook obviously an incredible year. I don't Omaha you were you know one year to a and other special when you look at the best in show like this of them this year of world war I think this year represents. You know -- is use this. This system that's really all about it changed at. You know it you know obviously. Different coordinators then. You know whether what struck earlier jars -- -- Yasser this year arsenic or Billy O'Brien I mean this office has really couples -- -- in. It the guys in the system and namely you know that. A pretty good job throwing the ball around and commanding everybody in the all right good stuff but. So many talented players. That make up orbit in the and they they they keep you off balance and they do not just a few things well they executed very -- level. And and they can do it you know and it changed temple on all those things that you guys talk about throughout the entire year they doable ball and they do all pretty darn well. Tell us your give us a little primer on the no model that is it seems to me if you're looking at this Baltimore defense they're gonna have a lot of trouble of Brady gets in the lines snapped a quick there. And banged up their little older and everyone has trouble with that when you pick a line in the no huddle and Brady's barking out signals how. How many options does he have obviously not a whole playbook but how would a -- you're an -- -- tackle your -- -- Is it -- you know a couple of -- plays a couple of pass plays or is it more elaborate than that. Well I mean it'd obviously very weak the weak and what what. What we would put him one week would you don't typically. You know be I admit my -- on the shell what is novel which focus on the following week in. You know I think -- when you when you look at the ability to run net it's it literally comes down to -- you have in the game and there -- so important that you have guys execute well put that in and understand that they -- from. You know you know there's a you know those few young guys up there and obviously so wily veterans. They they have a really good grass they're very cerebral ready. You -- they've they play with you know a lot of aggression and edit the same time. And maybe a little bit so that's she's got to be a little you know kind of have both of those banks stood to do -- -- -- and and then of course programme and you know what he's doing he's -- there there's a million things Rutgers had a mean he's trying to communicate and guys up front. You know he's trying to get all the signals out of his receivers and he certainly use code words in the you know you try to snap count to try to do all these bank and I literally awkward at times you know I don't know how this guy can keep. You know doing business you know sustaining a rude drivers per game the way it does but. You know he's incredible -- -- -- You know when when you're over the line of scrimmage yet there have been a lot of things you can call but. After awhile if you get in the rhythm and you're really expect report that no -- You can pretty much call whatever you want you to speak -- run in whatever you want to do. You -- -- ropes. When you run that camera also year old well. With all that processing of information in such a a a a shortened period of time did he ever -- -- -- -- -- He wanted me to do here. But well play well man it is the there -- partisan games were you literally reduced he would just call would have been a huge historical and -- -- Who would without a play call. And there who have always been who has argued you wouldn't figured out until. You know maybe later met -- third and another series that. -- I just just give me the ball sunken are on gonna make it happen and you know play caller works in regards what is an acute snap the ball are here go put it. You do that. Have no idea what I'm doing her block it and you know it just builds its Google mostly they were just incredible -- you get that if he conceded get an awareness and you have your urine before nobody can touch him anyway and and -- -- to -- a great example all the same general time. If he had his choice would he run at all game would he call the place. You know I don't know America could do a lot of pressure and that I think there's times but that's you know probably the back of his mind. And I -- -- probably April a lot of times that he could do that but there's there's there's. You know there -- some comfort. Then and knowing that you know you get a team of people on the sidelines -- the brute. That can really you know help steer unity and UWR you can focus on the things you have on the on your plate that are always there -- not the root. Given all the others -- service at other times you'd like to to have baton and many times and you'd just rather have avoided it you know sort mostly against. They've -- like did you know when you played or could you tell if the opponent was slightly intimidated in law of the situation at quarterback your team that building the stakes all of that because it seems to meet with slight extent at least Texans work. But I don't think the ravens fall into that category -- and -- on Sunday. No I I overdo it about to go you know look. And I'm I'm sure there's a lot of locker rooms up there in a league that don't have a lot of -- going to certain game you need I can relate to that. We obviously were highly competitive you know during my time you're ignoring them but. I don't know for a fact that. They eat their carry a lot you know or not a -- throughout our organization. And -- coaching staff written you know they they've. They've got a pretty much figured out us -- you know coming into the game. You know if I am a little bit of swagger and an understanding that they look at independent and report it to go anywhere. -- -- what Ray Lewis brings to his team emotionally and inspirational -- make up for what he has lost physically. Well you -- look I think yeah. The through to a degree may be a mile -- of highly respect the player and you -- he would the last two games. And I think some of it is emotional but you -- you together. He's just got unbelievable awareness and he's going to be a part of it and he's he's a much better option. Even now -- whatever it is 17100 years probably whatever it is. He's he's better now -- a lot of guys that are that are in their positions or. There's not everything walk subtle sank within their organization or you don't -- It's it's quite the opposite he brings -- -- -- -- defense and a team. Were you surprised last year that. A Baltimore came in here in the AFC title game and essentially beat you guys until Lee Evans dropped the ball and kind of -- the little. A little kick and he walked away you had to feel lucky at the end of that and of that day. What visited some bought student -- and not some electoral remembered record of euros and you know I mean you can carry it live on any game I think. I think every one of -- understood last year and that power game that. This is that this is going to be a bowl site at and that's orders and now I'm not in that locker room and -- -- -- -- here and you know -- morning meeting but Tom. If you did you'd be right and total -- always told us you know about this team and how they approached -- and and what the game's going to be right thing. We expect to last year and so we've gotten great the memorabilia. And we came out of your opponent I think -- I think it'll happen this year too and they're very very adept only. The cardinal or -- manner that they're looking pretty good. Matt good -- talk to other -- Light but doesn't -- on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LT ninety.

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