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Paul Pierce Postgame Press Conference

Jan 16, 2013|

Paul Pierce spoke to the media after the Hornets beat the Celtics in Boston tonight at the Garden, 90-78.

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Just wanted to and I threw it. On that. There -- Islamic assists and especially after the first -- eight minutes -- got out secretly. And then there was -- program so it's hard -- we've -- -- momentum there were loses their Broder is defensively. Or was this consistent and I don't go fears of we missed about a wide open shots. You're Rivera and we got its wounds -- who plays harder -- vastly improving. You know gives you confidence we'll think about contaminants Sandra. My -- that. Wear long and it you know it and Lopez out there with Davis. You know I think. Lack of ball movement really. Really killed us from don't know they're pretty good strong on national trial especially with a -- you know that's a succeed where you have -- -- -- get the ball from one side to another try to form of science and we've been doing it consistently throughout the night. -- -- -- they are four quality days that they wrote very. -- regard Clancy's silent cinema in all fairness. You know went into the paint a very good on defense. And our record really doesn't show how good this thing really is just when you are born into the mix. -- to see him down the line in their future in the room a really good seeing women in the west. -- monitoring some room. We're very aggressive on opening it and he figured out rebounded us and see day. What's the line it's licensed cars and us thus thus -- just a recipe for disaster. -- -- Well we we saw the jumpers. -- -- a lot of times they packed than the -- -- always got a lot of open looks from now so I would just -- -- And sometimes it goes that way you know we hope we know that scene in ninety points which is. Which is pretty good on the most far but the offense just wasn't. Yeah. -- What's that. That. Just breakdown defensively we allowed knowledgeable penetration. And in -- guards didn't sort of playing to allow civilians that compared it to get layups. You know just focuses the united. We just -- -- back to -- or. I wouldn't play well of late that's and I tournament another room well. It. -- And also accused or grow and grow. As it continues to develop. And players which -- his confidence and there is not a bright future as long as he continues to work hard and he's. Had his ups and downs throughout the throughout season but a lot of rookies who when they first commandment you feel they actually found his niche and can be a player in this -- It. We can look around. Or your family is so that you know we got a be consistent you know we got a consistent because there excuse go over the things you know sometimes if you don't know what industry do real comfortable and you're with. You see the -- -- celebs get back to the -- on this while we are women. You get to that.

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