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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Jan 16, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Hornets beat the Celtics in Boston tonight at the Garden, 90-78.

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That we did oil oil. To us let our guard down I thought -- it felt yesterday. There and didn't do anything about it sold them -- myself more than them. Always write stuff down you know and I that the prices. My first note card there ergo I think are three different times and until we came out and played like so. Just in practice we would your approach practice yesterday. That's on us good lesson that doesn't mean we were one. But I do it would play better and so. You know give it to them they're playing really well right now and to do that without Gordon. Says a lot about them. Yeah -- well -- they scored the pain and we -- are going to. You know we had an electric fence around the tonight we just settle I thought that the mean that's how you play when you don't. Well what's new word is for injured or whatever you when young people say. You know whatever that is we didn't have you know and we -- we took we -- easy shots we didn't cut we didn't space we didn't run offensively. I thought we played six great minutes the beginning of the day put a lot of energy and then it just dissipated. No you know you're human -- have a and start feeling good about ourselves and you take a step back you know so but always good to reverse honestly and I just think there's things is dumb. You know as coach got to just keep trying to do with knowledge of the play Adobe you earlier. You know we're struggle for energy's energy guy knows he's now obviously about that's what I'll probably watch when I watched the film. -- -- Don't know I don't brush government in losses beyond us so. -- get -- ready for Chicago. Now that the one thing -- do a move born that I can do about it and -- back he just learned from around. You know what -- like art -- tell them every day about doing your job. You know every single guy as he prepared to do his job and I didn't think. And included. You know -- strange. Therapists about it. The one timer and -- some miles but to say so -- and say you know an article myself. So I don't know the team. You know on the match. -- justices strange by an average. Enjoy it honestly you know. I know his -- where no one else but as a father I don't know by Georgia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's just different you know. Oh the one time in May delay and in front of our bench and right by you know I'm uses -- to door and though and instead of yelling out my god for the let him get to the basket so. That just different you know George Karl is somewhere laughing -- that is going to be strange and should go out and played more. And said it's that he was right. Now I don't. That's one thing matches and loaded when you go to Florida in which detail now that's that's. They all laugh at that because that's -- always and I never flinched my wife would run out there are meg going out there -- -- It. -- -- As you know like during a Jessica just asked them to. That matters to count three now. You know and somehow we've got to keep him out of foul trouble because he's playing so well. And he's so Smart force. As another ball ball mover. When he's not on the floor purchases. And that hurt us that. Thanks guys.

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