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Anquan Boldin predicts a win, cutting through the noise and looking at how the AFC Championship will play out

Jan 16, 2013|

We take a closer look at the AFC Championship and some of the quotes coming out of Baltimore today and try and predict how Sunday night will play out.

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-- -- against me today Michael. Players do this you get smoked in the two games that you play against the team and then you come out of talking about Johnathan Joseph c'mon you said. But we're better. -- -- and right why do you find the need say some -- you say can't you don't want. Those two days they were better than us complied. But we disappearance and we're a bitter. And then now. You got smoked in both games. You -- either one of those how to -- that so I don't know it was you know we quit exit Q we screwed up a few days. Exactly thank you. I told you before I like them I think they do have a good team good -- Not yet been threatening and that we initially we saw that in December and we saw it last week to. I am telling you their mentality was all wrong. I doubt -- -- go back at the patriots. Their first playoff game wearing. AFC east division this year. And quote where notepad pay available at the patriots pro job. Or in the archives are available at Wal-Mart. And check it out we -- these champions. And I had a baby available. At you very much. Here -- the original route out of the better to give me or hard division champs want. Him. Have a right mentality figured out next you're gonna nice draft pick they'll -- a a good draft the draft well. We better you know what you we have -- all over the world because of the app and everything else that they have access to WEEI -- count. I just exodus and I'm an -- and the ducks are seeing -- NCAA sanctions real soon and -- fair point until the ship and you want that's a good point that's. And in the culture it has -- in New York its industry. -- -- You know it's gonna be New York it's twelve feet to get out before the sheriff shows portico. So I can't celebrities and one on the director -- that he thought about it Richard might not. -- It's not gonna get better here. Awful lot of uniforms aren't quite whose flashy you know put what Elvis you know deals he'd. Eagles uniforms but you know there's some that it -- yeah you're right you called them I would government interest and go -- I think he's fascinated Cephalon made it says something because a lot of that might. CD this honest doesn't fit or. 400 -- I'm working from losing experts say. If you can. If you can work out as a result a different line and you work -- and am and to. Open. Keyboard that. But it does these things go in cycles with college coaches. Because for a while wind would Steve Spurrier came back to the NFL. With what some college coaches that you know Dennis Erickson when they came back. They didn't have success. The life you know butch Davis and another guy came back down -- the playoffs once but really was overall failure in Cleveland. These guys came in Italy. It was other college guys and you just can't no matter how successful you are just can't go from college and expected to be the same thing in the NFL. -- gone the other way first and Jimmie Johnson came in and create the good thing Jimmie Johnson came and built the cowboys into the Super Bowl champs. Then there was a whole Spurrier wave and Ericsson wave in the Butch Davis -- now what's going back the other way and I think it is. Happening at the same times. At the quarterback position is being rethought I mean you're looking at some of these guys second round pick and a third round pick. Who were who were not scouted they were scouted. Let the scouting reports were they run well but probably not great quarterbacks. And talk about Capra nick and Wilson. And -- what they're doing. The -- that definitely liquid Robert Griffin did Italy so you have college coaches coming and Italy who are familiar with these offenses. And in chip Kelly's case somewhat of a pioneer when it comes to these offenses. You have college quarterbacks come into league running some college stuff in its work. Now. It's it's the perfect time now I don't like for him to come I agree and I think what he does appear what he runs up there. Will work in the NFL and he's got some talent that it to a to start with Philadelphia. I'd love when we get to this point. -- of the season and you get to the conference championship games and today -- Because the press conference has changed dramatically in the course of the season. It's arguable testy question they would check whatever and something comes out of the press conference at all. It's mostly guys who caught the football -- Who ask questions pertaining to be gained that. -- it's -- it's a racial absent from channel seven tries to get you know a little AT&T action in the in the -- hole. You get football. But not when you get to the conference championship and wait till next. Two weeks from now we get into the into the Super Bowl would you get eleven year old from Nickelodeon I'll be asking the questions were protected from Texas and -- But we got there. God that it what you hear a little bit later we got today though. Just bizarre questions questions in which you sit there and shake the person's asking you realize which it's. It's reached -- you may remember this. They used to have all of these done any specific site. Total wholesale and hotel so they would do Providence Euribor court expert doing it in that. Travel foreign out -- great -- and you go for William Penn hotel -- was unbelievable yeah and it was produced with us for that trip was that. The -- can witness -- that -- -- you know we're absolutely Kordell Stewart in mapping out his plans. That was that was a caustic that you should score -- -- hang out together. The -- and a way to promote. That I might have -- -- But anyway. You're starting to get right now we'd get people who have not really covered the sport. I've covered the sport and are looking to go totally different angle because they look at it shall we things that you you can cover. But if they were always channel seven -- championship. They got. It got a little racing going. -- nice colors hair red orange -- With. There are always championship week there there are on the scene. You won't believe what coach Belichick said today it will have a -- and four minutes ravens rivalry -- -- -- it becomes it really does become. That a Monday. There were few actors trucks down and -- hanging out for the weekend irrational about it. All. Anyway get to focus on a lot of. Football during the course that it -- a little -- Francona stuff conduct pitchers did in Michael's take on it I'll save it for later because Michael actually wrote a book. With Terry Francona I don't think he said he didn't rip the management the ownership. In the in the book to the that you know and I didn't quit at that time but think about it -- it was -- -- And it it was an event would just won a World Series. And he wasn't thinking about leaving any time soon I could -- at that time don't -- L manage here forever you can't you can't do that. But he was it was 334 years away from leaving and you just can't grip the bosses when unit. Come back and and you think you know stay for a -- more years he decided to contract -- So it was a different story I'm gonna -- a little belated thank god this is simple. This was you know payback was coming this is it back. This is payback. He he feels like -- protective. In a couple of areas and protect him when he came to you announcing what was happening. After that two -- eleven season. Was he moving on his own when they're on the same page where -- firing him and it feels like they -- somebody there. I could have controlled the Boston Globe story about Bob Poehler. You suspect that there are some sources. Who were on the Red Sox payrolls of this was payback. And when the book comes out and he said yesterday when you look at the context. And he's right. It is 300 that I don't know -- 320 front page 250 pages. Out of 350 pages. But there are a lot of things about all the great memories in Boston great fans and I'm over the time Kevin Millar did this and he repeated that border -- the -- the main -- but yes. But this that's what I'm what I don't think I don't think he was -- -- to take the torch so you'll to I don't -- you'll throw the -- stories -- this was payback for those guys. So you think this is that you take that they've just leaked out. The real panel digs here and that on the whole. The book will be respectful fairly respect on -- on the -- but there will be some -- ago. God directs the jury actually this researcher on the project the that NASA conducted. For us talking about it at all. Because the -- people were kind of leaking out. I was coming directly from them they they knew what was going on. And so we heard about that at that time but to me that's not a big deal. And I know people are gonna have a cling on to work right now I guarantee that every -- Does research like that every team has to look at the business side of it. The marketing side of it as well as the baseball side but every game Julian -- The duke kinda were melding together in this release its head there. -- -- -- -- I would and they weren't they weren't working separate. Agendas here are -- I think Gordon drove good column yesterday it was fair. It was a fair column because. The -- over the information what was out Francona said that they don't love baseball and it was too big in via the a comment about that sort of comedy. But Gordon get -- followed up I thought. Very fairly and smartly with the comet that. It's a little disingenuous. On if its first while it's either. A stretch -- disingenuous. A part of CO. To say the reason. You signed Adrian Gonzales trader for Carl Crawford is because the owners made you do it when you've been quoted as saying. You you have lusted after agent Gonzales such disarm and high school in you're working for the Padres and he was there high school in San Diego so. It's a little. It is a little convenient. To count them pass the buck. And did take the focus -- some of them mistakes. That he made his general manager I think you get a I think you get a great job -- general manager -- them and a lot of people share that opinion I think I've. I really thought he did a great job. But -- but the but the mistakes are obvious way to. Analyst he didn't in the last three years Michael you're right -- owners record -- major well yeah. They don't you get Julio Lugo got better -- accurate to read it and make it -- didn't John -- can -- he did not want Carl Crawford. Because he didn't want a complete left field out -- the -- -- the so. -- -- and I think it's easy. For for all of them now. Com account to distance themselves from the end and I agree with you I would say that I thought on the whole feel Epstein did an excellent job. Now gets an -- for what he did in his total -- York. Now we can break down the last few years I did not think he did a particularly good job but isn't it easy and convenient now. Because you know the people back here are not real happy with your performance of the island of year of your era. -- to suddenly kind of throw it in there that may -- the ownership didn't allow you to do exactly made wanted to do the major doing -- sax player. And to me that's -- in a little too much I don't have problems with the marketing initiative at the time we first warned about it. That it was probably good year and a half ago we learned about marketing. You know research that they do -- -- Adams I do believe that you've got to have a separation. And that in the yen it's not about sexy it's not about big huge names because of huge names and sexy names failed. The public turns on them even more so because they're making big huge dollars and they can't play up to the to the level. What you paid each of fires -- Forget gulf -- Some horrible for that was under achieving there was team for that summer and people more happy we were taking calls every single people are not. Happy you know people are pissed now those with the same guys. That became the lovable idiots in the offseason because they were down three nothing to the Yankees and what people say it would it would operate up -- the course what they probable. I would you expect him to say upfront that and OK okay Winnie -- it is about alerting their view of one of those people who thought there's no way to win this series it's fine you are in the majority now maybe. Maybe 15% of you thought -- the gonna come back they're gonna win. Four straight games against the Yankees. And in game seven. In the ALCS Johnny Damon is just gonna put the icing and that the Grand Slam and it's going to be awesome but most people think that way most people where they can do what you do now. And finally get the -- are supposed to say that if you're a member of the team. You're supposed to say I think he probably believed might of might have what you're supposed to say that you've got a ticket back you're supposed to believe. Because if you don't believe got no shot of actually you know pulling it off but but I do believe that some. And that those were that team was loaded. With -- would start -- -- marquee names. People -- -- middle of the some were were ripping them are part. Because they were under achievers under performers people -- only after they finally. Maybe the running in August and September. And then eventually want -- because as I said before down on them all three. When they finally pulled off this miracle did they become the loveable. So it's really sexy and store now you win. Suddenly certain players. At this then I think Marcos 20. Was one of those star players I'll guarantee its efforts Cisco they treat him right now -- poplar right. He's a marquee -- for -- right now because he came up with huge moments at the latter part of the season and -- -- -- that's what it's about it's all about winning. -- gotta put the. That's why yeah had to separate and at the time they had the the analysis the research analysis and asking the fans what they wanted with the thought. 2010 team down the stretch wasn't didn't they encounter a lot of injuries I was injured team so. We could talk about Pedroia it was one of the names came up with Pedroia it was hurt by. Mean you know many games in 2010 with it was as the season he was taking ground balls -- his knees and he was just trying to be out there be supportive. I think the team the team was good enough. When they were healthy and -- On the why spend so much I guess they have that much money to spend. You know -- highway really. If you wanna -- money like that ticket you you don't want to spend a lot of money. Have people say. Really -- your team should be more marquee players should be more marketable. -- 100000 dollars on the yeah that doesn't surprise me crystal that nobody that's a big number -- market is the president now for more -- about the is it a Smart use of a hundred now. No well it well it depends if you weren't so -- -- what you are now. I don't think you'll be able -- James to be more marketable because the team was injured down the stretch it but they were looking at the ratings in the was a huge drop off. On NASA inevitable that they'll throw out in this in this recent. It's just. A degenerative -- watching as -- -- world account you are talking to a baseball. Baseball unlike. What they broadcast the Bruins grew -- While we put them on the pack the place last time like I know was free but I'm sorry. Most teams in this town if you gave free admission to amounts of scrimmage you'd be lucky you fill up -- the building they -- it right on a weekday. -- to all. -- -- actually. Not yet I mean it's free and it's packed casket. But let's just. Point out that there was a block out in the lockout ended and people are hungry. For hockey. So why wouldn't put it on I would put on last -- people would have and I don't mind other than this which is broadcast is -- -- aren't out of the gate. I would put out of practice I did you know I think a lot of people were -- -- speculative show it's 6707797937. A good news is. That nobody's gonna come out and do one of these I guarantee you gonna win right Mike I would always not all why would somebody make that. Silly stupid ass mistake again you know what why do -- like that well. Well well well well. And -- Boldin. Was asked why is this year different from last year. His answer. 'cause we'll make it different. He was asked how. He said. We're gonna win. Ago. Don't. Know what I think that that's what he's that out of probably get a grip on nowhere in this. Sure it it it does stand do you think any of these guarantees mean anything -- I think it does is it a bear she. The player who says that when the game's over and you don't accomplish what you what you claims court. That we make a big deal about it. We don't we remake of huge deal out of certain things that players say during the course of the week I think they last. For about two point. You get it in them once suddenly a team is able to exploit the other team and a certain area. There whatever Anquan Bolden says or whatever anybody else says the public about the wind. We make a big huge deal about it because that's what we did well American fans and also it is you know how much motivation as. Not only as much motivation I think. We use there's a big deal because we're not used to. When I used to do. Athletes coming out and being so candid. I mean he is he right who knows what we're not used -- you write these guys. Don't like you have to build politics and Vince Wilfork. Sitting for these microphones and aren't. Gonna win. You talk about the game on Sunday this went they would -- -- We're gonna win it's going to be just like last year. And that Lester went to Indy we're going the other direction going in the world. So you know. But remember -- saying that -- when news. Edits and the patriots take it to the extreme but I think in most cities. Athletes for the most part don't talk like that they do use -- -- but that was Vince Wilfork. On Monday they do use -- they sit -- -- -- stuff means absolutely. Nothing you were talking about. Now that I am a day Asia those comments and he kind of laughed it off yet. They'll probably be some of those remarks on the bulletin board somewhere in that locker they use it from. Does that really make a difference if if you are able to exploit. And moved the ball downfield at will. Because you've got a mismatch somewhere out there and Felix Hernandez against their older slower linebackers. And his formidable will down field suddenly Welker underneath nobody cares about -- -- called quote. It's it's just it's a waste at that we do spend time. Talking about we -- which goes the other way you want and grumbled Mike could fuel. You'll remember what he's giving -- lap dog I give an example -- -- -- the Freddie Mitchell comets and -- apple you know for Philadelphia. We talked about for weeks. There -- and Harrison I got some four to 25. And 37 which is Harrison I guess them for years and when I mean -- -- got -- -- Fred Mitchell OK for -- And the photos of -- -- I would client is gonna from the other great state of Maine what's up blame. A guy that does not all dark. Or -- That don't deviate couples ought head coach in about specialty covered which I think we're all little bit worried about lately up. Our during the year they were like -- and could beat them to Europe and the leakage stopped and kick it -- return. But it what are we noticed -- -- sent. Element -- It should -- -- changed from that point that I thought it was a big part of that. It -- they're they're kick coverage was disasters. In the game on now on Sunday -- spacing was just awful. And they had that one bad play in the San Francisco game but overall I think it rightfully -- have been terrific the issue plus let's also remember got a kicker. Want to hold exit. -- deep into the end -- or out of the end zone and I would say that would be the best way of solving that problem -- world Jacoby. Let's let that OK at that point -- but what happened on the first on the kick off. On Sunday. Kicked it deep into the end zone you remember. Danieal Manning caught -- 45 yards. In the end zone instill brought it out and had a great return so he has he does his job I mean that particular audience nobody takes a deep into the end zone and still the coverage. Is shaky but -- shake your coverage was bad -- with you three different plays they have benefactor of the horse collar. -- play on the on the kick which by the way might have been the best fifteen yard penalty had you out that was great as he's he's on it was a racist but you don't want point. Let's look at this Saturday game Baltimore Saturday game in Denver. And at the same problem like a torch twice. They -- Bet there where we don't seem to have that are well. Well what direct you don't have I don't think is is kickoff return. According to -- an extremely disappointing back there. You know he's very deliberate. And the funny thing is when you go back and look at that one. A touchdown he did he just took off right straight straight line struggled. And we just. This is. And the L I mean I just odd element that was all -- she'd be down here on the plate opened and stop so I mean our Ali. That fumble at right right and. And it's an interesting point certainly you can look at the fact that. He was not in that the game so maybe it is a factor here's Tony in a car hi Tony. They've had no idea how you to attack but the aggregate advocate for a I apologize to you. We are a few weeks ago I was government data and about the -- start. And you -- some way to make a bad move but -- -- -- the game the thing about that these two things. Emotions that Bob -- -- have with this guy hiring. You know just like -- Your time and the reason I haven't heard this it's a diary about it a ball. Really. Really. That's why I don't know let me isn't -- Arizona. That Benedict to look no doubt -- it add it up or any team Cuba did what they had that tragedy. They want to gain the -- for Indianapolis and back they won the game and everything. The real thing that's a scary they've -- to play the -- down deep down like they do the big game. That it probably gain a lot -- in the port quarter Andy I would beat -- team except when I spoke. And -- -- before they get into the of course I know what to do what the defense and they they went blow in the game that's scary that that they've witnessed he needs. -- the emotion of it how long can that last -- You know when I write this is the third game now that they have already known that he's gonna retire correct yeah fourth. You don't wanna know when it's over outright saying you know it's not -- -- -- it out in the pro out of these. That's the that's BP. Before the last regular season -- we don't know -- that he's a playoff game do you retain. When he announced. There are favourites actually in game and then out reckless and. For the last regular season president nobody knows he's there -- I think this is more relevant. Calm and Sunday's game how well can he play right now how how can how can he handle Hernandez let's say in coverage. Yellow on it away right yeah it is -- how about that he's lost a step and these are. Our thanks and always been heavily I don't I -- that it had been complaint. On on c'mon Tony Tony I don't. -- on what I -- -- Tony what does -- last. What do you think last week. Yet did you think going to Denver was. I would have been 100. I don't think I think -- better game and it could be. I think anytime you can play a game and at home. And let's face it you know. I know Baltimore went to Denver indeed desert island and it doesn't necessarily mean that the patriots would go to Denver and beat them by two -- three touchdown. And yet we always do that you know that. Especially now when you're looking at guys retiring. I don't know how much gas this team has -- you play for the buys so you can and -- For your team gore on the road. I understand so what are we make a big deal of this team has to get by one and we just we'll go play on the road. As he could avoid Baltimore that I. It is just play. But the great thing about sports. I'm I'm not sure I understand that's -- had asked him. How we felt last week because you know I talked about the shares -- and they're a lot of people that might have felt the other way they were fearful of a plane Peyton Manning. And a quarterback one of the all time greats. Against. Patriot defense. Now suddenly you saw Peyton Manning failed at it on Saturday night. And Baltimore beat them and they are writing on emotion and nobody's talking about destiny and now you're fearful of playing Baltimore. Here at home on a much I understand it. It's week to week logic is and it is now. I quick break great tactical. Maybe if you -- There's a better way to right no we all felt the same way leaving. -- -- You know that that we had -- when they came in knowing. And what better what better way to go back you know if you wasn't able to so we're gonna go back. And go back in England again and we know each -- very well her coach speak about it. Every game we play is always those classic game comes down to you know -- that's played -- last drive. I think they know what there that we are bringing we knew what they bring him. And for us you know we have a lot to do -- -- probably talked about in the arguably probably the best office and all -- probably best quarterback. Give or take him come from -- last week operated this week so you're talking about the top. Any -- rates are among the -- if you're gonna go win a ring. Then then what you know go -- -- saying all the right things and doing above a whisper. But he threw everything in there you know gave Brady praise greatest offense. -- -- kids there at the capitol a whole -- -- so does that come down one point. Watcher comes on -- play this week -- maybe I'm just they beyond. I'm seeing stuff that doesn't exist here I just looking at the matchup I did Baltimore's done an unbelievable job. To get through the first two parts -- the should've won the first miles gonna say not really whenever I think last week was unbelievable job. Beating Indianapolis I thought they would be beating Indianapolis -- and that will be close just because of who who Indianapolis is right now they are probably a year early. You know as as a playoff participant. There'll nobody really expected it and if you look at their their season with a pin on the road and you -- the way. Andrew Luck played in the month of December and keep it could become weak defense to Michael right now and you -- -- different team I think. On Sunday they knew what the opposition you get with with -- App -- when you look at is the Denver game. And Taylor Broncos play a horrendous game. Risky bad coaching decisions. The game itself bad execution. And then you look at how they ended up winning. And and how does Rahim. Moore a -- Jones. Behind odd odd how does that happen right when he gives a -- so it -- -- -- -- you walk away ticket at the Baltimore put others you're in a tie game. I'm senior when he. June 20 yard line with Peyton Manning in Denver. And that's that's just as good as big and I don't. When you're kicking in Denver. So you'll walk away. From a game and regulations court -- you've got to time. That should tell you no matter what situation if we just it that way at two timeouts. Scores tied at the end of regulation. Your head coach in early December -- -- Sullivan went Rowe -- surprised at that has not been talked about more talked about well let's just keep. They just keep denying in -- yet but as it is hold onto it happens I'll tell you you're not hearing a lot of criticism. Directed towards. John Fox -- in my book quarry or -- -- treatment. Of hearing about it. I'm telling you to me that was is at a decision she could possibly. UN an opportunity they gave you. Another 31 seconds in sudden death to Winnick and -- depth at that point. You've got a chance to when you don't trust that your guy can at least get you down in a field goal position. I mean there was some there was some. Mean you know I love my falcons -- We're going for that 49 yarder with thirteen seconds left. Why not just have. Either the quarterback. War or Mike Turner whoever it is. Have them just have or run a positioning run where you're not really trying to gain yards is trying to get into the perfect spot for you kicker. You let the clock run down to about four seconds. And you -- so please don't wanna do that okay that's too risky. Then why are you doing a swift kick after that. Where you give the Seahawks a chance. To have a helmet area opinion which lead to another port coaching decision right on for the hail Mary. What was the chance of that working verses. Sixty cluster of Google don't I thought Atlanta it was playing so tight it is another one is another bad coaching decision in this is gonna benefit Atlanta. On Sunday. Everybody when Dom Capers was here for a season. And the patriot defense struggled defense was out here right everybody's going now. -- had Dom Capers on Stafford and why not bring him and he's a great coordinator liquid Green Bay is doing at the time. They're great Clay Matthews was off the charts they had a great defense. AJ hawk playing well. -- Blew it. -- blew it on Saturday night why do you have your guys with their backs turned to Colin Capra -- I would have voted on the field saying OK can't predict go ahead and do what -- playing to his strength to strength is running the football. Make him prove that he's a pastor. I think this is very it is very interesting how this is being analyzed now on the predictions with the -- -- -- because Kapanen had 180 on the ground. And they score 45 points. People are picking a team with virtually rookie -- the second year virtually rookie quarterback on the road going to Atlanta. The number one seed in the picking Atlanta. I am picking San Francisco and -- -- -- I don't think what you don't want I think San Francisco might be the better team -- you bring up an interesting point playing in Atlanta. Atlanta finally got the monkey off their back I think they finally. Because they looked like you could see it. They were playing almost not to lose as opposed to win in in in the bottom part of their game I think they finally. Can play now. -- -- a little bit more for and they can play now with a little bit and you know less pressure on them right now they would -- late night game here's the other one. I don't think they're gonna make the same state Green Bay maintenance man to man coverage and come off the edges here on jeopardy which means he's got the middle of the field to run the football -- and he keeps you an amendment coverage keeps you off guard. Because he's holding the ball as he's running like he's gonna throw the ball so you're not sure do you pick up on -- and can -- your god what are you stay back in coverage. I don't -- him make that seems that he might beat you with his arm. In my passes away two Super Bowl but a letter of credit that you wrote it I agree I agree with here's Stephen genre and punished if. Leo. You -- that's hard on it but it being treatment literature into. Actually share. Let me use it happened her so you -- And then his elite thing catching. That is taking embarrassing pictures of me and just like good tweeting about just a general -- -- -- -- that you just you know he's trying to embarrass me money elaborate that's our problem. Gupta about the safety ball pocket that's we've been there a banner. And Gregory back there I think we have enough and popular with many big plays and actually get in the sense and hopefully not about people that Broncos that. I think that's the one thing that's changed that it he'd be the difference on Sunday. Every day -- everybody's looking at the secondary. And you know you -- dinner and you look at how leaving the -- record he. Playing safety and how's he -- but I think you really have to look at the defensive line and ask yourself. There's Baltimore is Baltimore. Capable. Of containing -- They do anything. Different this year giving -- so what's different this year we're gonna win -- I would know this. As a protection Flacco is it different. Are your approach. To Vince Wilfork is different because if it's not -- -- the same it's good for the patriots if it's just a little bit worse. Joseph Flacco will not halftime. Do what he wants to do in Jim Caldwell we'll have to change his offensive game plan because they were ruining. It's it's a little worse if their offensive lines a little worse and his plaster that got major -- I think it's right now. Based on what -- him last couple games I think their offensive line is playing as well as -- in the okay well that's unmarried primary NATO be able to do that over at left tackle and or over at the at the right. I think that they have given him. Plenty of time but they're also doing different things which you call while there running the football a lot more than their passing. The numbers over the last the resistance go pass away but that's the reason Cam Cameron has gotten an absolutely. And he he was just you know pass I'm really just want to throw the ball stopped wanting to Flacco is not great. You know the dink and dunk game. That's not his specialty that's not where you thrive -- -- he likes the directly absolutely but you are so this last call about a big great. What would you -- in number and among the big -- guy a give you a number that cruised at this last call. Was right on about the difference. In the patriot secondary next. All you guys were obviously everybody's a year more experienced you know we're pretty young football team last year I think. You know guys like -- and our tight ends in ten in Dawson. You know race rate now has a little bit this -- with -- Are off its -- went very well. I don't know if there were disastrous you know we are I thought we are really good team entered had a really good shots. But it that I think we're a little more experience at this point and we're playing very confidently right now so. Well why don't you model. -- aren't you just go to some modeling works I mean -- at Tuesday's off the market today. Those silly silly -- questions we'll get to little booklet what orderly textures and AT&T text line. That I was. My hindsight was absolutely accurate I think that was an and so I think I think. And go to the greatest school in the -- greatest schools in the world but I think that is sarcasm and an insult you have to tell me from wrong here some of a total of what you get out of yeah I guess so not much. -- -- -- They're great parties. But he's talking about Seattle signaled it wasn't a sixty plus yard field goal Michael that was 65. Okay. What's the percentage of what's your percentage of hitting a hail Mary at the end of the game not at halftime in the game and everybody knows that the only your only chance of winning. Or the hitting 65 yard field goal in the -- Better -- both -- very low. But I think you might have a better chance at a better trip to the field so -- I. How big a difference. As Aqib Talib meant. To the secondary. Because if you look at this game of Sunday what does one way everybody claims the Baltimore can win this game and that's -- big because that's what Joseph Flacco does. -- you don't. Don't you know I don't think Baltimore spent an awful lot of a time -- the results if you watched the -- -- channel you don't see you know for Baltimore. -- his touchdowns are well outside the original fifteen of 27 TD passes this year. According to play have come from twenty plus York for Joseph fly explosive play fifteen of 27 that's on the beach now. Earlier in the season. That's all we were talking about the patriots the -- are getting killed and we're giving -- place and I wouldn't turn around look at the ball was and suddenly you get the keep totally. It allows you to take -- according put him back at safety. Gregory is playing in the other spot -- you're not Patrick John. And it allows you to put believed now. All on the best receiver man to man Dennett who we don't know what his situation is as he apparently didn't practice here today. Plays at the other quarter and suddenly you were totally different team and I'll give you the numbers first nine games the patriots gave up six -- two. Passes of twenty plus yard a three -- 62 now you know that's that's offensive that's obscene in the last eight games now. Talib played not all of me played all but I think to a close right forty. Would you look at that forty plus yard passes patriots for the first nine games give up sex. The lead in the lineup given up to. And the opposition is third down percentage in the first nine games was 41%. In the last eight games it's only 33%. The league has made a huge and it's not just totally. What it's done is at stake in DeVon according. Who was very questionable other quarterbacks by getting beat and any -- lot of criticism here early on. Some of the position now everything is in front of anyone at some point he. -- good in the back again it'll guy we have been mentioned much to a 22 players government too much for different reason I think part of the improvement on defense. Has been via health returning to help. Doctor -- yet that's one. Another guy we have made of -- mention high tower of the keys in the people and it. I skipped over some of the things he's contributed. But yet we haven't mentioned this tailor Jones get off to a great start of pre season excited people in early in the year. Made some big plays. Where Taylor Jones -- an urgent. And so. You look at Jim Jones. Sidelined most of the game -- last week yet is he gonna play on Sunday he does plants and -- and there's a guy that you don't. There's a guy if you've got an offensive line had some suffering an effort to one down well. So -- Baltimore has. But if you look at for somebody to break that up. No it would be. Really talented pass rusher -- he's that now he's inexperienced but -- he's. Unbelievably talented and -- Europe Willie McGinest dollar that's last week Maginnis that he would love to work with them would have loved doctoral because. As good as he has right now he's not using all of the all the tools that he. But earlier in the season I think we're pretty confident of what he had upfront they're -- -- stuff. It was the backed candidate that we were concerned about I think -- leaned good portion of that much and Joseph Flacco is not gonna connect them -- to. It plays in this game because that's what they do that's what we've done that's what you guys does -- right. I think that it's going to be limited. Compared to what you would have faced earlier in the season if you had note to leave and yet according playing at the corner there's comic Connecticut what's up down. They're at that particular successor. I didn't want to talk but I think the patriots will win this game by -- two touchdowns -- want to first just talk about that there that Denver situation and knowing that -- -- talking about now still thirty seconds left me you know they didn't go forward and I I really wouldn't criticize them for that because. You know you look back get a look at Pittsburgh a couple of weeks before that was in the similar situation and they didn't go -- -- of the interceptions Cincinnati it will net. Your rankings and order under looks back and lungs according to try to play calling -- and -- independence he ran the ball a lot. And then -- asserted by certain. Sort of sort of preponderance here and he called for a lot of running plays right at the heart -- we'll see you won't see the teachers students you'll be able to see Tom Brady expose -- I think spread -- war they. They all more run a lot more laterally. And just thought that he. There are dumb. Dumb airport but let's go back to your viewpoint said you know Pittsburgh -- against Cincinnati watched that game Roethlisberger throws an interception. They kick a field goal to get into the playoffs got. -- Roethlisberger. Vs Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning got timeouts it's just inexcusable indefensible sorry you can use the -- an example. You can use Miami as an example San Diego they don't have Peyton Manning. What you don't want to spend all the money. Why did you just go all out. Why did you why do you like to start dreaming about the Super Bowl and what we're gonna be in. This is going to be great work when your season ticket holders excited while I was a whole region excited it got Peyton Manning and they used on them. I think there's no excuse in the end that threat. No none zero also or illicit. To the point where one of the great coaches in the history of the National Football League decided -- going forward and fourth and second why -- he was afraid to hunt. And give the ball up to Peyton Manning. With a minute and twenty seconds -- minute forty seconds something left in the game. On the twenty yard line obviously believed to Peyton Manning weren't many believed in and so absolutely maybe -- six watch 7777937.

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