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Wednesday, January 16th Whiner Line

Jan 16, 2013|

Happy Birthday Mel Rodway!

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. The wind in my knees aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox and we -- discretion music box to. And Morris can now -- Laura you're alive. Bears' -- Salem out of that -- run. -- -- Don't use the -- battle. And it's now quite so -- runs and it's. Download on your ideological elements are roses doesn't get good WEEI. Pool near lie -- you call right now just to be Jackie as we'll go ahead and I don't. Do you can you let somebody finishes this year I don't really did -- -- a lot. But you'll -- Don't -- hold on please shut this -- -- dial 6177793535. It was hurting your material I was not a -- there's. You're -- -- and Clinton. You're I was worried about Charlotte was. It was -- -- with the diamond whiner line are so angry about everything in your life that you can't listen anyway -- feel -- doing something else to worry about me besides -- yards and now to shut his Mike on projects that WEEI. Yeah it's like the call is now he wants to continue to talk nonstop whiner line. Any minute wars when I was and I true I was bad at all. Knowing that it took a little bit -- talents but that's an honest. I -- Cut off somebody's might. Cut off well it was pink birdie there boy didn't think these medications that in the -- but I guess I was wrong I was wrong. To have big -- -- -- twice this -- you know years later -- that's twice this week that he admitted wrongdoing like him we read these to these six are awesome greatly and the moderate -- -- -- -- You -- about these -- are not that I wasn't I wasn't missing tackles organizers -- it makes sense -- it was under a different girl disappeared at the same this is tackling ability. The Kelly it's so fast we can't even. Get to cancel a bituminous in my power you. -- well thank you very much for my idea of aquarius. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is so patty especially right now the ravens to replaced Ray Lewis was somebody who only killed an imaginary person. I highlighted powered by -- ETW I live it's -- graduate black device. Brought to you why AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was it has faster retreating. AT&T rethink possible. Out of Oregon has like some type of regret your imaginary girlfriend that's -- -- -- but the kid -- neighborhoods -- it. -- -- it yet right. But I think what's wrong with that. We'll throw that had to throw sand technique. I -- for a federal job but it was a planet -- again about writers mention area. -- is not real he's not a real or treatment and made him what's gone on C a male or you do that I want its own would always be either needed to -- -- your -- -- right. You like your laptop trying to make. It. You know it is a moment that was the that was the tickle yourself show. Right did I did it just Europe here. I don't want to overreact. -- but and pass. And the next one game it's a stupid little scrimmage doesn't count and -- Boat -- is now an NFL coach what they are going to be called red eagle scandals. Yeah. Yeah. Am just wondering had anybody talk Francona about get hurt but when shot at bat and in the back and then. And. Yeah I'd pick all iPod. Directed the Michael Holland won the title but I called what would it wouldn't. There have been better book called why didn't check it out like my -- Gordon -- And -- -- him. Some bad news to him some attention that I never name but that's that's some pretty good I'm gonna ask you did you drink that whole model that's two liter bottle on entering the -- -- -- that's that was just yours today. I brought -- for the whole crew -- Glen -- that you and his birthday mail raising Coke you didn't. These names and titles you book now so -- -- that yeah real into detail in the wrote shopper for an awful awful. Anyway imaginary. I'm surprised. How is Michael Ortiz they can -- really of this shot -- in front caught up in. They're Good Charlotte who gone without fail so Michael massive these. Red -- school was it creates wobble that we want bubble gum ball out of -- of that. -- -- have that problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- Who have exceed golf and that in fact did I want you I guess I have on the phone today. And that is not okay I'm working on something else right now Michael Mahoney -- and something that will be out October fiction. -- To see pictures of practicing societies. So that's -- caller radio priest was coming out what it is it's called it's not the Jetsons. It's why you haven't heard from him lately have you. -- And dropped. To read about a -- promised. What do you just tortures the organization I get the Amazon Kindle offers. What if he just wants to rip the organizational -- that aren't. Yardage that a lot of -- -- is a member of the -- Over at the right. The Chicago. 50 lovely mess. Like guys who called in the -- Couple ear cup Paul -- All my interest and I just. Interstate. This is what this is what happens and it fell. These these owners are so eager just to make a change. Don't necessarily hiring them better coached some different. Not saying oh we've gotten better today we just got different you know it's different it's been a 100000 dollars went out deserves it and bowed out -- needed. A six -- north of the border. Coach actually guy there are also six -- you know I San Diego was a little disappointed Norv Turner may be able -- conservative. They went and got Mike McCoy wouldn't go for when he had Peyton Manning. Okay so short of the great form. You know I have to agree with Jack went but given him more. Or I call it for thirty years and I always -- all of the it caller and it what occurred here. And the team is because. And what it used to be a salesman I just can't get it off but kept them ahead. And that's a pretty detailed scouting report there actually in Jack from when does give us like programming tips. So we get more from him and just call about what's his life I like that whether it's or you don't like -- programming I'd like I go. It's constructive criticism is always. I think it's. You know remember those days -- the -- movement Braintree. Could. And number one time you're promoting that got guys that special K guys we have special thing that put them on us and -- -- -- -- there on football my mom and I use the boat we have what kind of what's at stake. And that was not that was me it was on the special -- has yet it's that was Indy was on this question it was a I think it said an imaginary. Romance with Tom Brady now 1213 years. And nobody's called outlooks. -- Yet -- that you've -- Catholic and I didn't get a kick out of our way at all about their educational credentials and that could. That. But added that sport and always correctly pointed out. -- -- -- great -- -- I didn't schools are back with the ball drop they'll be -- A do some homework hipster that just to do homework and hear from for the first time -- two weeks aren't called it a step back bulls got a call on the ground. Then I'm Erica. Have a problem that Beckett back story here involved but. I don't panic about about the debt. But Bob and I think that what about our quarterback's girlfriend -- -- -- That I thought Manhattan exotic -- expected. Game. And now I'm talking haven't gotten a lot of back next. We had a -- economic not a game so we can have our nobody expects. Well I haven't thought about it and that I not -- particularly bad yeah Kentucky. Are we not man. What I thought back then and everybody. -- -- -- And that -- -- -- Bob back up and let them -- Deb Meyer says. Because he's got that much but you know governor bill about it -- what might help him. I think that I haven't paid much attention to -- above the law but could not comment number one that I know don't quote independent of what they did. And the problem -- tell the truth. The problem becomes a test. If you light -- future. Do you -- with the kids. Connecticut we're doing them that you know you're making removal Connecticut. Your chance to care and cipher that. Eric chanting the name of the reverend he had affairs with. Pretty creative -- fifteenth set against army that they really are going crazy. So that they don't. They probably have hurt the loss of his career -- video of working. They're making very good but we've got our. And -- almost always next week correct administrative W injected into next week off going -- -- of Osama always. The hard way. -- -- -- -- -- I've message -- kind that quite there yet but thanks Leah Johnson thirty -- mentioned golf forever thirty done. I. Glam it's Peter pretty here I know why didn't. A little bit and caught the goal and -- it was my Monday Morning Quarterback and and my little tired -- happy with. But -- -- -- and you -- -- to do but I just learned it was her birthday and I wanted to could actually. Who -- back. And if you look at me I'm going the opposite that they handle. And that twenty that I but holdings for the -- and -- was -- Yeah one -- -- And ethical. Men. Who should have. Such -- -- Yeah. I had. -- -- -- And that meant not falling apart it's imaginary it's a hoax let's move on it's not -- Glad Berkman and happy about it now you know African American bailout and that you can hear so the average American male life span of moderately will be. 46 here you don't even make it -- 78 years plus nobody is really are caught him great credit. -- that it involved what it got most important step back that's. His job advantage -- Up in the product. That I did what got to go off Gamal Al. -- -- -- Said morbidly obese is -- morbidly obese that's not the movement that's his daughter's -- grange let's say what he is really in need of at least 23 square meals decently. -- -- India he falls down on the games and call it ends up. Matt -- might be one of the biggest yet. Don't know the game -- in pop you know what I still love the big don't deal you happy birthday man. I can't -- -- There's a compliment their couple compliment to their I think that's you know that's -- sort -- yes I did say let a little heard that I'm a little single leaguers. -- -- -- -- -- They go to he's here. Happy birthday and now there's going to be -- active about so called the -- You overcome remarkably here. You know feel like a lot to begin doing. The cut to the people up remarked that the car was coming back control. Secret -- -- -- -- quite did it with people -- river electric the past present that the boat people up of relative airport. The pastor of hope I haven't heard that they won't at this airport I -- help. What other web like -- rejected. Because -- -- they did they didn't have politically. Aren't going to review what went to the bottom of my heart -- Arctic in the press reported on the bear market -- -- yeah. And they jump reliability of these are your friends. Expect your friends. That you like the -- The point of the -- -- toxic candy we lose the quarter as. I. -- Saying it. Should not Mexican again I think you're right that's. You rip Taylor captain -- -- -- Happy birthday and you know I got to do as many shots. Thank you Reagan birthday aboard a bit concerned that any court shot of that good work he's gonna get today but -- -- -- So people. Are all that you're always orient. May get a credit can. It won't say what nobody else that does it -- shops happy birthday. And -- and very light runners ID fabulous sports but remember. The immaculate what I thought about it real peaceful. It was up. To a great story about the fabulous sportsmen for his bout -- column from -- by the way. Great story. Traditionalist was scared that -- was the one person different thought he was scared of that he thought she can get -- or the Super Bowl tennis. Is what's that she's down bluntly down towards -- started. The other way scared and afraid -- skid. They go. Even very very good you know -- I wanna call with a very. It's I hope you have a great day today. And I don't know good bad good I'm good friends I think but I wouldn't -- what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Next question well. -- Let's take a I'm trying to like my departure -- 1314. The good lines in the c'mon you know different if. There's -- That they regret this how effective -- -- I would say. And they could well help with the -- -- profit -- or do I get to speculate what it over so that I'd rather. Thanks for -- Version. And after that knowledge that's all we have to do with forensics sportsmen and again you gonorrhea yes. -- -- a little happy -- old -- Dependent away atop his role figure out what blocked it for example. When I say I'm the mother every day now back. And that that's a -- can still be pretty play. About. It. Actually that was nice gesture things that well there you go. Forward. People gave up stereo you're. I'm -- I I -- -- -- I held up in my book to cook up but I am wrong but it won't. They're both great -- and all I kept it pretty applicable big we have put -- -- fight. But not likely. They don't gonna pick that flexing but growing -- bowl that displays the full -- -- in the law. I got one so not good Belgrade. The roar of broad. Well well. We're deplore. No more or. Brood broad. -- draw horrible. Not through -- floor. Through Merrill. But it's not a good fit typical of that threat but it -- That -- And Connecticut thanks Greg Oden mean sexual there's quite a lot of powered by AT&T AT&T four GL. It was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink. Some.

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