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Doc Rivers with Sean Grande on tonight's match-up with his son Austin and the Hornets

Jan 16, 2013|

Sean Grande caught up with Doc Rivers on our Celtics Radio Network pregame show. They talked extensively on Doc's first time coaching against his son Austin.

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Celtics that I presented by Lexus continues from the garden it is the Celtics and the New Orleans Hornets it is mere moments from now. Personal conversation with that coach doc has brought to you by armored -- health -- Harvard pilgrim. Now that does not denied the ballpark right there are born at the door. -- let's go back for letting go a couple of quick things on the last really the last three or four. It's been about two weeks now are ones -- reading about -- and the bench is the way it's done. But there's two other factors off the bench right now. -- -- personal Courtney instrument the other nice little round game what's the biggest difference but what you're doing now for some say early. I don't think he's thinking. Are relieved that he's escort out playing with unbelievable -- or I think the biggest changes the and it's amazing. Because of that now as often as governor round -- while we said that we worked. You know when you start for the much are offered you can't play bass -- just go where art. And in compete on the deep in your game comes back -- That's happening according the the party is Jeff who has been he's been better and the people have their own opinions about -- -- but there's a secondary thing Mack is talking about. Which it plays well there's an effect on Paul. Yeah I just more -- that number one. But it also allowed to a lot of things we can movement for. 23 with Paul and and especially when he shoot the ball well so. Yeah the impact of -- and suggest that his numbers won't see it every game stretch. But he's been consistent in every game -- by a lot of people last about -- last couple weeks talking about -- temperament makes him different. -- this one for tonight and the one thing that nobody is really meant that you may have mentioned once again it would really click with him. That we have a coach's son. There's different. You have talked about it. I -- I don't think anyone else -- -- -- by the -- it is -- coaches on the there -- no room. But he doesn't know the game. He understands coach you know I think that is another advantage for him that he -- -- and just -- degree view and -- in the control out there. That it allowed to perform and -- you were prepared to address the -- at different opinions about years older than you at the moment. Under your roof was in this building tonight it was sort of an advocate here until two what did -- Austin and then an announcement. He just kept development got legitimate but it happened -- even at the draft that night. At Ross was the tumors that at the table like fifteen it. He's said that you know engineers to develop you know all important we're. So he knew we. Is this what you thought it would be leading up to a with the attention about this game. You know I didn't know I didn't wanna think about it it's actually it's not as well as equipment for the though it's -- -- go up against him and all that it's really cool one way. The other ways it's not a lot of fun -- -- -- -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- ever had at its. They say were a lot of people run the footage of draft night and they say you know we campaign in poetry we govern in prose that we've seen footage -- million times and -- -- night in the sort of culmination dream. What has been. The hardest part of this year for use is simply not getting to go watch him. Yeah I didn't have a person like that and then this is my first game that I don't believe what -- inflated here. That's different from a and I don't enjoy it much -- -- really like going to. My kids' games and so this has been this part of it I don't like. Everyone has asked you hundreds of questions about the night in my desperate search for something different are really apple in this maybe it's more of an observation -- the ball things that -- with pride. On this night and you know I have watched from the far. To see you or three other kids all there accomplished in their own way. Seemingly completely surrender their own individual. -- eagle or whatever it is and to be so excited excited and supportive of Austin has been. Here I would say. As a parent immigrant and you know that's the best part you know all over here there are really looking forward to the game. You know our got a text from my brother -- and then and then you know what must have been through. Said go -- at some of Celtic fan except for twice a year so they are doing a lot of trash talking for Ralston. Which is -- it's just really nice solid support. Well try to find admitted -- -- some out of injury truck at the head coach at the Celtics and hornets and it's next on WEEI Celtics radio network.

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